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9 Best Rabbit Water Bottles – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 30.03.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Rabbit Water Bottle + Reviews


It’s difficult to know which the best rabbit water bottles available are, especially when the sheer number of models on the market can make the choice difficult. After considering the different characteristics of several models and what customers reported in their rabbit water bottles reviews, we have concluded that the RentACoop No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle would be a universally satisfying product. It’s equipped with a stainless-steel nozzle that effectively prevents dripping, is chew-proof, and this water bottle also comes with an extra nozzle. The wire bracket is sturdy and easy to install and attach to the outside of the cage. Also, refills are no longer an effort, because it’s easy to see the water level and refill from the top, without removing it. If this model might not be available, another useful option is the Choco Nose H128 Patented No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle.



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9 Best Rabbit Water Bottles (Updated Reviews) in 2020



Find out more about the products that most customers found useful, based on the top features mentioned in almost every rabbit water bottles review. These rabbit water bottles are made of good quality materials, are specifically designed for small pets and are also practical, durable and easy to use for the owners.



1. RentACoop No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle


This model was designed to meet the hydrating needs of small pets, but also be practical enough and easy to maintain for the owners. The clever design makes it easy for your bunny to quench its thirst and also easy for you to clean and refill it.

The container is made of food-grade plastic, also BPA-free, making it perfectly safe for pets. Thanks to its design, there is no backflow, so that the water stays constantly fresh. You can also choose from two sizes the one that best suits your rabbit. It comes with a replaceable nozzle and a no-drip guarantee.

The waterer is easy to attach to the cage and the wire bracket is stable. You don’t need to worry about when and how to refill, because you can easily see how much water is left and you just have to flip the cap in order to add fresh water. 



You should be happy to see that your bunny is finally getting enough water, thanks to the nozzle design and to the constantly fresh water. 

Refills take less time because the waterer doesn’t need to be removed from the cage and it is also easier to clean periodically.

There is indeed no dripping over the bunny’s bedding so you won’t have to worry that it will stay wet at any time. Also, the reservoir is big enough for the ones that need more water daily.



This model is designed for several types of small pets, but you might encounter issues if you have another pet besides a rabbit.

Your pet might not immediately know how to use the new water bottle, because it’s different from the standard ones, but it should get accustomed to the nozzle soon enough, especially with some help from you.

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2. Choco Nose H128 Patented No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle


Dripping water bottles and wet, messy cages can become a real nightmare for small pet owners. That is why this model is focused on completely eliminating leakage, by providing a U.S. patented leak-proof nozzle.

Thanks to the screw-on bracket, the bottle is easy to attach to the cage, permanently stable and can be snapped off and on, for cleaning. The 11.2 Oz capacity and the 10 mm nozzle are adequate for bunnies and other small pets. The nozzle comes in different colors.

The versatile design of this water bottle allows it to be attached to the wall instead of a cage, with screws. Also, pet owners have the option of replacing the original bottle with other regular bottles, for recycling purposes.

In order for this bottle to function optimally, it’s important for the pet owners to tap the metal ball inside after each refill, to make sure that water comes down easily.



This product is recommended for all small pet owners who are tired of dealing with dripping water bottles. The design of the nozzle effectively stops any leakage and keeps the cage dry.

A lot of people recycled different bottles with the versatile water nozzle and they worked without any problem. The ones that chose to nail the bracket to the wall, for their pet, were also impressed with the efficiency.

The brackets are sturdy and the bottle is well secured, especially for pets that are more rambunctious. Multiple pet owners also found the different color options useful for tracking the drinking pattern of each pet.



The effective no-drip system might make it more difficult for your pets to actually get the water they need. The manufacturer does recommend checking after each refill.

For some pets, training might be required in order to use this water bottle.

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3. Farm Innovators HRB 20 Heated Water Bottle for Rabbits


Outdoor pet owners are familiar with the hassle of constantly having to thaw water bottles during wintertime and worrying that their pets might end up without water. In cases like these, a heated water bottle is a necessity for your bunny.

This model comes with a built-in 20-watt electric heater that will keep the water from freezing. The unit has its own thermostat so that it will operate only when the temperature requires it, which makes it perfect to use all throughout the year.

The 32 Oz container holds sufficient water and its design is adapted for low temperatures, including a brass valve that does not freeze.  

This heated water bottle is also easy to use and practical. It’s easily attached to the cage, with the included clips. Plus, there’s no need to detach it for refills, because it is equipped with a flip-top. A one-year warranty is also provided.



Your bunny or bunnies will have enough fresh water throughout the winter, even in sub-zero temperatures.

This model’s practical design saves a lot of time and effort. No more thawing required. Refilling is quick and easy, from the top, without removing the bottle.

Customers also don’t have to worry about manually starting the heating process. Because of the thermostat, the water will automatically be heated when the temperature drops. This also ensures that bunnies will have water even if they are left alone for a short time, during winter.



A few of the people who purchased this heated water bottle for their outdoor bunny found that the flip-top cover can be quite fragile, especially after prolonged use.

As far as the other components, the cord might be too short, depending on the cage placement, requiring an extension cord. Also, customers should be careful with getting the cord wet.

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4. Lixit Wide Mouth BPA Free Water Bottles


If you’re the parent of one or more bunnies in the small size range, like Dwarf bunnies, Lionheads or Mini Lops, you probably know that it’s more difficult for them to use the regular water bottles for pets. Plus, with a bottle that is too big, they won’t get fresh water as often as they need to.

This water bottle is designed especially for small pets. Not only is the stainless-steel tube adapted for their size, but the bottle also holds enough water for their requirements. The BPA-free, polyethylene container is safe for your pet and also weather-resistant, which makes it easy to use year-round.

Your Dwarf bunny can enjoy all the clean, fresh water it needs because this water has a wide mouth design, which makes it easy to clean with a brush and to refill regularly. Also, the silicone seal and double ball tube ensure no leaking.



Proper hygiene and sufficient fresh water are no longer a problem thanks to the design of this bottle, with a larger opening than regular models. 

Also, the narrow drinking pipe is specifically adapted for pets such as bunnies of smaller sizes.

It can be used inside as well as outside, in varying temperatures.

It’s practical and easy to mount on the cage, while cleaning and refilling take less time. 

The bottle is sturdy and made from good quality materials that are safe for your pet.



Both the capacity and the drinking tube are designed for smaller pets, including smaller breeds of rabbits. If your bunny is a larger size breed, this bottle might require more frequent refills.

A number of people who gave this bottle a try found that it can leak if it’s not completely filled with water and if the cap is not properly tightened.

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5. Living World Eco Water Bottle


For those pet owners who also have an environment-friendly lifestyle, the Eco + water bottle is an interesting option. It’s not just made of glass, but recycled glass. This makes it durable, budget-friendly (since no replacements will be needed) and entirely safe to use for pets.

This glass water bottle is also useful for pets that are quite rambunctious and that usually chew through the plastic models. It’s also easier to clean and maintain than other bottles that tend to have build-up on the inside, over time. One helpful feature for owners who wish to track their pet’s drinking habits is the water level indicator. 

The Eco + water bottle has a pleasant, minimalist design, and the spring attachment and hangers it comes with make it easy to install. Plus, the metal tube with a double ball-bearing is designed to prevent leakage. Also, you can choose one of the three available sizes.



The fact that this water bottle is made of glass makes it safe and healthy for pets as well as the environment. It saves money because it doesn’t require any replacements. Glass containers are known to be healthier than plastic ones, keeping water clean and fresh for longer.

Customers who own small pets that like to chew through everything will be glad that this glass water bottle will definitely solve this type of issue.

This glass bottle is one of the easiest ones to clean and refill. It is even dishwasher-safe, which can save time and effort.



Although it’s normal for water bottles to make some noise when pets are drinking from them, because of the ball inside the tube, some of the people who purchased this model considered it quite noisy.

The Eco+ water bottle is made of glass, which makes it inappropriate for outdoor use, as it is sensitive to extreme temperatures.

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6. Lixit 32 Oz Water Bottles for Rabbits


This Lixit water bottle is a good option for children who love to take care of their bunny or bunnies. The neon shades of the bottle, with cute animal prints, make this model a great addition to a colorful rabbit cage. 

Even better, this bottle comes with a water level indicator in the shape of a floating turtle, which is a fun way to teach children how to check if their bunny has enough water.

Another plus is that this water bottle is specifically designed for rabbits, so it won’t be too large or too small. It’s safe for your bunny since it’s made of BPA-free plastic. Also, you are able to see the water level, because the bottle is translucent.

Dripping is prevented through the use of a vacuum seal inside. The manufacturer warns that leaking will occur until the vacuum forms, and provides specific instructions.



Children, especially, would enjoy this cute, colorful print, while the floating turtle helps them remember that they need to check if the bunny has enough water left.

This Lixit water bottle has a 32 Oz capacity, which specifically addresses your rabbit’s needs. It’s also helpful if your pet is alone in the house for some time, as he or she will have sufficient water.

Pet owners who gave this product a try, were happy to see that it is easy to attach to the crate and, also, easy for their bunnies to learn how to use it and get enough water.



The vacuum seal inside the tube requires following certain steps when refilling, in order to function properly. There will be some dripping after refills until the seal is formed.

Keep in mind that the Lixit water bottle is not designed to be freeze-resistant, therefore it cannot be used for outdoor rabbits.

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7. Lixit 32 Oz Water Bottles for Rabbits Ferrets and Other Small Animals


This Lixit model is one of the few water bottles that combine multiple features that are usually found separately, including a proper size, a wide opening, and weather-resistance.

The resilient plastic container has a 32 Oz capacity and is also BPA-free, therefore suitable and safe for bunnies. The bottle comes with a narrow tube, which is adequate for small pets such as rabbits, and also has a wide mouth that makes it easier to clean and refill.

For those pet owners that need a reliable water bottler for their pet, in the house as well as outdoors, this is an appropriate choice. With a weather-resistant design, this bottle works in the heat as well as in colder temperatures.

Another important feature is the stainless-steel tube, equipped with a double-ball point and a silicone seal, for a leak-proof design. If the manufacturer’s instructions are properly followed, the Lixit water bottle does not leak.



The 32 Oz size is sufficient for small pets such as rabbits. Customers have also reported that it’s helpful in keeping the cage dry, especially for bunnies who are messy drinkers and get their fur soaked.

The weather-resistant design makes it a good option for bunnies that live inside the house, as well as outdoors, in various weather conditions.

It’s easier to clean and refill, thanks to the larger opening.

It comes with a ball bearing tube that effectively prevents dripping if the correct steps are followed.  



Some of the customers were expecting a larger drinking tube, due to the fact that the opening is a wide one. Keep in mind that the wide mouth is meant for easier cleaning, while the drinking tube is narrow, to suit small pets.

The wire bottle holder that is attached to the cage might not be resilient enough for pets that are more playful.

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8. SunGrow Water Dispenser No Drip Pet Liquid Bottle


The SunGrow Water Dispenser is designed to provide clean, fresh water for your gentle pet. The 10 Oz capacity is enough to cover a regular bunny’s daily water requirements. For a larger size rabbit, more frequent refills might be needed.

The bottle is made of transparent plastic, which allows you to see the water level. The drinking nozzle is made of stainless steel, which means that your bunny can’t chew on it and, also, that it won’t get stained or smelly over time.

The drinking tube is also equipped with a metal ball bearing, that helps to create a vacuum, which will prevent the water from leaking. If any dripping occurs, it helps if you tap the ball, as this will make the vacuum form faster.

It comes with clips that make it easy to attach to the cage. Also, you can choose one of the two available colors for the tip.



The size of this water bottle is big enough for one regular-sized bunny, with daily refills. This helps keep the water fresh and is also convenient for multiple pet owners, because it helps track their drinking habits and levels.

It is both easy to clean and easy to use for smaller pets, particularly bunnies.

Most of the people who purchased this product reported that the clips make this bottle easier to remove and snap back on to the cage after refills, compared to other mounting systems.



If you own one or several rabbits of a bigger sized breed, or if you are used to leaving your pet unattended for longer periods of time, this might not be the right model.

A number of customers reported that this water bottle cannot be considered entirely leak-proof, but keep in mind that you should always wait for the vacuum seal to form.

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9. Lixit SLX0537 6 Pack Critter Brites Small Animal Water Bottles


If you are the proud owner of several small pets and you want to make sure that they all get clean water, then this is a great option. This 6-pack is practical, convenient and budget-friendly. If you own more than two rabbits, it’s a good idea to always have multiple water bottles in constant rotation, so that your pets never run out of water. 

The bottles are made of plastic and the drinking tip is made of stainless steel, which prevents chewing and is long-lasting. The bottles also come with floating turtles that indicate the water level.

You can easily clean and refill these bottles and they are easily attached to most types of cages. You can always keep one or two clean bottles for traveling, while the others are in constant rotation. The 6-pack has water bottles that come in different colors, with various cute prints.



The Lixit Corporation 6-pack is a great choice for people who own several bunnies and also for rabbit breeders. It helps save time and effort, while also providing sufficient fresh water for your bunnies. This also makes it useful when traveling with your pets.

Most of the customers observed that the bottles have minimal or no leaking at all, so a few drops are normal. Also, they are easy to use and clean.

Several owners of multiple pets confirmed that this 6-pack is practical, easy to set up, while also saving money.



Some of the people who purchased these water bottles found that the plastic is too opaque to see the floating turtle inside, which made it harder to actually benefit from this feature.

The wire hanger it comes with is not the most versatile. Depending on the type of cage, other attachments might be required for the bottles.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Whether you’ve never owned a bunny before or have plenty of experience with owning different rabbit breeds, choosing the best rabbit water bottle for your pet’s specific needs is never an easy task. With a variety of products to choose from, it might feel overwhelming to determine the most important features. 

This is where we can help, by breaking down the top characteristics to take into account when choosing what water bottle to buy.

Size and capacity

Every pet owner knows that hydration is vital for their fur babies, but how much water does your bunny actually need, per day? This varies according to their size, age, nutrition, and outside temperatures, but rabbits generally need 4 oz of water for every pound of their body weight.

Knowing your bunny’s weight will help you choose a bigger or a smaller bottle. If you have more than one rabbit living in the same cage, they will require a bigger bottle or several smaller ones. The breed is another factor to consider, as your Dwarf bunny might prefer a smaller water bottle.

If you want to be sure that the bottle size will be adequate for your bunny, you can opt for water bottles that are specifically designed for rabbits, including the standard water capacity for a rabbit’s daily requirements.

Daily refills for your rabbit’s water bottle are ideal, especially in warmer climates, during summer or if your bunny’s diet is mostly dry. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you need a smaller bottle. It’s a good idea to have a bottle that will hold enough water in case you have to be away from your pet for certain periods of time or if you travel with your bunny.



Materials are important not only because they have a direct impact on your pet’s health in the long run, but also because they can spare you from future expenses if they are durable.

Water bottles have two main components, the bottle itself and the nozzle. Plastic bottles are usually more convenient and durable. A BPA-free option is, of course, better for your bunny and you can find this even for cheap rabbit water bottles. But the nozzle should not be made of plastic, because it’s not the most hygienic and rabbits would chew right through it.

For those of you that are also eco-aware, you can opt for water bottles made of glass, but these might not be as durable as the plastic ones and are also heavier.

The drinking nozzle should be made of stainless steel. This is not only completely chew-proof and durable but also resistant to stains and odors.

Your bunny’s environment is another important factor to consider. If you keep your rabbits outside, weather-resistant models are a must. Keep in mind that water bottles are sensitive not only to frost but also to excessive heat.

Design and setup

A good water bottle should be easy to use both for the bunny and the owner, meaning that you can easily attach it to the cage and that your rabbit will be comfortable drinking from it.

The size of the nozzle should be appropriate for your pet’s size; therefore, smaller breed bunnies might be more comfortable with smaller nozzles. Don’t mistake the nozzle size with the bottle opening, that one should be larger because it makes the bottle easier to clean and refill.

Water bottles for rabbits have a built-in mechanism that makes the water flow, when the bunny is drinking from it, and holds the water in when the pet isn’t drinking. That is why it’s preferable to select designs that are equipped with metal balls, which prevent unwanted leakage. Good quality bottles have a tight cap and a specifically designed nozzle with metal ball bearings.

Most affordable rabbit water bottles come with all the accessories needed for connecting them to the pet’s cage. Wire hangers are mostly used, but you can also find options that come with clips. You want a water bottle that is easy to attach because you’ll need to remove and reattach it for every refill. There are also water bottles that can be refilled from the top, without detaching them from the cage.


Cleaning and maintenance

Hygiene is as important for your bunny’s health as it is for yours. Clean water won’t be enough if the bottle isn’t also clean. Your rabbit’s water bottle should be cleaned regularly, to prevent any build-up.

Water bottles with a bigger capacity can build-up slime over time if not properly maintained. You can also use a water bottle to administer medicine or vitamins to your furry friend, so make sure to clean them well before and after.

If you have more than one bunny, you might consider buying several water bottles or even a 6-pack, so that you can keep them in rotation. Also, a water bottle with a larger opening would be easier to clean with a brush, than a regular one.

Rabbit water bottles can last for a long time if they are properly used and maintained. Do not use water bottles that aren’t freeze-proof outdoors, and don’t leave water bottles in the heat. 




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I fix a dripping water bottle?

Dripping water bottles are a common problem for owners of small pets, such as rabbits. Leaking water makes a mess and bunnies don’t like getting their paws constantly wet.

But is your pet’s water bottle really leaking or are you just impatient? What some pet owners don’t know is that it’s normal for water bottles to drip occasionally, due to their pressure mechanism. Some drops will fall, until the pressure equalizes. To speed up this process, just tap the ball with your finger or gently shake the bottle, for the air inside to be released.

If the bottle is constantly dripping, there might be a problem with the cap. Check the rubber gasket inside, which secures the cap, and make sure it isn’t damaged. Another solution would be to change the bottle’s angle. Try to slide the bars until the bottle is slightly angled and is no longer dripping.

 Q: How high should my rabbit’s water bottle be?

A lot of rabbit owners worry about the height of the water bottle making it uncomfortable for bunnies to drink water. Is there a standard height for the placement of the water bottle? The ideal height for rabbit water bottles is at mouth level.

This means that you should place the water bottle according to your bunny’s size. If the bottle is too high, they would have to stand up, and if it’s too low, they crouch down or tilt their head too much.

Bunnies should be able to easily reach the drinking spout in their natural resting position. This generally means that the water bottle should be about 8 inches off the floor. Make sure that the bottle is not placed too low, as this would be uncomfortable. But you can always place the bottle lower or higher, depending on what is more comfortable for your bunny, depending on its size.


 Q: Do rabbits recognize their owners?

There is a misconception that rabbits cannot be as affectionate as dogs or cats, and that they don’t even recognize their owners. The truth is that bunnies have the ability to distinguish between their owner and strangers and that they can be very lovable toward them.

The difference between bunnies and other pets is that they do need more time in order to get accustomed to their owner. Rabbits are capable of recognizing people visually, through sound and through smell. Of course, they don’t see us the same way we perceive them, but they do recognize their owner’s visual traits, voice, and smell.

Bunny owners should socialize as often as possible with their gentle pet. Don’t leave your rabbit alone in its cage. Talking to it, petting it and allowing it to smell your hands when you bring it food will help the bunny recognize you easier and remember you.


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