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8 Best Hedgehog Beddings – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 07.04.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Hedgehog Bedding + Reviews


If you are looking to learn more about what the best hedgehog bedding is, you have arrived in the right place. After analyzing the quality and the usability of several of the best products present on the market right now, we have made a list with our top picks that will make your job easier in choosing the right bedding for your little pet. We have concluded that the product you might want to get is the Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Small Animal Bedding, a product that offers more than your tiny hedgehog has ever dreamed of. It is made of very soft paper and it has highly absorbent properties that always ensure a dry environment for your pet. It is capable of absorbing twice as much as wood shaving bedding and it is odor-free as well as dust-free. However, if you have any problem finding or ordering this product, a great option is the Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding.



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8 Best Hedgehog Beddings (Updated Reviews) in 2020



If you are looking for a great hedgehog bedding review, you will be able to find it here. We know that choosing what is right for your tiny hedgehog can be difficult, especially when time is limited and the options are overwhelming. That is why we have made a list of top products and analyzed them for you.



1. Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Small Animal Bedding


The Clean & Cozy bedding from Kaytee is a great choice you can make if you want to provide your hedgehog with maximum comfort and a sanitary environment. It is amazing for adult hedgehogs, but, at the same time, it is a great choice for a hedgehog baby bedding that will make your pet’s life wonderful.

It is made of paper and, of all the hedgehog bedding types on the market right now, this is the one that absorbs the most moisture. It can absorb 6 times its own weight, meaning that it can absorb twice as much as wood shavings and your little friend’s environment will always be dry.

This hedgehog bedding is taking softness to the next level, encouraging your tiny friend to nest and burrow. It is 99.9 percent dust-free and Kaytee guarantees its odor control properties. These odor control properties are given by their high absorption properties.

This bedding is white and it makes the cage and the environment that your hedgehog lives in look very neat and cozy. It can be used for a variety of small pets, like bunnies and chinchillas, not only for hedgehogs, and the materials that it is made of are approved by the FDA.



This product has some qualities that, put together, make it a great choice to offer your hedgehog a heavenly environment. First of all, it is very soft, a quality that offers comfort to your hedgehog, meaning that it will get more rest and it will feel like it is always pampered.

The fact that the bedding can absorb 6 times its weight is a big plus. Nobody said that it will need to, but it means that the absorption property is at its highest and it will ensure that the environment is always dry. 

The fact that it absorbs that much moisture makes the bedding odor-free. This property is essential and it will allow you to change the bedding in the cage less often.



There’s the risk that it can attach itself to the carpet, but if you keep it in the cage, you will have no problem with this.

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2. Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding


The Vitakraft Fresh World Bedding is designed to reduce the time you spend cleaning the cage that your pet friend lives in. It is designed to absorb bad odors so that, if you regularly clean the spots that your hedgehog uses as litter, you can keep the bedding in the cage for as long as 14 days without feeling any bad smells.

The bedding is made of recycled paper which is biodegradable and also compostable, making it a great choice if you want to purchase environmentally friendly products. It is very soft and it can absorb up to three times its weight in liquid. You need to use up to 3 inches of bedding inside the cage so that it offers its maximum qualities.

Vitakraft has designed its product to not attract dust and managed to make it 99.5 percent dust-free. The company also didn’t use any baking soda and was able to come up with a formula that offers the same benefits with less toxicity for your hedgehog.

It can be used for all sorts of small animals like guinea pigs, bunnies and hamsters, assuring that the environment that your pet sleeps in is clean and comfortable at the same time.



This product is 100 percent made of recycled paper that is also compostable and biodegradable, making it an amazing way to reuse resources and reduce waste and take care of our environment as much as you take care of your hedgehog’s environment.

It is very absorbent and odor-free, meaning that you can change the bedding as rarely as twice a month, saving time as well as reducing your monthly expenses.

The fact that the product does not contain baking soda is an amazing feature that ensures your hedgehog’s health. Baking soda can often cause respiratory problems among hedgehogs and this product comes with fewer risks of your hedgehog getting sick.



It does not have a great color. However, some might say that it mimics the natural environment of your hedgehog, so that is not such a bad thing, considering that you have to do your best to ensure that your hedgehog’s home is very similar to what nature is offering.

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3. Pulse Brands Disposable Cage Liners for Small Animals


This product is actually a cage liner which can be used underneath the loose bedding. It is a great product made of 5 layers that ensure the super absorbent properties. The purpose of this liner is not to allow any liquid to touch the cage and it is designed in such a way to prevent leaks. 

The layer on top is quilted in such a way that it prevents streaming, it dries out very quickly and it also reduces odors. The layers underneath have a spongy texture and have the features needed to transform any liquid into gel. The bottom layer is made of plastic, which ensures that the gel-like substance does not touch the floor of the cage, keeping it clean.

It is 22 inches long and 22 inches wide and it has a border made of plastic that ensures that liquid does not leak outside. It is foldable so that it can fit into any cage size and it can also be cut if you are not a fan of folding. It is very easy to clean, it weighs less than a pound and it is a great choice for any type of small pets.



This liner has a 1.5-inch plastic border which is great because it does not allow any leakage on the cage floor.

The fact that is has 5 layers, every one of them with a well-defined purpose, ensures that the cage will always be kept in sanitary conditions. This is because of the upper layer that dries quickly and because of the layers that transform the liquid into a gel. The bottom layer, however, ensures that the gel does not touch the floor of the cage.

It does not retain bad odor and it does not keep moisture inside the cage so that the floor cage is always dry and clean. 



Most cages are rectangular, but this pad is square-shaped. You have to fold it to fit inside the cage. It is probably better to fold it than to cut it because the layers come apart.

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4. Kaytee Soft Granule Blend Bedding for Pet Cages


This is an awesome hedgehog cage bedding for people who prefer beddings made of wood shavings. It is suitable for hedgehogs and other small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and rats, as well as for reptiles and small birds, or any miniature pets that you have to keep in a cage.

It is 99.9 percent dust-free, like most products from Kaytee and it is very soft, offering your hedgehog a cozy feeling. The wood it is made of is highly absorbent, as it can absorb up to 3 times its weight in liquid and it is considered ecologically friendly.

The wood fibers have been transformed in such a way to offer your hedgehog a soft bedding that will make its time inside the cage unforgettable. It is naturally scented and its smell is wonderful, not too much so that it does not cause respiratory problems, but enough to prevent bad smells. It is also colored. 

It lasts for a longer time than bedding produced by other brands and, even though it has a lavender scent, it does not contain dried lavender petals. You can change it every week if you clean the used spots and you will not notice any bad smell coming from the cage.



If you use it properly, you will have to change the bedding only once a week.

It is 99.9 percent dust-free. This is great if you are allergic to house dust, but it is also great because it prevents any respiratory problems that you hedgehog might have because of mites that live in the dust present inside your home.

It is highly absorbent, preventing moisture from stalling inside the cage, a property that allows the wood shavings not to smell very bad.

The lavender scent prevents bad odors as well and the fact that it is natural is great for preventing health problems.



Some hedgehogs can be sensitive to the lavender scent, even if it is natural. You should first try to use it in a corner of the cage and see if your tiny friend has a problem with it. If not, you can safely use it inside the cage in the long run.

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5. Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding


For people who want to provide their pet hedgehog with natural products that are not scented, this is the product to buy. It is made of paper that hasn’t been used or printed before, nor has it been bleached. It is very safe and it has no added chemicals that can be harmful to your pet. 

The paper is not made of trees, but instead, the manufacturers produce it from left-over food-grade material, so you can say that this bedding is environmentally friendly. This bedding is made for small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, chinchillas, rats, and hamsters. It is very comfortable for your small friend and it is also very soft. 

It reduces bad smells and it is very absorbent, leaving the cage dry and clean. If your pet is used to chew on its bedding, this product is safe because it is 100 percent natural and it has no harmful additives. It has a compact packaging and, after you open it, it expands in volume becoming 3 times larger than its initial size.

It is a lot softer than wood shaving bedding and your hedgehog’s feet will love it because it won’t harm them.



The fact that this product is made from paper that hasn’t been bleached and that it is virgin, meaning that it has never been printed, is a great asset this product has. This means that it has no chemical residues that can cause respiratory problems to your hedgehog. Also, if your hedgehog will chew on it it won’t do any harm.

It is very soft and it will create a comfortable environment for your little friend. 

It is very absorbent and it removes bad odors, which means that you won’t have to change it every day.

Also, the packaging system reduces the storage space so it will not occupy a lot of room.



It is not scented and it does not use any chemicals to reduce odor, so it relies only on its absorbent properties. Some people might find that it is not as effective compared to other products. However, the fact that it is 100 percent natural compensates for this minus.

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6. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Scented Small Animal Bedding


This affordable hedgehog bedding from Kaytee is, as we have said before, a more than decent choice that you can make for your pet hedgehog. It is made of a material that can absorb 6 times its size in liquid and it will always keep your pet’s cage clean. 

It’s better than bedding made of wood shavings because it absorbs twice as much liquid. However, you have to change it once a week and clean the cage to make sure that bacteria don’t spread. 

It is very soft and it creates a cozy environment for your pet. You can use it for your hedgehog, as well as for bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, and chinchillas. It weighs 3.1 pounds and, ideally, you have to use as much as you need to have a substrate of 1 to 3 inches of bedding inside the cage.

Kaytee makes all its products 99.9 percent dust-free and this bedding comes with an odor-control guarantee. It doesn’t contain chemicals that can be harmful to your hedgehog and it has a natural apple spice scent that makes the cage smell amazing. However, the smell is soft so that it doesn’t harm your little friend’s respiratory system.



The absorption capacity of this bedding is very high, so it will keep the cage your hedgehog lives in very clean because it does not promote moisture retention. 

Kaytee has come up with such a high quality that they have managed to make the product 99.9 percent dust-free. This is great because it will prevent your hedgehog from developing respiratory problems and it will keep your home mites-free, a great feature if you are allergic to house dust.

It will keep the cage odor-free and the apple spice scent is soft enough not to choke you or your tiny pet friend. 

It is versatile as it can be used for all small pets and rodents as it does not contain toxic chemicals.



The added scent might be too much for some buyers. However, it is made of natural sources and it does not harm your pet.

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7. Carefresh Small Pet Bedding


Carefresh Bedding is a cheap hedgehog bedding that rises up to the high standards that every hedgehog owner is looking for when it comes to providing a comfortable and sanitary environment for hedgehogs. It is an all-natural bedding made of paper.

The paper is made from scratch from fibers and not from paper that has been printed before. You will be able to keep the cage smelling fresh for up to 10 days because the manufacturers have provided this bedding with a system that eliminates bad odor. However, this doesn’t mean that you do not need to clean the cage daily of the used parts.

It has an absorbing capacity 2 times bigger than what the wood shavings can absorb and so you can be sure that your little friend’s cage is always dry. It can be used for small pets like hedgehogs, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats, and hamsters.

It does not retain dust and it comes in different colors, depending on how you want to decorate your hedgehog’s cage. As well as humans, hedgehogs love soft surroundings, especially when it comes to their feet and bellies, so your pet will definitely love the Carefresh Bedding. 



This bedding has a great property, it keeps the cage environment odorless for 10 days, which reduces your costs as well as the time you have to spend cleaning.

It has highly absorbent properties that keep moisture away. As you may know, moisture is the number one environment that bacteria and microbes like to live in, so the fact that the cage is always dry will keep diseases away.

It does not retain dust, making the environment safe for hedgehogs because they can develop respiratory diseases when there is too much house dust around.

It is not scented, so your hedgehog will love it because it will make the cage resemble its natural environment.

It is very soft and does not resemble bedding made from wood shavings. It will not scratch your hedgehog’s soft parts.



Because of the large production, the bedding color might differ or be mixed with small parts of bedding that has a different color from the original.

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8. Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding


The Critter Care is perfect for hedgehogs because it is made of natural paper that does not harm the health of your tiny friend and makes the environment of the cage that it spends so much time in feel like a constant holiday resort.

The paper fibers are compressed in a package that weighs 12.5 liters, but it can expand up to 30 liters. It is highly absorbent and it doubles its size, being capable of absorbing 3 times its weight in liquid.

It is made of reclaimed wood fibers which make the product an environmentally friendly one. It is also biodegradable and compostable after use. It has the capacity to conceal the smell of urine which is produced by the ammonia present in it, keeping your hedgehog’s home smelling clean, meaning that your own home will also be ammonia scent-free.

It is very soft and it will not harm your hedgehog’s soft skin. It feels very comfortable to touch and it is cozy and fresh. Your tiny friend will love to spend its time in the cage while playing and burrowing in the bedding. It doesn’t have any scented chemicals to make it smell better, it just goes with the natural smell of the material it is made of.



The bedding is dust-free, so this means that your hedgehog will be kept away from respiratory problems, it means that the cage will be cleaner and it also means that it is a great choice for people who have house dust allergies.

It is capable of annihilating the bad odor coming from the ammonia inside the urine without using any harmful chemicals that might hurt your pet.

It neutralizes a lot of moisture and absorbs liquid, being capable of absorbing twice as much as beddings made of wood shavings and keeping your pet away from diseases.

The materials it is made of are all-natural, the paper is made from wood fibers and not from paper that has been previously chemically treated.



It is not scented. For some people, this may be a good thing, but for others, who like the cage of their pet smelling like lavender, for example, it might be a minus. It depends only on your preference.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Hedgehogs are very cute animals that make great pets for people who want a little friend to make them smile. However, don’t think that the fact that it is very small makes it easier to take care of. They have special needs and, just like guinea pigs, rats or rabbits, they need a cage and you have to provide them with appropriate bedding. 

As you have probably read in our hedgehog bedding reviews, there are different types like the hedgehog fleece bedding, for example, which is very comfortable. Also, there are beddings made of paper which are very hygienic and easy to use. The fleece bedding for hedgehog owners might be comfortable for the tiny pet but hard to take care of.

However, you don’t need to worry, as, in this guide, you will find out everything you need to know to find the best bedding for hedgehog lovers so that you will be sure that your tiny friend has the maximum comfort.

The role of hedgehog bedding

The hedgehog is a small animal that is used to living in woodlands and grasslands and is used to be free and travel long distances to find food. As much as you let it walk freely inside your home, it will be hard to mimic its natural lifestyle, and that is why it is important to compensate and to recreate its natural environment at least when it comes to the cage.

But what is the actual role of the bedding? Imagine that you would have to sleep on the floor with nothing on it. Imagine how comfortable it would be. You might get used to it, but, most certainly, you would not like it. Soon you would buy cushions and a comfortable mattress. 

The same is for hedgehogs. They can get used to sleeping on the cage’s floor, but that doesn’t mean that it is the best choice for them. And remember, the hedgehog is your friend and you have to take care of it as much as you can. Hedgehogs spend a lot of time inside the cage and it is necessary to make them comfortable and provide a sanitary environment.


The materials that hedgehog beddings are made of

Pine shavings

Pine shavings are a great material for hedgehog bedding because it is natural and mimics its natural environment and it is a very healthy choice for your tiny friend. Usually, it is not scented, the manufacturers don’t usually apply essential oils on this material and it is very healthy for the hedgehog’s respiratory system.


Cedar shavings

Cedar shavings are not among the most appreciated products for hedgehog owners because cedar has a strong scent that some people do not enjoy. It is known that it can cause respiratory and allergic problems to hedgehogs.

However, many people use it for their pets because it is very cheap compared to other products made from other materials. It is important to determine if this material is safe for your hedgehog and, if you like its scent as well, you can purchase it.


Paper granule

This is a great choice when it comes to buying bedding for your hedgehog pet. It is very soft and many buyers consider it to be the most absorbent of them all. That is why many manufacturers decide to produce bedding made of this material.

The safety factor and odor control

One of the factors you have to consider when it comes to bedding is the material it is made of and if it is treated with any chemicals. Usually, your hedgehog pet will accept almost anything that can increase its comfort, but it is essential not to wait until you see that it has respiratory problems or skin rashes. 

Always check the label and see if there are any chemicals that might affect your hedgehog’s health. If you are not sure, ask your vet. However, a great choice is always natural. 

It is not anything new that hedgehogs can make their cage smell horrifying. So it is important to try to purchase bedding that has natural capacities to control and reduce bad odor. In our hedgehog bedding reviews, you can read all about the products and choose what you think is best.


Absorbent and dust-free properties

Usually, the bedding can have natural absorbent properties as well as added ones, just like the odor-free beddings. Hedgehogs usually urinate inside their cage and these two qualities come hand in hand, the power to absorb the urine and to reduce its bad smell.

It is also important for the bedding not to collect dust, because, even if you change the bedding often, too much dust can cause your hedgehog to have respiratory problems. Also, it is hard to take care of and, if you are allergic to house dust, your symptoms might get worse.




Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q: How often should you change your hedgehog’s bedding?

If you already have a hedgehog, you probably know how often it pees or how fast the bedding starts to smell very bad. It is important to understand that, even if the bedding has odor-free properties, you still have to change it because it is not sanitary for your tiny friend to sleep in its own urine for a long time. 

However, every bedding is different and every hedgehog is different. So it is important to observe its habits, to observe how your hedgehog reacts to the bedding and how the bedding works. 

Most owners like to check the bedding every day and clean the feces and dirty parts. Still, a change of bedding once a week is mandatory, even if you decide to clean it every day. You should always clean the cage as well after you take the old bedding out so that you keep the environment as sanitary as possible.

Q: How much bedding does a hedgehog need?

How much bedding you have to use depends on the type of bedding. If you think that shavings are best for your hedgehog, the bedding should be 3 inches thick. 

Every brand recommends different amounts to be used but usually, if the bedding layer is thicker, it provides your hedgehog with more comfort. This is a good thing, as one of every owner’s purposes is to make their hedgehog happy. A thicker layer also allows your tiny pet to engage in rooting activities that make it happier and, therefore, healthier.

Even if a thick layer of bedding might seem like a waste of money, remember what your purpose is. Of course, your hedgehog can also survive without any bedding, but is that what you want to do? You do not want to torture your pet, you want to give it a home, so think about how it would be to be obliged to sleep on the floor without any bedding, as a human.


Q: What are the differences between hedgehog beddings?

The most important difference between the hedgehog beddings is the material that they are made of. The best are the ones that are made of natural materials, such as wood, but different types of wood can harm your hedgehog more than do them good, like cedar shavings.

You can also buy paper products that are usually made of recycled paper and recycled newspapers. The absorbent properties can differ among products as well as the odor-free properties. The most important thing is for the bedding to be safe for your pet.

Their ability to not disintegrate when they are wet also makes a difference, as some paper bedding can lack this ability, depending on the quality of the product. Fleece bedding is the most comfortable and the most absorbent, but you should consider the fact that it does not recreate a hedgehog’s natural environment. It depends on you if you want to do that or not.




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