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7 Best Hamster Wheels – Reviews & Analysis          

Last Updated: 28.02.20


Top Wheels for Hamsters  – Guide & Comparison


Here you can see what products are recommended and you can decide which is the best hamster wheel for your small friend. This simple task could be tough if you don’t have a lot of experience with these furry pets and are not sure what is the right fit. Our team invested plenty of time and thoroughly checked a large number of models as well as hamster wheel reviews so we could give you some useful pieces of advice. Having the pros and cons of each hamster wheel considered, our number one recommendation is the Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner 9” Exercise Wheel for Hamsters. This hamster spinning wheel is really quiet as it has two stainless steel ball-bearings that spin around the bolt as the wheel moves. Furthermore, it completely disassembles for cleaning and it has no pieces for your hamster to hit while running. If this product is not available, you might want to consider the Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield.



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7 Best Hamster Wheels (Updated Reviews) in 2020



As you may have experienced, deciding on which hamster wheel to purchase is not as easy as it seems and that’s why our experienced team put together a list of the most popular products in this line and came up with the following selection including detailed information about each of these products.



1. Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner 9” Exercise Wheel for Hamsters


If you are looking for a silent hamster wheel that’s easy to clean, the Silent Runner 9” might be a great choice. Unlike the old hamster exercise wheel models, this one has no annoying rattling noise due to its ball-bearings that spin around the bolt as the hamster runs.

It is a great choice if the hamster’s cage is in your sleeping room and you are a light sleeper. To keep the wheel from making any noise, simply lubricate the ball-bearings with a type of oil that is not toxic for your pet.

This affordable hamster wheel can be cleaned without any effort as it can be taken apart without any tools and has no spaces where dirt can accumulate. Also, the top rack of the wheel is dishwasher safe if you want to save time and effort when cleaning it. After washing it, let it dry so the water doesn’t affect the metal parts.

The Silent Runner 9” has a wide base that can be easily attached to the cage’s floor so it is very stable even if you have a larger hamster that likes to run quite fast. Also, because of its enclosed design, it will not throw outside the cage pieces of bedding or feces.



Because the running surface has no empty spaces, your hamster can’t trap its paws there and will not use the wheel as a chewing object.

This large hamster wheel is a great choice if your pet has reached maturity and you need to provide it enough exercise. Even if a bigger hamster builds up speed while using it, the wheel will not start wobbling around.

Because there is no center axle, there is no risk of fur or tail entanglement or other injuries.

The design of the Silent Runner 9” makes it impossible for your hamster to climb the wheel on its exterior part. This way, the hamster will not fall 50 times a day while trying to get to the top of the cage.



At 2 pounds, it is quite heavy for a small hamster and it might not be the best choice if this is your hamster’s first exercise wheel.

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2. Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield


If you are looking for a good looking hamster spinning wheel that is made of light materials, then you should seriously consider this product. Even if this is not one of the expensive models, it will be a part of the hamster’s cage for a long time due to its well-designed parts.

Thanks to its design, there is no annoying noise whenever your hamsters decide to use it. The only thing you need to do in order to have a silent functioning hamster wheel is to lubricate the bearings once in a while.

Because one side of the spinning wheel is completely closed and the other side has small holes, the risk of your hamster injuring itself is reduced. Furthermore, hamsters prefer this new closed design rather than the classic one because it also provides them a new place where they can hide or even sleep.

The manufacturer has opted for a solid running surface so the hamsters don’t trap their paws or legs. Also, because there are no empty spaces hamsters will not start chewing the wheel’s running surface. The only thing you must do before fixing the spinning wheel inside the cage is to remove the labels.



Because the openings of the wheel are not on the side of the stand’s little pole, it is completely safe for the hamster using it as there is no risk of entanglement.

This big hamster wheel is delivered fully assembled and ready to use. The only thing you need to do before placing it inside the hamster’s cage is to remove the label so they don’t get chewed.

Besides using it to exercise, your hamsters might use it to run through the holes and as a hiding place during their play time.



This hamster wheel has a light stand so it needs to be fixed to the cage’s floor. So if you want to take the wheel out of the cage to clean or lubricate it, it will add time to the process.

If you have more than one hamster, they might get hurt as they try to pass under the wheel when another hamster is using it.

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3. Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel for Small Pets


As you can tell from the product’s name, the manufacturer decided to use a design comparable with a flying saucer’s shape. Because of its unique form, the flying saucer hamster wheel is 100 percent safe for the paws and legs of your small companion. No matter how adventurous or how fast it likes to run, there is no risk of getting injured.

It will provide your furry friends the much needed daily exercise for a caged animal. It will keep it healthy so you will not have to worry about regular trips to the vet.

Being this compact and light, this hamster wheel can easily be moved around. You can take it from the cage and place it on your desk while you are doing some work on your laptop. This way, it will reduce the animal’s boredom of being always in the same space and it will keep you entertained.

Because of its slightly inclined surface, your hamster will have no problem climbing on the wheel and starting to exercise. The size of the available surface is bigger than that of a classic hamster wheel and the texture of the running surface provides the hamster with enough grip and so there will be no accidents.



It is available in multiple colors so you can get whatever you like or what you consider is the best fit for your hamster.

The flying saucer is quite silent so your hamster can have an intense workout without waking you up.

It is completely safe because it has no holes or grill so there is no space where your hamster can trap its legs, body or head. Even if two hamsters are on the flying saucer at the same time, they will not get hurt.

Because of its slightly inclined design, it will not keep and throw around feces, pieces of bedding or food. The top part can be easily removed and its material can be cleaned without having to soak it.



Because most of the pet stores stick with the classic design when it comes to exercise wheels, newly-bought hamsters might not use the flying saucer for their daily exercises, at first.

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4. Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large 8.5″


No matter if you decide to install it on the cage’s wall or use its stand, this cheap hamster wheel is a great toy for your smallest friends. It is a good choice for mice, rats, and hamsters since it provides them with a great running workout as it just keeps turning endlessly so these small animals can relieve some of the accumulated boredom.

If you decide to install the wheel on the side of the cage, it will save space and your hamster will be safer since there is no space for it to get blocked.

The surface of the wheel is wide enough so the hamster can comfortably run and the manufacturer has used an adherent material that will keep your smallest household member exercising for hours without having any injuries. This exercise wheel is more resistant and sturdier than it may look and most pets should have no problem using it.

Because of its system, the hamster wheel can be easily removed from the cage and cleaned. Furthermore, it has no parts that can be affected by water or humidity so it will be part of your pet’s life for a long time.



Because of its diameter of 8.5 inches, this is a great choice for bigger hamsters. Using a proper-sized exercise wheel has the role of preventing your hamster from keeping its back too arched.

The solid surface keeps them from hurting their legs and its easier to use than a wire wheel so they will start using it right away.

It’s very easy to remove and clean it. All you need to do is to grab the middle part and pull the wheel off of the base. After you are done cleaning it, place it onto the middle part and push it back on.



It might not be the best choice for bigger hamsters because it might tilt under the pet’s weight and will produce a lot of noise.

The stand is attached very tightly and will make you believe it will break when you are trying to take it off.

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5. Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel


If you got tired of the rattle coming from your current wooden hamster wheel or don’t want your hamster to be chewing it anymore, it is time for an upgrade. The Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel should be on your list for the next visit to the pet shop.

The most appreciated feature of this product is how quiet the wheel is. No matter how fast your pet likes to run, it will make almost no noise. The manufacturer used a plastic spike in order to eliminate the irritating noise coming from classic metal wheels.

This good-looking exercise wheel is made of extra-resistant plastic and unlike similar products made of metal, it does not rust and it’s easier to clean.

Another great characteristic of this model is the fact that it has been designed to avoid any type of injuries or accidents. The wheel made of plastic has no wire spacing so the hamster’s tiny feet or fur will not get pinched and the surface provides enough grip.

When it comes to the Silent Spinner, there are two options: use its own stand or attach it to the cage. This way, it has a better chance to fit your hamster’s preferences and its need for space.



If you decide to use the included support, you can easily secure it to the cage’s floor using velcro or some zip ties. This way, the wheel does not become wobbly if your hamster likes to run quickly.

You can easily detach the wheel from the support and clean it with regular cleaning products. As long as you let it dry before putting it back, the metal support will not rust.

This hamster wheel is made safe for your small friend to use even when you are not around to watch it, ensuring it has a great way of working out every night.



Unless it is mounted on its support, it is not as silent as you would expect it to be.

Even bigger hamsters have a hard time trying to spin this wheel. Even if you would apply some oil, it still doesn’t work as well as it should be working.

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6. Yosooo Small Animals Exercise Wheel


If you are in the market for an affordable hamster wheel that looks great, this playing toy might end your search. This product features a high level of craftsmanship so people who like objects made of traditional material will surely appreciate it.

Because it is made entirely out of wood, it will look great along other pet accessories such as chewing toys, climbing obstacles and wooden tunnels. The hamster’s cage will no longer be a mix of strong-colored plastic objects that spoil the aspect of your room.

This small hamster wheel was manufactured using eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Not only it is safe for your hamsters, but you would be doing the planet’s environment a favor by choosing this product.

Another advantage of this good looking model is the fact that it is designed with the safety of your small friend in mind so its design will help it getting its daily amount of exercise while there is no risk of getting hurt. Even if the wooden wheel is not being used for exercise, it is also a comfortable resting or hiding spot.

One of the most appreciated characteristics by customers is how silent the wheel is. You can keep the hamster’s cage in your room and it will not wake you up while going for a night run.



Because of its wide support and low center of gravity, this hamster wheel is very stable and it doesn’t start to shake or rattle no matter how much speed the hamster builds up.

If you are preoccupied with your pet’s safety, you might become a big fan of this design that doesn’t have a center axle which mitigates the risk of your hamster getting hurt while running.

The running surface is made of soft wood so there is no sound made by the hamster’s paws while it uses the wheel. Also, it gives more than enough grip so the hamster doesn’t get flung off.



If you don’t provide your hamster enough chewing toys it will start to use its teeth on this running wheel. And once it starts, you can’t stop it no matter how many chewing toys you put in the cage.

This wheel is more difficult to clean than a plastic one and the wood gets affected by water and cleaning products.

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7. Prevue Pet Products SPV90013 Wire Mesh Hamster/Gerbil Wheel


This colorful pet product is made from resistant materials and because of how the running surface has been designed, the risk of your hamster getting its feet stuck is reduced. In addition to this, the exercise wheel has no center axle in order to avoid your pet getting a spinal injury or having its fur tangled around the center axle.

This way, the hamster will use this toy without any movement restrictions and will be able to catch up some speed. It can be fixed to the cage’s floor using its small hooks which will give the wheel enough stability or it can be attached to one of the cage’s walls.

This way, if you have a multi-level cage you can place the wheel in the superior part of the hamster’s enclosure without having to worry it will fall over. In addition to this, you can move it easily around the cage to relieve some of the hamster’s boredom.

The wheel requires almost no cleaning. Because the running surface is made out of wire mesh, it will not gather pieces of food, parts of chewing toys or feces. Also, due to its material, hamsters will not start chewing it so this product will be part of their exercise routine for a long time.



The see-through design makes the hamster feel more comfortable. Customers said while using a solid running wheel, their pets would constantly stop to look around.

Because it can be easily detached from its support, the wheel can be used as a free-standing wheel or you can attach it without needing any tools directly to the cage’s walls.

There are 4 available colors for you to select from so you can get the options that fit best with the other toys that might be in the same cage.

The running surface is quite wide so your pets might be using it two at a time and because it has no center axle, the risk of them getting injured is pretty small.



It might not be a good fit for small hamsters as their tiny feet might get trapped while running.

Over time, the wheel might get squeaky and the paint will wear off at the spot where the wheel turns.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Getting the right hamster wheel could be difficult and even if it seems the market is packed with good choices, some of them might turn up to be a waste of time and money. There are not a lot of materials that you can check before going to the pet store so we decided to put together a well-documented guide for finding the right hamster wheel.

We checked out numerous customers’ feedback for hamster wheels to see what the most appreciated characteristics are and our team searched for the main factors that make for a great hamster wheel. Give our buying guide a quick read so you will save time at the pet shop and be more confident about your choice.




Since hamsters are big fans of running, they will spend a lot of time using their exercise wheel. So it is important you get the right size. If the wheel is too small for the hamster’s size, it will keep its back too arched and will develop spinal injuries over time. This means more trips to the vet and more worries for you.

If the wheel is too big for your small hamster, it may not have enough power to spin it. Even if it manages to move it at slow speeds, it will have a hard time doing it and will give up quickly. So it will just use it as a hiding and sleeping place without getting any exercise.

For dwarf hamsters such as the winter white or Roborovski, a 6.5-inch wheel should get the job done. Just make sure you don’t set it up too high as these smaller hamsters might have a hard time trying to climb it.

For bigger species, you should get a wheel that is at least 8 inches. This will provide them with enough space to run without having to arch their backs. In general, these bigger wheels can be attached to the cage’s side so you can save up some space.


How wide it should be

Without a doubt, the wheel should be at least 2 inches wider than your hamsters. This way, they will have a comfortable run without misplacing one of their feet and falling over or having it trapped. Keep in mind it is not uncommon for two hamsters to use a wheel at the same time.



Don’t forget hamsters like to chew almost everything. So their next exercise wheel should be resistant enough. Some owners prefer to get exercise wheels made out of mesh since they are more resistant. However, the hamster might hurt its feet while running which may result in a concerning infection.

If you want to keep your hamster totally safe, purchase a wheel with a solid running surface. This way, there are no spaces for your hamster to trap its tiny feet or body. However, the training wheel must have an adherent surface so the hamster doesn’t get flung off once it builds up speed.

Wooden hamster wheels with an enclosed design and no center axle are a great choice if your hamster is a big fan of speed. However, these wheels made out of wood are harder to clean and might get chewed.


Level of noise

As we all know, hamsters are most active during the night. So the last thing you need in your household is a loud, squeaky wheel. Some of the products available are advertised as “silent” and they may cost a few extra dollars but it is worth it.

Make sure the wheel is stable enough so it doesn’t start to make a lot of noise in the middle of the night. Some of the hamster wheels are equipped with ball-bearings to get rid of the noise made by metal friction.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are wheels good for hamsters?

Having an exercise wheel for your hamster is essential. It doesn’t matter the model, size or color as long as your pet gets enough exercise. As wild animals, running to search for food or to hide from predators is part of their daily activities.

Getting your hamster an exercise wheel will keep it healthy and you will avoid trips to the vet. If it gets enough exercise daily, your hamster will not suffer from “cage paralysis”. As they live in a small space, their muscle and bone could degenerate due to inactivity.

Over time, this will lead to loss of function in their legs and general paralysis. The best way to avoid this deadly condition is to make sure your hamster gets enough exercise by using the wheel.

It also keeps them busy. Having the possibility to consume their energy regularly is good for their mental health. You may move the wheel around the cage to make sure they don’t get bored too fast.



Q: What should I look for when buying a hamster wheel?

First of all, you want your pet to be safe. So don’t get a wheel which could injure your hamster. Avoid models made of mesh wire with large gaps as the hamster could trap or pinch its feet. Also, don’t go for the models that don’t provide enough traction despite the fact that they are very easy to clean.

Even if you might spend more money than you initially though, purchase a model made out of quality material. There is no point in getting a hamster wheel that will break after 3 or 4 weeks. A high-quality material will resist your hamster’s passion for chewing and it has a higher chance of working out if it uses the same wheel for a longer period.

Another important aspect is how noisy the hamster wheel is. If the cage is in your bedroom, a squeaky wheel will be the most annoying thing at 2 o’clock in the morning. Make sure to ask for a silent model when you are going to the pet shop.


Q: What size wheel does my hamster need?

The size of the wheel depends on how big your hamster is. If you have a small species of hamster, a 6-8 inch one should be your choice. A bigger wheel might be too heavy for your small hamster to move. If it’s a free-standing model, it might be difficult for your small hamster to climb up.

For small hamsters, a great choice is the flying saucer model as it’s not very tall and can be easily spun by smaller hamsters. For bigger species, it is recommended to get a wheel that is at least 8 inches. As the stand for a wheel so big is quite wide and might take up some space, you can attach it to the cage’s mesh grid.

This way your hamsters will have enough space while being capable to use the wheel. If you notice your hamsters keep their back arched while running, the wheel might be too small for them.




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