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Common Diseases of Chinchillas

    Contrary to common opinion, not all rodents are low-maintenance and easy to look after. Chinchillas are quite pretentious and susceptible to a series of health affections, so here is everything you need to know about their most common problems and how to properly treat them, including how to handle a chinchilla dust bath. […]

Are Chinchillas Endangered?

    Although adopting a pet chinchilla could seem like a great idea at the time, you should know that these animals are extremely sensitive and need to be looked after properly. Therefore, a good chinchilla cage and the right food for chinchillas won’t suffice to make them happy and welcomed, especially since we are […]

7 Best Large Cages for Big Hamsters Compared & Reviewed

  Best Large Cage for Big Hamsters Review – Top Rated Models in 2019 with Buying Guide   If you are looking for the best large cage for big hamsters, but you are running short on time and you cannot do a lot of research on the topic, we are here to help. After assessing […]

How to Breed Pet Rabbits

  You might have read a recent article with our top picks regarding rabbit litter boxes. If you are an owner of such a pet, you are probably interested in balanced rabbit nutrition as well. In this article, we decided to offer some information about the process of pet-rabbit breeding.   Definitions Before we start […]

9 Best Hamster Accessories in 2019 – Reviews & Analysis

  Top Accessories for Hamsters – Guide & Comparison   Looking after a hamster is a great responsibility as these small creatures are quite sensitive and require high-quality food, a permanent source of fresh water, and as many toys and accessories as possible. And if you’re considering redecorating your pet’s cage, we searched the market […]

7 Best Gerbil Cages Compared & Reviewed

  Best Gerbil Cage Review – Top Rated Models in 2019 with Buying Guide   Gerbils are very small and fragile rodents so picking the best gerbil cage relies less on the actual features of the item and more on its safety. If you want to make sure you chose the right item but don’t […]

5 Best Gerbil Wheels in 2019 – Reviews & Analysis

  Top Wheels for Gerbils – Guide & Comparison   Here you will find all the information you need if you want to find out what the best gerbil wheel is, especially if you have little time on your hands and can’t afford to read the entirety of our piece. After a careful analysis where […]

Are Chinchillas Good Pets?

  In case you have been thinking for a while to get a new pet, and you would like a chinchilla, you have probably started reading various articles on the matter, including about accessories, such as chinchilla cages. Also, finding out more about supplies for chinchillas will help you get an idea about the costs […]

6 Best Hamster Treats Compared & Reviewed

  Best Hamster Treat Review – Top Rated Models in 2019 with Buying Guide   If you are determined to get the best hamster treats, but you don’t have the time to examine our entire article, the following short paragraph will present you with all the information you need to make an educated purchase. After […]

5 Foods That are Unsafe for Chinchillas

  Any pet you might keep has different needs and maintenance requirements, and it is no different in the case of these cute little rodents, who require a dust bath for chinchillas in order to be healthy and happy. Chinchilla nutrition is the most important aspect when it comes to taking care of such a […]

8 Best Gerbil Toys – 2019 Comparison & Reviews

  The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Gerbil Toys   You’re probably here because you want to buy a toy for your darling pet gerbil but you are short on time so you need a little help with this. Luckily for you, our team is up to date on all things gerbils and after […]

Where Do Chinchillas Come From?

  In case you want to get a chinchilla for a pet, you might be interested in our article related to our favorite enclosure for chinchillas. We also recommend doing some research on cage accessories for chinchillas, as it is an important aspect when it comes to these pets. Now, pretty much everyone has heard […] © 2019 Frontier Theme