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10 Best Guinea Pig Houses – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 09.08.20


Top Houses for Guinea Pigs – Guide & Comparison


Getting one of the best guinea pig houses for your pet might be one of those tasks you’ve always postponed. Shopping for your pet can be time-consuming and difficult especially if you don’t know where to start your search. Luckily, nowadays you can buy almost anything on the internet, including this type of guinea pig habitat. And if you want a helping hand in choosing a suitable guinea pig house, this guide is what you need. It was put together using relevant information on the most acclaimed products currently available. Based on the guinea pig house review related to each product and its main features, our team of experts concluded that the Kaytee Woodland Get-A-Way is the one to go for. This natural wood product is safe for pets and it provides good hideaways. Alternatively, if you can’t find this guinea pig house, another good option is the JanYoo Bed Accessories Cage Toys.



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10 Best Guinea Pig Houses (Updated Reviews) in 2020



In analyzing the best guinea pig houses, our team paid attention to several different factors. One of the main features we were interested in was comfort. A guinea pig won’t grow fond of a house that doesn’t promote comfort. Other features that were taken into account include efficacy and durability. Take a look at the products we picked below and read about their specs.



1. Kaytee Woodland Get-A-Way


The Woodland Get-A-Way guinea pig house from Kaytee is great for different types of small pets. It is suitable for guinea pigs, pet rats or chinchillas. It can be used by more guinea pigs simultaneously as the house provides sufficient shelter, especially if you buy the large or the extra-large versions. Small and medium products are also available.

This product promotes nesting which is one of the main reasons why a guinea pig owner would invest in such a house. Moreover, due to its simple yet clever design, this Katyee house offers excellent hideout for the small rodents. It is made of natural wood. It is an environmentally friendly solution that will not pose any health risks for your pets.

The classy aspect of this wooden house makes it a perfect choice for any environment. It is nice-looking and does not stand out. The dimensions of this house are 1-inch wide, 9-inch long, and 7-inch high. This product comes fully assembled.



If you get this Kaytee house, you can rest assured that your pet will be safe and sound as it was made of natural wood. There are no added chemical substances that could harm your pet.

Also, according to most owners, this model is bound to last as the little furry animals are not tempted to chew it.

If you keep your pets in the living room or in your bedroom, you might want to get this item as it has a nice and homely aspect that helps it easily blend in.

You don’t have to waste time installing this cage or struggle with difficult instructions as it is readily assembled.

It can be used for multiple types of small pets and comes in different dimensions.



If you have a larger pet such as a rabbit, this house might be too small, so you’ll need to look for alternatives.

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2. JanYoo Bed Accessories Cage Toys


This JanYoo model is a cute and quite original guinea pig house. At first glance, this house can easily be mistaken for a kid’s toy. In fact, it may even work equally well as a toy which makes it a good option for families with children.

The JanYoo house comes with different models that imitate animals such as bees, giraffes, pigs, red elks, crocodiles, etc. It can, therefore, be found in different colors as well. Guinea pigs love this toy house because it is super comfy and warm. It is made of fine plush which is also easy to wash. This house is filled with quality PP cotton and it has a non-slip bottom.

It is suitable for different small pets including guinea pigs, chinchillas, hedgehogs, and hamsters. It comes in different sizes and the small model is only appropriate for pets weighing less than 1 pound.



It is fun and colored and if you have children, they will probably love to play with it.

This product ranks very well as it offers a comfortable shelter and hideout for your pet. It is a good choice as guinea pigs can use this house both as a sleeping place and a hideout.

The inside of the house is filled with soft, good-quality cotton which is meant to stand the test of time.

It is easy to clean as it has a zip that enables you to detach the sleep and hide compartment.

This house will not occupy a lot of space and it can be moved from place to place with ease. Also, it has a non-slip bottom so that your pet can’t push the house around easily.



This item is quite small so if your pet is larger, it might be a bit too snug.

It might become damaged if you put it in the washing machine without using a laundry bag.

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3. MYIDEA Warm Guinea Pigs Bed Winter Nest


This nest is quite adorable as it has different animal shapes such as a giraffe, elk or bee. Obviously, each model has a different color. Therefore, you have a wide range of choices if you decide to opt for this product. Also, it comes in different sizes so it can be suitable for different pets.

Kids love this Guinea pig house just as much as the little furry friends. On the inside, this house is very comfortable and warm. There is a plush caution pad on which your pet can sleep undisturbed. The cotton filling adds up to the high level of comfort provided by this product.

Also, this house can be used as a hiding place which pets such as guinea pigs really love. The sleeping compartment is removable as it has a zip so you can easily wash it. It was made only with environmentally friendly materials.



What most people appreciate about this pet house is its diversity. Its creative design which imitates the shape of different animals provides nine different options. Each design has a different color and different features.

This guinea pig house literally looks like a toy, so if you have children you can rest assured that they will love this item at least as much as your pets.

In terms of comfort, this guinea pig house ranks very well. It is made of soft plush and the inside is provided with quality PP cotton filling. In short, it can offer a great feeling and promote good sleep.

It is a practical design and to clean it, you can simply put it in the washing machine and then let it dry. This is an eco-friendly choice and also a safe one for your pet’s health.



Because this house is animal-shaped, the little chewers might try to eat the animal’s ears or nose.

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4. Piggies Choice The Space House All Natural


The Space House All Natural offers a comprehensive solution to your guinea’s pig needs. This house was designed by experts in order to provide the perfect hideout for your little furry friends. There is sufficient space for the pet to hide and perch. At the same time, this house will not require a lot of space as you can very easily fit it in any corner due to its triangular shape.

The dimensions of this Space House are 12 x 12 x 7 inches and this is enough for two guinea pigs to comfortably share the same item. This corner house has a smooth and easy-to-clean cover that comes in bright colors. It has a modern aspect; it can almost be mistaken for a decoration.

The Space House has a robust structure. Your guinea pigs will not be able to move it easily. It is made of natural Paulownia wood that is very strong. The paint used in these products is non-toxic and the wood is untreated.



What most people love about this house is its shape. Given that this is a corner unit, it can discreetly be placed in the corner where it will not take too much space.

Moreover, it won’t be very visible in case you worry that your guinea pig house will ruin the aspect of your room.

Two pets can easily fit in one unit only, especially if they are females.

This sturdy product is hard to tip over, so your little pets will be safe as no accidents are likely to occur.

Only natural materials were used in order to build this house; the Paulownia wood is praised for its resistance and it was not treated with any chemicals that may pose health risks.



Since it is made of wood, in time, the house may absorb liquids. You’ll need to make sure that this doesn’t happen by using adequate bedding.

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5. PULEIDI Guinea Pig Small Animal Bed Hideout


If you are looking for a cheap guinea pig house, the Puleidi Guinea Pig Bed is worth considering. This plush guinea pig bed offers a comfortable and warm shelter for small pets. It is made of plush that aims to last in the long term so that you won’t have to make another investment anytime soon.

This guinea pig bed is very soft as it has a striped velvet, quality PP cotton filling. Also, the bottom of the house is non-slip so that your pet won’t struggle to get inside. The sleep and hide compartment can be removed and washed easily by unzipping. It can have different shapes and colors depending on the type of product you choose.

This plush bed may look like a giraffe, crocodile, bee, reindeer, or pig. It is also available in different sizes so you can adapt it to your pet’s age and weight.



This is one of the affordable products that make no compromises in terms of quality. You can save money by buying this product and rest assured that it will last as long as any other more expensive house.

It can have different shapes and colors and all of them are quite fun and cute.

Your guinea pig will love this house because, above all, it provides great comfort. The large slip and hide compartment is lined with quality materials that account for the high comfort degree of this house.

It is a very practical choice as you can easily clean this product by simply putting it in the washing machine.

Another great feature of this product is the fact that you can wash it without ruining it as it is resistant.



Some guinea pigs might be tempted to nibble on the bed’s soft fluff located around the opening.

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6. Niteangel Wood House with Window


The Niteangel model is an affordable house made of natural wood. It is a sturdy and safe shelter that can provide the perfect hideout for different types of small pets including guinea pigs, chinchillas, and hamsters.

This house provides great stability so your pets will not get hurt while playing around it or jumping on top of it. It is also a model that was designed in order to last in the long term. The house’s roof can work as a habitat if you add cloth or cushions on it or as a place where you can feed your pet.

The house is made of natural timber that resembles the animal’s natural habitat, enhancing its comfort. Also, the unfinished wood choice gives it a natural and pleasant look. The dimensions of this house are 11.7 inches in length, 10.8 inches in width, 6.8 inches in height. The window measures 3.2 x 3.6 inches.



The Niteangel Wood House is one of the affordable guinea pig houses and it offers excellent quality for its price.

It is made of 100% natural wood which was not treated with any type of chemicals. Therefore, it is a safe choice for your pets, especially if they are used to chewing the object they can reach.

The natural look of the Niteangel house is another one of its highlights. This timber house has a plain design that makes it suitable for any place. It won’t stand out and it can blend in with your furniture.

Pets usually love this house as it provides a great hideout and it can be used by multiple pets at once.

The house is sturdy and well assembled. It is roomy and high so your pet will have sufficient place to play.



It might be harder to clean given that it is made of wood.

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7. Niteangel Guinea Pig Cave Beds Cozy House Bedding


This Niteangel product was designed in order to offer a high degree of comfort to small pets such as guinea pigs, chinchillas, hedgehogs or degu ferrets. These small pets will love this warm and cozy bed where they can rest and sleep undisturbed. This is also a great place for pets to hide in.

The Niteangel Guinea Pig Cave Bed was created with the main purpose of helping small pets relax and enjoy good-quality sleep. One of the highlights of this Niteangel cage is its design. This cute house is provided with small ears and it resembles a furry animal.

This is a great place for nesting and due to the fact that it has a large opening, your pets will find it easy to get inside. Also, it comes in different colors such as pink or grey. This guinea pig house is 8.5 inches tall, 11 inches long, and 10.5 inches wide.



The greatest advantage of this soft and fluffy guinea pig house is that it provides really comfortable shelter for pets. The material used to build this house is soft and can help pets relax and get the good sleep they require.

It has a very pleasant aspect. You will love to see this item lying around on your floor or desk.

This house is easy to clean as you can put it in the washing machine.

The Niteangel Guinea Pig Cave Bed may fulfill different purposes; it is a good place for rest but also for hiding.

This house provides easy access for pets. Also, you can carry your pet around using the Niteangel bed.

It is suitable for different small animals, not only for guinea pigs.



The house might not be large enough for two pets to use it simultaneously.

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8. Beaks And Paws B&P Large Flat Roof Hideout House


The Beaks And Paws B&P Large Flat Roof Hideout House is made of durable wood and it provides sufficient space for one or two adult pets. It is suitable for different small animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits or chinchillas.

Although this house is made of wood, it is very delicate. The edges of the house were polished so that the small furry pets won’t get hurt when they jump around the house or get inside. It is made of natural wood that makes it a good choice for any type of setting. This design is classy, and it has a nice and elegant design which makes it blend in with the rest of the room.

It is a very practical house, with a window and a large arch opening that provides the pet with ease of access. This house provides good ventilation and it can be chewed. This house measures 12.6×9.5×7.1 inches.



This guinea pig house is large enough for two pets so you don’t need to buy two products if you have two guinea pigs or chinchillas. The house is large enough so that both pets can fit in comfortably without fighting for space.

It is safe for the little furry friends to chew this product. In fact, it was made of natural wood with this thought in mind. This would keep your pets busy and happy as they need to constantly chew something.

This is a good hideout and also an ideal place for guinea pigs to play in. It has a large arch opening through which your guinea pig can enter the house very easily.

It has a nice aspect and a natural look. Also, the little pets can rest on the house’s roof.



If your pet is addicted to chewing, you might need to replace the house soon.

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9. Tianhengli Guinea Pig Hideout Soft Warm House


This guinea pig house provided by Tianhengli has a nice design that makes it stand out and it provides a large and comfortable shelter and hideout for your pet. As its name suggests, it has the shape of a cave. It is resistant as the design is anti-deformation and it is also very stable and anti-collapse so your pet will not get hurt.

The insulation cotton on the bottom and rear end offers stability and enhances safety. The bed is made of resistant and eco-friendly canvas, and the inner lining is made of soft flannel for your pet’s comfort. The canvas can easily be detached by unzipping. The manufacturer guarantees this product can be washed in the machine without causing deterioration or deformation.

The front and back should be unzipped before doing this. The smooth zippers are durable. In case there are problems with this guinea pig house, the manufacturer offers a replacement. This house measures 8 x 8 x 8 inches.



This guinea pig house has several strong points and one of them is its cage-shaped design which provides a general hideout and rest area for pets.

Although this cage has a peculiar shape, thanks to its quality materials, it is not prone to deformation or damage after prolonged use. Also, you can wash this product in the washing machine without any problems.

The exterior was built with a durable canvas that is made to last. The interior is soft, and it will make your pet feel comfortable.

The bottom of the house is waterproof so it will not get ruined even if it comes in contact with water.

The high-quality canvas used for this bed makes this product sturdy and durable. You can unzip the front part of the house to provide it with a larger opening and ease your pet’s access.

The manufacturer offers a replacement for customers who are not satisfied with the product.



In some cases, this house is too small for fully grown guinea pigs.

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10. Hollypet Warm Small Pet Animals Bed


This is a great choice if you are looking for a comfortable place for your small furry friend. This guinea pig house is made of quality cotton that will enhance your pet’s sleep and help it relax. The cover is made of short and soft plush. The house’s bottom is made of a thick sponge.

This animal bed was designed for ease of care; you can wash its surface without any worries as you will not deteriorate it. It is recommended to clean it twice a month. The design is also aimed at boosting your pet’s comfort as the interior of the house is roomy.

This Hollypet house may have different forms: giftbox, crab, giraffe, banana, shark or pig. There are also several color options including pink, green, red, gray or yellow. The dimensions of this house are 7.5″ long x 7.3″ wide x 6.9″ high. The house weighs 0.3 pounds.



First of all, this house is quite cute and it can have different models depending on your preference. If you want to spoil your furry friends with something that looks and feels great, this is an option worth considering.

Secondly, both the interior and the exterior of this guinea pig habitat are very soft which means your pets will feel great while using this product.

The bottom of the Hollypet house is resistant, just like the rest of the product.

You can wash the entire bed in the washing machine; according to clients’ testimonials, this will not spoil its shape or texture.

There is a soft removable pillow inside the house and most animals love to use it for rest or to hide under it. The enclosed space design aims at making pets feel safe and warm.



The bed’s walls are thick and this reduces the overall size of the interior.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you are wondering how to buy the best guinea pig house for your beloved pet, the truth is that there is no easy way around this. You have to do your research, think about your pet’s behavior, analyze your budget, and make a decision based on all these aspects. Because we want to help you make a good choice and invest in a quality product, our team has summarized the most important features you should be looking for while purchasing a guinea pig house.


As you know by now, guinea pigs are quite passionate about chewing things and this might even include their own shelter. Nothing stands in the way of their ferocious teeth, and this can be quite dangerous if the guinea pig house contains toxic materials they might ingest.

Since there are so many options on the market, you will not have problems finding a good guinea pig house that’s made of safe and natural materials. An option would be buying a house that is made of wood, but this can be quite a temptation for your little furry friends.

Although wood has a classy look and a homey feeling that can make it integrate easily in any setting, if your pet enjoys eating its house more than living in it, you might want to opt for a safe plastic product. On the label of each guinea pig house, you should find sufficient instructions and specifications related to the type of material that was used to build it.

This is how you can make sure that no toxic elements can be found in its composition.



Each product has a different lifespan, but the truth is that it might last longer or for a shorter time based on how active your guinea pigs are. If you are the happy owner of tranquil and well-behaved guinea pigs, you will be able to use any house in the long term, even if it’s one of the cheap guinea pig houses.

If your guinea pig is rather nastier and enjoys chewing things or has the habit of breaking things, you might have to consider durability as your top priority when buying a house. In this situation, a model made of hard plastic might be the ideal choice. On the other hand, products made of less resistant materials such as sisal or cloth might not be appropriate.



It goes without saying that if you have several guinea pigs, you will need a larger house to accommodate all of them, although it doesn’t mean that it can’t be an affordable guinea pig house. These pets spend most of their time inside the house. Therefore, it is essential for them to have sufficient space to play, rest, and move around.

Another important aspect to take into account when considering the overall size of the house is how large the hideouts are. If you have several Guinea pigs, they might not be able to fit in the same hideout, which means that it would be better to opt for a product that has several hideouts.

While these animals can be quite sociable, they also have the habit of hiding, and when they do this, they prefer solitude.


This criterion is essential whenever you purchase something for your pets. Based on the house’s design, you have to choose one that doesn’t pose any risks. Check, for example, how stable the house is. Can it easily fall if your pet tries to climb on it or gets inside? If yes, look for another one. Guinea pigs can easily be hurt if they fall or if something falls on them.

Therefore, side-mounted, sturdy, and stable products are a good choice. Reading a few guinea pig houses reviews before buying might also be a good idea.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Do guinea pigs need houses?

Just like any other pets, guinea pigs need a place of their own. This doesn’t only refer to a shelter where they can feed or sleep. If you’ve been to any pet shop, it takes as little as a few seconds to understand that each type of pet needs a particular type of house.

You can easily understand this just by looking at the number and diversity of different house models for cats, dogs, hamsters, and so on. Guinea pigs require a specially designed house that can fulfill their needs. This is why the products targeted toward these pets have a specific aspect.

Guinea pig houses are provided with hideaways because they imitate the natural environment in which these animals live. Guinea pigs need these hideaways both when they are active and when they play, but also when they seek a place to sleep.

A well-designed guinea pig house will keep your pet busy and entertained while also offering a comfortable place to sleep.

Q: Do guinea pigs like to hide?

In their natural environment, guinea pigs love hiding. They are not afraid of dark places, on the contrary, they enjoy discovering such places. Because guinea pigs are naturally prone to hide, it is important to make sure that even if they live indoors, they still have this ability.

If you are wondering why guinea pigs like hiding so much, the answer is that this habit stems from their survival instinct. In the wilderness, these small animals are hunted by different predators because they represent a source of food. Due to this fact, guinea pigs have developed a great capacity to spot narrow and dark places and to hide in them. Moreover, this also accounts for their rapidity.

If you allow your guinea pig to roam freely around your home, you will see that it will instinctively seek a place to hide. With a guinea pig house, you can ensure your pet always has a place to hide and feel at ease.


Q: How often should you clean a guinea pig house?

Guinea pigs don’t require a lot of care, they’re relatively easy to maintain. However, you do need to clean their habitat regularly, just like you do with your own house. It is important to do this because pets that are kept in an unclean environment are more likely to develop diseases.

The cleaning schedule you decide to follow depends on how many guinea pigs you have and how quickly their habitat becomes dirty. Whenever you see spots or other signs of dirt in your pet’s house, you should take action.

How often you clean the house also depends on the material that it’s made from. If you have a plastic or wood house, you can clean it easily with sanitizing wipes or with a piece of cloth once a week or if you see any spots, immediately.

If the house is made of textile materials that need washing, you can do this regularly even once a week if needed, if not at least monthly.




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