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How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Hamster (Or a Pet Rodent)

Last Updated: 30.03.20


There are many ways to keep your hamsters entertained and wooden toys for hamsters are known to be a favorite among these adorable little creatures. Also, you have to make sure that you choose the right type of safe hamster bedding in order to offer your little friend all the necessary protection and comfort.

These cute small animals make great pets because they are clever, clean, and they don’t need a lot of maintenance. That is why many children love them so much and they will do anything to adopt them. But, hamsters come with certain responsibilities, too, and they will need to convince their parents that they are ready to commit.

If you are one of those many hamster (or rodent) lovers who want to bring one home and you need to convince your parents that you will look after him/her regularly, you should have a look at our tips. Not only that your parents will agree with adopting a hamster, but they will also love him/her.


Proper age

Rodents are cute small animals that are loved by anyone, but it is good to be around 10-13 years old to properly care for a hamster, and not younger. Consider the commitment you have to give – even if it is not a big commitment you have to make sure that you give your hamster the necessary love and care throughout his/her life.

This means that you have to be old enough to be able to feed, clean, and entertain your pet rodent. Most of the times, parents will agree to have a hamster in their house, but there are some cases when parents don’t feel comfortable to let their kids adopt one.

If your parents said no, you shouldn’t get upset or angry, and most important, you shouldn’t scream at them or call them bad parents. This kind of attitude will not help you at all, but on the contrary, it will most likely make them believe that you are not responsible enough to care for a pet.



Extensive research

You should do your research, and you can even join a forum to learn more about taking care of a hamster. There, you will find many people sharing real-life situations, real stories, and experiences with hamsters. This way, you will learn if you are ready to adopt one yourself or if you have to wait for when you are a little older.

You need to make sure that you find out everything you can about hamsters such as the supplies they need – the proper bedding, cage, diet, and toys. Also, you can check videos online or youtube channels that can offer you all the necessary information.

After you gather all the information you need to know, you should write everything down on a piece of paper. Make sure that it is as thorough as possible and it contains important aspects from bedding to foods. The next step would be to present all of these to your parents. Moreover, you can include things explaining to them why you deserve to have a hamster.


Take on responsibilities

Also, to make them understand that you really want to have a hamster, it will be a good idea to let them know that you are willing to pay for the hamster yourself, from your own savings. And, if you don’t have enough money, you can offer yourself to do some extra chores that will show them that you really want to adopt a rodent.

And, if you already have other pets, it is your chance to show your parents how responsible you can be and how well you can look after an animal. Continue paying lots of attention to your pets’ needs and try to spend even more time with them. This way, your parents will trust you even more and they will most likely let you have an adorable pet rodent.

You can also take your parents to a local pet store so that they can get to see how cute hamsters are. After meeting a hamster they will most likely fall in love with him/her on the spot and they will want to take him/her home immediately. This trick is almost guaranteed to work since there aren’t many people that can resist their unique charm.

And, if for some reason, you are not able to visit the hamsters in a pet store, you can show your parents some pictures with them. The internet is full of cute hamster photos that are irresistible to almost anyone. Once they realize how adorable they are they will want to have one at home as soon as possible.



Find out the exact reasons

Let’s assume that you have tried all of these and your parents still say no; you have to ask them to tell you the exact reasons. If they say that they have heard that they stink, you have to show them that you know how to clean them properly. You have to explain to them that you take full responsibility for spot cleaning your pet’s habitat every day.

Also, you will have to show them that you have done your research and you know exactly how to stop odors. They might even say that hamsters can be mean and they can bite you. You know that this is true, but you also know that hamsters are loving little creatures that can be easily tamed.

That is why, you have to make your parents aware of the fact that pet rodents are kind and harmless, and they love to interact with people. Furthermore, you can explain to them that hamsters will build close relationships with humans that can last their entire life. They learn their owner’s voice and smell, and they will love to play and socialize with him/her.



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