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9 Best Indoor Rabbit Hutches – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 10.08.20


Top Indoor Hutches for Rabbits – Guide & Comparison


If you’re searching for the best indoor rabbit hutches, you’ve got a lot of great options both online and in-store. The main things to note when searching for a rabbit cage or rabbit hutch is its size and how much interactivity it offers to your long-eared friend. Of course, there are also other factors that play a big role in deciding on purchasing your bunny house, but from a practical perspective, these two features are essential. Because time is important and you can’t afford to waste any more of it doing all that research alone, we’ve done it for you. After carefully analyzing numerous products and user feedback, our team concluded that the choice most people will probably be satisfied with is the PURLOVE Pet Rabbit Hutch Wooden Bunny Cage. If this product happens to be unavailable, the second option most people can choose is the Aivituvin Upgraded Version Indoor Bunny Hutch.



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9 Best Indoor Rabbit Hutches (Updated Reviews) in 2020



Whether you’re looking for an affordable indoor rabbit hutch or for a cheap indoor rabbit hutch, we’ve got you covered down below. We’ve selected some of the most acclaimed products on the market based on their features, market ranking, and user ratings. Check them out down below:



1. PURLOVE Pet Rabbit Hutch Wooden Bunny Cage


This is a multi-level deluxe rabbit hutch. It’s designed to look good in any interior decor, and although it’s not one of the more affordable indoor rabbit hutches, it’s certainly one you should consider if you love your bunny. This stylish bunny house has three separate entry doors that provide ease of access to the interior of the cage for maintenance or for taking out your bunny.

It also comes with three sliding trays that allow you to easily access the hutch for cleaning purposes. It’s coated with non-toxic paint that keeps the bunny hutch looking good and brand new without having to dust it off too often. On top of that, you also receive an easy-to-follow instruction guide and all the necessary building materials are included in the package.

Your pet will most likely adore its new play space. In fact, if you have several bunnies, you could fit up to three in this new rabbit hutch.



It’s very spacious. Your bunny will be hopping around like crazy with absolutely no problems.

Because of the three sliding trays, you can clean the hutch much easier than you could clean other models, so you also save time.

The paint is non-toxic, so your rabbit will be safe even if it starts chewing on the wood that the hutch is made out of.

If you have more bunnies, you can put up to three in one of these cages and they’ll still have enough space to play around and not get in each other’s way.



It has no mesh on the bottom, so you’re going to have to get your own litter box in there. Otherwise, your rabbit might jump around in its own waste.

If you somehow happen to leave it out in the rain, the wood might crack and the entire structure could start to slowly fall apart. So keep it inside.

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2. Aivituvin Upgraded Version Indoor Bunny Hutch


This hutch has a 1.8-inch thick plastic no-leak tray and boasts a sliding door that makes it a little easier to put your hand in the cage and take your rabbit out of it. The stainless steel casters and latches add yet even more value to an already promising package. You also get a removable PVC curtain that helps adjust the temperature inside the hutch.

So if it feels a little cold in the corner where your hutch is, you can just apply the PVC curtain and your bunny will feel warmer in no time. It also includes a metal feeder and a chewing toy so that it will be easier to keep your rabbit entertained and well-fed at the same time. One important aspect to note is that it’s not as big as you might think.

If you have a 10-pound rabbit, chances are it will not fit inside the cage. Consequently, a giant rabbit won’t feel too comfortable in this limited space.



The no-leak tray is an outstanding addition to any rabbit hutch. It allows you to add more hay inside your rabbit cage and easily change it when necessary.

It has a removable PVC curtain that can slightly adjust the temperature inside the cage. So if your rabbit feels too hot or cold, you can add or remove the curtain.

The metal feeder and the chewing toy are great additions in terms of quality and the entertainment offered to your bunny.

The access door and ramp make it easy for the bunny to climb in and out when you leave the sliding door open.



It’s too small to fit one larger rabbit or multiple rabbits inside for them to feel comfortable. You’ll have to try your luck with something else.

It has no protective features against weather, so if you plan to ever leave the hutch outside with your rabbit in it, make sure you are around in case it rains or snows.

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3. Aivituvin Rabbit Cage with Two No Leak Trays


Aivituvin’s upgraded version of one of their more classic rabbit hutches features some major improvements to the previous good design. Above the bottom tray, there is extra metal netting that allows your rabbit’s feces to move down to the litter so that you won’t have to deal with cleaning its nasty business.

The two quality plastic trays have the advantage of never corroding or leaking, unlike metal or wooden trays. While not necessarily the most environmentally-friendly option, you can rest assured that they will last you a long time. The feeder is made out of metal and the cage also features four individual casters to make it easy to move around the house.

The cage is waterproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The three access doors and ramp make it easy for your bunny to move around. On top of that, you also get a free chewing toy in the package.



The rabbit hutch is designed like a home, making the bunny feel great and free to roam around without feeling constrained by the walls.

This model also has a no-leak tray that makes cleaning the cage easier because you’ll no longer have to deal with rabbit waste yourself.

The extra wiring above the bottom tray allows rabbit waste to go down so that your bunny won’t walk around in its waste and it thus allows for easier cleaning.

It features two plastic no-leak trays that have very small chances of ever leaking or growing mold.



The wooden parts can fall apart if left too much in damp areas or outside when it’s raining. Make sure to keep the cage in a proper place inside your house.

The wooden parts can also get moldy in time if not taken care of properly. Make sure to clean the cage regularly for your rabbit’s and your own comfort.

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4. Petsfit Indoor Rabbit Hutch with Hideout


Petsfit’s rabbit hutch features a hideout and a ramp that greatly add comfort and playing possibilities for your furry friend. It can fit up to two regular rabbits or three small bunnies. From purely a numbers perspective, this is probably one of the most efficient rabbit hutches when it comes to how many small animals you can fit inside it without them feeling constrained.

This hutch opens from the top, so you can easily take your rabbit out and clean the interior afterward. The removable ramp lets your bunny get inside the hutch with minimum effort. Once it gets in, you can close the sliding door and take the ramp out and place it somewhere where it will not bother you throughout the day.

The bottom tray is easy to take out for cleaning and it’s very easy to reassemble because of the pre-drilled holes. All in all, a great product as long as you follow the instruction manual.



The removable ramp offers ease of access for your bunny and convenience for you since you can take it off after your pet has climbed inside.

The instruction manual is easy to follow and assembling the cage shouldn’t present a major challenge even for those who have never done it before.

You can easily fit even two rabbits inside the hutch and they’ll have enough room to play around without bothering each other.

You can open the hutch from the top side to easily take out your rabbits without having to fiddle with the side door.



Your bunny might be tempted to chew on the wooden parts and thus damage the hutch. The company hasn’t provided any counter-measure for this.

The wooden parts can feel a bit flimsy if you don’t assemble the cage properly. Make sure to follow the instruction manual to the smallest details.

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5. Aivituvin [Upgrade Version] Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor


Yet another Aivituvin hutch on our list and this one comes with two deeper removable pull-out trays. Although it’s one of the slightly cheap indoor rabbit hutches, it has some quality features such as the fact that the removable trays are leak-proof. They’re made out of plastic, which also guarantees no corrosion whatsoever and they’re fairly easy to clean.

It also comes with four wheels that make moving it around as easy as it can get. Two of them have the ability to lock in place so you won’t have any trouble setting it in a fixed position. The removable bottom wire netting allows you to clean the bottom tray whenever needed. It also provides comfort to your rabbit, as it will no longer jump around in its own waste.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can fit up to four bunnies inside this cage. The two-leveled design makes it easy for them to live together without bothering each other.



You can fit up to five rabbits in the same cage and they won’t feel as if they are constrained. The two-leveled design provides enough space for them all.

The four wheels make it stupidly easy to move the cage around the house, and two of them have the ability to lock in place, providing stability and safety.

The leak-proof trays are top-notch. They’re removable, which brings huge advantages from a cleaning and maintenance perspective.

The removable bottom tray makes it easy to remove your rabbit’s waste, and on top of that also provides comfort and cleanliness to your bunny for a prolonged time.



Some models might smell as if they’ve sat in a damp warehouse for some time. If this happens, you can try cleaning it or contacting support and they’ll provide another one.

The latches and bolts might feel slightly cheap. In this case, we recommend replacing them altogether to avoid unpleasant surprises down the line.

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6. LAZY BUDDY Rabbit Hutch Wooden


Designed to be sturdy and safe, this hutch is made from premium natural fir wood. It’s painted with a non-toxic, waterproof, and eco-friendly varnish that won’t negatively affect your rabbit no matter how much time it spends inside the hutch. One more thing worth mentioning about the build quality is that the varnish also protects your bunny from UV rays.

The multi-door design and the included ramp make this hutch feel very spacious and your furry friend will have enough room to play around and consume its excessive energy. On top of that, the two-level design is also meant to help you out with cleaning. You can put your bunny on the top floor when you’re cleaning the bottom level and vice-versa.

As long as you have an electric screwdriver lying around, you’ll most likely not have any trouble with assembling. The rough estimated time for assembly is only around 20 minutes.



You get 12 months of warranty. If you encounter any problems with the hutch during this time frame, you can just call customer support and they’ll try to solve your issue as fast as possible.

The removable tray and overall design make it extremely easy to clean this hutch. The eco-friendly varnish allows you to also use water without worrying about damaging the wood.

The large activity space and the three separate doors allow you to easily interact with your pet without having to take it out of the enclosure.

The average installation time is just around 20 minutes.



The wood used in some areas of the hutch is a little soft and should be handled with care. Even slight bumps can crack or even damage it.

Some customers received incorrectly pre-drilled holes and had to drill additional holes themselves to make the base fit with the rest of the frame.

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7. Good Life Two Floors Wooden Indoor Bunny Hutch


Good Life’s slightly premium offering includes plastic trays that are leak-proof, construction made from natural fir wood with weather protection so you can use it outside, and several other features.

The exterior is 62-inch long, 21 inches wide, and 37 inches high. With these dimensions, you can easily fit 3 or possibly even 4 bunnies with no problems whatsoever. The sliding door and ramp allow your furry friends to move around and jump all over the place. It’s one of the best places your rabbits could ever play in.

As with many other premium hutches, this one also features a removable bottom tray that gathers your bunny’s feces. The fences and the roof provide protection to your furry friends even if you decide to leave the hutch outside. The roof protects them from rain, while the fences do a fantastic job of protecting them against outside predators.



The assembling process is fairly easy. Although the manual doesn’t provide an estimated assembly time, some people claimed they managed to get it set up in less than 15 minutes.

The overall assembly is sturdy enough even for the weight of three rabbits pouncing and playing around all day. The chances of it breaking are extremely low.

With such a spacious design, you can rest assured that even three bunnies will fit in with no chance of them feeling trapped or mistreated.

Having a removable bottom tray is always a welcomed feature.



The black plastic on the removable trays can be sometimes hard to clean, especially if you live in an area with hard water, which is about 80% of the USA.

Depending on where you put the cage, it might get too dark inside and your furry friends might get scared. Leave it in a well-lit area or purchase interior lights for the cage.

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8. Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor


Yet another one of Aivituvin’s products managed to impress us as well as the users who have bought it. This one separates itself from the rest with its removable bottom net with a PVC board that’s both resistant and very easy to clean, no matter how hard or soft water is in your area. But one thing is even more impressive, and we didn’t see it on many other products.

This hutch has a waterproof asphalt roof. Yes, asphalt. The chances of water getting through are so small that we couldn’t even think of something to compare it with. As such, you can even place the hutch outdoors and never have to worry about rain affecting your precious little bunnies. And don’t worry, they won’t get out because it’s properly fenced all around.

And to top it all off, with this model, Aivituvin offers a 30-day return policy. So if you’re not satisfied with the product, you don’t risk any money.



The large indoor space can accommodate up to three rabbits fairly easily. On top of that, the separate spaces can be cleaned individually, so you won’t bother your rabbits.

The bottom tray is made out of PVC, which is easier to clean than the regular plastic or metal counterparts.

Who would’ve thought to build an asphalt roof? We didn’t, but this hutch comes with one and it does a phenomenal job of stopping water and UV rays from harming your bunnies.

The overall construction is sturdy and solid enough to withstand your bunnies jumping around and even a couple of minor hits without bending or breaking.



Depending on the quality of the shipping company’s service, the hutch might get damaged on the road. Some have reported getting several broken pieces out of the box.

The bottom tray might fall off on certain models due to a manufacturing error. If this happens to you, contact support right away.

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9. Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor Bunny Cage


Made with a 3-inch deep no-leakage pull-out tray and an impressive asphalt roof, this rabbit cage can easily accommodate two rabbits. The deeper tray is even better at preventing leaks than other models on the market that are usually shallower.

The shipping weight of this package is almost 50 pounds, but it’s worth it due to the cage’s sturdiness and impressive features.

This hutch is constructed from durable cypress fir which is naturally decay- and rot-resistant. This makes it perfect for people who care about the environment and for their bunnies at the same time.

The package comes with a free metal feeder and a chewing toy for your furry friends. The access doors and the included ramp are spacious enough to let even bigger rabbits fit through without breaking much sweat. Overall, it is a wonderful product that fully deserves the praise it gets from its users.



The asphalt roof does a phenomenal job of protecting your bunnies from water and UV rays, as well as provide enough heat inside the cage.

Once assembled correctly, the cage is extremely sturdy. Even if the shipping company does a terrible job with the delivery, the chances of the package being damaged are quite low.

It’s easy to clean, even when compared to other products on this list.

The cypress fir construction is eco-friendly and feels comfortable enough for your rabbit to live a happy life inside the hutch.



Despite there being a chewing toy, some rabbits have a natural tendency to chew on wood, so you might wake up to see scratches and splinters everywhere.

The wheels that are meant to go on the bottom of the cage require a little extra force to be pushed all the way in. So if you’re a little weak, it might be a good idea to call someone for help with assembly.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


The first thing you need to do even before considering to press the “buy” button is to search for indoor rabbit hutches reviews for the product you’re looking at. An indoor rabbit hutch review is oftentimes a little more credible than the marketing ploys that some companies tend to rely on to sell as many units as possible.


Space matters

The next thing you’ll want to check is the size. Both the exterior and interior spacing matter just as much. Obviously, the exterior space it takes up will impact where you can put it in your house. The interior spacing should be large enough to let the rabbit or rabbits jump around and play all day without feeling depressed or trapped.

Keep in mind how many rabbits you want to fit inside the cage and how much they can grow. Certain breeds can grow much bigger than others, so don’t forget about this factor. Otherwise, you might find that the cage you bought will be absolutely useless over a year or two after the initial purchase date, especially if you have a Flemish giant rabbit.

Also, no matter how big or small your rabbits are, make sure to get a hutch with multiple levels and a ramp that they can run on while they’re inside. They are very playful and energetic creatures, and if you deprive them of space or their need to play, they might get too sad. Rabbits have a tendency of dying early if these conditions are not met.


Materials, materials, materials

What material is the best indoor rabbit hutch made of? There’s no straight answer to this question, as all hutch materials are good enough in their own ways. However, the materials do come with their own pros and cons depending on where you’re going to store the hutch.

For instance, if you store it inside, a wooden hutch usually does the job as long as the rabbits don’t chew too much on it. A metal hutch is also great, as long as it’s coated with rust-resistant non-toxic paint. While the paint type might not matter to you, it matters a lot to the rabbit. If toxic paint is involved, it might kill or at least require you to send your rabbit to the vet.

Plastic hutches are also fine if used indoors. Outdoors, on the other hand, they can melt or bend if there’s too much sunlight, and if your bunny’s chewing instinct kicks in, you might need to take it to the vet afterward, because plastic is very toxic to them.


How many hutches should you buy?

This depends on the number of rabbits you’ve got, how big they are, and what you plan to do with them. If you want to breed them, you should separate them by categories: young males, young females, nursing females, and a hutch for rabbits that copulate. You should also get a separate quarantine hutch in this case, so you can separate sick rabbits from the healthy ones.

If you only have three rabbits and don’t plan on breeding them further, you can neuter them and put them in the same hutch, with the condition that the hutch is big enough to accommodate this many rabbits.


Don’t forget the accessories

Rabbits are very energetic and playful. You’ll want to keep them entertained for as long as you possibly can. In this case, buying a few chewing toys is an excellent idea. This will not only keep them distracted, but it will also prevent them from trying to chew the hutch’s interior walls.

You should also get a food bowl and water dispenser. Be careful not to get a feeding bowl that’s too light. Since rabbits have a tendency to jump around, they can stumble upon it and overturn it quite easily. Get a larger, heavier bowl that can hold more food and that won’t be tipped over as easily as the cheaper models.

The same goes for the water dispenser. Get one that has good ratings and install it carefully on the hutch. You do not want to get a water bowl. Same as with the food bowl, they’ll just jump around and tip it over. And when the water hits the hay floor, there’s no way to recover it, and your bunnies could go thirsty if you’re not around to replace the water.

You might also want to get a heated pad cover. These do a fine job of keeping your rabbits warm and fuzzy. Without realizing it, some portions of your house might be a little colder than others, and rabbits love warmth. This is a good way to ensure they will never get too cold for their liking.

Last but not least, get a urine guard. Some models from our above list already have a removable bottom tray, but if your hutch doesn’t have such a thing, you’ll be thankful for buying a urine guard. These will make your life much easier when cleaning the hutch and they will also reduce foul smells in time.


Bottom line

Take notes of the above suggestions and keep them handy the next time you want to purchase a rabbit hutch or rabbit cage. If you follow all the steps, your furry friends should be happy, thus living a little longer than they would otherwise.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can you keep a rabbit hutch indoors?

Yes, definitely. All the hutches we’ve reviewed so far are great for indoor use. In fact, it is generally better to keep rabbits indoors, especially during the cold season. That way, you will be able to look after them more prudently and intervene in case something bad happens. One more reason to do this is that keeping them inside also shelters them from rain.

Sure, there are outdoor hutches that have specially-made roofs that can withstand rain. But in case the rain gets out of hand, and if winds also start appearing, the hutch could be rolled over and your rabbits will suffer the consequences. So now you can hopefully see why keeping them indoors might actually be far more beneficial in the long run.

And you can always leave them to play inside your garden or backyard if they ever feel the need to go outside. So you won’t be missing much if you keep them indoors.


Q: Do indoor rabbits smell?

Not at all. Rabbits are very clean animals overall. The only way they could start smelling bad is if you leave their poop and urine for too long inside the waste tray beneath the hutch. If you plan on getting rabbits, it is your job to keep them clean and take care of them properly. If you notice foul smells coming from the rabbit hutch, it’s most likely because it wasn’t cleaned properly.

Scrub and use washing detergent when possible. Scrub the waste tray especially, since that will usually be the source of foul smells. You should also keep an eye on your rabbit’s poo. Rabbits usually eat their own poo, just like dogs, so you will notice more urine than feces. However, if you notice that your rabbit poops more than usual or has diarrhea, take it to the vet.

If you take this advice to heart and clean the rabbit’s cage often, no foul smells should ever haunt your house.


Q: What is the best housing for rabbits?

There is no definite answer to this, as some rabbit breeds have slightly different preferences than others. However, if you want to satisfy most breeds’ needs, a spacious rabbit hutch is by far the best way to go. Most of them have just what your rabbit needs: a spacious place to play that will keep it from venturing off under your bed or in your garbage bin.

If you train your rabbit long enough, you can eventually let it run inside your house. But this is a long and hard process, so in the meantime, it is better to keep it in a cage or a hutch. If your rabbit is small, such as a Netherland dwarf rabbit, you can keep it inside a smaller hutch and it will still have enough room to bounce and play around.

Just don’t forget the toys and ramps. They love climbing up and down ramps and they love chewing on toys for simply passing them around to keep themselves entertained.




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