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10 Best Rat Toys – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 10.08.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Rat Toy + Reviews


If you are looking for the best rat toys for your little friend, but you don’t want to spend too much time going through all the alternatives on your own, then it’s a good thing you are reading this guide since, in the next lines, you’ll find exactly the answer you need. After carefully considering all the benefits that the top-rated toys offer and also taking a lot of data into account, our team has established that the product you want to keep an eye on as the first choice is the Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy. With a durable construction and a versatile design, this toy can fit multiple cages and can be placed in various positions. The sturdy cotton-made rope can be used as both a climbing ladder and a hammock, so your little guy will have a great time using it. If you cannot get your hands on this toy, the alternative you should bear in mind is the Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel.



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10 Best Rat Toys (Updated Reviews) in 2020



Going through rat toy reviews can be a bit overwhelming, given that there are plenty of alternatives when it comes to these products, so knowing which one to go for might require some time and research. On the other hand, the selection you’ll find below is here to help by showcasing the most sought-after rat toys on the market.



1. Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy 


Rats are extremely intelligent creatures, so a toy such as the one offered by Niteangel that provides a lot of entertainment is surely a very good option for any pet parent. The great part about this product is that it works for other types of rodents as well, so, if you have ferrets, for instance, you can take it into account without any trouble.

We know that finding an affordable rat toy that is also well-built is not always easy, which is why it’s a very good thing that alternatives such as this Niteangel model are available on the market. In case you are wondering whether this product can withstand some rough treatment as well, given that we’re talking about rodents, it’s good to know that it includes metal clips for extra security.

You are going to be able to use it in a wide range of positions around the cage, depending on what your pet rat prefers.



The rope is made of cotton, which is both safe and sturdy, so your rat is going to have a great time using it, while you can rest assured that he or she is safe at all times.

Thanks to the versatile design, the toy can be installed in various ways, resembling either a climbing ladder or a hammock.

If you want to encourage your pet rat to exercise, a product such as this one that provides a lot of fun challenges is a great way to achieve this goal.

If you have more rats and a large cage, you can easily combine multiple nets to create a larger playground.



Make sure that you don’t install the ladder too high within the cage, to protect your pet rat from any accidental falls.

After a while, you will need to replace it, especially if your rat is going to enjoy chewing on the net as well.

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2. Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel 


If what you are looking for is a cheap rat toy that provides a lot of fun to our little friends, this Niteangel Tunnel is the one you want to take a closer look at. It’s a known fact that rodents have a natural tunneling instinct, and this product uses it to make them comfortable and keep them entertained.

Moreover, if you have more than one pet rat, then they will be able to use the tunnel together in new and engaging ways. What makes this Niteangel model an excellent choice is the fact that it comes with an expandable design. This means that no matter if you have more or less space within the cage, you will be able to use it.

The fun design can expand up to 39”, which means that your pet rats are going to be very happy with it. The unit is also specially made to encourage physical exercise for your pet’s health.



This versatile Niteangel model is suitable for more types of rodents, so if you have ferrets, you can keep it in mind for their entertainment as well.

You shouldn’t worry about the tunnel’s durability, given that it’s made of high-quality stain-resistant plastic.

The fun design encourages a fun time and the rodent’s tunneling instinct, which is something that also makes these little guys more comfortable in their cage.

If you have more space available within the cage, you can expand the tunnel to make the task more challenging.



It might be a bit difficult to clean the tunnel, especially in the middle, so you may have to look for a longer brush to get this done.

After a while, the tunnel will need to be replaced, especially if your rat enjoys chewing on it.

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3. Niteangel Tunnel Hamster Hammock for Small Animals 


This Niteangel model is one of those affordable rat toys that are both fun and useful, as they expand the pet’s living space. Moreover, given that this is a hanging design, you won’t have to deal with cleaning it more than you would want to, which is always a good thing.

Another aspect worth noting about this product is that it fits pretty much any cage, given its dimensions, so it’s a versatile option, and you shouldn’t have any trouble setting it up once delivered. The durable nylon straps included in this design also make it durable, so your pet rat will be able to enjoy it as much as he or she wants.

The hammock also comes with special clips, so attaching it to the cage is a very easy task. Plus, various types of rodents can enjoy this toy, such as hamsters or ferrets.



This Niteangel hammock includes comfortable materials both on the inside and the outside, so your pet rat is going to be able to sleep it in for as long as he or she wants to.

If your little friend wants to have fun, the hammock is very entertaining when used as a toy as well, while the space inside is breathable.

The quilted material used and the nylon straps make this a durable product, while attaching the hammock to the cage is a breeze thanks to the clips included in the design.

The product’s dimensions are generous as well, so either two rats or one ferret can easily fit inside.



Make sure that you don’t place the hammock too high within the cage to prevent any accidental falls that might hurt your little friend.

This Niteangel product is durable, but it will need to be replaced eventually, so look out for any signs of chewing.

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4. FULUE Ferret Rat Hammock Bed 


Just as the product’s name suggests, this Fulue model is a versatile option that can be used for both rats and ferrets without any trouble. Moreover, the hammock is one of those rat toys that are extremely comfortable as well. In fact, the manufacturer took this aspect under careful consideration and added a special material on the inside that is extremely soft and comfy.

The exterior layer is made of chew-resistant material, which means that if you decide to give this hammock a try, you won’t have to spend money on another one anytime soon. Along the same lines, the clips and clip connectors are made of metal, so rodents won’t be tempted to chew on them.

The versatile design means that the hammock can be easily converted into a sleeper bag and the other way around, depending on how you want to use it at any given point.



The generous dimensions of this hammock make it suitable for a wide range of rodents, from rats and ferrets to adult guinea pigs.

You won’t have any trouble cleaning the hammock, given that this model is machine-washable, as long as you remove the four hooks beforehand.

The metal clips system is both durable and easy to use, so you will be able to set everything up in a matter of minutes.

If you are looking for a rat toy that can be converted from a hammock to a sleeping bed, this is the model you should try out.



The hammock might have a strong scent in the beginning due to the production process, so you can air it a bit, if necessary.

You should handle the clips with care, as you attach the hammock, in order to protect the cage from any scratches.

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5. JanYoo Rat Chinchilla Toys Pack of 7 


When it comes to finding good yet cheap rat toys, you have plenty of alternatives on the market, but few of them compare to this set offered by JanYoo. The toys included are made of non-toxic, natural wood, so your little friend is definitely going to enjoy chewing on them, if they need some entertainment.

Moreover, given that the set includes seven different toys, they are surely going to provide hours of fun for your pet rat. If you have more than one rat, then the fact that this is a set works even better. If you decide to give it a try, you will get a climbing ladder, a swing, a small bell, as well as a unicycle, besides other toys.

It’s a known fact that rodents need to keep busy all the time, as they are very active and intelligent creatures, and this set helps you get this done in a very easy way.



The fact that these toys are made of non-toxic materials means that your rat can chew on them without any health concern.

Given that we’re talking about rodents here, this set also helps keep the teeth of small pets in top shape and control their growth.

The wide range of toys included in the set means that this is an excellent way to provide entertainment for an extended period, which works great if you are at work most of the day and want to sleep during the night.

The set can be used for many other types of rodents, such as gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, or rabbits.



Make sure to keep an eye on the toys, as they will need to be replaced after a while.

Some of the toys include glue as well, so if you know that your pet should not get the chance to chew on it, you may want to remove them from the cage.

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6. WINOMO Pet Hammock Hamster Hanging Toy 


If you are looking for a rat toy review that showcases a sturdy and highly comfortable product, you are in the right place, and you should surely take a closer look at this Winomo model. The Hammock provides a great and warm hut in which your rodent can rest.

What makes it great is the fact that birds can benefit from it as well, so if you are the proud owner of both rats and birds, you can give this hut a try and get more than one product within the same order. With this being said, it’s also worth noting that the unit comes with four hanging clips that securely attach it to the cage, so this is not going to be a difficult task.

Specially designed for our little friends, this hammock is a very nice place in which they can either rest or play while you go about your day.



Not only is this hammock great for rats and birds, but it also works for other types of rodents such as chinchillas, squirrels, or guinea pigs, thanks to its design.

The supple material used for its construction ensures our pets’ comfort for long naps or fun playtime sessions.

The clips and chain are both corrosion and rust-resistant, so this is not going to be an issue throughout time.

Thanks to the convenient clips, you are going to easily attach the hammock to pretty much any cage, so this is not something that’s going to take up a lot of your time.



If you want to take the chains completely off for cleaning purposes, this may be a bit difficult, so it will take longer.

Take a look at the hammock’s dimensions, as it’s quite generous, so it may be a bit large for baby rodents.

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7. Alfie Pet Kasey Hammock for Rodents 


Available in two colors, this Alfie model is suitable for a wide range of rodents and is also highly comfortable and durable. The design allows other small pets such as chinchillas, mice, or gerbils to enjoy this nice and comfy hammock, so if you have more than one type of pet, it’s a great alternative.

As you can imagine, pets have a great time either playing or napping in it, especially since it comes with special materials that are both sturdy and soft to the touch. Those of you who have been looking for a fine addition to the rat’s cage should not overlook this particular Alfie product.

The spring clips are made of metal, so they are going to last for a long time, and they can be easily attached to pretty much any cage, which makes this a very easy task.



This hammock is made for your pet’s comfort, which is why it comes with a soft fleece lining material in which the little guy can rest for as long as he or she wants to.

In case you are worried about the hammock’s maintenance, you should know that this model is machine-washable, so this is going to be a breeze.

Thanks to the spring clips that come with this hammock, you can adapt it to a wide range of cage models.

Given that this is a hanging product, it actually creates more space around the cage for your rodent friends to be entertained and comfortable.



If you decide that you should give the hammock a wash, make sure you remove the metal hooks to protect them and your washing machine against any damage.

Take a look at the hammock’s size, especially if you want to use it for ferrets as well, since it may be a bit small for them.

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8. JanYoo Toys Wooden for Teeth (Pack of 7) 


This JanYoo product provides everything your rodent pet needs in order to be entertained for a long time. We all know that rodents are highly active and that they constantly chew on something, as this keeps their teeth healthy as well.

For this reason, the manufacturer included multiple types of toys in this set, including one that features apple tree branches, and that are made of natural wood. The fact that all the items included in this set are non-toxic makes the product a very good option for pet parents that want to keep their little fellows busy while they are sleeping or at work.

By choosing this set, you ensure that your rat is not going to be bored, and his or her teeth are going to remain trimmed in a healthy way as well. The set includes, among other toys, a unicycle, a bell roller, as well as watermelon rat balls.



This 7-piece set includes everything you need to keep your rodent pet entertained for long periods, while you can go about your day.

Thanks to the natural materials used that are also non-toxic, you don’t need to worry about anything in terms of your pet’s health.

This is a versatile choice, so it can be successfully used for other types of rodents as well, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, or rabbits.

The natural apple sticks feature a pure sweet taste, so they are definitely going to be among your pet’s top preferences, while a healthy teeth growth is also sustained.



Just as is the case with many other pet products, some of our little friends might not be as interested in these toys as others, as it’s all a matter of preference.

Keep an eye on your pet as he or she progresses with the chewing part to see when it’s time to remove some of the toys.

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9. BWOGUE Toys Accessories Pack of 10 


Made of high-quality wood that is both non-toxic and specially selected for its flavor, this Bwogue set is just what you need if you have more than one rat, and you want to take the fun in the cage to the next level. The set includes a wide range of toys and accessories, including a bell swing, a unicycle, a rattan ball, as well as an apple stick ring.

The result is that your little friends are going to have a great time playing with these toys, while their teeth are going to be kept in top shape as well. It’s very important for rodents to chew onto something pretty much all the time, as this keeps their teeth from growing too much.

In terms of materials, it’s important to mention that the wood used for these toys goes through a strictly controlled dehydration rate in order to ensure a high-quality taste.



With the help of this set, you can keep your rodent friends active and healthy, as they are going to have an entertaining addition to their cage.

The versatile design of the items included makes this product suitable for a wide range of rodents besides rats, including gerbils, chinchillas, and hamsters, as well as for birds.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for this product, which says a lot about its quality, so there’s really no reason you shouldn’t try it out for your pets.

With high-quality wood that is strictly controlled in the production process to ensure it’s both safe and tasty for the little guys, you don’t need to worry about their health.



The swing bridge may be a bit small for your rat, if you have a rather large one, so he or she may end up simply chewing on it.

The pine cone may suffer a bit of damage during transportation, although this is not something that happens often.

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10. BLSMU Rat Lava Block Chew Toy 


Those of you who are looking for the right way in which to keep the teeth of your rodent pet at a healthy length surely want to see what this product has to offer. The Lava Block Chew Toy is an excellent choice for rats, hamsters, and other small rodents that need to trim their teeth.

Moreover, just as we know, these furry animals need to be very active, so the block works great for mental stimulation as well. Given that the chew toy comes with metal strings, it can be easily attached to a cage, so you can place it where it’s most convenient for you and your little friend.

This is especially helpful if you don’t want it going around the cage where it might get dirty before the little guy is finished chewing it. Plus, the toy provides your rodent with activity for a long time.



Thanks to the way it’s made, this lava block works very well for many types of rodents besides rats, such as hamsters, rabbits, or guinea pigs, as well as for birds.

The product’s structure makes it very effective in trimming teeth in a healthy way, while providing an entertaining activity to your pet.

Given that we’re talking about a product made of natural minerals, you can rest assured that your rat’s health will be sustained if you decide to try it out.

The lava stone block comes with metal strings that can be used to attach it to the cage, so keeping it where it’s most useful is not going to be a problem.



While most rodents are very excited about this product, some need a bit of time to get the taste of chewing on the block.

Take a look at the size of the blocks, as they may be smaller than expected, given that they are suitable for hamsters as well.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Any rat owner knows that, despite the bad rep that these creatures tend to have in popular culture, rats are extremely intelligent rodents that can actually bring a lot of joy to a home. Therefore, you are not wrong if you want to provide only the best for your little friend, and this surely includes the best rat toys as well.

However, given that rodents are such popular pets, things are not that easy when it comes to choosing the right toy. There are many alternatives on the market, and you may not always be sure which one to go for, or if a certain unit is safe for your pet. It’s true that usually going for a product that is specially made for rodents should be safe.

On the other hand, given that rats are very smart, they also tend to be very active and get bored easily if they spend a lot of time doing the same things. Therefore, if you want to go to work without worrying that your rat may not be happy at home, here are some considerations to keep in mind as you choose the best rat toy for him or her.

Types of Toys

There are many activities that rodents have to keep themselves occupied and, the most important part is that if the toys and accessories you choose encourage their natural instincts, they are going to be happier and healthier as well. Rats, in particular, are known for chewing, running, and climbing onto things in their cage.

Therefore, you want to bring a little bit of everything to keep them entertained. Of course, there are also those important moments when they are resting, and they need to do this in a comfy spot. The good part is that you can find the right alternative for all of these activities. For instance, a hammock can be a great item to add to a cage, as it works for both fun and leisure.

Furthermore, you also want to get plenty of chewing toys, especially those made of wood, as they provide entertainment, but they also keep teeth at a healthy size. As you probably know, rodents have teeth that are constantly growing, so they need to trim them as they chew on things that they have around them.

Safety, Size & Materials

Besides the fun aspect, you always need to think about your pet’s safety when you choose a toy. This is particularly important, given that we’re talking about rats that chew on everything, so you don’t want them to ingest something that could be potentially harmful.

Therefore, when you choose a toy, make sure that it’s made of natural materials and that any colors it might have are safe for the little guy to eat. Along the same lines, you want to steer clear of any items that include nails or metal elements that are pointy and could cause small accidents.

When you look at hammock-like accessories for the cage, you want to make sure that the materials used are both comfortable and durable, especially since they are most probably going to be subject to chewing.

And since there are so many options on the market, you also want to take a look at the unit’s measurements. Some of the toys specially made for rodents work for smaller creatures, such as dwarf hamsters, while others are suitable for their somewhat larger counterparts, such as rats or ferrets.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What kind of toys do rats like?

Rats are smart animals that enjoy those toys that pose a small challenge as well. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are not going to enjoy chewing on a good piece of wood toy, especially if it’s made of high-quality materials that preserve a fresh and appealing flavor and scent.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your pet rat happy and entertained, you also want to think about adding toys and accessories that he or she can climb onto within the cage. This way, your little friend will be able to inspect the surroundings from various levels, and this is something that these rodents definitely enjoy.

Also, because rats are very active, you should look for toys that come with small challenges as well, such as balls or small treats hidden inside, while also making sure that these are safe once our furry friends start to chew on them.

Q: Can rats play with plastic?

While we tend to believe that rats can eat anything, because they are so resilient, the truth is that, if you decide to give your little friend an item made of plastic, you should keep an eye on it and see when it needs to be removed from the cage.

Rats chew on anything that is not harder than their already very strong teeth, so they can surprise many of us with the things they can eat. On the other hand, plastic items that are chewed on can result in small splinters that can definitely be dangerous if they make their way into your rat’s digestive system, so you want to steer clear of any such possibility.

The alternative is giving your little friend toys and accessories that are made of natural materials, such as wood or cotton. This way, even if they get chewed, there’s really nothing to worry about.


Q: How do I bond with my rat?

If you treat your pet rat with care and affection, you two can definitely develop a strong bond. The trick, especially in the beginning, is to have patience and allow him or her to get used to your presence. This is important within the first few days when the little guy might be hiding when you are there.

For this reason, you should avoid making loud noises and keep him or her away from other pets. Another very useful tip is to never feed the little guy through the cage because this will cause him or her to snap at pretty much anything that enters the cage.

Instead, you want to place small treats into your hand and have him or her get used to your presence in a very enjoyable way. When you pick up a rat, you should always handle him or her with care and support the bottom.




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