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10 Best Rabbit Hay Feeders Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 30.03.20


Best Rabbit Hay Feeder Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


If you own rabbits, you already know how daunting feeding them hay is, and therefore, you need one of the best rabbit hay feeder models for this job. A good product will ease the task of feeding your rabbits and help you eliminate waste. We put together a list of some of the most popular rabbit hay feeders to help you. The included products have been carefully selected according to their qualities and feedback. After conducting a thorough analysis of the available products and the rabbit hay feeder reviews, our team selected the Mkono Hay Feeder Less Wasted Hay Rack Manger as the first option. This product has a removable cover which allows you to easily add hay and a bottom tray, to avoid hay waste and it is made of natural wood which makes it look great. If you are not able to purchase the Mkono model, another comparable option is the CalPalmy (Upgraded 2-Pack) Hay Feeder/Rack.



Comparison Table


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10 Best Rabbit Hay Feeders (Updated Reviews) in 2020



When selecting some of the best rabbit hay feeders, our team took into account some of the key features of these products. First and foremost, the feeders’ practicability was assessed. These items are meant to help rabbit owners feed their pets easily while employing less time in the process. The showcased products were also selected due to their design that ensures a cleaner environment.



1. Mkono Hay Feeder Less Wasted Hay Rack Manger


The Mkono model surely deserves to be taken into account when shopping for a feeder. If you own a baby rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla, this product is just what your pet needs. It was specially designed for small rodents. To get a better understanding of what you’d get, remember that it measures 5 1/2in in length, 3 1/2in in width, and 7 3/8in in height.

This feeder is designed to stand the test of time. It is made of hard plastic and metal. The materials are non-toxic, so you don’t need to worry about your pet’s health. The feeder’s back lock allows you to connect it to any cage or support, so you can easily find a place for it if you need to relocate your buddy.

One of the best things about the Mkono is its solid metal grate which does a great job of keeping the hay in.



The Mkono feeder scores high when it comes to durability. Pet owners who plan on raising bunnies in the long term could benefit from this product.

Equipped with a large grid, this feeder helps pets reach the hay easily. The grid that keeps the hay inside the feeder is held in place by a resistant spring.

Your pet can pull hay out of the feeder all day long and the resulting waste won’t be significant. Most owners are pleased with this design because it reduces waste. This means you won’t be spending too much time cleaning after it.

The plastic – metal combination ensures stability which is what you need especially if you have hyperactive pets that jump about all day long.



Some users consider this hay feeder a little bit difficult to supply because you have to either detach it or place it horizontally in order to refill.

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2. CalPalmy (Upgraded 2-Pack) Hay Feeder/Rack


CalPalmy designed a modern, good-looking feeder that’s perfect for rabbits, chinchillas or guinea pigs. The main goal of this product is to help pet owners manage the hay easily whilst eliminating the mess and waste. To achieve this purpose, they created a special metal grate that’s reliable at holding the hay or grass in place.

With the CalPalmy system, your pet’s food is kept fresh throughout the day as the metal grate has large holes both on the frontal side and at the top. This is a solid unit that keeps the hay in place with its spring-loaded grate, causing little to no waste.

The manufacturer approximates that it can take as little as 30 seconds or even less to install the feeder. You don’t need a tool to do this and the feeder can easily be attached to a cage due to its plastic screw.



It has great efficiency at reducing the wasted hay. If your bunny does manage to pull some hay out, you can easily fit it back in.

This item is made up of premium materials such as non-toxic and BPA-free plastic which ensures durability after prolonged use.

The feeder has a large storage unit, being able to feed more than one pet at once.

It’s quite easy to fit the hay in due to the spring action grate.

Most owners say their pets are quite pleased with this feeder which helps them nurture easily and this goes both for rabbits and guinea pigs.

It is not too big, so it won’t take too much space, yet it can hold sufficient hay.



Although installation is simple, you might find that the plastic screws are not quite easy to turn which can give you a bit of a headache when you want to attach the feeder to the cage.

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3. Niteangel Grass and Food Double Use Feeder


This acclaimed product has a combo structure which means you can use it for two types of food, simultaneously, for example, hay & grass or alfalfa. Bunnies need more than hay for a balanced diet and with this feeder, you can make sure he or she is well fed. This also means fewer containers, more space and less mess.

There is sufficient storage space in the Niteangel feeder to last a whole day if you are only feeding one pet. However, if your rabbit is large or you have more than one, you might need to refill the feeder once a day.

This is a nicely shaped, natural wood feeder. You can attach it to any wire cage model due to its easy-to-use snap-lock brackets. The Niteangel is best for small rabbits, guinea pigs or other types of small-sized rodents. It has the following dimensions: 7” in height, 6.3” in width, and 5.8” in depth.



The number one advantage of this product is its combo structure which allows you to diversify your rabbit’s diet and keep all the food in one place.

The construction is solid, and most owners have no doubts that this feeder is a lasting choice.

Besides attaching it to the wire cage, you can also hang this feeder. Depending on your setting, this option might optimize your available space.

The sturdy wooden slats manage to keep most of the hay inside the feeder, so your bunny doesn’t ruin or waste its supply.



For some pet-owners, this feeder might not be a good choice because you can’t attach it to the cage in any position, only from the back.

It is very easy for rabbits to climb on this feeder and if they do this while it’s open, they can ruin the hay, so you should pay attention and always keep it locked.

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4. SunGrow Rabbit Hay Feeder Rack – Mess-Free Food Dispenser


This feeder was designed with one thought in mind: helping pet owners to feed their beloved friends in an organized manner. With this type of rabbit hay feeder, the food is always kept dry and clean as the pets have to pull it out of the dispenser without being able to step on it. The hay doesn’t reach the floor, which keeps it at bay from water or dirt.

SunGrow’s is an affordable rabbit hay feeder but it is also a solution that is made to last. The unit is made out of hard plastic and metal and its lifespan can definitely be counted in years.

Cleaning this dispenser is a fuss-free task; you can do it in a couple of minutes simply by discarding the leftovers and wiping it with a clean cloth. You can use this feeder for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters or other small pets. Its dimensions are 7” in height, 6” in width and 6” in depth.



It is not difficult to install the feeder and attach it to a wire cage.

The cage where the food is stored is spring-actioned which makes it practical while cleaning and refilling it.

The dispenser holds the hay at a height of approximately 6 inches so your furry friends won’t be able to step on it and thereby waste their precious supply.

It can easily hang inside the bunny’s cage allowing it to eat from a comfortable position.

The hay is held in place really well and due to the bottom ledge, the small pieces are not lost.



Some clients had problems in attaching this feeder to the cage as they could only do this sideways. The product’s single slit might make it difficult to hook on all types of cages.

If you have a medium or big-sized rabbit, this item might be too small.

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5. Andwe Hay Feeder Food Feeding Rack


The Andwe Hay Feeder is suitable for those who own rabbits, guinea pigs or chinchillas. The amount of hay you can fit into this feeder is normally sufficient for one day. This makes it a great choice if you’re busy and you don’t have enough time on your hands to constantly check out your pet’s hay supply. With this choice, you only have to replenish the feeder the next day.

This product has a very practical design, being equipped with a movable top cover. You can easily fill the feeder with hay and make sure it stays closed. Furthermore, it has a bottom tray that will help you reduce the mess left behind by hay and also avoid wasting it.

Last, but not the least, the Andwe Hay Feeder is made of birch wood which gives it a pleasant look. The natural aspect of the feeder makes it easily adaptable to any indoor or outdoor location.



One aspect that makes the Andwe hay feeder a top choice is its large capacity. If you are looking for a place that can store sufficient hay for your constantly hungry buddy, this feeder will do the job.

This is a very practical solution. It takes merely a few minutes to supply it with hay or to clean it due to its easily removable cover and bottom tray. More tidiness is also a part of the deal you get by choosing this design.

The large base of the feeder makes it easy to carry around so you can move and change its position as you please, with little fuss.



One of the aspects that might bother you about this feeder actually stems from its praised design. Having a rather vertical structure, the Andwe feeder might not offer the stability you seek. Although many users don’t complain about this, some have trouble with their rabbit or Guinea pig toppling the feeder.

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6. Sxbest 2 in 1 Food Hay Feeder for Rabbit


This is a perfect option for indoor pets. It can be used for small rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small pets. This feeder is 5.9 inches long, 7.1 inches high, and 5.9 inches wide. The Sxbest 2 in 1 model means that you can use it for a combination of two different types of food.

In the upper layer, you can put grass or hay while the lower compartment serves as a food bowl. Both elements can easily be detached and cleaned in only a few minutes.

This feeder is made up of high-quality plastic. It is solid and rigid, and your bunny will certainly not start chewing its walls. The outer layer is covered with a removable protective layer. The lower compartment has a stainless steel edge that’s also made to prevent pets from chewing it.



It is easy to attach this feeder to any wire cage using its back locks system. You can also adapt the feeder to different heights once you’ve installed it.

The removable grass rack is one of the practical reasons why you might want to consider this rabbit hay feeder. It will help you save time while cleaning the feeder.

The open top enables you to easily refill the feeder with hay and its vertical structure prevents it from falling out which means increased tidiness.

This is a stable feeder that can be used for more than one pet. No matter how active they are, your friends are not likely to knock it down.



The most common potential disadvantage related to this product concerns guinea pigs. Some owners complain that the small pets were not actually able to reach the hay without stepping on the first layer, thus ruining the food stored in there.

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7. Rubyhome Hay Feeder/Rack


The Rubyhome hay feeder was designed for pets but made to please the owners as well. Due to its modern and efficient design, this feeder allows very little hay or grass to fall out of it. You will not waste your time cleaning the rests left behind after each feast.

The Rubyhome feeder measures 5.7″ X 3.5″ X 7.0″. This feeder has a stable and resistant grate that’s made of metal and that keeps the hay in place and fresh. This is important as the little rodents need a continuous supply of fresh food for their digestive system to function properly.

The quality plastic used to build this feeder is not toxic and it contains no BPA’s. Therefore, the product is durable and also safe in case your pet attempts to chew it. This model requires little installation effort and it can adapt to any cage (to attach it, you only use its screw system).



It can also be used as a food bowl, so you don’t need extra containers.

You don’t need additional tools to install this feeder. It has easily manageable screws. You can attach it anywhere and it will be firmly fixed.

This type of rabbit feeder is very easy to clean and can help you keep your bunny’s cage tidy by preventing hay waste which means less dirt but also helps you save money.

Most owners say this model is twice as efficient as their previous one in terms of tidiness.

The dispenser is easy to refill due to its spring-loaded grade.



Depending on how hungry your pets are or how many you have, this feeder might have to be replenished more than once per day.

Some guinea pig hamster owners say that their little pets had difficulty in getting to the hay as the opening is at the very bottom.

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8. Wildgirl Rabbit Hay Rack Wall-mountable Wood Feeder


This is a cheap rabbit hay feeder that will work at least as well as other similar items that cost even twice as much. It is designed for all sorts of small pets including rabbits, guinea pigs or chinchillas.

A nice feature of the Wildgirl rabbit hay rack is its simplicity. With this product, you don’t have to worry about installation complications, missing or faulty components. This is a single-unit feeder you can put anywhere you want. Moreover, you can attach this hay rack to your pet’s cage using its incorporated screw.

This is a bin-shaped feeder that can easily enable your rabbit or guinea pig to reach its food. The generous design allows you to use sufficient hay supply for 24 hours. Also, the food will be well stored, causing as little waste as possible.

With this compact and robust product, there is no exposure to dirt or water.



The entire hay supply is kept inside the rack, therefore helping you minimize the mess that’s unavoidable with other feeder designs.

It is easy to fill in the hay rack as it has an uncovered top. You simply have to put in more hay once your pet finished it.

It only takes a few seconds to clean the Wildgirl hay rack; just empty the leftovers and every now and then wipe the rack with a clean cloth

This is a sturdy and stable model made of wood which also accounts for a natural and nice look.



In a few cases, rabbit owners reported that their pet attempted to chew the bars of the rack. If this happens to you, rest assured that the natural material used for this product is considered harmless. However, try to provide a toy or a different item for your rabbit’s needs and dissuade him/her from ruining this fine feeder.

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9. Ware Manufacturing Hay Feeder with Salt Lick


If you are looking for an affordable hay feeder, this option might interest you. There are several aspects that recommend this model. One of its strong points is the fact that it’s made of metal. This brings about a great advantage; you can count on its durability. According to the manufacturer, the choice of this material was intentional. The powder-coated metal is a chew proof option.

This is also a sanitary option if you consider your pet’s health and the overall hygiene of its cage. There are no walls or bottom base where the leftovers can gather. This is a simple metal grate structure that keeps the hay in efficiently. This design prevents you from wasting hay as the supply is kept in firmly.

You can attach the feeder to any wire cage simply using its hooks. The Ware manufacturing feeder was designed for small pets such as rabbits or guinea pigs.



You can easily see how much your pet has eaten and fill it with more hay immediately.

This feeder is very easy to clean, and it also does a great job at keeping the pet’s cage or your floor clean. The metal grid has a strong hold and very little hay falls outside.

If you are looking for durability, this is a long-term investment as the metal frame is expected to last for years.

There is a protective lid that will prevent pets from getting inside the feeder and make a mess or even get hurt.

It is very easy to attach to the cage at different heights, on any side of the cage.

It is one of the most affordable rabbit hay feeders currently available



If your pet is the hyperactive type, he/she might manage to detach the feeder from the cage by shaking it too hard.

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10. Andwe Hay Feeder Cylindrical Stand Feeding Manager


This cylindrical Andwe feeder really stands out through its special design. Unlike most models that only allow your pet to grab the hay from the frontal side of the feeder, this one offers a 360-degree perspective. It is very modern, almost looking like a decoration. Due to its round design, it is ideal for owners who have several bunnies as the feeder enables them to eat simultaneously.

There is a removable top cover which keeps the hay safe and sound in case your pet attempts to reach inside the feeder or knock it down. Also, this helps you clean the feeder easily and replenish it within seconds.

The Andwe cylindrical hay feeder measures 9.7” in height and it has a diameter of 7.6”. Besides being an efficient feeder, this product can also work as a toy if your bunny or guinea pig gets the hang of rolling it.



The pet can reach its food supply from any angle of the feeder.

The amount of hay you can use with this product should suffice for one day if you have a small rabbit or a guinea pig. If you have several pets, you might need to refill once a day.

Great for people with several pets who want to use a single feeder to feed them all at once.

This out-of-the-box design is something you might be interested in if you keep your pet’s items in a visible place and you want a nice-looking feeder.

It can also be used for your pet’s entertainment, as a toy.



In exceptional cases, it is possible for the top lid to open too easily as the bunnies roll the feeder. If you want to avoid mess and waste, make sure you close the lid properly after each refill.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you want to understand how to buy the most appropriate product for your pet, it’s important to understand their needs. If you’ve been raising rabbits for a while, you already know a thing or two about their behavior. However, if you are a mere beginner, this guide will help you get a better understanding of your rabbit’s eating habits.

Why Should I Use a Feeder?

The question of using a feeder or not is definitely one each rabbit owner asks himself/herself before purchasing such an item. As a pet owner, you are free to choose to take care of your pet with the aid of specialized accessories like these niche feeders, or not.

You can, of course, use home-made items or ordinary food bowls to feed your rabbit. In the end, what matters in order to have a healthy pet is the quality of the food and ensuring sufficient supply.

However, the main purpose of getting a hay feeder is to ease your work. These products were specially designed to reduce the necessity of cleaning so often. Rabbits can be quite messy when they eat. But a feeder keeps most of the hay inside, minimizing the mess.

In conclusion, if you buy one, you will spend less time cleaning after your bunny and you will also spend less on hay because feeders help minimize waste.


What Should I Be Looking For When Choosing a Feeder?

When you’re ready to buy a feeder, there are few key features to look out for. Number one is efficiency. Look for products and the related rabbit hay feeder review that highlights the item’s capacity to hold the hay firmly. This is the only way to eliminate waste and mess.

Secondly, look for resistant materials that will enable you to use the feeder for a long period of time as this is not the type of accessory you’re meant to change regularly. In terms of materials, there are products made of wood, metal or plastic. Again, it is useful to read at least one rabbit feeder review before you make a purchase, just to get a better idea of how good your choice is.


What Does a Good Feeder Look Like?

There is no definite answer to this question. A good feeder is clearly one that can safely store hay, preventing dispersal. Note that no feeder can keep 100% of the hay in as long as the pet is constantly pulling its food out, and some of the supply will be scattered at the bottom. The aim of the feeder is to reduce that amount as much as possible.

A good rabbit hay feeder may have different shapes (hay rack, bin-shaped). The choice of the material is also purely subjective

How Much Do I Need to Spend for a Rabbit Hay Feeder?

You can spend as little as 12-13 dollars on a good rabbit hay feeder, or you may choose to opt for a more sophisticated model that might cost a couple of dozen dollars more. You will definitely not spend a fortune on the feeder and it is an investment that’s worth making.

Since rabbits’ top priority is having sufficient food available, you should really consider buying a proper hay feeder. Such a product will help you ensure a constant food supply for your pet while keeping its cage tidy.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where should I put my rabbit hay feeder?

Even if you buy a cheap rabbit hay feeder, you should consider optimizing its durability. This being said, try to keep it at bay from humidity, especially if it is made of wood. So, avoid putting the hay feeder next to your kitchen or bathroom sink or other sources of water.

Stability is also important in positioning the feeder, even if you attach it to a wire cage. While most products are stable by default, you should anchor them firmly especially if your rabbit is quite robust and might thump them down.

The best location for the hay feeder is one that provides your rabbits ease of access. For this reason, most owners simply put it next to their pet’s cage or in it. Also, in order to save time, try to put the feeder on a smooth surface that’s easy to clean. A carpet-covered floor might be a bad decision from this standpoint.

Q: Do rabbits stop eating when they are full?

Whenever you look at your rabbits, you’ll probably see them eating. While it might seem strange to us that a creature can chew almost continuously, this is normal among rabbits. These animals are grazers which means that they eat small amounts of food over a long period.

Rabbits do this for two main reasons. First, their teeth are constantly growing. Therefore, it is necessary for them to eat constantly so that they can grind their teeth. If they can’t eat sufficiently, they will start developing teeth problems which will lead to pain. Secondly, the rabbit’s digestive system needs to be constantly active, unlike ours.

Nonetheless, rabbits are capable of reaching satiety. While most specimens graze all day long, there are also rabbits who eat intermittently. Your rabbit’s health is reflected in its eating habits and physical condition. If your pet stops eating, this is usually a sign of illness.


Q: Can rabbits live on eating just hay?

Hay is imperative as it allows your bunny to maintain healthy teeth and a proper digestion. In fact, hay should constitute at least 80% of a rabbit’s diet. Some owners even choose a diet that is 90% hay-based. The furry chewers definitely love hay and make it their favorite past-time.

Hay is important because its fibers keep the rabbit’s gut constantly moving. This prevents any unwanted blockages or intestinal problems. Hay also contains the necessary proteins and vitamins. Rabbits should get an unlimited supply of hay at all times. The hay you provide them should be clean and fresh. Besides, they also need water.

Nevertheless, just like in humans, the key to a healthy body is a balanced diet. This implies diversity as animals also need different nutrients. Grass can be a great alternative to hay. Besides, rabbits also need to eat vegetables and fruit which should represent approximately 20% of their diet.




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