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Where Should You Buy Your Rabbits?

Last Updated: 03.04.20



One of the most important preparations one has to make before actually purchasing a bunny is investing in a new rabbit house where one’s fluffy companion will feel comfortable. To make the habitat as enjoyable as possible, it might also help to get some rabbit toys that the pet will be able to play with and, consequently, not feel bored when left by itself.

Getting a pet rabbit is not a task that one can complete easily. Because we know the difficulties such a decision implies, we have decided to write an article about where you can acquire the bunny from!


Beware of the supplier

A rabbit breeder that can provide interested customers with healthy and nice-looking bunnies is by no means easy to find. The biggest risk that one exposes oneself to by getting a rabbit from a breeder that is unreliable is ending up with a pet that is sick or that is prone to develop diseases.

To avoid such issues, it is best that you only select a supplier that has received positive reviews from previous buyers. Before you make a decision, you should know that there are a couple of suppliers that you can opt for.

Pet shops

One of the simplest ways to get a bunny is by purchasing one from your local pet shop. These shops are known for selling various breeds of rabbits at a cheap price. Plus, given the closeness of the shop, you will definitely find the entire matter convenient as you just have to drop in and select the pet that you like best.

However, as expected, there are a couple of negative aspects that you should also acknowledge. Purchasing animals from pet shops implies encouraging an entire industry that exploits animals in a cruel and inhumane way.

Additionally, these shops often sell bunnies that are underdeveloped or sick. Because of this factor, you risk getting a pet that will have a significantly shortened lifespan.



Just like pet shops, breeders often have available a wide array of breeds of rabbits that you can select from. Yet, once again, similarly to those shops, some breeders are in the market just for the money. Therefore, they are likely to abuse female rabbits in an attempt to make them give birth to as many animals as possible.

So, if you do not want to encourage the ill-treatment of animals, we strongly advise you against using breeders as your source. Of course, not all breeders are the same. If you know the person breeding bunnies and you trust that he/she treats the pets with care and respect, purchasing a rabbit from them should not be an issue.


Friends who have rabbits

One of the best choices that you might have available is purchasing a baby rabbit from a friend of yours that has new bunnies. This way, you can be sure that the pet that you get is healthy and that it comes from somebody who does not abuse animals.

As a plus, you can visit the mother and her babies and select the one that you consider that it best matches your personality. By getting a bunny from a friend, you can also form a clear idea about how the pet will grow up to look and be like.

You can also ask your friend for extra info about how to care for a pet bunny and you can ask him/her for recommendations for a local vet.


Rescue centers

If you hate the idea of animals being abandoned, you can help by choosing to get a pet bunny from an SPCA or from a rescue center. Contrary to what most people think, rabbits are animals that require quite a lot of attention, and they are not easy to take care of.

What is more, there are numerous parents that purchase bunny as pets for their young children and who do not understand the responsibilities that owning a bunny implies. Because of these factors, there generally are numerous abandoned rabbits in rescue centers.

To encourage adoptions, most centers take the necessary time to match every interested rescuer with a pet that suits one’s personality. Consequently, there is a high chance that you will find an animal that you will fall in love with instantly.

The biggest drawback that getting a bunny from a rescue center comes with is that there are not many baby bunnies that you can choose from. Normally, these centers house adult rabbits that previous owners decided to abandon. The most beautiful thing that you can do is to offer a new beginning to a pet that has already had a rough start.

It should be said that these centers also have pets that have various psychological problems. If you decide to take home such an animal, you should remember that it needs extra care and attention. So, if you already have a busy life, it might be best to select a different pet that is not as demanding. There are other people that might be able to care for those animals in a better way.

Ask for recommendations

If you do not have a lot of friends that have pet bunnies, the best thing that you can do before selecting a supplier is to ask for recommendations online. There are numerous forums and internet groups where you can get in touch with local bunny owners that can provide you with the necessary info.

They can not only supply you with directions but also warn you of the existence of local breeders that exploit animals. What is more, joining a forum for rabbit owners might also help you find somebody that lives in the same area as you do and that has baby rabbits for sale.

Once you find your bunny, be sure to provide it with all the care and attention that it needs. Also, get in touch with your vet and ask for regular checkups. This way, you can monitor the health of your new companion and you can be sure that it grows to be a happy and healthy bundle of fur!



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