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9 Rules For Raising Healthy Rabbits

    If you want to offer your bunny the utmost comfort, you have to be careful when choosing his/her new home from all those multiple types of cages for rabbits. Also, the right rabbit diet is extremely important because it will help your little friend stay healthy and strong, both physically and mentally. When […]

How Are Hares and Rabbits Different?

    The right rabbit hutch offers your bunny all the necessary comfort and protection. Also, there are plenty of rabbit supplies which promise to make your bun-bun’s life more enjoyable. You are the one who decides what is best for your rabbit because you know exactly what he/she actually needs. But what about hares, […]

5 Things To Expect If You’re Getting A Pet Rabbit

    In our recent article, we agreed that pets are part of our family and we can’t imagine our life without them. Also, we mentioned that rabbit toys have great benefits for both our bunnies and our surroundings. That being said, we are aware that the way we care for our pets is extremely […]

What Care Does a Russian Dwarf Hamster Need?

    From getting the right supplies to feeding your little dwarf hamster, it can be a little challenging knowing what to expect, especially if you’ve never had this type of pet before. For more information on hamster toys, you can read our post about them (check it out here) and to see what hamster […]

How to Understand Your Rabbit

    Understanding your pet rabbit can be a tricky thing, and if you’ve just gotten him or her from the store and you’re still purchasing accessories (such as a new rabbit brush, for example), you might want to go through our top picks first. Rabbits are a little more difficult to interact with because […]

How to Keep Your Pet Rabbit Cool in Hot Weather

    Making sure that your pet rabbit remains healthy even in the summer can be quite a challenge. As we have written about rabbit care before, we suggest you check out our articles on rabbit accessories or our top picks in rabbit burrows. While it is true that rabbits do have the capability to […]

How to Introduce Rabbits to One Another

    It can be quite challenging to have to introduce one rabbit to another, and we’ll tell you right from the beginning that it might seem impossible to get them to use the same rabbit litter box. To make your task a little easier, go through our recommendations below. A successful introduction can be […]

How to Clean a Hamster Cage

    If you’ve gotten a new hamster and one of those amazing hamster cages you’ve seen at the pet shop, you should know that it’s not all fun and games and that having a pet means that you should clean its enclosure regularly (we wrote an article about some types of toys – if […]

How to Avoid Hamster Bites

    As much as we might love our hamsters, the truth is that you can’t expect your new pet to act like a human being, as much as they might seem like they are, when they’re using their hamster toys. Animals do not appreciate being picked up all of the sudden or taken out […]

9 Reasons to Rescue a Rabbit

    If you’re having a hard time telling whether a rabbit might be the right pet for you and you’re trying to create a list of reasons you should rescue a rabbit, you’ve come to the perfect place as our recommendations will help you get an idea. Keep in mind that, to be able […]

7 Common Mistakes Hamster Owners Make

    Research is the key to having a healthy and happy hamster in your home, so we suggest considering our recommendations for supplies – in case you didn’t know, you might even have to purchase a hamster ball. But not everything boils down to getting a cage and hamster food, and you should know […]

11 Best Rabbit Toys Compared & Reviewed

  Best Rabbit Toy Review – Top Rated Models in 2019 with Buying Guide   If you need to find the best rabbit toys, but time is not something you have on your hands to research this on your own, we are here to help. In this article, you’ll find all the relevant information that […] © 2019 Frontier Theme