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10 Best Rabbit Beddings – Reviews & Analysis 

Last Updated: 30.03.20


Top Bedding for Rabbits – Guide & Comparison


Looking after rabbits is not very difficult, but these pets do require some specific products such as the best rabbit bedding, for example. This is one of the essential supplies you should always have at hand. However, if you are not very good at choosing the right rabbit bedding or if you have very little time for this task, you came to the right place. Below, you will find an accurate review and analysis of the ultimate bedding options currently available. After carefully analyzing each product’s features and the correlated rabbit bedding reviews, our team decided that the Kaytee Clean & Cozy Small Animal Bedding is a great option due to its good absorption capacity, the fact that it can control odor, and that it can ensure a 99.9% dust-free environment. If this product is not available for you, another option that works equally well is the Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding.



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10 Best Rabbit Beddings (Updated Reviews) in 2020



What do small pet owners look for when buying bedding for their furry friend’s cage? Functionality is definitely very important. The products our team analyzed were all assessed based on this principle. The two main features that were taken into account were the bedding’s capacity to absorb liquids and to keep bad odors under control.



1. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Small Animal Bedding


The Kaytee Clean bedding ranks high in our top due to different key features. Firstly, what many pet owners appreciate in this product is its fluffy feel. It is made of quality material so that your pet’s comfort requirements are met.

Moreover, it has a great absorption capacity as it can absorb liquid even up to 6 times its weight. An additional advantage is the fact that it also reduces dust. According to the manufacturer’s statistics, it can ensure a 99% dust-free cage which means that you and your pet will enjoy a clean environment.

All the materials used in this bedding are natural and risk-free as the product meets the FDA standards. Additionally, this rabbit bedding is good at keeping bad odors at bay which is essential if you want to keep your pet’s cage in your own room or in any part of the house you use.



This type of rabbit bedding is considered comfortable as it has a very soft and fluffy texture which ensures a good level of comfort.

It is safe for small pets because the materials used to manufacture this paper bedding are of high quality and they were chosen based on the FDA standards.

The Kaytee Clean bedding can absorb a large volume of liquid – according to the manufacturer’s specifications, as much as 6 times its weight. This means a clean environment for your pet.

Being a good absorbent, this product also minimizes the bad smell and helps maintain a good level of hygiene.

You can reduce the dust in your pet’s cage by more than 99% with this product. This will make cleaning easier, but it will also ensure a healthier and cozier environment for your pet.



In some cases, the material used in this bedding may not be as soft in each and every package purchased, so consistency is not the strong point of this product.

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2. Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding


This natural rabbit bedding is a great choice for pet owners who have a rabbit, Guinea pig, chinchilla or hamster. One of the assets of this product is that it is made of 100% natural materials, free of harmful additives. This makes it a safe option for pets who spend most of their day in a cage, surrounded by bedding.

With this product, you achieve a great balance between safety, good absorption and comfort. While many types of bedding perform great in terms of absorption, they are frequently too rough and lack comfort. The Small Pet Select option feels soft and will keep your delicate pet cozy.

The Small Pet Select packages are very compact. Yet, once you open them, you will realize that the material can expand three times its volume which means you get a good quantity per price and don’t have to restock on it that often.



Primarily, this product is praised for the fact that it has a soft touch which makes it a perfect choice if coziness is your top priority.

The fact that it ensures a high level of comfort does not mean that this product is not efficient in absorbing liquids and, therefore, contributing to a clean environment.

This product is made of natural materials which is an important feature; your pet’s health is not endangered as there are no chemicals. The bedding was made from pure unbleached paper that has never been printed.

You get much more content than you initially believed because once this compact package is opened, the bedding’s volume will triple.

Most rabbit owners will agree that the quantity per price is very satisfactory.



Depending on how many pets you keep in one cage, you might consider that this bedding cannot tackle odors. If this is the case, change the bedding more frequently.

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3. Carefresh Small Pet Bedding


The Carefresh bedding is made to please both pets and pet owners. It feels extremely soft and fluffy when you hold it in your hands, which makes it a great bedding for small pets such as hamsters, rabbits or guinea pigs who live indoors and need a comfortable home. Many pet owners say their furry friends seem to like this product and sleeping in it.

This is also one of the most affordable indoor rabbit bedding types that also ensures a good quality standard. This product was specially designed in order to keep the pet’s cage as clean as possible by absorbing liquids.

If you opt for this product, you get a 100% safe and natural bedding as there are no additives in its content. Due to the use of sustainable materials only, the product’s color and size may differ. Moreover, the manufacturer is proud of this chemicals-free composition because it is also more eco-friendly.



It is ultra-absorbent which solves the most common problem of keeping small pets in a cage – finding a solution for urine and the related odor.

According to the manufacturer, this bedding is twice as absorbent as shavings. The bedding has a great capacity to absorb bad smells; it ensures 10 days of odor control.

The soft texture will make your pet feel comfy in his house. You can keep your pet’s cage clean and reduce dust with this product.

The Carefresh bedding is made of 100% natural fibers which makes it a perfect choice if you consider your pet’s health and safety. Moreover, this is also good in terms of environmental protection as there are no added chemicals.



Some owners may find that this type of bedding has a peculiar smell, even before being used, and that the smell lingers in the room for a while.

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4. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Control


The Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme bedding was specially designed with one purpose in mind: neutralizing the unpleasant smell of ammonia which is unavoidable with small pets who live indoors. This model is suitable for different small pets including rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs or chinchillas.

According to the product’s description, you can count on a 2-week odor-free period since you lay down this bedding. In other words, you don’t need to change it that often, which means you save time, effort but also money.

Moreover, the Kaytee Clean bedding also has a good impact on your environment, keeping it up to 99.9% dust-free. In terms of absorbency, you gain significant advantages with this product as it is twice as absorbent as wood shavings. This bedding is quite soft, and it doesn’t leave any stains in your pet’s cage, keeping it clean and as good as new for a long period.



With this type of bedding, you get an odor-free environment guaranteed. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, you will be able to enjoy 14 days of odor control.

With neutralized odors, your pet’s cage will look and feel clean and you will also feel comfortable in the room where you keep your pet.

Additionally, this bedding helps avoid dust, ensuring an almost 100% dust-free environment.

This product is quite affordable and it provides great quality for the price. Also, it doesn’t require frequent changing which implies less effort and cost reduction.

You get a good absorbency capacity with the Kaytee Clean bedding which can absorb a volume of liquid that is 6 times its weight.

The bedding is safe for pets and it also helps them feel comfortable.



Some may consider that the consistency of this product is not durable enough as it resembles paper and cannot withstand moisture.

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5. Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding


The Kaytee aspen bedding is a great choice if you are concerned about your pet’s safety and health. This product is made of 100% natural materials which means that it poses no health risks. Additionally, it is also a sensible option in terms of environmental safety and protection as there are no added chemicals.

There are no added inks or aromatic oils in the composition of this bedding, which highlights again how safe it is for indoor pets who spend most of their lives in a cage and inhale the substances used in the cage, bedding or accessories.

A great feature of this product provided by Kaytee is its versatility. Most types of bedding are only designed for cages. This material can also be used with aquariums or with CritterTrail habitats. This hardwood bedding is resistant and helps absorb liquids. It should be changed weekly in order to keep the cage clean.



This is a 100% natural product which was designed with the utmost concern for the environment but also for the pet’s health. There are no dangerous additives or oil in this bedding, so it can safely be used in the long term.

This relatively cheap bedding is made of larger pieces; however, their texture feels very soft, so the pets will feel great stepping or sleeping on it. There are no sharp pieces that could potentially harm pets.

The bedding has a very good ability to absorb odors. Some owners do not even need to clean it weekly.

You can keep your pet’s environment clean with this bedding that is easy to clean and leaves no spots.

Additionally, most users are very glad with this choice because it does a great job at absorbing urine which leads to mess and odors.



Right after opening the package, you might find that it smells like wood shavings; however, the smell will disappear pretty fast.

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6. Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding for Small Animals


This bedding provided by Vitakraft is a great choice if you are looking for safety both in terms of your pet’s health and the environment. The Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding is made entirely of recycled paper which means you make an eco-friendly choice by purchasing it. This product is biodegradable, and it can also be used in compost.

Additionally, there are no harmful chemicals in this type of bedding. It doesn’t contain baking soda. If you are looking for a solution that can minimize your pet’s cage odor, you should take this product into account. It guarantees that you will achieve 14-days of odor control, so you don’t need to worry about changing the bedding too often, saving time and money.

This is a great choice when it comes to keeping a clean cage; besides its good absorption capacity, this bedding ensures a 99.5% dust-free surrounding.



This quality Vitakraft bedding is made in the USA using 100% recycled paper. It ensures safety for your pet while also demonstrating concern for the environment.

You do not need to worry about disposal as this material is completely biodegradable and it may also be used for compost. Moreover, this is a baking soda-free rabbit bedding which is also fragrance-free.

The Vitakraft bedding is praised for its good absorption ability which ensures a clean and odor-free cage.

Once you open the package, you will see that it can expand as much as 3 times its initial volume.

This product was designed based on an odor-blocker formula that ensures a 2-weeks odor-free period by neutralizing the ammonia in your pet’s urine.

Many users praise this product as it almost completely eliminates any bad smells coming from the bunny’s cage. The bedding lasts for at least 10 days.



The crumble texture of this bedding might make it more difficult for the pet to pile it up or burrow.

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7. Kaytee Small Animal Bedding


This bedding works great for odor control. It will help you keep your pet’s cage clean, while also minimizing any bad smells coming from it. This effect is achieved due to the product’s high absorption capacity.

Most rabbit owners face problems in tackling the ammonia smells caused by the pet’s urine. With this Kaytee model, you get top quality bedding that can absorb liquid that is up to 6 times weight, thus keeping a fresh and clean cage.

Also, this model is meant to help you reduce the dust that is unavoidable with other types of bedding. The manufacturer guarantees a 99.9% dust-free environment.

A great advantage you normally don’t get with most rabbit bedding products is the color’s diversity. The Kaytee bedding comes in different colors. This is not only fun but also an extra-reason for children to feel more willing to help clean their pet’s cage.



Due to its soft texture and choice of materials, this bedding is considered safe for all types of small pets.

It has a good absorption capacity of 6 times the bedding’s weight in liquid. This is the most important advantage you should be looking for while purchasing rabbit bedding and this product scores very high when it comes to absorption.

Your pet’s cage will be clean if you use this bedding not only because it absorbs liquids really fast, but also because it does not eliminate dust. This is an almost 100% dust-free product. You will not invest so much time in cleaning your pet’s cage if you use this type of bedding.

This Katye bedding looks really nice due to its color diversity which also makes it more appealing for kids handling their pet’s needs.

Additionally, it has a very soft and light consistency, therefore your pet would feel quite well in it.



Some owners complained that due to the different colors of this bedding, some pets were tempted to eat it because they mistook the green pieces for vegetables.

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8. Carefresh Custom Rabbit/Guinea Pig Pet Bedding


This premium product is perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs or other small pets. This type of bedding can easily be piled so that your pet can make its own comfortable nest. 25% of this bedding is made of bigger pieces that enable pets to create their desired nest.

Moreover, the bedding’s consistency is very fluffy as the material was chosen with one purpose – making pets feel comfortable. The Carefresh Custom Rabbit bedding is made with comfy fluff, which is why it feels so soft.

If you get this type of bedding, besides increased comfort, your pet will also enjoy the advantage of having a clean, odor-free cage. This Carefresh product guarantees a minimum period of 10 days of odor control.

The absorbency capacity of this bedding is good. It can absorb twice as much liquid as shavings. Also, this is a product that creates very little dust and is not very difficult to clean.



It’s great for your pet’s nesting needs. This bedding is very resistant and versatile, containing 25% large pieces which make it easy to pile. Your pet will be able to build a nest in no time and feel quite comfortable on top of it.

The choice of the material is great; the comfy fluff structure gives the bedding a nice, soft feel.

One of the strongest points of this bedding is its great absorption capacity. It can retain twice as much liquid as shavings. Consequently, you will be able to eliminate the problem of the ammonia smell.

Most owners are very satisfied with the product’s odor-control facility and confirm the 10-day odor-free warranty that accompanies this product.

This bedding reduces dust and is quite easy to clean. You will find it easy to maintain your pet’s cage tidy and only need to change the bedding after 10 or more days.



Some customers complain that the large pieces are an impediment when it comes to absorption.

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9. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Natural Small Animal Bedding


As its name suggests, the Kaytee Clean bedding is indeed very cozy; it is made of super soft material which will make your pet feel great in its cage. Additionally, this paper bedding is easy to manage so your rabbit or guinea pig can burrow or nest quickly and efficiently.

This bedding also works well in terms of absorbency; it can retain twice as much liquid as wood shavings. Thanks to this ability, you will also be able to deal with the ammonia smell caused by your pet’s urine. Additionally, you will not have to change the bedding so often, thus saving more time and also money.

With its good capacity to absorb liquids, the Kaytee Clean & Cozy Natural product also helps keep odors under control. Also, it is made of natural materials that won’t pose dangers to your pet’s health. Moreover, this bedding was designed to produce as little dust as possible.



This product ensures a prolonged odor-control period. Most owners are pleased with this feature and say they don’t have to change the bedding very often.

It is made of natural ingredients, free of dangerous substances or by-products, which makes it the perfect choice in terms of your pet’s health.

Sometimes, the little pets chew the bedding material which can cause health problems but with this chemical-free product, so your pet is safe.

It has a great capacity to absorb liquids. While regular products usually absorb twice as much liquid compared to their weight, the Kaytee Clean & Cozy bedding can absorb 5 times its weight in liquid. This ensures a clean and odor-free cage.

According to its specifications, this Product from Katyee ensures a 99% dust-free cage. It means you and your pet will breathe cleaner air. It is a good choice for pets with respiratory problems.



Some rabbit owners may consider that the pieces are too thin as they can lead to more mess.

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10. Kaytee Red Cedar Bedding


The Kaytee Red Cedar Bedding was designed for all types of small animals you keep in a cage, but it can also be used as bird bedding. The highlight of this product is its capacity to reduce dust which is one of the biggest issues correlated to a pet’s cage. The bedding is cleaned and filtered which ensures a dust-free environment.

This helps you and your pet enjoy a cleaner environment. The dust-free feature means that you will spend less time cleaning the cage and replacing the bedding as you will be able to use it for a longer period.

The Kaytee Red Cedar Bedding is a good choice if you have a well-ventilated cage. You may also use this product with aquariums. If you are worried about keeping your pet safe and reducing all the health risks that stem from chemicals, this bedding is a good choice. It is 100% made of natural materials, more precisely of Eastern red Cedar.



Almost every indoor rabbit bedding review related to this product highlights its great capacity to absorb odors. This cleaned and filtered bedding is great at solving the problems caused by the ammonia smells. With this option, you and your furry friend will enjoy a fresh environment.

Most pet owners are satisfied with this choice because it is easy to clean, and it does not require frequent changing due to the fact that it absorbs smells so well.

It is ideal for pet owners who keep their animals indoors, in the living room or bedroom.

It’s made of natural materials which makes it a safe choice for pets of all types, especially those that have the habit of chewing the bedding.

Also, it has a natural and nice scent which most owners appreciate, and it works well in repelling pests.



Some owners also add paper bedding to this product because they are not satisfied with its absorbency capacity.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you own a rabbit, hamster or guinea pig, you already know that these adorable pets are not always easy to look after. They have many needs, including food, water, a proper cage and suitable bedding. Their comfort but also yours depends on the choice of the latter. There are several key features a good and affordable rabbit bedding should have.

Why Do You Need Bedding for Your Pet’s Cage?

Rabbits, hamsters and other small pets spend most of their time in the cage. Unlike dogs and cats that can be trained to do their business in a particular place, most of these small pets don’t follow any rules in this regard.

Even if you can train your small pet to choose a place for its needs, you still have to use suitable bedding for its cage because this replaceable material will absorb your pet’s urine. Basically, you need bedding for two reasons: one is for hygiene (because you will easily dispose of the wasted material and replace it with new bedding).

The second reason is comfort; small pets love bedding because they can burrow or make their nest in it. It keeps them busy and also allows them to feel cozy in their small home.

In conclusion, rabbit bedding enables you to clean your pet’s cage easier and maintain a better standard of hygiene. It also helps you keep under control the correlated odor and allow your furry friend to feel cozy.


What to Look for When You Are Buying Bedding for Your Pet?

The choice of your pet’s bedding is essential when it comes to his or her comfort. Also, you have to look for efficiency when choosing the right product, that is, you need bedding that can really absorb liquids and reduce odors. Here are the key features you should consider when purchasing rabbit bedding.


Capacity to Absorb Liquids and to Control Odor

First and foremost, when we judge rabbit bedding in terms of efficiency, we refer to how well it can absorb liquids and mitigate the bad smell that’s otherwise unavoidable when you keep small pets in cages. These two features are interconnected.

The higher the product’s absorbency capacity is, the better it will tackle odor. Rabbit bedding that can absorb liquids well (and some products can do this twice as good as shavings) is also good at eliminating odors because it retains ammonia (which is found in the pet’s urine and causes the specific odor).


Comfort Level

A good product is one that can absorb liquid while also enabling your pet to feel comfortable. To ensure this result, the texture of the bedding has to be soft. Also, it should be easily piled, so that the pet can sleep in it.


Capacity to Reduce Dust

Small pets usually dig a lot. A poor-quality bedding will consequently cause a lot of dust which means the air in your house will not be clean and your pet’s at risk of developing respiratory problems.

Material Choice

Finally, you should also be looking for products that are as natural as possible and, keep in mind that there are many 100% natural choices. If the material is not treated with chemicals, your pet’s health will be at bay from any dangers correlated to ingestion.


How to Choose the Best Product?

It is hard to choose one winner when it comes to the right rabbit bedding because each owner has different exigencies. Based on what you want from your pet’s bedding, it is always useful to read the available rabbit bedding reviews which can help you make up your mind easier.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How many hours a day should a bunny be out of its cage?

Each time you are wondering how much freedom of movement a pet needs, think about how this animal lives in the wilderness. Rabbits are known for their speed and agility and the truth is that they are quite active animals.

If you keep your bunnies in a cage, simply providing them food and a place to sleep is not enough. To make sure they grow healthy and feel good, you should also take care of their need to exercise and move freely. Rabbits that only spend time in cages might develop different health problems, mainly due to obesity. Besides, they can also feel depressed.

Ideally, you should let your bunny out of its cage at least 2.5 – 3 hours a day. It doesn’t matter if you live in a big house with a garden or a small apartment. What matters is that you allow your rabbit to move freely outside its cage walls, to run around and explore new places.

Q: What do rabbits like to sleep on?

Rabbits can be picky when it comes to choosing their sleeping place. If you have such a pet, you already know by now that rabbits spend a lot of time during the day sleeping. This means that you need to provide them a comfortable place for sleep.

Generally, their ideal sleeping place resembles a burrow. They are looking for places that have a cover on top but also an entrance and a way out. If you let your bunnies roam freely around your house, you will see that when they are sleepy, they will be looking for shelters that match this description.

If you want to make sure your bunny enjoys the comfort it seeks, you can put a small blanket in its cage so that it can slip on it and also play with it and turn it into their desired shelter. Another great answer to the problem of your rabbit’s sleep place is rabbit bedding.

This material can be used to form a borrow, which your pet would love building. Also, most types of bedding are quite soft and comfy.


Q: What do rabbits eat?

Rabbits are not difficult to feed and this is mainly due to the fact that up to 80% of their diet is made solely of hay and grass. Bunnies not only love this food so much that they literally spend most of their active period chewing it, but they also need it for their digestion.

Unlike other pets that should only eat twice or three times a day, rabbits need a continuous supply of hay or grass in their cage. If they don’t have enough hay and cannot eat (almost) constantly, they can develop digestive problems which can even lead to death.

From hay, rabbits get all the fibers they need, and this is also a good way of ensuring they trim their teeth.

Besides hay and/or grass, rabbits also need water and fresh vegetables or fruit which allow them to obtain other essential nutrients. Every day, you can give your bunny up to 3 different types of vegetables or fruit such as broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, celery, fennel, spinach, watercress, carrots, apples, mango, grapes, banana, and melon.




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