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How Much Does Rabbit Care Cost?

  Most people choose to keep their rabbits inside and the market is flooded with a wide selection of indoor rabbit cages they can choose from. However, finding the best habitat for your little bunny might not be as easy as one would imagine. This means that you will have to find out what your […]

Why Do Hamsters Fight?

  If your hamster is lonely and you want him or her to have a friend to play with, you can buy or adopt a new little pet. The hamster hideout will be used by your pet when a new companion may appear or when he or she feels in danger and wants to take […]

Are Pet Rabbits Friendly?

  Choosing the right rabbit cages for our furry little friends is an extremely important aspect as we need to ensure that they offer them all the necessary comfort. When resting, bunnies love to fully stretch out, and that is why their habitat needs to be quite spacious. Also, if their living space is too […]

How Do Hamsters Have Babies?

  If you want to know more about breeding hamsters but that topic is still unfamiliar to you, check it out here for detailed information. Since hamsters have become a part of our lives, as beloved pets, many hamster owners started researching their life expectancy and whether breeding them is a must for their overall […]

How Do Rabbits Take Care of their Babies?

  In case you are interested in buying your pet some useful accessories, we suggest looking for a high-quality rabbit brush. Rabbits are great creatures and many owners prefer keeping them as pets. However, caring for an animal is one thing, but how much do you know about his or her species? In this article, […]

How to Take Care of Rabbits in the Winter

  Have you ever wondered how a rabbit burrow is made? Our article on this topic might help you out. In the wild, rabbits live in a wide range of habitats and their burrows can be found almost anywhere. Forests, woods, grasslands, meadows, and even desserts are all places one can find a rabbit burrow. […]

Can Chinchillas Eat Apples?

  Before reading this article you should also know that we wrote a guide on how to find the best chinchilla toys for your pet, so make sure to check that out when you can. Chinchillas are herbivores that can eat a lot of things. Their main diet in the wild is made of highly-abrasive […]

What Hamster Bedding Not to Use?

  In case you are thinking about getting a hamster as a pet, you will probably want to know what type of hamster bedding is the most appropriate one. When adopting an animal as a pet, you should always consider its natural environment and requirements. In the case of hamsters, the closer you can duplicate […]

Can Chinchillas Get Fleas?

  Before looking online for some new toys for chinchilla, you need to make sure that your pet is in good health. You may have heard that this small rodent’s fur is too thick for a flea to penetrate, but that might not be true. Chinchillas are very tough but they aren’t immune.   Can […]

Animal Info – Guinea Pig

Animal Info – Guinea Pig Other names: Domestic guinea pig, Cavia porcellus, cavy, domestic cavy Conservation status: Domesticated Contents Profile Tidbits Status Data on biology and ecology References   Profile For rodents, guinea pigs are considered large. The most common pet breeds weigh in at 700 to 1,200 grams (1.5 to 2.6 lb) when adults. […]

How to Make Hamster Toys

  Were you thinking of getting your small friend a hamster ball? Our recent article on this topic should help you out. In fact, hamster toys of any kind are essential for keeping your little pet happy and healthy. And since we are on the subject of toys, the market really has a lot to […]

Can Hamsters Go on Planes?

  If you like your house to be a colored one and you want your pet’s cage to really catch the eye, we wrote an article about pink hamster cages so make sure to check it out after you’ve finished with this guide. You sometimes need to travel, and when you do that, you might […] © 2019 Sitemap