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What to Do If Your Gerbil Has Babies

  Gerbils don’t need too much help when they are having babies, but it’s important to avoid making any changes in the cage for the first week, and then to give a hand once the baby gerbils can make the transition to normal food and water. Our recent article can help with more details on […]

Are Small Rodents Herbivores?

  Most rodents are, in fact, omnivores, such as rats, mice, gerbils, and hamsters, so you might want to add some special food next to the gerbil exercise wheel you want to buy. However, some species, such as chinchillas and guinea pigs are herbivores, with the latter having particular vitamin C intake needs as well.  […]

What Is a Gerbil’s Favorite Food?

  Besides the dedicated feed that should be given to gerbils for the right nutritional balance, these pets are known to enjoy celery, carrots, pears, bananas, apples, and even plain popcorn from time to time. However, treats should be given in limited amounts, and if you are looking for a way to entertain them as […]

Do Chinchillas Like to Cuddle?

  There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right pet for your family. If you are thinking about getting a chinchilla, we came to your help as we provided more info here. Most of the chinchillas don’t make good lap pets. Nevertheless, they might develop a connection with their owners and […]

Are Chinchillas Social?

  In case you’re wondering if a chinchilla is the right pet for your family, this article contains some useful info so check it out. Chinchillas are very sociable beings as wild chinchillas live in large groups. Also, it has been noticed about domestic chinchillas that they are less stressed and more stimulated when having […]

5 Best Carriers for Rabbits in 2019 – Guide & Reviews

  Top Rated Rabbit Carrier for 2019 – A Comprehensive Comparison   If you’re looking for the best rabbit carriers, this is definitely the right place. Dr. Fox has carefully assessed some of the market’s popular products based on value and quality and found the Suncast PCR1913A to be a good choice because of how […]

5 Best Rabbit Hays – 2019 Comparative Analysis & Reviews

  Top Rated Hay for Your Rabbit – Reviews & Guide   In your search for the best hay for rabbits, make sure you check out our suggestions. We’ve gone through many rabbit hay reviews to bring you this guide, and our findings show that the first product to consider is the Kaytee Timothy Complete. […]

Which Pet Rodent Lives the Longest? 

  Keeping a domesticated rodent as a pet is something many people do these days and the reasons behind that are various. They are cute, small, and with requirements that can be easily fulfilled. Not all of them live long, though. Find out more info here about the pet rodents with the greatest lifespan.  You […]

What Is the Cleanest Pet Rodent?

  People have kept rodents as pets for so long now that having a hamster or a Guinea pig as your animal companion is no longer something out of the ordinary. Choosing the cleanest pet rodent for your place is easier if you consider their requirements and lifestyle. Consider this list if you want to […]

Where to Buy Small Pets Online?

  People today can simply order pets online, just as they would do to get some gerbil cages. However, these animals many times live in poor conditions, so buyers should use groups, forums, social media channels, and other online resources to identify proper breeders.  Have you decided to add a small and adorable pet to […]

What Small Pet Is Easy to Care Of?

  Hamsters, guinea pigs, and gerbils are among the easiest animals to keep as pets, but they do require comfortable and large-enough spaces, as well as entertainment, so finding the best gerbil cage is a good idea. Reptiles can also be an option, but setting up their space that needs to meet particular lighting and […]

What Small Pets Are Hypoallergenic?

  Allergies are triggered by allergens usually found in a warm-blooded pet’s dander, urine, or saliva, so dogs, cats, and rodents might not be a suitable choice. Before buying a hamster enclosure, you should give reptiles, amphibians, and fish a try, as they don’t trigger allergic reactions.  While some people have had animals in their […] © 2019 SitemapPrivacy Policy