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Hamster or Rabbit? What’s the Best Choice for You?

  If you want a fun and active pet but don’t want to check the weather daily to find out when you can play with it outside, you can get a smaller one that will be a perfect fit for your apartment. When it comes to indoor pets, some of the most common choices are […]

How Do I Know If My Gerbil Is Happy?

  Gerbils display excitement by jumping in the air, while those that are relaxed and curious stand on their hind legs inspecting their surroundings. If an individual keeps the paws pressed together, this indicates stress, so you might want to check it out and see if a new toy could help.  Gerbils are intelligent creatures […]

5 Best Hedgehog Cages Compared & Reviewed

  Best Hedgehog Cage Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide   Here you can find what the best hedgehog cage is, especially if you lack the time to prospect the market on your own. We’ve looked at the features and value that the most popular models offer and we’ve concluded that the Living […]

How Long Do Gerbils Live?

  Even though owning a gerbil has become so popular that it makes you want to check it out, their lifespan has always been a question. Out in the wilderness, they seldom live for more than two years but pet gerbils can live for up to five years, with some distinct species even going up […]

Fun Facts About Rabbits

  Bunnies are loving pets that like to keep active, if your feet get sore while trying to keep up with them, be sure to check out the Kerasal intensive repair. Rabbits are interesting creatures. For instance, they have teeth that keep on growing, they have 360 degrees vision and they use their ears to […]

What Do Rabbits Eat in the Wild?

  Any owners looking to find out more about their rabbits can check it out here. Even though wild rabbits certainly live a tougher life than their domesticated counterparts, their diet is well-balanced and consists of large quantities of grass combined with any other delicacies they may find like fruits and vegetables.   Bunny story […]

When Do Baby Rabbits Leave the Nest?

  Looking after newborn rabbits is not the easiest task in the world but it can be extremely rewarding and help you create a unique bond with the babies. However, you need to make sure they live comfortably in a stacked rabbit cage and are ready to leave the nest two-three weeks after birth.  Rabbits […]

Hamster Breeds – Differences and Similarities

  If you want to get more information on the differences and similarities between the pet hamster breeds available on the market, make sure you read the following lines. There are five popular hamster breeds today that are mostly nocturnal and can be kept in small groups, except for the Syrian hamster, and most of […]

Hamster Health and Diseases

  As our recent article shows, hamsters can suffer from a wide variety of diseases, from the common cold to tumors. They will show signs of illness, such as lack of appetite and activity, fur loss or diarrhea. In case this happens, you need to rush them to the vet for appropriate treatment. Hamsters have […]

How to Find a Lost Hamster

  Hamsters are renowned escape artists, whether they are provided a sizable hamster habitat or not. To find a lost hamster you need to establish the area he/she is currently in by listening or putting out food, keep your doors closed, and set out special traps to secure him or her once again. Hamsters are […]

10 Best Ferret Toys Compared & Reviewed

  Best Ferret Toy Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide   If you are looking for the best ferret toys, but so far you haven’t managed to purchase something that suits your taste, you have here precisely what you need. In this short paragraph, you will learn about the product that is worthy […]

7 Best Sugar Glider Foods Compared & Reviewed

  Best Sugar Glider Food Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide   Finding the best sugar glider food is not always as easy as it seems at first, because there are many alternatives on the market and you need to spend a lot of time doing research to figure out which one you […] © 2019 SitemapPrivacy Policy Protection Status