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Can Guinea Pigs Have Strawberries?

Last Updated: 25.02.20


It is important to know that guinea pig toys are a great way to help our furry little friends improve their physical activity. Even if you notice your furry companions running around the cage, it doesn’t mean that this is the only exercise they need in order to stay healthy. Toys will also help them stay in a good mood and eliminate boredom.

Another essential aspect that needs your utmost attention is your beloved pet’s diet. Just like us, humans, guinea pigs need key nutrients in order to live a long and happy life. That is why food plays an important role and contributes to their overall well-being. Moreover, there are certain foods that these cute little creatures cannot have as they can make them really sick.


The right amount of fruits

You love your furry companion so much and you want only the best for him/her, and that is why you are interested to find out which is the right diet for him/her. Since food is what keeps your pet healthy and strong, you want to make sure that you are feeding him/her everything he/she needs in order to prevent any health issues.

When it comes to fruits, we can be very subjective because they have great benefits for our health and we might think that it works the same for our guinea pigs. Well, there are many different opinions on the nutritional value of fruits, but the most important characteristic is the amount of fruit you are giving your little friend.

Fruits contain a high amount of sugar which can be dangerous for your cute pet as it can put him/her at risk for diabetes. In other words, your guinea pigs can have certain fruits in moderation but their main diet should consist of plenty of timothy hay or oat hay, leafy vegetables, and natural pelletized food.

In the wild, guinea pigs are herbivorous animals which means that you need to take this into account when choosing his/her diet. Furthermore, these adorable small animals can sometimes have adverse reactions to certain types of foods, and that is why you should always keep an eye to the way he/she behaves to various changes in his/her diet.

Fruits – benefits

In the wild, guinea pigs are herbivorous animals, and that is why you need to ensure that their diet is following the same pattern in order to meet their nutritional requirements. Fruits, for example, can have plenty of benefits for your little friends’ general health. Furthermore, certain fruits can help them overcome some health issues.

Let’s say that your little companion is suffering from constipation; kiwis are known to help him/her with that because they contain laxative properties. You have to be very careful about the quantity you feed to your furry friend, as kiwis are fairly acidic.

Guinea pigs cannot produce their own vitamin C, and that is why it is super important for them to get enough of it from their foods. So, if you are looking to offer your pet the much-needed Vitamin C, you should definitely consider including tangerines and oranges in his/her next meal. This will help the pet maintain the coat shiny and soft and also have more energy.

Also, melon and watermelon have a high water content which makes them a perfect choice for hydrating adult guinea pigs. Pineapples, meanwhile, are great for your furry friends if they suffer from excess gas as they are known to improve their digestive system. Another fruit that is good for your adorable pets is banana because it is high in potassium.


Can guinea pigs eat strawberries?

The answer to this question is yes, but in moderation. This means that strawberries are delicious treats for your guinea pigs, but in order to avoid any health problems, you must limit the amounts. Due to their high sugar content, strawberries can cause digestion issues and diarrhea, and that is why you should keep the serving size very little.

Another problem that is associated with high intake of strawberries (sugar) is that it can damage your little friends’ teeth. Your furry companions love these fruits because they are sweet and delicious, and they will eat them no matter how much you give them. This might trick you into thinking that they are good for them because your pets like them and it makes them happy.

Well, they are happy only for a while, but in the long run, they can have serious health problems, and it is only up to you to avoid this from happening. It is the same situation when kids want more sweets – they are happy while they enjoy the delicious taste but after that, they can have major health complications that might require regular visits to the doctor.

Also, when you feed your guinea pigs only a few slices of strawberries, they will definitely enjoy the taste more when they will eat them. These fruits also have Vitamin C, and as we have noticed earlier, it is essential for the well-being of your little companions. If you want to be on the safe side, you should consider feeding your pets strawberry stems instead.

Introducing fruits into your pet’s diet

If you see your guinea pigs munching on hay all the time, this doesn’t mean that they are safe to eat everything. There are certain foods that guinea pigs are allergic to, and if you don’t pay maximum attention to the way their body responds to some of them, serious health problems can happen. They are just like us, they cannot tolerate every single type of food.

Furthermore, they have very sensitive stomachs which make them even more prone to certain health issues. That is why if you notice that they have symptoms like bloatedness or diarrhea after introducing a new item in their diet, more likely your little friends are allergic to it. In order to avoid severe complications, you must always start with small pieces of the new type of fruit.

Only after a couple of weeks, you can start to increase the amount you give them – and you have to do it slowly. This way you have enough time to see how they receive the change, and if it is what they needed. Also, by introducing the new foods gradually and not big amounts at once, you will give their bodies the necessary time to adjust to the new diet.

Furthermore, you need to have patience because guinea pigs are careful when it comes to their food and they might not be willing to try it right away. This doesn’t mean that they will refuse to taste it all together, it is just that it might take some time and you have to wait. Also, don’t just assume that they will like a certain type of food, only because you find it delicious.

Guinea pigs are just like humans which means that they have their own preferences and they have certain foods that they love and some of them that they hate. Also, not all guinea pigs are the same and what one might find delicious the other one might not find very appealing.




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