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10 Best Guinea Pig Treats – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 12.08.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Guinea Pig Treat + Reviews


We know that your guinea pig is really important to you and that finding the best guinea pig treats can sometimes be hard because there are so many ingredients and so many products which make the choice harder. That is why our team has analyzed the most popular products, has reviewed their ingredients, nutritional levels, and safety to provide you with all the information you need to make a good choice for your pet. We have concluded that the Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for Guinea Pigs is a great choice because it has a variety of ingredients that provide your guinea pig with all the nutrients guinea pigs get in their natural environment. Also, it has a lot of fiber which is great for their digestive system and has a high amount of vitamin C. However, if this product is not available, Vitakraft Guinea Pig Sticks 3.5-Ounce Bag is also a good choice.



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10 Best Guinea Pig Treats (Updated Reviews) in 2020



The choice can be hard when you have to decide what the perfect treat for your guinea pig is. However, our guinea pig treat reviews will help you with identifying which the best product for your pet friend is according to its needs and save you a lot of time deciding because our team has analyzed them thoroughly.



1. Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for Guinea Pigs


Guinea pigs are fond of food and they will always be happy when they have something to eat. This product from Wild Harvest is great if you want to upgrade your pet’s diet and improve its nutrition levels. It is a combination of grains, fruit, vegetables, and seeds that will provide a lot of healthy nutrients for your guinea pig.

It is high in vitamins, like A, E, and K, the B-vitamin complex, omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene, and a large amount of vitamin C which is really important for your guinea pig’s health. It also has a lot of minerals, good for the bones.

The B-vitamin complex will keep your little friend in a really good mood and will also provide healthy fur. It contains timothy hay which will provide enough fibers to keep your pet’s digestive system healthy and it is also really tasty and enjoyed by guinea pigs all around the world.



The combination of fruit, vegetables, seeds, and grains offers a high amount of nutrients that come from a variety of ingredients, a feature that makes it really healthy.

The variety of ingredients is great for your little friend’s colon health also, because it provides a lot of different fibers.

It has a really high Vitamin C content which is very important to provide your guinea pig with because, like humans, it can not produce its own and has to take it from its diet.

It mimics really well the diet guinea pigs have in their natural environment, which is great because your pet will have all the nutrients it needs to keep healthy.



It contains alfalfa and, as you probably know, if your guinea pig is a little bit chubby, alfalfa should be avoided. That is why, even if your pet has a normal weight, you should always pay attention to the size of the portion you give it. However, the high amount of nutrients this product has will always keep your pet healthy.

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2. Vitakraft Guinea Pig Sticks 3.5-Ounce Bag


Vitakraft, as always, tries to come up with solutions for pets in such a way that it manages to amaze even the most pretentious customer. They had the great idea of covering a wood stick with crunchy ingredients that provide your pet with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

The great thing about it is that it has a clip holder that allows you to either hold the stick while your guinea pig is chewing on it or clip it to the cage until your guinea pig is done with it. Due to the fact that the wood stick is rough, it will take a longer time for your pet to chew it all, so it will always have a treat at hand.

It is made of baked fruit and honey which provide a great taste as well as healthy nutrients because it is also fortified with vitamins and minerals.



This treat is great because it comes with an innovative way to keep your guinea pig chewing on a stick while eating healthy nutrients.

The stick will help keep its teeth healthy, making it enjoy the process more because of the sweet taste that it provides.

It is fortified to offer the right amount of vitamins and minerals that guinea pigs need so that you won’t need to worry about your pet staying healthy.

The included clip holder is a great feature that will allow your guinea pig to eat the treat even when you are not around without having hay or bedding attached to the honey.



Unfortunately, in some cases, the honey got stuck to the guinea pig’s gums. The product is great and this might happen only if you don’t keep the treats in proper conditions. However, these cases are rare, especially if you care about your pet.

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3. Kaytee Chew & Treat Toy Assortment for Guinea Pigs


Being one of the most popular brands when it comes to small rodent supplies, Kaytee has come up with a beautiful solution that will make you say ‘Aww…’. The company has made chewable toys that are really great for your guinea pig.

The package contains 5 different toys that have inviting and fun colors. They also have different textures to help your little hamster clean its teeth in a fun and easy way. The product is also available for other small rodents and for each one of them the toys are different.

These ones for guinea pigs are red, yellow, and wood colored and are in the shape of an apple slice, a cherry, a tomato slice and other things that attract guinea pigs’ appetite. One of them has a clip that allows you to stick it to the cage. It is a great product that keeps your pet’s teeth healthy.



These toys look really great and the fact that they are in the shape of food makes guinea pigs really interested in them.

The long hanging toy is really fun for guinea pigs to play with and will make your tiny friend really happy.

They can last for months and are really good at keeping your guinea pig’s teeth healthy – as you know, they have to constantly chew on something.

Your pet will also love to play with the toys and will keep busy tossing them around, besides the fact that they will chew on them.



The fact that the toys are dyed might present a problem for more sensitive guinea pigs. Even though some dyes can be dangerous, Kaytee is known to take really great care of their customers and is very strict when it comes to safety so this shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you want to be 100 percent carefree, you can put them in water and remove the color.

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4. FLOURITHING Guinea Pig Chew Molar Sticks Toys


These chewing sticks from FLOURITHING come in three different flavors that you can give your guinea pig alternatively so that it doesn’t get bored of the same taste. They can be used for all kinds of small rodents like chinchillas, rabbits, hamsters, squirrels, and even hedgehogs.

They are an all-natural product that comes in three types of sticks that are made of different ingredients: apple branch sticks, sweet bamboo sticks and also timothy grass sticks. The last ones are made of timothy grass powder that has been dried for 8 hours using hot air.

The sticks are pesticide-free and 100 percent chemical-free and environmentally friendly. Great for pets that have constantly growing teeth, these treats will be loved by your guinea pig that will not get enough of chewing on them. To keep the product safe to eat, you should keep it in dry rooms, away from heat and moisture.



The sticks are 100 percent natural, pesticide-free and environmentally friendly and customers have been really happy with these sticks.

The timothy grass sticks are great because they are rich in fiber that helps your guinea pig have a healthy digestive system.

The apple sticks are not very rough and not really soft, and can add vitamin C to your pet’s diet. They are also a little bit sweet and your pet will love them.

The bamboo sticks are really nutritious and can boost your guinea pig’s immunity system, helping your pet to better retain calcium.

They will also last for a long time – try not to compare these with products of lower quality that have a lower price.



The only thing that we could find that might be a con is the fact that the product is a little bit expensive for 100 grams of the product. However, the quality is really high and the sticks are very healthy for your guinea pig.

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5. Bojafa Natural Apple Sticks for Small Animals Molar Wood Treats


If your guinea pig enjoys chewing on natural wood sticks, these apple sticks from Bojafa are a good choice for you. They are great because they are made from organically grown apple branches and have no added chemicals or pesticides. To avoid mold formation, they are thoroughly treated and dried to make them really healthy for your pet.

The sticks are recommended for guinea pigs, but also for hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits, squirrels, and parrots. They are especially useful for rodents because they stop teeth growth that can cause pain and inflammation.

Apple sticks are really tasty and can increase your guinea pig’s vitamin C intake. Not all the sticks have the same shape or thickness, so the package content might vary between 50 and 70 sticks, which is about 8.8 oz in weight. Your piggy will be very happy with these sticks because they will keep it busy and they mimic its natural diet.



Apple sticks are really healthy because they contain a lot of nutrients like pectin and fruit acid that are beneficial for guinea pigs.

They taste a little bit sweet and your little pet friend will love them, which is good because if it likes the taste, it will chew on them and chewing is really healthy for its teeth.

These sticks are dried in hygienic conditions, so they are very safe to chew on. The apple trees they are made of are organically grown, which means that you won’t have to worry about your pet being exposed to harmful pesticides or other types of chemicals.

You get a lot of sticks in the package that will last for a long time, so your pet will not lack chewing treats.



The sticks are relatively small and if you have a diligent piggy when it comes to chewing it will finish them relatively quickly because the sticks are not really thick. However, they are really healthy for your pet.

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6. Kaytee Fiesta Healthy Toppings Mixed Fruit Treat


If your guinea pig is active and playful, you have to provide it with different nutrients that help it keep a healthy body. Active guinea pigs, in particular, need nutrients that are not found in hay and grass, like vitamins and minerals found in fruit. These treats from Kaytee are really healthy because they are dehydrated fruits that have a lot of these nutrients.

The pack contains a combination of raisins, dehydrated apples, dried cranberries, and dried blueberries. They come in a 1.6 oz package and are great also for rabbits, rats, mice, hamsters, and gerbils.

The treats are great for training because they are really tasty and your guinea pig will love them. They are full of vitamins, especially vitamin C, which guinea pigs need so much and they are a great addition to their usual diet. However, try not to exaggerate because they will gain a lot of weight.



Dried fruit is very healthy for guinea pigs because it has high amounts of nutrients that they don’t get from a regular diet.

It is really easy to train your pet using these treats because they are tasty and your guinea pig will love them.

They are all-natural and do not contain any harmful chemicals, dyes or preservatives so they are safe for your pet.

They can be used for other small rodents like rabbits, mice, hamsters, gerbils, and rats, and not just for guinea pigs.

It is a combination of fruits so that the flavors are varied and, also, the nutrients are varied, which means it is a great choice for your pet.



Raisins and dried fruit in general, contain a lot of sugar and it can cause problems for your pet friend if you are not careful about how much you feed them. They can get high blood sugar and can gain weight really quickly if you don’t limit the use.

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7. Oxbow Animal Health Oven Baked Treats with Carrots, Dill and Timothy Hay


Training your guinea pig might seem hard, but if you have tasty treats for your guinea pig it will be more receptive to the training process and will learn faster. These treats from Oxbow will make rodents like guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, and rats really happy because they are tasty and nutritious.

Made with high-quality timothy hay, they are filled with healthy fibers that will keep your guinea pig’s colon healthy. The treats also contain carrots and dill which gives them a great flavor. Oxbow hasn’t added any sugar or artificial colors to the product, making it really healthy and safe for small rodents because, as you know, they can be sensitive to chemicals.

Carrots add a lot of beta-carotene and Vitamin A to your guinea pig’s diet, nutrients that scientists have concluded that are good for preventing Helicobacter pylori growth, a bacteria that can cause stomach ulcers. Therefore, giving your guinea pig a treat once in a while can be beneficial to its health.



The ingredients used for these treats do not contain any sugar or artificial colors which means that they are really healthy and safe to eat.

They are also tasty and will help you bond with your little friend which will be very happy when you offer it a treat.

The carrots provide a lot of vitamin A and beta-carotene that will help prevent the growth of bacteria in your pet’s stomach that can cause stomach ulcers.

The timothy hay present in these treats is high in healthy fibers and will keep your pet’s digestive system healthy.

It can be used for different small rodents like rabbits, rats, chinchillas and, of course, guinea pigs.



You might have the impression that the amount of product you get is a little bit low for the money you pay. However, it is really important to offer your guinea pig high nutrient quality and this product comes with a lot of that, keeping your pet healthy.

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8. Kaytee Fiesta Veggie Cranberry Treat Stick for Small Animals


If your pet is fond of treats, this stick is great to keep your guinea pig really healthy because it has a high variety of ingredients that provide a lot of essential nutrients. It is a combination of fruit, seeds, and vegetables like dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, peas, and a lot more.

Kaytee recommends that you put the stick in a bowl inside your guinea pig’s cage and let it play with it and eat it. Also, it is not recommended to feed your pet more than 1 stick a week because it is so full of micro and macronutrients that it can make it gain weight.

The stick is really tasty and is fortified when it comes to vitamins and minerals. It provides a high amount of vitamin A which is essential when it comes to guinea pigs’ health. It contains 10 percent fibers, 11 percent proteins, and 7 percent fat.



This treat contains a high variety of ingredients that provide many nutrients essential to your guinea pig’s health, like dried cranberries, dehydrated carrots, raisins, corn, oat groats, dehydrated sweet potatoes, and the list can go on.

It provides a high amount of vitamin A, which can prevent stomach ulcers provoked by Helicobacter pylori.

It is also really tasty, which is important because your guinea pig will be interested in eating it to keep good health.

It is easy to feed to your guinea pig because your pet will be enchanted by chewing on the stick, rather than on a small treat.



This stick treat contains high amounts of sugar due to the dried fruits and also to the honey content. That is why the manufacturers recommend that you only use one stick a week. If you can limit the intake, the product is great, but if you don’t, it can make your pet unhealthy and obese.

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9. Vitakraft Guinea Pig Orange Drops Treat


As you have probably noticed, the more your guinea pig likes a treat, the easier it will be for you to train it. Vitakraft is known to offer high-quality products and these treats are no exception. They come in the shape of drops and you get 3 packs with a weight of 5.3oz.

These treats have a great taste that your guinea pig will not be able to resist. They are made of yogurt and also taste like oranges. Also, they contain three main ingredients: whey protein, vitamin C and lecithin. Vitamin C is really important for guinea pig’s health, so its addition to their diet is very important.

They have a small size which is great, because you can use more while training, without increasing the amount and preventing your pet from getting fat and unhealthy. The training process will get a lot easier and your pet will feast on the treats.



These treats from Vitakraft are great for people who want to make the training process more effective because, due to the fact that they are really small, you can give your guinea pig more without increasing the quantity of the ingredients.

They have an orange taste that your guinea pig will love because they love fruit, therefore they will become more receptive to the training process.

They have high amounts of vitamin C, which is a big plus because guinea pigs can not make their own, so an extra intake of this vitamin is always wanted, and they come in a resealable package to prevent them from deteriorating.



A problem with this product is that the treats are a bit chalky and not what a guinea pig is accustomed to when it comes to texture. However, 99 percent of guinea pigs eat this type of product.

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10. SLEEK & SASSY NUTRITIONAL DIET All Natural Treat for Guinea Pigs


These treats are really great for all sorts of small rodents like rabbits, rats, mice, gerbils, and hamsters. They come in a package with a weight of 8 oz and contain pumpkin seeds, raw peanuts, dehydrated bananas, whole corn, and dehydrated carrots.

All the ingredients that are in these treats are 100 percent natural and contain no artificial colors or sulfites, which can damage guinea pigs’ lungs. The fruit it contains is verified like it would be if humans would consume it, so the quality is high above other similar products because it rises up to the highest standards.

The treats have been enriched with amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to make sure that your tiny friend will benefit from all the nutrients it needs to get from its diet. Made of fruit, these treats have really great taste; however, you should limit their intake because they can make your guinea pig gain weight.



Made of fruit and seeds, these treats add to the diet of your guinea pig what it would eat in its natural environment, therefore, making its diet very healthy.

The fruits and seeds are 100 percent natural and rise up to the quality needed for human consumption, which is why they are above other similar products. However, the treats are made especially for animals, so do not include them in your diet.

The treats are enriched with vitamins, amino acids and minerals to provide the necessary amount of micronutrients your little friend needs to stay healthy.



They are not made as single treats that have multiple ingredients, that is why if you want to train your guinea pig you will have to use different fruits or seeds. It is not really productive in terms of training because the ideal situation would involve the same treats that your pet needs to long for to perform the actions you want it to.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guides


If you want to buy the best guinea pig treat, you should know that there are a lot of products on the market that differ in ingredients and properties, but also in quality. Treats are a little bit different in purpose from guinea pig food and what you feed your guinea pig every day. They are usually used when you want to train your pet as a reward for good behavior.

The idea is to reinforce the good behavior by offering rewards that your guinea pig will love so that the next time it performs the action you want it to, it will do it because it expects that reward. Here are some aspects to consider before deciding which product in our guinea pig treats reviews to buy.

What can guinea pigs eat?

Guinea pigs are not that pretentious with the food and they would eat constantly if they were provided with treats all day. However, it is best to limit their treats intake and offer them an affordable guinea pig treat just when you are training them and for this sole purpose. Otherwise, your pet will become obese and might be prone to several health issues.

Guinea pigs should eat hay and a cup of leafy vegetables on a daily basis. Also, they should occasionally have treats that are full of vitamins. As we have said in almost every guinea pig treat review above, vitamin C is an essential part of every guinea pig’s diet, because they can not produce it themselves, just like humans, so they have to get it from their diet.

Fiber is also an essential ingredient because they have a sensitive digestive system and fiber helps them develop healthy litter habits.


What to look for in terms of ingredients

The ingredients in your guinea pig’s treats are really important especially because they are usually mixed or blended together. It is important to check the label to see if they are natural ingredients or just flavors added to the product. Cheap guinea pig treats will usually be made of artificial ingredients and are being added flavor so that your pet will like them.

Another important aspect is the type of ingredients. You should ask yourself ‘what do guinea pigs eat’ before buying a product. The ingredients the treats are made of should be things that are usually included in a guinea pig diet, things that it would eat in their natural environment.


Another essential thing to understand is that guinea pigs do not eat chemicals while they are in the wild and some of the chemicals present in treats can be dangerous. If you decide to buy a cheap guinea pig treat, you are most likely to find that it has lots of chemicals. Get accustomed to reading the label and avoid them as much as possible.

There are a lot of affordable guinea pig treats that are chemical-free and healthy for your guinea pig, so don’t look at the cost when it comes to your pet’s health. The chemicals in the packaging are also important. You should also make sure to buy a resealable one.

As a general rule, it is best to avoid artificial colors and added sugar. Also, you should check for pesticides. As most treats are made of fruit, vegetables, of seeds, try to find organic or eco products to keep your guinea pig healthy for a longer period of time.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Do guinea pigs need treats?

In nature, guinea pigs live in the mountains and have a varied diet that provides a lot of vitamins, minerals, fatty oils, and fiber. Usually, guinea pig pets eat different types of hay and, most of the time, they can not provide your pet with all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Furthermore, your guinea pig has teeth that are constantly growing and they need to constantly chew on something to stop their growth. If your pet teeth overgrow, they can cause a lot of pain and inflammation and your little friend might feel a lot of discomfort.

Treats usually have two main purposes, to provide the nutrients they need and also to stop their teeth from growing. Treats usually contain vitamin C, which is really important for guinea pigs because these rodents can not make their own vitamin C, exactly like humans – they have to take it from their diet.

Q: Can I litter train my guinea pig by using treats?

Like rats, guinea pigs are pretty intelligent animals and can usually be trained to do various tricks. Litter training is also possible, but you should know that it takes a little bit more time than with other pets.

However, the good news is that guinea pigs are really receptive when it comes to positive reinforcement, or in other words, treats. A good practice is to put the litter box in the place that your pet usually uses for its needs. After you put some hay and fecal matters inside, wait until your guinea pig uses the litter box and give it a treat when it does that.

The next time you see it doing it, give it a treat again. By repeating this process, your pet will know that if it uses the litter box, it will get a treat. You have to be patient because this training does not happen overnight.


Q: Can you overfeed a guinea pig?

You will be amazed to find out that if you constantly provide food to your guinea pig it will eat for the whole day. No, it is not that hungry, but it likes to constantly chew on something and it also has to do so to stop its teeth from overgrowing.

What you can do about it is to limit their hay intake and reduce pallets to ⅛ cup per day. Also, you should limit treats because some of them may contain sugar and high blood sugar levels are not healthy for your pet friend. It can easily become obese which can cause heart problems and articulary problems.

If you want to train them to do something, limit the treats to exactly that; don’t give them extra treats if they are not needed. A healthy weight is really important to keep your guinea pig healthy for a long period of time.



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