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8 Best Hedgehog Foods – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 07.04.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Hedgehog Food + Reviews


If you want to get the best hedgehog food for your spiky pet, all you need to do is to read this paragraph, and you will learn about it right away. We focused on the most popular products on the market and compared them while taking into account reviews from buyers, sales figures, and other parameters. The winner is the Exotic Nutrition Hedgehog Complete, due to the excellent benefits it provides to these small and cute animals. First of all, you should know that this product is 100% natural and doesn’t contain any preservatives, colors, flavors, and so on. Also, it offers complete nutritional balance, as it combines the benefits of protein with other essential elements. Furthermore, the formula is fortified with extra vitamins and minerals. If you can’t find this product anymore, we have a second recommendation, the Pretty Pets Premium Hedgehog Food, which has almost the same numerous benefits for your pet’s health.



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8 Best Hedgehog Foods (Updated Reviews) in 2020



With so many options on the market, any hedgehog parent might experience a bit of anxiety while trying to pick something that pets will absolutely love. We are here to help you get rid of the guessing work and narrow down your selection. The following items are currently popular with pet owners and pets alike due to their excellent benefits.



1. Exotic Nutrition Hedgehog Complete


If you are looking to provide your pet with complete nutrition, look no further than this product. This pet hedgehog food is ideal for making sure that your dear companion receives excellent care and doesn’t end up gobbling down dangerous ingredients. Made with 100% natural ingredients, it is a choice that must be on top of your list.

You won’t find any of the cheap coloring, flavors, or preservatives, all from artificial sources, in this food. That is why you can rest assured that your pet’s health is in good health. While such chemical-based ingredients prolong the shelf life of various foods, if they are ingested regularly, they can lead to health issues.

Therefore, you should consider getting a natural formula, like this one, for your pet. It contains pellets made with high-value protein, as well as fresh grains, and mealworms, which, together, supply your hedgehog with everything he or she needs for perfect health.

Even more, the manufacturer thought about fortifying this formula with various vitamins and minerals that contribute, as well, to optimal nutrition. This also means that you can feed this food to your pet for longer times without any problems. Your hedgehog might just fall in love with it, too.



Regardless of the type of species your hedgehog belongs to, European, African, or Asian, this formula will provide all the needed nutrients for a balanced diet.

You will find none of the artificial flavors, preservatives, or other chemical-based ingredients in this formula, so your pet’s health is assured.

For complete nutrition, this formula includes protein, fresh grains, and dried mealworms, all excellent sources of nutrients that help your hedgehog live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Scientifically blended vitamins and minerals contribute to the high nutritional value of this food for hedgehogs that veterinarians highly recommend.

Furthermore, it contains amino acids, fiber, and digestive enzymes that are indispensable to a complete diet for hedgehogs kept as pets.



While it is true that this formula is all-natural and contains superior ingredients, premium products like this one usually come with a price tag that’s higher than most similar products, and this is no exception.

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2. Pretty Pets Premium Hedgehog Food


In their natural environment, hedgehogs mainly feed on insects, but it can be challenging to get enough of such food for your pet to get proper nutrition. Therefore, this manufacturer thought about supplying you with a solution that doesn’t rely on insects and also takes all the guessing work away from the decision of getting a good quality food for your hedgehog.

Based mainly on vegetable sources, this food is an excellent option for ensuring that your pet gets enough protein every day. A hedgehog living in the wild could pick the right insects and balance his or her diet based on natural instincts. However, if you decide to supply the same source of protein, you might also include too much fat without knowing it. That is why a formula like this one is perfect.

With ingredients such as ground corn, poultry meal, ground oats, potato protein, and beet pulp fiber, this food offers your hedgehog the possibility to get extremely varied nutrients, something that counts for optimal health.

Keeping the content of fat in your hedgehog’s food to a minimum, this formula succeeds in providing some much-needed enzymes and amino acids, too.



Delivered as 3-pound bags, this food is ideal for pet parents who want to get a good deal without sacrificing the nutritional value of the product they opt for.

Rich in proteins, amino acids, and enzymes, the formula ensures that your hedgehog will lead a long, happy life without health issues.

Another significant advantage is that the vegetable sources used for obtaining the needed protein in a hedgehog’s diet also manage to maintain fat levels low so that your pet doesn’t become overweight.

Feeding your pet insects every day can be very inconvenient, and you wouldn’t have the ability to choose the right ones, anyway, which is why this formula is a great pick.

It must be mentioned that it is fortified with extra ingredients that ensure that your pet receives enough fiber, vitamins, and minerals.



Bear in mind that the smell of this food, as attractive as it might be for hedgehogs, can be overpowering for the human nose.

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3. Vitakraft VitaSmart Fortified Nutrition Hedgehog Food


Not everyone can get premium foods at premium prices, which is why we include this affordable hedgehog food in our selection. Unlike other formulas that obtain the required protein for a hedgehog’s diet from vegetable sources, this one is based on insects, which is the same as the natural food such animals consume in the wild.

Besides the high content of protein, this food also contains other ingredients that contribute to your pet’s optimal health. For instance, it is rich in natural oils that are excellent for prolonging a pet’s lifespan. You will find in it omega fatty acids, as well as flax seeds, which will prove their effects on how nice and healthy your pet’s skin and coat will look.

A great advantage is that this food is considered tasty by hedgehogs, so you will experience fewer problems with pets that are usually picky and difficult to convince to eat something new.

You will like the fact that this food is made in the US so that you can expect excellent quality at a fair price. With a focus on wellness and optimal health, this food for hedgehogs can be fed daily to your pet, and deliver long-lasting benefits.



Vital nutrients are included in this formula, specially designed to ensure your hedgehog with perfectly balanced nutrition for a long time.

The content of omega fatty acids contributes to a long lifespan, and also reflects in how beautiful and healthy your pet’s skin and coat will look.

Hedgehogs appear to like this formula very much, which is an extra benefit, seeing how some pets are almost always difficult to convince to consume certain foods.

Proudly made in the US, it offers the advantages of a formula created with your pet’s optimal health in mind.

Since it contains protein obtained from insects, this formula is as close as possible to the type of diet a hedgehog consumes in the wild.



This formula contains pellets, too, but one problem that seems to occur to some degree is that these pellets crumble and become dust, so challenging to use for daily feeding.

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4. Exotic Nutrition Hedgie Bugs & Veggie Treat


A good mix of nutrients is always a good idea if you want to make sure that your pet receives nothing but an optimal diet. Therefore, this manufacturer created this formula, praised by all the hedgehog food reviews. It contains both dried insects, the perfect source of protein for hedgehogs, and a plethora of vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

One thing that makes this food different from others is that it can be served dried or you can rehydrate it so that your hedgehog can enjoy a moist meal, as well. Excellent attention to detail makes the formula stand out from the crowd, as the manufacturer tried to recreate the same diet hedgehogs feed on when they live in the wild.

Also, it must be mentioned that this food is basically a treat that you can use for more than just nutrition. For instance, hedgehogs living in captivity need physical exercise, and they can be stimulated to move more if you hide these treats and encourage them to forage to find them.

These treats are healthy, so you don’t have to worry that your pet will become overweight unless overfed. Always reward your spiky pet with some tasty treat to show him or her your love.



Since it’s made with protein from insects, and plenty of healthy veggies, this type of treat is ideal for supplementing your pet’s daily diet.

The treats are tasty, and hedgehogs will love them, which offers the advantage of offering a more varied diet so that your pet never gets bored.

Along the same lines, these treats are the ideal size to hide them inside toys for hedgehogs, to stimulate your pet’s natural foraging instincts.

Your pet will also put his or her teeth and jaws to good use while munching on these treats, something that’s important for the dental health of this species.

They come in dry form, but you can rehydrate them and offer them to your pet this way, for variety, or whenever a moist meal is needed.



You must bear in mind that these are treats and shouldn’t replace a hedgehog’s normal diet, as indulging too much in them may cause your pet to gain weight.

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5. Wormy Worms Premium Hedgehog Food


In their natural environment, hedgehogs mainly eat insects, which is why manufacturers often focus on delivering formulas that are as close to that as possible. In this case, it appears that this company went the extra mile and created a particular mix of ingredients based on all the food hedgehogs love to eat in the wild.

The formula contains dried mealworms, something that many other foods are based on, but also silkworms, locusts, and crickets, all insects that hedgehogs naturally eat. That also means that you will manage to vary the diet you provide to your pet every day so that he and she can live a long and happy life.

Even more, the food is fortified with extra nutrients, such as vitamins and omega fatty acids. They all play an essential role in ensuring that your pet receives optimal nutrition every day, so there will be nothing amiss from their regular diet.

It should also be said that this formula is created by a licensed hedgehog breeder, and the manufacturer attests that all the hedgehogs raised in its facilities like this food. Therefore, there is a good chance that even your picky eater will take to this food.



With 5 different insects included in this formula, it is probably the closest to the type of diet a hedgehog lives on in the wild.

Your hedgehog will also enjoy and welcome this diversity in his or her diet, as that is the recipe for long healthy living and getting most of the nutrients required.

Offering more volume of food than the dried varieties, this product ensures that you’re getting a good deal for your money.

Because a licensed hedgehog breeder created this formula, you may notice that even the pickiest pet can be convinced to try it.

It contains more than just insects, as it comes fortified with omega fatty acids and vitamins, all crucial nutrients for perfect nutrition.



Although it’s a pretty good option for offering your pet a complete diet, it should be mentioned that it costs more than other products on the market.

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6. Spikes World Ltd Spikes Semi-moist Hedgehog Food


Hedgehogs of all ages seem to appreciate this food a great deal, which is essential, seeing how you can get a formula that the entire family of hedgehogs you’re raising can enjoy. There is a significant advantage that can’t be overlooked, either. It is semi-moist, so it may be easier to digest, especially by younger hedgehogs.

Dry foods are convenient, but they do not always supply a hedgehog with all the needed variety and nutrition, which is why it’s such a great thing to have some semi-moist food to supplement the other foods. It is even recommended to do so, in case you have other foods from the same company.

A significant advantage is that hedgehogs appear to find it tasty, so there might not be many that will reject it. Based on chicken, it is a great treat, too, and the high-quality protein offered will ensure that your pet gets what he or she needs from the daily diet.

A bag is big enough for feeding a mature hedgehog for about one month, which means that you won’t risk investing in food that goes stale and that it will be as fresh as it can be each time you give it to your pet.



This formula contains good quality protein obtained from chicken meat, so the foundation of healthy nutrition is assured right from the start.

You can purchase a bag for one month, to see how your hedgehog tolerates it, without throwing money on a product that would run stale while stored away.

An excellent advantage is that you can mix it with other foods, or you can just use it as the regular food that you feed to your hedgehog every day.

It is an ideal choice for pets of any age, which means that mature hedgehogs, as well as baby hedgehogs,  will have no issues with this semi-moist food.

Pet parents appreciate that it appears to be easier to digest, something essential when you’re switching your pet from one food to another.



Be aware that your hedgehog’s waste might start to smell worse than usual; however, that shouldn’t be a reason to worry as that happens when switching foods.

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7. SPIKES ULTRA Premium Hedgehog Food


Some pet parents want to spoil their pets by giving them premium food, and if you belong to this category and also own a hedgehog, this food is right up your alley. Based on chicken meat as the source of protein, it is also appreciated by hedgehogs who like its taste.

The manufacturer takes pride in using whole chicken meat for this food, and not only chicken meal as other products on the market. Besides whole chicken meat, the formula also contains whole brown rice. These sources of nutrients are easy to digest by a hedgehog’s stomach, another vital health aspect you should consider.

It is essential to mention that the protein is also mixed with vitamins and minerals to ensure that your pet gets all the vital nutrients. Obtained through a particular process that uses just friction as a source of heat, it doesn’t cause any digestive problems and, on the contrary, helps with such methods for extracting all the nutrients.

The percentages speak for themselves. There is at least 35% protein in this formula, and also, the 12% fiber is crucial to mention. Since this food also contains 12% moisture, it is an excellent promoter of digestion, too.



This premium food for hedgehogs is made with premium ingredients so that you can truly spoil your beloved pet.

Using nothing but whole chicken meat, whole brown rice, and other excellent sources of nutrients, it is above many options on the market.

As the manufacturer uses only friction for cooking the ingredients, there is no loss of nutrients, ensuring that your pet makes the best out of this food.

Fortified with various vitamins and minerals, as well as many other nutrients, this formula truly manages to ensure complete nutrition for your pet.

Highly digestible, this food is ideal for pets that experience digestive problems, without sacrificing the need for protein and other vital ingredients.



The packaging appears to have some problems, as it splits too quickly and cannot be sealed back; the solution is to transfer the food into a sealable container.

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8. Sunseed Company Trail Mix Treat for Hedgehogs


Hedgehogs love to forage for foods, but that’s not something you can easily recreate the conditions for when you keep them as pets. That is why an excellent solution is to hide some treats and let them discover them. This package of different mix treats is your ideal choice if that’s something you want. Besides proper nutrition, hedgehogs will also get the necessary exercise to keep in shape and good health.

Since they contain high-quality protein, the treats are particularly appealing for your hedgehog. In this formula, you will find mealworms, as well as some vegetables and fruits, like celery and strawberries. It must be noted that the recipe doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

Each bag is 2.5 ounces, and you will get 5 of them so that you have enough to stretch day after day, to supplement your hedgehog’s regular diet. It will be a reward for your pet, but you will feel rewarded, too, when you see him or her happily searching for food.

The treats are made in the US, an important aspect since you know you can trust the quality of the ingredients, and that the highest care and attention was paid during the manufacturing process.



This exciting selection of trail mix treats will help your hedgehog get the daily dose of foraging and physical activity so that he or she can maintain a healthy weight.

A stimulant for a hedgehog’s instincts, this kind of treat is made from high-quality ingredients that ensure proper nutrition.

Its primary source of protein is mealworms, so the food is very similar to what hedgehogs usually eat in their natural environment.

You will find no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in this food, so you don’t have to worry about your pet’s health.

The content of celery and strawberries adds to the appeal of these treats for hedgehogs that like variety in their diet.



Be aware of the content of fruits in this trail mix, as it can be a source of natural sugar which, consumed in large quantities, can cause your hedgehog to gain weight; the solution is to hide the treat to foster natural foraging instincts.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide



Have you considered getting some hedgehog food for your favorite spiky friend? Trying to hunt down insects and feed them to him or her is hardly a sustainable solution, which is why buying specialized food for such pets is highly recommended. Here are some guidelines that will help you pick some good quality food for your hedgehog.



A source of protein is paramount

To understand what formula from the many readily available would be a good pick for your pet, you should first take a look at what hedgehogs normally eat in their natural environment. You will quickly see that the foundation of a good diet should be a source of protein.

Hedgehogs are insectivores, but this doesn’t mean that the formula you pick should contain only such sources of protein. There are various choices on the market. You can get dried mealworms, for instance, or dried insects. However, premium foods opt for other sources of protein, such as whole chicken meat.

These cute animals are not as pretentious as you might think, but they do appreciate a bit of variety in what protein you feed them. For instance, there can be protein obtained from vegetable sources that also works for them. That is helpful, especially if you have hedgehogs with a tendency to become overweight.

In regards to variety, you should also bear in mind that feeding your hedgehog the same food every day might not be healthy. A formula with multiple ingredients is a solution to this issue, without a doubt. In nature, hedgehogs know what insects to eat to balance their diet, and to regulate the intake of fat, which is one of the issues you, as a pet owner, you must be aware of.


Other ingredients that help

It could be easy to get some insect-based food and be done with it, but let’s not forget that hedgehogs, although they eat mostly insects, don’t shy away from other foods, of vegetal provenience. That means that if you find a food that also includes some much-needed vitamins and minerals obtained from fruits and vegetables, it is a sure winner.

Also, you should check for formulas that are fortified with various nutrients, like the ones mentioned earlier. Hedgehogs can take great advantage of omega fatty acids, which are present in natural oils and seeds. For perfect health, such additions are more than welcome.

Even more, since vegetables and fruits add some moisture, these products are great to serve as baby hedgehog food, as the younger ones have a more delicate digestive system.


A word on treats

As variety is essential for balanced nutrition, you will find yourself tempted to get some treats for your hedgehogs. When these are made with natural ingredients and add something to the daily nutrition, they are fine, but you should bear in mind that overindulging can lead to your hedgehog becoming overweight.

It is a better idea to hide the treats in such a manner that your hedgehog will feel motivated to forage for them. Not only your pet will get the necessary variety in his or her diet, but also some much-needed exercise. Hedgehogs raised in captivity have less motivation to move enough to maintain a good healthy weight, so that is why such small tricks involving treats are required.

Treats are also good as a source of energy. Some foods might make your pet lethargic, which, in turn, will create a vicious cycle that will result in an overfed hedgehog that doesn’t move much. With the help of treats, you can make your pet feel happier and healthier.


What you should always say ‘no’ to

No matter how tempted you might feel to get some cheap hedgehog food, it is always a good idea to check the list of ingredients. If there are mostly natural ingredients there, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you see that the formula contains many preservatives, as well as artificial flavors and colors, you should stay away from those.

They are there only to prolong shelf life for the product, but, unfortunately, they are not good at all for your pet. A hedgehog can develop allergies, and even suffer from various health issues after being fed a poor diet for a long time.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What should a hedgehog eat?

A hedgehog should have enough protein in his or her diet, as that makes the foundation of proper nutrition. However, these cute pets also need a good source of fiber, as well as many vitamins and minerals. Just like humans, they appreciate a varied diet, and not because it tastes good.

The more varied a hedgehog’s diet is, the more enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals are included. All these together contribute to the maintenance of a hedgehog’s health. So, mealworms, insects, other sources of protein, as well as vegetables and grains, can and should be present in your hedgehog’s daily meals.



Q: How often should you feed your hedgehog?

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, so they rarely wake up during the day to eat. Therefore, pet parents might find themselves in a bit of a conundrum when they must decide how and when to feed their hedgehogs.

The unitary view appears to be the following routine. Most pet owners will set a bowl of food for the hedgehog to eat in the evening. When the hedgehog wakes up, the food is ready, and he or she can eat as much as it’s needed. Usually, there is no need to replace the bowl until the following evening, so don’t worry about waking up in the middle of the night to feed your pet.


Q: Do hedgehogs tend to overeat?

For hedgehogs raised in captivity, this question is legit. However, while hedgehogs can get overweight, it is not usually from overeating, although there can be cases. In the wild, hedgehogs will eat twice a night, filling their stomachs, so they typically know how much to eat.

The problem appears with the kind of ingredients included in the food you use to feed your hedgehog. If there’s too much fat or too much sugar, it will surely have an impact on your pet’s weight. Also, the lack of activity can have a negative effect, as well, so make sure your pet gets enough physical activity.


Q: What foods should I not feed my hedgehog?

It is preferable to opt for a hedgehog formula instead of using just any leftovers or other foods. There are plenty of foods that can hurt your hedgehog’s digestive system. For instance, it is a known fact that dairy of any kind is not suitable for hedgehogs. Also, while some fruits like berries are well tolerated, others like raisins, grapes, and pineapples, as well as any citrus fruits, are a definite no-no.

Your pet should also stay clear from certain foods like garlic, onions, mushrooms, canned meat, insects purchased from bait shops (as they can contain pesticides and chemicals).


Q: Can hedgehogs eat cat food?

You might have heard other hedgehog owners talking about feeding their spiky pets with cat food. That’s not an entirely bad idea since cat foods tend to have the right protein to fat ratio, as long as they are, of course, made with good quality ingredients.

However, you should be aware of certain aspects. For instance, you should stay away from fish-based cat food. Also, some trial and error have proved over time that premium cat foods seem to work best as they align correctly with the particular needs and balance of fat and protein ideal for hedgehogs.




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