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10 Best Rabbit Pens Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 11.08.20


Best Rabbit Pen Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


The best rabbit pens are hard to find if you go blindly looking for them on the internet. This is why our team has reviewed some of the most popular products on the market and has analyzed their features and quality to provide a list of the most wanted ones. Doing that, they have concluded that the AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen is great because it is made of sturdy metal which has a non-rusting finish and it is really easy to set up and also foldable, for you to easily store it. It is also suited to be used both inside and outside and your rabbit will have plenty of room to play around. For outdoor use, it has 8 ground anchors that do not allow it to move. It comes with a 1-year warranty and it is really durable. However, if this pen is not available to you, the Paws & Pals Rabbit Playpens Metal Wire 8-Panel Foldable is also a good option.



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10 Best Rabbit Pens (Updated Reviews) in 2020



If you are looking for a good rabbit pen and you haven’t been able to find it yet, our team has reviewed the most popular products after analyzing their quality, ease of use, and users’ opinions, to give you an idea of what the products are all about so that you can easily make a choice that fits your needs.



1. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen


This pen from AmazonBasics is an awesome choice for people who want to offer their rabbit plenty of space to play and stretch. It is a foldable fence that can be stored really easily whenever you don’t want it around. It is also really easy to move around the house or even outside according to where you want your rabbit to spend its time playing.

It is made of sturdy metal that has a finish that makes it resistant to rust, so the pen is durable and robust. For outside use, the manufacturers provide 8 ground anchors to help you keep the pen in one place.

The pen is versatile and can also be attached to a metal cage so that you provide your rabbit with a playful environment that offers it the freedom to play and jump around, which is really good for its mental and physical health. It can be used for several types of animals as well, like small dogs.



The great feature that this product has is that it can be used both inside and outside, so the 8 ground anchors are an awesome accessory that helps you ground the rabbit pen.

It is important for the pen to be resistant to rust because, if you install it outside and it rains, it has to be durable and not to deteriorate soon.

It is foldable so you will be able to store it and it is also very easy to set up, you don’t need any tools to be able to do the job properly.

It is made of sturdy metal and comes with a 1-year warranty, meaning that the product is robust enough to keep in good condition for a long time.



The only flaw that this product has is that it is not height-adjustable and you will be able to only use it for small animals like rabbits. However, if you have a large rabbit breed, you can order the product in a bigger size.

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2. Paws & Pals Rabbit Playpens Metal Wire 8-Panel Foldable


This pen from Paws and Pals is great because it is made of eight panels that are foldable and you will be able to give it any shape you want. It does not matter if you want the pen to be square or octagonal, this pen will take the shape you want it to have.

Due to the fact that it is foldable, you will be able to easily store it because it will not take up a lot of storage space. It has a small opening door that your tiny friend will not be able to open and get outside. You can order it in different heights according to your pet’s size, so it has 5 height options: 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, 42 inches, and 48 inches.

The pen is really easy to set up and the installation will not require any tools. It is made of heavy-duty metal which is resistant to rust, for increased durability.



The metal this pen is made of ensures that you will be able to use the pen for a long time because it is sturdy and resistant to rust.

It is foldable, so easy to store because it will not occupy a lot of space in your storage room. It can be ordered in different heights according to the size of your pet

The great feature that this product has is that it is versatile. You can also choose between two shapes that the pen can have, octagonal or square, according to how you want your rabbit to feel like inside the pen and also according to the space you have available.



The product does not come with any ground anchors to make it steadier for when you are using it outside. However, rabbits are small animals and it will not be a problem because they do not have the strength to move the pen.

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3. Tespo Pet Playpen Small Animal Cage Indoor Portable


The word that describes this rabbit pen from Tespo is versatility. The manufacturers have designed a product that can be shaped either way you want according to the space available in your home. It is made of 12 panels that can be combined however you want. Each panel is actually a grid, so you have 12 grids to combine.

The grids have a layout that prevents your rabbit from getting stuck in the grid. Compared to square grids, this horizontal grid has no place for your rabbit’s head to fit inside, so it comes with extra safety.

You get a set of cable ties to secure the panels and the package also contains 12 anti-slip mats to add at the bottom of the connectors so that the pen will not be moved by your pet. It is portable and easy to store, so you will be able to easily move it around. It is also very easy to set up, no tools needed.



This product is versatile and you can shape it any way you want to. As it can be used for different animals, it is great because if your pet is taller you will be able to adjust the height of the fence.

It is very safe due to the design of the grids and also because you get cable ties and anti-slip mats for every connector of the pen.

When it is not set up it does not take up a lot of space, so you can store it or move it really easily.

You also have the option to order the 28-panel product or two products and connect them together to make a bigger playpen.



This pen is specially designed for indoor use, so you will not be able to safely use it outdoors. However, it provides extra safety and you can assemble it according to your space needs, a feature that most products don’t have.

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4. Casifor Rabbit Cage Indoor with Mat Playpen


Casifor has designed a portable pen made of a durable fabric, polyester, which is known to hold well for a long time. It also has a memory steel holder that holds all its 6 nets that this pen is made of. This product is designed especially for small pets like bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, baby cats, and puppies.

The pen is foldable and lightweight and can be carried around inside a backpack in case you want to go out for a picnic and take your tiny pet with you. It weighs only 0.66 pounds and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The fabric it is made of is resistant to scratches and bites and will not break, to prevent your bunny from getting out. It is washable and you will be able to easily clean it by handwashing it. The swing is really strong and will not deteriorate fast.



This product is really easy to use and to carry around and you can unpack it almost anywhere without having to set it up, it practically sets up on its own.

The materials it is made of are really strong and will not break because they are manufactured in such a way that they are resistant to scratches and bites.

The sewing is also strong so that the metal holding panels will not get out and let your pet out of the pen.

The memory steel holder is foldable and has an amazing quality level. Also, the pen unfolds automatically, so it will be up in just a few seconds.



The pen has polyester all over the pen surface and in case your bunny gets really excited and pees on it you will have to wash it really often, which may take up some time. However, it is a great product because it is really easy to set up and portable.

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5. JYYG Small Pet Pen Bunny Cage


This rabbit pen from JYYG is awesome because it has the versatility you are looking for when you buy a pet pen. It is made of 12 grid panels that can be shaped any way you want, you can even make a cage out of them, not only a fence. Some people build a cage surrounded by a fence that becomes your little rabbit’s home.

You can get creative and use it for other purposes as well, like building crates or shoe holders. It is made of sturdy metal and you get connectors that hold the panels really well. The package also contains a wooden hammer and cable ties for extra safety.

It is portable and it will not take a lot of storage space. You can use it for different pets if you want, but it is specially designed to be used for small pets as the grids are really small so that your friend can not get its head stuck through them.



It is really versatile and you can build it any way you like best. You can make it smaller or larger, you can add any shape you want and you can also turn it into a cage that has a grid panel above so that your pet can not get out.

You can use it for different purposes and even build a crate out of it or a shoe holder.

It is also very safe because the manufacturers provide cable ties to hold the panels together so that your bunny will not be able to escape.

It is made of a strong material that will allow you to use this product for a long time without any problems.



Even though the grid squares are relatively small, a hedgehog’s head could get stuck in them, so be careful if you want to use it for other pets besides rabbits or puppies.

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6. KOUSI Small Animal Pen Indoor Fence


This rabbit playpen is great if you want something that has a more homey look and not so industrial. It is perfect for small pets and manufacturers also recommend it to be used for babies. It comes with 12 panels that measure 28”x20” and are made of plastic, with a metal frame.

The plastic is resistant to dust, easily cleanable, and really durable. The material each panel frame is made of is stainless steel. Therefore, it is durable and resistant to rust. The package also contains ABS connectors.

You can personalize the pen in matters of shape and size, so you can use as many panels as you need and make whatever shape you think is suited for your space. It does not take a lot of space and it is easy to transport and install. It also looks great in any decor, modern or classic.



It is great because the panels are made of plastic and not metal grids, so your rabbit will not get injured because it will not be able to stick its head between the grids.

The plastic panels are high-quality, resistant to water and do not retain dust; therefore, they are really easy to clean and will not need a lot of maintenance.

The frames that hold the fabric are made of stainless steel, a durable material that is also very sturdy. So they will not bend and are not prone to deteriorate due to rust or corrosion.

The pen can be made in any shape you want and it is really easy to transport or store.



The plastic panels are not that strong when it comes to scratching so if you have a rabbit that wants to get out and is used to scratching you should know that the panels could deteriorate.

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7. MAGINELS Pet Playpen Puppy Crate Kennel Rabbit Fence Panels


This rabbit pen is made of 24 transparent panels that can be combined however you want to. You can combine them horizontally, but also vertically, to get the perfect playpen for your rabbit’s needs. It is great in terms of design because it looks classy and professional, so it will fit your home regardless of its interior design.

It is really sturdy due to the plastic connectors and the steel that makes the frames of the panels, so you won’t have to worry about your rabbit getting out. It has a maximum capacity of 48.5 square feet and you can use it for different pets, not just for rabbits.

Depending on the space you have inside your home, you can also set it up as a fence that has a free entrance. It is really easy to install and it will take you just a few minutes to move it to another room in your house. It is not suitable to be used outdoors.



It is sturdy and will not deteriorate quickly because it is made of very strong and easy to clean materials.

If you only use the panels horizontally, you will get a lot of space suitable for your rabbit to walk and play without feeling trapped.

The panels are made of a transparent material that allows your rabbit to look outside and also the light will get in easily.

It is portable and really easy to move around, but it is also easy to store, you just have to disassemble it.

If you have a larger rabbit that likes to jump, you can prevent it from getting out of the pen by making the pen higher.



Even if the product has so many good qualities, it is not suitable for dogs because they are really playful and will eventually break the panels. However, it is great for rabbits and really small pets that don’t feel the need to scratch things.

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8. SONGMICS Pet Playpen, Fence Cage with Bottom for Small Animals


This playpen from SONGMICS is made of 12 transparent panels and will help your furry little friend remain healthy and happy. The great thing about this pen is that it has a floor which will make a lot of owners happy.

If you haven’t trained your bunny to use the litter yet you probably know that you have to pay attention to where it poops or pees and clean the floor. This is also available for hamsters or guinea pigs. This is why you will not have to worry about cleaning the carpet or floor, you will just clean the floor of the pen which is waterproof so you will be able to do that really easily.

The package contains the plastic panels that have a metal frame, connectors, cable ties, a rubber mallet, and an instruction manual. It is easy to set up and you will be very happy to know that it is also really easy to store.



You can use this pen for different small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and hedgehogs because the panels are not made of metal grids that small pets can stick their heads into.

It has a floor which is really easy to clean, great for people who do not want their rug or wood floor to get dirty.

The materials this pen is made of are of high quality and you will be able to use the pen for a long time after you buy it.

You can shape it any way you want and it will make a great play place for your little furry friend.



If you do not pay attention to the instructions and you do not assemble it the way the manufacturers tell you to, urine could leak out of the pen. This is why you have to be extra careful when you set it up, you can even try to use some water to check if it is properly sealed.

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9. Tespo Pet Playpen, Small Animal Cage Indoor


This Tespo playpen is great because you can become your rabbit’s architect when it comes to the shape the pen will have in the end. The product comes with 12 panels that measure 12”x12” that you can place however you want. This means that if your space requires it, you can make it smaller.

You can get really creative and make a box or even a cage out of these panels. The panels have a frame made of high-quality metal and are transparent, made of plastic. The plastic is really easy to clean, waterproof and it will not easily retain dust.

It is really easy to assemble and you will not need any special tools. It is also very safe because you get cable ties to secure the panels. Your bunny will be very happy because it will have a lot of space to play and light will also properly get inside the playpen.



This product offers extra safety compared to similar ones because it contains really strong cable ties and the manufacturers also provide a non-slipping mat to prevent the pen from moving or falling.

It is versatile and can be arranged in any shape you want according to the space you have available for installation.

The plastic is waterproof and will not retain dust and it is really easy to clean. Also, it is very easy to store and you will be able to move it around easily.

The panels are made of plastic and are transparent, so the product is safe compared to the ones that have metal grid panels.



The only thing that could make this pen better is if it would have a floor. The fact that it doesn’t might be an inconvenience for people who haven’t trained their rabbit to use the litter box. However, the pen is easy to set up and also durable.

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10. Zacro Small Animal Playpen Portable Pet Cage


This playpen is great for people who want to easily move their rabbits’ playing space. You can use it both inside and outside and you can even take your bunny out to play while you have a picnic because the product is foldable and easily fits inside your backpack.

The pen is made of fabric that is kept together by foldable metal wires. It weighs only 0.72 lbs and is perfect for small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, hamsters, ferrets, and hedgehogs. You can also use it for small cats.

The fabric it is made of is breathable and really easy to clean, which is great if you have a rabbit that pees a lot and is not accustomed to using the litter box. It is really easy to set up and you will not need any tools, you just have to pay attention when you open it because it opens automatically.



The high-quality materials it is made of are definitely a plus because the product will not deteriorate easily.

You will not need to do anything to set it up because it will open up automatically and you can put it anywhere you want in the house.

It folds in a compact way and it is lightweight so that it fits in a backpack.

You will be able to take it with you when you go outside for a picnic, when you go camping or just to take it out in your backyard to keep your bunny in the fresh air.



Unfortunately, you are not allowed to wash it in the washing machine so you will have to wash it by hand. However, it is really easy to clean and a good way to do it is to spray a cleaning product all over and clean it after that.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


The first question that every rabbit owner asks is how to help their rabbit engage in more physical exercise and how to not keep it in its cage all day. As you probably know, rabbits are really active during the day and they suffer a lot when they are in the cage all day. It is not good for their physical health, but their mental health is the one that has to suffer most.

That is why a great solution to keep your rabbit free and physically active is a rabbit pen. If you are in search of the best rabbit pen you should know that there are many pen types and you have to pay attention to certain things before you buy a rabbit pet.

Indoor pens

First of all, you have to consider where you will use the pen. If you live in an apartment and you want to buy an indoor rabbit pen, you should consider the following aspects: if the pen fits the space that you want to offer your pet, if the pen has a floor, and if the pen is easy to clean.

There are a lot of affordable rabbit pens that have all of these three characteristics. A good pen is made of panels that you can combine in different ways so that you can customize it according to your space. The indoor pen should not be very big because you will not have enough room for it, but it shouldn’t be very small either so that your bunny can move in it.

If the pen is large enough, you will be able to attach the pen to a rabbit cage. A pen made of panels will even allow you to transform them into bunny cages. Indoor pens are usually versatile and you will be able to create a rabbit room that your bunny will certainly love.


Outdoor pens

As you have probably read in our rabbit pen reviews, there are pens that are designed for outside use. Usually, these pens are made of metal that is resistant to rust and corrosion because they have to be durable and they may be exposed to rain and harsh weather. They are usually larger because they are specially made for bunnies to run.

Also, it is important for the pen to have ground hooks so that your rabbit will not be able to move it around. Cheap rabbit pens will not usually have the hooks in the package, but you can use tent hooks if the panels allow you to attach them.

An affordable rabbit pen specially made for outdoor use will also have a gate or entrance, will be foldable and easy to store and transport and will be sturdy enough for your rabbit not to deteriorate it.


When you choose a pen, you should pay attention to how safe it is. If it is made of fabric, it should be a strong one that your pet will not be able to ingest. A cheap rabbit pen will be made of low-quality materials, so be careful. If the panels are made of metal grids, you should choose one that will not allow your bunny to stick its tiny head in and get stuck.

Also, it is really important to make sure that your rabbit is not able to get out. So, the pen should have the appropriate height according to your rabbit’s size. When you read a rabbit pen review pay attention to this aspect.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is a pen for rabbits?

Imagine you were a bunny and all day long you would have to spend your time inside a cage. Your life would not be that happy and you do not want that for your pet friend. That is why manufacturers produce rabbit pens. They are rabbit enclosures that have a fence and can also have a small cage inside.

The important thing is that your rabbit will have enough room to play inside the pen, stretch and walk and it will not feel like an animal in the zoo. Some rabbit owners let their pets out of the cage to run around the house, but when this usually happens, the rabbit poops or pees all over because it is really exciting.

This is why the rabbit pen was invented, to allow your rabbit to move around without feeling trapped and without creating you any problems with defecating and peeing everywhere when you let it run freely.

Q: How big should a rabbit playpen be?

According to their breed, rabbits can differ in size, so they can be really small or a little bit bigger. Before buying a pen, you should know that size matters. You also have to take into account that one of the rabbits’ favorite thing to do is to jump, so the pen should be high enough to prevent them from jumping out.

Pay attention when your pet jumps and you will know the size you need when it comes to height. It is also important to know if the pen will be placed inside or outside. Outside it will need to be bigger because they will feel they are in their natural environment and will engage in activities like running.

However, inside you will not need that much space. You will need just enough for it to move easily and walk for a little bit without feeling trapped in a cage.


Q: How often should you let your rabbit out of its cage?

The right answer to this question is ‘as much as you can’. Yes, you have read that correctly. If you keep your rabbit inside its cage for more than 24 hours it will have to suffer physically, but also mentally. It is very important for rabbits to move enough so that they will not become obese.

The minimum amount of time spent outside the cage is 2 hours a day, time in which your bunny will be able to move and gain some mobility. Also, it is really important for your pet to engage in activities that would fit in its natural environment. The bottom line is that you should leave your bunny out for as much as you can.

A great tip is to put its cage inside of its playpen and let it go inside the cage whenever it feels like it, let it feel as free as you can in its enclosure. You will see that your rabbit will become a lot happier.



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