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Where to Buy Small Pets Online?

Last Updated: 25.02.20


People today can simply order pets online, just as they would do to get some gerbil cages. However, these animals many times live in poor conditions, so buyers should use groups, forums, social media channels, and other online resources to identify proper breeders. 

Have you decided to add a small and adorable pet to your family? Then you are probably wondering if you could buy it online and where you could do that. Getting a new family member is always exciting, especially if you have kids and you want them to learn a bit more about being responsible. 

Small pets are an excellent way of achieving this, as they usually don’t require too much maintenance, and children can quickly learn to take care of them on their own. Moreover, spending time with an animal can help kids develop other emotional skills as well, so taking this step is never a bad idea. 


Buying small pets 

However, deciding where you are going to buy the new pet from is very important. Unfortunately, there are many people who breed pets solely for financial gain, which means that they don’t ensure proper conditions in order to sell healthy and well-developed baby pets. If you do get a pet and things don’t go well, then your child might take a little while to understand this. 

Of course, you could always adopt an animal, if there are shelters in your area. This way, you could give another soul the chance to a better life and you could also teach your child a bit about caring for all animals, not just for some. On the other hand, if you cannot adopt and you are set on getting a pet, buying one is the way to go. 

People know this especially when it comes to dogs or cats, but the same principle applies to any other pet – you should always buy animals from reputable breeders or from families that are taking good care of the parents. One of the first things you should ask anyone who wants to sell you an animal is whether you could see the parents beforehand. 

If this is not possible, it’s a red flag already. Mothers need proper care during pregnancy and while their babies are newly born, and if such requirements are not met, then there’s a high chance to buy a pet that is not strong or developed enough. With this being said, it’s true that the internet is a large place that has fundamentally changed our lives, and pets are included. 

Online sales 

You could, of course, buy pets online and, in fact, this is a booming industry, but maybe not one that always works in an animal’s best interest. The online sale of pets has significantly increased in the past years, with tens of thousands of animals being traded through marketplaces. Of course, this entire sector is hard to control, but it did become a multi-million dollar one. 

Regulation from authorities is definitely needed, given that this online trade has become normal. But besides the authorities, every person looking to buy a pet can act responsibly and avoid purchasing animals that have not been kept in proper conditions. Of course, any such situation should also be reported, but that is another story. 

Animals need to be protected in this entire process that is based mainly on photos and descriptions of the animals. Poor breeding practices and puppy farms might end up being supported in such a system, and this is something that needs to be avoided at all costs. 


What can a buyer do? 

The most important thing before buying a pet is gathering all the relevant information. First of all, you should research what particular needs each type of pet has and you could also go to local pet shops for more information. You might even find your future little friend right there, where you can see it before buying it. 

If that’s not possible, then you could contact experts and other pet owners for details on what trustworthy breeders are selling young pets. After all, any transaction can still be an email away, but at least you get to do a little bit of background check before spending your money and potentially supporting a puppy farm. 

The age of social media is upon us and there is no reason for which you shouldn’t take advantage of its benefits. Various pages, groups, and channels have been established by people who love a certain type of pet, so you can join these and see which members are active in a positive way and if they have pets for sale. 

They might even be in your area, which means that you could meet up and you might be able to see the little guys and their parents first. As you can imagine, these online spaces can prove to be very useful in the long run as well. If you find a supportive community, you can ask questions about how to best take care of your pet, since shared experiences are such a great resource. 

In case you are planning to buy a pet with a pedigree or any other sort of official lineage, then there is probably a local organization that could help you with further details. Dog owners and breeders, for example, work through local Kennel Clubs. Depending on the type of pet you are interested in getting, you might be surprised to find out that there is a similar organization for it. 

Information is available both online and offline, so this is more a matter of taking the time to see what details are relevant for you. Online pet shops can also be an alternative, although a risky one in terms of the animal’s health, but here as well you should look for any kind of ranking system that might give you a better idea on which sellers are reliable. 

The risks of online pet sales 

Given the rise of companies that transport pets from one place to another, people can simply order a new cat or dog and get it delivered at the door, just like any other item. However, these are animals we are talking about, and many times they travel long distances at very young ages, and many risks such as heat strokes are involved. 

To avoid being a victim of a scam and ending with a sick animal, you should always try to physically see both the pet you are planning to buy, as well as its parents. As some have very well pointed out, purchasing a pet online can be subject to consumer guarantees, just like products are, but it’s a very different reality once you have fallen in love with a pup. 

Website selling pets should have very clear advertising policies that anyone can read and then take action if needed. Most of these rely on users when it comes to being notified of any kind of breaches, so if you do buy a pet online and something goes wrong, you need to inform the platform, website, or group that you used, to warn other potential buyers. 

Microchip numbers can also help identify pets, sellers, and websites, but in the case of small pets, there’s a very high chance that such measures are not even taken into consideration. On the other hand, this sector is increasing which makes it almost impossible for authorities to oversee every activity and track down those that are causing issues.

Moreover, this is an international problem, as the UK government has developed legislation to ban all third-party sales of puppies and kittens, which means that no sale can take place if the buyer cannot meet the animal in person. 

Nevertheless, online sale of pets is in many places around the world the most common way to buy a pet, so let’s hope that these animals are safe as well. 




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