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6 Best Hamster Hideouts – 2019 Comparison & Reviews

  The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Hamster Hideout + Reviews   Finding the best hamster hideout is not always such an easy thing to do since you might not have that much time on your hands and doing the necessary research can be rather lengthy. For this reason, our team has decided to […]

How To Hold a Hamster

  So you just got your child an oh-so-wanted new hamster! You’ve got your eye on a few cages and you’ve even bought a new hamster ball! Problem is, hamsters are not the easiest pets to hold, so check out this article to make sure that you or your little one don’t hurt the pet […]

How To Make a Hamster Cage

  You have just bought your new furry friend and, of course, now you have to think about accommodation! The Internet most surely offers a myriad of quality hamster accessories, but you know you can do a better job, so you set out to build your very own hamster cage. The problem is, you’re almost […]

7 Best Hamster Houses in 2019 – Reviews & Analysis

  Top Houses for Hamsters – Guide & Comparison   If you have started your search for the best hamster house and you can’t decide which one to choose, you should have a look at this article as you will find plenty of useful information. There is a multitude of hamster houses available on the […]

9 Common Rabbit Diseases

  Your fluffy-eared friend definitely requires a lot of maintenance to be well and happy. From rabbit food to the best ways to keep your companion healthy and even how to buy the best brush for shedding rabbits, there’s a lot of stuff you need to know. The most important thing to be aware of […]

5 Best Hamster Foods Compared & Reviewed

  Best Hamster Food Review – Top Rated Options in 2019 with Buying Guide   Finding the best hamster food can be a bit challenging especially that the market is now flooded with so many different products and every single one promises to offer the best results. That is why we decided to help you […]

10 Foods Toxic to Rabbits

  Keeping a rabbit safe is a very demanding job, so whether you need tips for your new rabbit enclosure, how to properly take care of it or simply looking for a new brush for a rabbit, there’s probably a guide out there that can help you. Now we know you love your furry little […]

How to Build a Rabbit Hutch

  Did you ever find yourself in the presence of a bunny and you just can’t say no to that face? That happens to us, too. Well, before you go buying a rabbit brush or even looking up “burrows for rabbits” as a way to accommodate the little guy, here’s a DIY guide we made […]

How Long Do Pet Rabbits Live?

  You’ve just gotten yourself a new rabbit pet and you obviously want what’s best for him. But rather than going down the rabbit burrow and finding out how their home looks like, here are our top picks for making sure your friend is warm, cozy and happy in your house. Nowadays, it’s fairly common […]

5 Tips for Getting Your First Pet Rabbit

  You’ve asked and asked the guardian to the rabbit hiding place and your wish has been granted so congratulations! Now you are the proud owner of your very own fluffy long-eared companion. Before you go all out buying things like litter boxes for rabbits, we got you covered with 5 things to do once […]

How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Hamster (Or a Pet Rodent)

  There are many ways to keep your hamsters entertained and wooden toys for hamsters are known to be a favorite among these adorable little creatures. Also, you have to make sure that you choose the right type of safe hamster bedding in order to offer your little friend all the necessary protection and comfort. […]

5 Best Large Hamster Cages in 2019 – Reviews & Analysis

  Top Large Cages for Hamsters – Guide & Comparison   Are you looking for one of best large hamster cages? If that’s the case, then you surely know that going through the relevant information on this topic can be time-consuming and many times there are simply not enough hours in the day to get […] © 2019 Frontier Theme