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Rabbit Care – Do’s and Don’ts

Last Updated: 03.04.20


If you are the lucky parent of an adorable little bunny, you should know that he/she needs proper rabbit food in order to stay happy and healthy. Rabbits have specific nutritional requirements, and if they are not met it can lead to severe health issues. Having a pet is all nice and fun, but let’s not forget about the responsibilities that every pet parent has.

Animals cannot make their own choices which means that you will be the one deciding for them. That is why it is extremely important to be well informed about your pet’s needs in order to help him/her enjoy life to the fullest. Your pets need to feel cared for and loved which means that regular interaction with them is absolutely necessary.

So, if you’ve decided to adopt a rabbit, there are multiple things you should take into account because these adorable little creatures come with many obligations. Although you might think that it is super easy to care for them, the reality is that they have their own particular needs.


Should you keep your bunny inside or outside?

Yes, rabbits can live both indoors and outdoors! It is up to you which option you think works best for your little friend, or you can choose both of them. This means that you can keep him/her outdoors when it’s nice and sunny, and when it is cold and windy he/she should stay inside. Moreover, when he/she is outside your furry companion needs to be supervised at all times!

There are many bad things that can happen to him/her as there are many hawks that can easily carry off a baby rabbit in no time. Also, if your bunny is an adult and he/she is on the larger side you shouldn’t assume that he/she is completely safe as there are many large predators (larger than hawks) that can put their lives in danger.

Furthermore, when they are outside on a hot day, bunnies need to stay hydrated, and that is why you need to make sure that they have access to cool fresh water every day. Also, they need to be protected from the sun which means that you need to provide shade at all times. This is super important as overheating in rabbits can even lead to death.

If you don’t feel confident enough to leave your bunny outdoors, and you want him/her inside your home all the time, you should know that you must rabbit proof that area where your bunny will run free. Rabbits are clever and curious little animals that will chew on cords and wires, and that is why you need to make sure that you either hide them or tape them.

Rabbit housing

When buying the right cage for your little friend you need to pay attention to certain details in order to make sure that he/she will enjoy maximum comfort. The proper size of the cage is one of the most important factors if you want your pet to live a happy and healthy life. It is recommended that you choose a cage that is four to five times the size of your furry companion.

Moreover, if you decided that a wire cage is most suitable for your bunny, you need to make sure that you trim his/her nails on a regular basis. If they are too long, they can catch on the wires whenever he/she needs to exit or enter the cage. Also, your rabbit’s feet are very sensitive, so if the cage has a wire flooring, it can be very hard on them.

In order to offer your bunny all the necessary protection, you will have to line the floor with a soft material such as cardboard. Also, you should always use heavy bowls as they are harder to get tipped over by your pet. Furthermore, you will need to change your bunny’s litter box every day so that you and your little friend live in a nice smelling environment.

Rabbits are social animals which means that they love to interact with you. Moreover, they will feel lonely and depressed if they don’t get enough attention. With this in mind, you should always keep your bunny’s habitat very close to where you and your family spend most of the time. Also, when cleaning the house make sure you don’t use cleaners around your pet’s cage.



Just like us, humans, rabbits have a sweet tooth and they love treats and they would eat them all day long. It is easy to imagine that eating too much sugar can be very dangerous for them, and it’s your duty to make sure that they have well-balanced diets. Although they beg you for more, you need to be cautious, as there are many health issues that may arise.

First of all, you need to ensure that your furry friend has a diet that consists of hay, pellets, and fresh greens. It goes without saying, fresh water is something that they should have unlimited access to. Your little animal needs to get all the necessary nutrients from his/her food in order to stay happy, healthy, and strong.

When we say treats, we don’t mean chips, yogourt, chocolate, or other foods that you might find delicious. Rabbits are different than us, and what is good for us can actually be extremely harmful to them. That is why you need to find out which foods are safe for your bunny, and which are the ones that should never be included in his/her diet.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that you don’t let yourself get fooled by various treats from pet shops which promise to satisfy your pet’s need for sugar. The problem with those is that they have a high amount of sugar which can be very bad for your small animal. Instead, you should try to feed your rabbit healthy options like various fresh fruits or vegetables.

The proper way to handle rabbits

Rabbits are some of the most adorable little animals on earth! With their cute little faces and their soft and long iconic ears, they can make anyone go crazy about them. That is why some people associate them with “toys”, but they are not, they are living animals who need a lot of attention, socialization, and care.

There are some do’s and don’ts on how to take care of a rabbit and we will mention some of the most important ones. If you love to pet your little friend, for example, it is totally recommended to do it, but pay attention to how he/she reacts. Most bunnies like to be petted slowly on the head, but even then, they have some bad days when they want to be left alone.

So, if you notice that your little friend doesn’t feel good when you touch him/her, it is better to leave the pet to wander on his/her own. These cute little animals are very playful and they feel the need to chew on various things. That is why you should give them hard toys to munch on because they will also stop their teeth from growing too long.

Furthermore, when you need to move your furry companion from one place to another, you need to make sure that you don’t grab him/her by the years because rabbits don’t like it, and it can be very painful for them. Another thing that bunnies hate from the bottom of their heart is taking a bath. The great part is that they don’t need to bathe as they can clean their bodies themselves.




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