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12 Best Chinchilla Dust Baths Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 30.03.20


Best Chinchilla Dust Bath Review – Top Rated Models in 2020 with Buying Guide


In this short paragraph, you will find what the best chinchilla dust bath is, especially if you have little time on your hands to prospect the market on your own. After an extensive analysis, we have come to the conclusion that the product that offers amazing quality and value is the Oxbow Animal Health Poof!. This option uses 100% natural ingredients without harmful or irritating substances that could pose a threat to the health of your pet. The dust is designed to remove excess dirt and oil and give the coat the beauty and shine it deserves. What’s more, it promotes physical and mental wellbeing for your chinchilla. In the unlikely event that you can’t find our first choice available at your favorite shop, we believe that the SupremePetfoods Tiny Friends Farm is another good chinchilla dust bath worth bearing in mind.



Comparison Table


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12 Best Chinchilla Dust Baths (Reviews) in 2020



We know it can be difficult to find a good and cheap purchase without sacrificing the quality of the product itself, which is why we have prepared a list of top-rated products just for you. The options you will find below have garnered positive customer feedback and stood out thanks to their quality and affordability.



1. Oxbow POOF! Chinchilla Dust


Dust baths are essential if you wish to keep your chinchilla healthy and happy, and the Oxbow alternative seeks to emulate the natural habitat of your pet. In the wild, chinchillas use ash or clay to clean their fur, play, and relieve stress and the Poof! formula features the use of 100% natural pumice with no additives.

You can be certain that if you pick this option you will not have to worry about harmful or irritating substances that could harm the skin, coat, or eyes of your critter. Because the formula imitates the materials found in the native arid environment of chinchillas, the familiar texture will encourage their natural grooming behavior.

The manufacturer recommends that you bathe your pet around two to four times a week for the best results. If you are wondering what customers had to say about this model, we are pleased to report that we found numerous positive reviews that praised the quality, affordability, and ease of use that this choice provides.



The all-natural formula that uses 100% pumice is perfect for your chinchilla since it will eliminate the chances of your pet having an allergic reaction to it.

Since pumice is a material that chinchillas encounter in their natural habitat, it will encourage natural grooming behavior.

Apart from cleaning the coat of your critter, this nifty formula will also help keep your pet entertained since it will love to roll around and play in its bath house.

You won’t have to worry about the dust making your house all dusty since the pumice went through an extraction process to reduce fine dust particles.

The versatile formula can also be used for degus, gerbils, and hamsters.



The jar is not very durable, and we found numerous reports of customers having problems with the shipping process since the jar or lid can arrive broken.

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2. Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand


With the help of the SupremePetfoods formula, your tiny furry friend will look fresher and cleaner than ever. This alternative sees the use of 100% natural sand that is capable of removing skin oils and dirt from the coat of your chinchillas, gerbils, degus, mice, and hamsters. As if to make things even better, this is a dust-free product.

The lack of dust in the formula has two major benefits. On one hand, it will make sure that your pet’s lungs will be safe, and that the dust will not get in its eyes. Another reason why customers love this feature is that it makes the cleaning process that much easier since you won’t have to fear that after your pet bathes, your home will get all dirty and dusty.

As is expected from a quality option, the materials used for this product are the same that your pet would use in its native habitat.



Thanks to the 100% natural formula, the product can provide all the health, grooming, relaxation, and play benefits your pet requires for a happy life.

The grain size and quality are carefully inspected to guarantee that they are delicate enough to penetrate its fur and give it a good thorough clean.

Customers have reported that their pets had a very positive reaction to this option and they love to roll and play in it for minutes on end.

Once your pal gets done rolling in the dust, the quality formula guarantees that there won’t be too many residuals on the fur.

If you are looking for a quality chinchilla baby dust bath, the dust-free formula makes it ideal for even the tiniest critter.



You should be prepared for some spillovers in the box since the package does not seem to be reliable enough to survive rough shipping.

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3. Lixit Chinchilla Dust


With the Lixit Blue Cloud Dust, you can keep your chinchilla perfectly groomed seeing as this option uses all-natural dust that is sustainably mined from the Blue Cloud Mine in Southern California. The aluminum silicate powder does not feature any harmful additions that could hurt your pet such as glass, sand, or limestone.

The fine powder is designed to shake out of the fur easily so that you don’t have to clean your pet’s fur after each bath. Another benefit of the fine powder is that it does a stellar job at removing even the smallest dirt particles, as well as unwanted skin oils that promote a dirty coat.

As a plus, if you are looking for a great-value purchase, then the three-pound jar gives you enough product to keep your furry companion clean for weeks. You also get a plastic scoop for effortless filling.



If you have a sensitive pet, then the blue cloud dust is a perfect choice since unlike regular dust, it won’t scratch your pet’s skin and eyes.

The dust is very soft and customers have reported that their chinchillas absolutely love it, and they spend as much time as they can playing and rolling in it.

The three-pound jar makes this option perfect for users who wish to get more product for less money.

Customers were very satisfied with the Lixit customer service, claiming that they were quick to answer questions and solve issues.

The sizeable jar is very sturdy, which means that you should not expect any issues during shipping.



We found a few conflicting reports, with some owners reporting that instead of the standard dust bath, they received an option that had a bit of shimmer to it.

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4. Sunseed Natural Dust Bath for Chinchillas


The SunSeed alternative features USA-mined volcanic ash, the same material that wild chinchillas use to clean themselves in their natural habitat. The natural volcanic ash encourages healthy grooming behavior, and it also helps keep your furry pal clean and happy. You shouldn’t be surprised if your pet ends up spending tens of minutes in the dust bath.

It is completely normal for your chinchilla dust bath house to become the new favorite toy since the all-natural formula of this option is very soft and it won’t damage the skin, eyes, or lungs of your pal. The formula does not contain added chemicals, extenders, or colorants that other brands add during processing.

We were happy to see that the customer experience reflects the quality and care that the manufacturer has put in this option. Owners were satisfied with this product and pleased with the fact that bath time became their furry critters’ favorite activity.



One key advantage of this alternative is that you won’t have to worry about large chunks of dust getting stuck in the fur since the volcanic ash particles are very small.

The formula is 100% natural, mined sustainably in the USA, and does not feature harmful chemicals, colorants, or extenders.

We found numerous reviews from owners with picky pets that have reported that this choice was the only product that their chinchillas agreed with.

The premium quality formula can keep the fur clean, dry, and soft, without stripping the fur of essential skin oils that are required for a healthy coat.

The 2 pack combo is perfect for users who want to be smart about what they purchase since it gives you more product at a lower price.



Volcanic ash has many benefits, but also one big disadvantage since it can be very difficult to clean from your home if you are not careful while using it.

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5. Lixit 30-0189-006 Chinchilla Dry Bath


If you are on a tight budget and want to get a cheap chinchilla dust bath, the Lixit alternative is the right option for you. You get an easy solution that you can use to clean many small critters, including gerbils, hamsters, degus, and any other small pets that enjoy or require dust grooming.

The product dimensions are 14 x 9 x 6 inches, which makes it capable of housing even larger chinchillas. The design of the unit serves two purposes, that of keeping the fur of your pet in great shape, but also to entertain your critter since it will end up spending tens of minutes taking a roll in its new bath.

To ensure the durability of this option, the manufacturer has employed only the sturdiest materials capable of handling heavy use, including drops or shocks. Cleaning should also not be a problem since once the pet is done rolling around, you’ll be able to dispose of the dust effortlessly.



The unit comes in a two-piece design that comes apart easily for convenient cleaning and storage.

Thanks to its low price point, this product is a safe choice for anyone who is not yet ready to spend the big bucks for pet supplies but still wants to get a quality product.

Customers were big fans of the design of this unit since it offers a clear view of the pet and there’s nothing more entertaining than watching your cute companion have fun.

The unit is much roomier than what the product pictures depict which allows your chinchillas to roll around in the bath unhindered.

Since the entrance is very large, you will have no difficulty taking your pet out if it likes to spend way too much time grooming itself.



The cover does not always stay on, which means that it does not always manage to keep all the dust inside the bath.

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6. Ware Manufacturing Chinchilla Dust Bath


One of the main reasons why customers like the Ware Manufacturing alternative so much has a lot to do with the smart design of this option. The enclosed mess-minimizing design does wonders at keeping dust inside the bath even when your small companion is rolling around and playing furiously.

To make things even better, the plastic used for this model is stain and odor-resistant. Thus, if you don’t like having to spend tens of minutes cleaning your pet’s cage, this alternative will give you a much-needed break. The two-piece design will also facilitate cleaning and will house the bathing dust neatly.

The product is 10-3/4 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 7-1/4 inches high. Together with your purchase, you get a free sample of natural bath powder so that you can start using your new product right away.



The addition of a free sample of natural bath powder makes this alternative offer one of the most popular ones on the market.

Thanks to its colorful design, the Ware Manufacturing option looks very good and will surely help make your pet’s cage look even homelier.

The upper pink piece of the cage features the use of transparent plastic so that you can set back and admire how your pet bathes and plays in the sand.

The design of this option supports instinctive bathing behavior and offers more than enough room for your small companion to move around.

Customers were pleased to report that this option does a great job at keeping the dust inside for less mess in your home.



While the two-piece design helps a lot to simplify the cleaning process, we found reports that with time the two pieces can become more difficult to fit together perfectly.

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7. Kaytee Ceramic Critter Bath


If you have a young pet that likes to chew on every new toy you purchase, then it might be a good choice to ignore plastic baths and go for a ceramic model such as the one Kaytee has available. The ceramic construction is designed with durability in mind, so you won’t have to worry that this option will not deliver in this department.

It is impossible to talk about this option without taking a second to mention its unique and fun design. This particular model looks just like your favorite furry companion, with two cute ears at the top. When placed in the cage it will not only serve a practical role, but it will also be aesthetically pleasing.

The use of ceramic as the main material for this option has a big advantage when it comes to cleaning since the ceramic surface can be cleaned quickly with a damp cloth or with warm water.



The Kaytee choice features a ceramic construction which makes it ideal for pets that like to chew on plastic or wood dust baths.

The unit is quite deep and can hold a fair amount of dust without the chances of it escaping the bath and causing a mess in the cage.

Customers have reported that when not filled with dust, the bath becomes their pet’s favorite place to eat or hide their food in.

Cleaning the product is very straightforward since the use of ceramic means that dirt won’t stick as much to the outer and inner walls.

The unique design of this option has won over the hearts of many of the customers who have tried it.



You should be mindful that the product dimensions of 3.4 x 3.5 x 4.6 inches do not make this option suitable for large chinchillas.

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8. You & Me Chinchilla Dust 2.5 LB


The You&Me formula features the use of all-natural dusting powder designed to protect your chinchilla’s coat by removing extra oils and moisture that prevent it from being healthy and clean. To ensure that the powder won’t affect the health of your pet in any way, the manufacturer has not added any extra chemicals, nor used them during processing.

The powder has just the right particle size to clean and penetrate the dense fur of your furry companion. When it is time to change the dust, you won’t have to throw it away as the manufacturer recommends that you instead recycle it and use it as a soil additive for home gardening.

Customers have reported great results after using this product with their pets being the biggest fans of the You&Me dust formula. The ideal particle size makes this option ideal for sensitive pets that need more care as this product won’t damage their skin, eyes, or lungs.



Whether you are on a tight budget or want to be smart about how you spend your money, this option provides great quality for a small price tag.

The fine powder is very effective at protecting the sensitive coat of your chinchilla by eliminating the extra moisture and oils that can damage the fur.

If you have a garden or house plants, you can recycle the powder as a soil additive so that nothing is lost.

Customers were very satisfied with this option, with some claiming that their pet chinchillas can’t get enough of it.

This option is 100% natural, silica and limestone-free, and does not contain any ingredients that could pose a threat to the well-being of your pet.



While not a big problem per se, it appears that the powder is very fine and can get everywhere in your home if you don’t get a proper dust bath for your chinchilla.

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9. Trixie Sand Bath For Chinchillas And Degus


The 10.6 x 7.1 x 6.3-inch dimensions make this option perfect even for larger chinchillas as they will have more than enough room not just to bathe, but also to play and move around freely inside. This option is a true eye-catcher thanks to its bright green color that will stand out in your pet’s cage.

The design of this unit will keep your pet properly cleaned without the fine dust particles getting out of the bath and dirtying the cage or your home. The two-piece design will help speed up the cleaning process, as well as make it easier for you to replace and remove the dust before and after each bathing session.

Dust baths are very fun and relaxing for chinchillas, and the Trixie option will help promote this instinctual behavior to keep their coats healthy and the pets happy. The sand bath comes without sand, so you will have to buy it separately.



This versatile option can be used for the bathing needs of your chinchillas and degus as it is spacious enough for both rodents.

The colorful design makes it an eye-catcher and the circular opening will help minimize the mess that spilled dust can otherwise create.

The spacious design will create a chinchilla-friendly living space that your furry companion will love to use even when it is not filled with sand or dust.

Chinchillas are very fond of this option and many treat it as a toy, spending a lot of time playing and rolling around in it.

The lid comes off easily, which helps simplify the cleaning process considerably.



Unfortunately, it appears that with frequent use, the dust can start to fly out between the seams.

What’s more, the plastic does not seem to be of the highest quality and can break if you drop the unit.

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10. ChillDust Premium Chinchilla Show Dust


The ChillDust option uses pure and natural bathing dust designed to provide your furry companion with both the means to keep its lush coat in mint condition, but also to provide endless fun from spinning and flipping in the dust bath. Since the formula does not feature harmful ingredients, this option is a good choice if you a sensitive pet.

The powder is 100% pumice that was mined responsibly in Southeast Idaho. This fine aluminum silicate powder does not contain glass, sand, or limestone and the small particles will shake out of the fur easily so that you don’t have to worry that your chinchilla will cause a mess after bathing.

Customers were very happy with this option, praising its smooth texture and quality. Add to it the low price point, and you have yourself a product that is ideal for anyone who does not want to spend too much on a quality pet supply.



The market can be full of options that contain artificial ingredients, but with the ChillDust Premium, you get a 100% natural and safe dust for your chinchilla.

The silicate powder is very fine which makes it ideal for both sensitive pets, as well as baby critters that need the best and safest products.

Despite the powder being very fine, owners have reported that it did not create too much mess since the dust shakes off easily out of the fur.

This alternative is empress chinchilla certified, and as many in the chinchilla community know, this is a true testament to the quality and reliability of the ChillDust alternative.

You get two packages of 2.5 pounds each, which is a great value for the money.



Unlike other options that feature a versatile formula that can be used for other rodents as well, this option is chinchilla only.

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11. Kaytee Chinchilla Bath Sand 


With the Kaytee alternative, your favorite furry companion will be clean and healthy as this product features an all-natural volcanic mountain pumice source straight from the Andes Mountains. If this location sounds familiar to you, it’s because that is exactly where your chinchilla’s wild ancestors live.

As you can already guess, this detail makes this option ideal for your pet since it will immediately feel familiar to it and will help support healthy grooming habits, play, and relaxation.

The volcanic pumice is dust-free so that your pet can enjoy the same bath that its wild relatives do, without you having to worry that it will cause a mess in its cage or your home.

The dust has the perfect size for chinchillas and it will not harm their skin, eyes, or get in their lungs. Customers were satisfied with this option, praising its quality, great packaging, and affordable price point.



Each box contains five pockets that are ready to use and easy to pour so that you can eliminate guesswork when the time comes to change the dust in the bath.

The 4-pack is very economical since it allows you to get a large supply of product for a reasonable price.

The formula is ultra-low in actual dust, meaning that your pet can take baths and roll around happily in its bathing bowl without causing a mess.

Customers praised the quality of the powder, saying that unlike other options that cause their pet’s eyes to become irritated, this one did not have any side effects.

The volcanic pumice is 100% natural and does not contain any added materials that could harm your critter such as glass or sand.



Remember that this option is recommended for chinchillas and if used for other small animals such as hamsters, it could cause respiratory issues.

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12. Super Pet Critter Powder 


If affordability and quality are on your mind, then we believe that the Super Pet alternative is a great choice that will satisfy the needs of your pet. The formula this option uses is 100% natural mountain pumice in a fine dust grade. The fine texture of the powder will ensure that it won’t stick to the fur of your chinchillas.

While the dust itself won’t stick to the fur, dirt and skin oils will get absorbed quickly so that your pet is left with a coat that looks very clean and healthy. Apart from helping keep your furry pal clean and healthy, the quality Critter Powder formula will also encourage play and the chinchilla will love to roll around and have fun in their bathing bowls.

Customer feedback was very positive and we found that some of the key features appreciated the most by owners included the quality, reliability, and great packaging that this model offers.



Seeing as the formula uses only natural mountain pumice, it will mimic the dust that is found in your pet’s natural environment.

The packaging is very sturdy, and unlike other options that come in bowls that can break during shipping, with this option you are guaranteed to receive your product in one piece.

This particular choice includes a set of three products, making it ideal for anyone who wishes to get a quality option for cheap.

This versatile product is safe to use for small pets like gerbils and dwarf hamsters, not only for chinchillas.

It does not irritate the skin, eyes, or respiratory system of your little furry friend.



Apparently, this option can be very dusty, and if you have an active pet that likes to roll and jump in its bathing bowl a lot, its cage and your home might need some extra cleaning.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Chinchillas need to take baths if you want to keep them healthy and happy. Unlike other animals that bathe using water, this particular critter requires a dust bath due to its unique fur which is very dense and thick. For a chinchilla taking a dust bath helps remove moisture from its dense fur together with excessive skin oil and dirt.

It is crucial that you take the time to prospect the market and make sure that you consider the right chinchilla dust bath for sale for your furry companion. If you are short on time, we have you covered. We read some of the popular chinchilla dust bath reviews and we pieced together all that we learned in the buyer’s guide below.

Selecting the right product

When looking to purchase chinchilla dust, the one factor that can make a huge difference is the origin of the ingredients. The best dust brands are made using only natural materials that your pet will not react badly to, and the most recommended options consist of either ground volcanic ash or pumice.

These are the same materials that chinchillas use in the wild, and if you want to get your pet to enjoy a natural environment, then these are the options that you should look for when prospecting the market.

With that said, there is no certainty that your pet will like the option that you first pick since while the ingredients can be the same, their source of origin might be completely different. You shouldn’t be scared to experiment, and you should not feel discouraged if your chinchilla reacts badly to a certain type of dust.


How much dust do you need?

Your critter does not require a lot of dust for each bath, you will only need to pour enough of it so that it reaches a depth of one or two inches inside the bathing container. While pouring more dust will not hurt your pet, you will end up wasting a lot of it since once the upper layer gets dirty, you will have to remove the entire batch.

If you want to eliminate guesswork, there are options that come with ready-to-use pockets that contain just enough dust in them for a single bath.

Get a proper bathing bowl

Bathing your chinchillas is a straightforward process that requires minimal equipment. While it is true that you can use a simple bowl you have around the house that is big enough for your pet to roll around, we recommend that you get a proper bathing bowl. This purchase will make bathing easier for you and the pet, not to mention that it is also fairly cheap.

With this type of container, it will be easier to keep the rest of the cage and your home as clean as possible since the dust will remain contained in the bathing bowl. With a regular bowl, there are chances that your pet will tip it over which can not only hurt the little critter but can also create a huge mess.


Bathing schedule

One key aspect that chinchilla owners should be made aware of is that the dust bath should not be made available to the pet constantly. While your pal might love to spend countless hours playing in the dust, too much bathing can dry the skin excessively which can lead to serious health problems with time.

Instead, you should offer the dust bath at least twice a week if you live in a cool, dry climate, or every other day if you live in a warm and more humid climate. Experts recommend that you place the bathing container during the evening, and leave it inside the cage for about 10 to 15 minutes.




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