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When Do Hamsters Sleep?

  Hamsters are convenient pets because they are not particularly demanding. When you buy hamster food, you will not have to break the bank, and a cage and some comfortable bedding will make your hamster’s day. Therefore, you might be surprised to see that all your hamster does all day long is sleeping. There is […]

When Do Hamsters Hibernate?

  Even if little critters like hamsters are easy to care for, you still need to have a hamster diet list so that you can make sure that your pet receives the right nutrients. Also, if you notice that your pet is not moving while looking as if he or she just sleeps, that could […]

Do Hamsters Have Periods?

  As the owner of a cute fluffy critter, you may know everything there is to know about hamster foods, what these creatures can eat, how much physical exercise they should get, and so on. However, you may be interested in knowing other things, such as whether female hamsters have menstrual cycles or if they […]

Why Do Hamsters Die Suddenly?

  If you’ve just gotten a new hamster and you are looking for the right house and accessories to ensure his or her proper care, then our other article on this matter might come in handy, so don’t hesitate to check it out. However, if you already have some experience with these adorable little pets, […]

Rabbit Care – Do’s and Don’ts

  If you are the lucky parent of an adorable little bunny, you should know that he/she needs proper rabbit food in order to stay happy and healthy. Rabbits have specific nutritional requirements, and if they are not met it can lead to severe health issues. Having a pet is all nice and fun, but […]

Why Do Hamsters Get Tumors?

  Hamsters are known for being a great choice as pets, especially if you have kids and you want to teach them how to be responsible for an animal. If you’ve already welcomed a hamster into your home recently and you need to know how to choose the right house for him or her, don’t […]

Can Pet Rabbits Eat Celery?

  Your bunny loves to play with rabbit toys, and that is why you can surprise him/her with new ones from time to time. Nowadays, you can find a wide selection of toys and it is only up to you to decide which one is best for your furry friend. Your bunny is full of […]

What Do Hamsters Like and Dislike?

  You might remember what was like having a hamster when you were a kid. If you are thinking about getting a new one or if you want to teach your own child a little bit about responsibility, then you should start looking for the best hamster house and add such a little pet to […]

What Do Hamsters Die From?

  Saying that hamsters are among the most popular pets in the world might be an understatement. Many parents choose them as first pets for their kids, since these little rodents are known for being rather low-maintenance and happy pets, and start looking for nice hamster houses for the new addition to the family. However, […]

Can Pet Rabbits Eat Apples?

  Finding the best rabbit hutch for your furry companion can be quite difficult as there are multiple types out there, and every single one promises to offer amazing results. That is why you should try to learn as much as you can about your little friend in order to be able to make a […]

Can Guinea Pigs Have Strawberries?

  It is important to know that guinea pig toys are a great way to help our furry little friends improve their physical activity. Even if you notice your furry companions running around the cage, it doesn’t mean that this is the only exercise they need in order to stay healthy. Toys will also help […]

What Do Hamsters Need to Live?

  In case you are thinking about getting a hamster and you are wondering what these little rodents need in order to live long and healthy lives, you’ll be happy to hear that things are not as complicated. However, they do need more than just a good hamster house, and in this article, we’ll explore […] © 2019 Sitemap