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10 Best Guinea Pig Hideouts – Comparison & Reviews 

Last Updated: 30.03.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Guinea Pig Hideout + Reviews


Guinea pigs, like most other rodents, are great companions for grownups and children alike, as long as you provide them with everything necessary to thrive and enjoy their lives, including the best Guinea pig hideout. They enjoy playing with their owners as much as they enjoy their privacy, so make sure to buy them as many toys and cage accessories as possible to stimulate their minds and prevent boredom. So, if you’re in the market for a new Guinea pig hideout, we reckon the Niteangel Wood House with Window Guinea Pigs Hut would make the right choice. It is made of unfinished natural wood that is also great for their chewing habits, promoting healthy oral hygiene and strong teeth. The product features a strong construction to deliver a sense of security, while the roof can be used as a habitat so you can add cushions, toys or food. If this accessory is not available for sale right away, the Puleidi Guinea Pig Washable Bed Hideout could prove a smart alternative.



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10 Best Guinea Pig Hideouts (Updated Reviews) in 2020



Rodents love hiding so what better way to cater to their needs if not by providing them with some great cage accessories? Showcased below you can find a list with fun Guinea pig hideouts, together with their in-depth reviews so you can easily pick the perfect item for your pet.



1. Niteangel Wood House with Window Guinea Pigs Hut


If you’re looking for a reliable and durable product, this wood house represents a great choice for your cavy. It is made of 100% real unfinished wood and features solid construction that will provide your pet with a sense of security. It is big enough to comfortably accommodate your Guinea pig, chinchilla, and other rodent pets and leave enough spare room for them to stretch their paws.

The two windows on the sides ensure increased air ventilation to prevent overheating even during the warmer summer months while the large door in the front provides easy access in and outside the house.

The roof can also be used as an additional habitat or storing place. It is big enough to keep your pet’s snacks, food or to turn it into a relaxing area with the help of some cloth cushions. The solid wooden construction can promote healthy chewing habits and good oral hygiene.



The solid construction can be used both as a sleeping place and as a chewing toy, promoting your pet’s natural chewing habits and ensuring it benefits from proper oral hygiene.

The house is made of 100% natural wood and doesn’t contain any chemical dyes or ingredients that might cause allergic reactions and health problems to your cavy.

It features two large windows on the sides for improved air circulation so your pet never gets overheated even if it spends hours relaxing in the hut.

The large door provides easy access inside and outside of the house while the roof can be used as an additional chill area or to store your pet’s snacks.



Although we prefer this product over one made of plastic, wood is one of your pet’s favorite materials to chew on so don’t expect the house to last forever. Depending on how many Guinea pigs live in the same cage, you’ll have to replace this hideout after a few months.

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2. Puleidi Guinea Pig Washable Bed Hideout


Available in two adorable and playful designs, giraffe or pig, this product is made of high-quality plush fabrics and is large enough to comfortably fit your Guinea pig or other rodent pet, with enough spare room for it to stretch its legs.

The large hole in the front provides easy access inside and outside of the hut while the interior is soft with your pet’s skin to promote relaxation and a good night’s sleep. It represents the perfect hideaway during the wintertime as it will keep your cavy warm and snuggled.

The cage accessory features an anti-slip bottom to remain in the same position. It can be easily cleaned in the washing machine to keep it germ and bacteria-free. Besides, the bed is delivered with a matching cushion that will make your pet feel at home. The cushion is removable so you can place it anywhere inside the cage to create a new relaxation corner.



The bed is large enough to comfortably fit your small rodent and ensure it spends quality time inside, relaxing or sleeping.

It is made of quality plush materials that are soft on touch so they won’t cause any skin rashes, irritations or allergies, even to the most sensitive Guinea pigs.

The product is 100% machine washable, meaning it will be easy to keep it clean and germ-free at all times. Wash it as often as you feel fit to remove any signs of dirt, dust, debris, and bacteria that might cause health problems to your beloved pet.

The anti-slip bottom design secures the bed into position no matter where you place it inside your pet’s cage.



Although it will keep your Guinea pig warm in the wintertime, the plush synthetic fibers in this bed might be too thick for your pet during the warm season and might cause overheating.

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3. eCOTRITION Snak Shak Hideaway for Small Animals


This product is available in various shapes and sizes to best suit your pet’s needs. The activity log in size Large is big enough for Guinea pigs and small rabbits and is 100% edible. The sweet golden honey flavor makes it the perfect snack for your rodent while the 3-in-1 design provides extreme versatility.

This cage accessory can be used as a regular activity log, providing a fun hideaway and promoting a sense of security to your pet. It is the perfect place for your cavy to stretch its paws, take a nap or simply relax away from any threats and noises. Thanks to the delicious honey flavor it also represents a tasty treat, promoting your pet’s natural chewing instinct.

The Snak Shak provides three large entrances for easy access for animals of different sizes, ensuring maximum air ventilation inside so it doesn’t get too hot. It is made of pine wood.



The item is large enough for your Guinea pig or rabbit and comes with three large entrances to facilitate access inside and outside as often as your pet sees fit.

It is made with a delicious golden honey flavor to represent a healthy snack your pet can have all day long.

It promotes your animal’s natural chewing instinct while also providing a fun hideaway whenever your cavy feels like taking a break. The log is opaque so it won’t allow light coming in, meaning your pet can also relax and even take a nap whenever it wants.

The product comes in various sizes and shapes to stimulate your animal’s interest and keep boredom away.



It includes pine shavings that you shouldn’t normally worry about as your cavy wouldn’t eat them. However, when mixed with the honey flavor, it will represent a tasty treat which can be dangerous to your pig’s health when ingested in large amounts.

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4. Kaytee Small Animal Hideouts and Huts


Available in two sizes, Small and Large, this pet hut is suitable for your cavy, hamster or gerbil. When assembled, it is large enough to provide the perfect hideaway for your pet whenever it needs privacy or a place where it can relax, away from all the people and noises around it. The hut is 8.75 inches high and 11.25 inches wide, enough for your pawed friend to stretch its paws.

The smart construction offers a place to sleep and relax, as well as a built-in hay feeder for whenever your pet decides to have a snack and is too lazy to go to its food bowl.

There is also a removable food dish that ensures easy cleaning. You can always keep it filled with your pet’s favorite mix of fresh fruits and veggies to provide a reliable source of vitamins, minerals, and fibers with minimum effort.



The 3-in-1 design represents the perfect relaxation oasis for your pet inside its cage. The hut is big enough to provide a thoughtful hideaway for your cavy whenever it needs a few moments alone.

It comes with a detachable food tray for increased cleaning convenience. You can fill it with your piggy’s favorite mix of vegetables and fresh fruits or you can use it as a water tray to keep it hydrated.

The product is made of reliable materials and it is chew-resistant. The hut structure is of composite plastic, while the built-in hay rack is made of sturdy metal that won’t corrode in time.

It is easy to assemble and fits perfectly in most rodent cages.



Plastic materials are not healthy choices for your pet to chew on. Even though your Guinea pig might not swallow the small plastic pieces, they can remain a choking hazard. Keep the food tray filled so the animal won’t have to chew something else.

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5. Pulse Brands Corner Fleece Forest Hideout


If you’re looking for an affordable Guinea pig hideout that you can easily attach to any of the cage’s corners, this item from Pulse Brands might be the perfect solution. It is available in four bright colors, including pink and purple, and provides an extra hiding spot for your Guinea pig so that it can feel safe.

It can also become an alternative playing ground or sleeping place when your rodent gets bored with all other cage accessories. Unlike solid structures, this product won’t take up precious floor space, so there will still be enough room for the pet’s sleeping bed, food and water trays, running wheel, and other fun accessories.

It is made of high-quality fleece so it will also keep your pet warm during the wintertime, without causing overheating. You can easily attach it to the corner of the cage with the three included metal hooks so setting it up won’t take you more than a couple of minutes.



Lightweight and easy to install, the product comes with three metal hooks that can be attached to any of the cage’s corners.

It represents the perfect hideaway, relaxation corner or sleeping tent for your cavy whenever it doesn’t feel like being interrupted by surrounding people, lights or noises.

It is made of durable fleece fibers that are soft on touch and won’t cause rashes or skin irritations to your pet’s sensitive skin.

You can easily remove the tent structure and wash it by hand or in the washing machine to keep it clean and fresh at all times.



The structure of this tent may not be strong enough to resist your pet’s weight, so we don’t recommend this as a replacement for your regular pet house. It may represent a fun hideaway but you should keep all other accessories inside the Guinea pig’s cage.

The metal hooks are hard to open at first.

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6. Piggies Choice The Space House All Natural


Designed by experts, this hideaway house comes in four cool designs, including pastel rainbow, so it will easily stand out in the crowd. The 2.0 generation of the beloved Space House features a lovely smooth and shiny top so it can be easily removed and cleaned, as well as a solid Paulownia wood construction that will provide the perfect hideaway for your pet.

Thanks to the unique shape of the house, it won’t occupy too much space in the cage, leaving enough room for other fun accessories, including tubes, stairs, and exercise wheels. The door measures approximately 5.5 inches in height and length, providing comfortable and easy access for your Guinea pig while also ensuring proper air circulation and ventilation.

The Paulownia wood is one of the lightest types of timber in the world but also capable of resisting heavy weights, which makes it the perfect choice for your pet’s house.



The product features a lightweight yet sturdy structure made of 100% Paulownia wood that makes the perfect choice for a hideaway or a sleeping spot.

The smooth and shiny roof of the house can also act as a relaxation area or food and snacks storage so your pet will have easy access to its favorite treats.

The house comes with a large front door for easy access inside and outside. It also ensures proper air ventilation and circulation so your cavy can enjoy a good night’s sleep without overheating.

The untreated wood makes for a delicious treat, stimulating your pet’s natural chewing habits while the non-toxic paints will not pose a threat to your animal’s health.



Keep in mind that the wood is absorbent so don’t expect it to last forever if your pet isn’t potty trained and loves spending all of its time inside this house.

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7. Dogidoli Guinea Pig Hideout Corner Forest


Available in five bright colors, this unique hideout makes a great choice for all pet cages. Its shape allows you to easily fit it in any of the cage’s corners, saving a lot of space and allowing enough room for all your pet’s other accessories.

This forest corner hideout is made of durable, lightweight, soft, and breathable polar fleece fibers that ensure higher weight capacity. It will also keep your pet warm and cozy during the wintertime, making it the perfect hideaway or sleeping corner.

It is delivered with three high-quality portable metal hooks so that you can easily attach it to the corner of the cage at an adjustable height, depending on your pet’s dimensions and preferences. The generous dimensions make it suitable for various rodents and related animals, including dwarf rabbits, chinchillas, Guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters or hedgehogs.

To keep it clean and fresh-smelling at all times, wash it by hand or in the washing machine.



The structure doesn’t occupy too much space and can be placed in any corner of the cage, providing enough room for your pet to sleep or relax comfortably.

It represents a great hideout for all small animals, stimulating their natural burrowing instincts, and offering them a sense of security.

The product is made of soft and durable fleece fabrics that don’t pose a threat to your cavy’s health.

It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to install thanks to the three heavy-duty metal hooks that come with the hideout. Also, whenever it gets dirty, you can wash it in the washing machine.



The only flaw we could think of is that the structure’s top isn’t sturdy enough to support the weight of your piggy, so you shouldn’t use it as an additional sleeping or resting place. However, it can store your pet’s favorite snacks and delicious treats.

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8. Snewvie Guinea Pig Hideout Hideaway


Going through various Guinea pig hideout reviews online, you will easily understand why this particular product is a crowd-pleaser. Unlike many other similar products, this one is made of a durable and trustworthy mix of non-woven fibers and polyester on a strong iron structure. The high-quality fabrics are soft on touch and won’t cause any harm to your pet.

The hut can be used as a hideaway for your small animals whenever they want to be alone and relax, away from any noises or powerful lights. Since Guinea pigs are prey animals, they will love a burrowing place where they can hide and feel safe. Also, the top part can be used as a hammock, providing an extra space where your pets can hang out.

The hideout can be easily attached to a cage’s corner and won’t occupy too much space, meaning there will still be enough room left to store all your pet’s essentials and accessories.



The heavy structure is designed to support the weight of two or three small animals, meaning it is suitable for gerbils, chinchillas, dwarf rabbits or Guinea pigs who love to hang out in pairs or small groups.

It is made of a combination of fabrics, thick and soft on touch, providing the perfect hideaway place for your small animals and protecting them from noises, bright lights, and bugging humans.

The unique shape allows it to be placed in one of the cage’s corners, saving important space.

The product can be used both as a hideaway and as a hammock thanks to the strong metal hooks used to attach it to the cage’s wire bars.



This cage accessory is easy to clean as you can wash it by hand or directly in the washing machine but you shouldn’t iron or bleach it. Just make sure to first remove the hooks and never use bleachers or powerful detergents.

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9. Slson Corner Funny Habitat Tent Toy


Available in a beautiful combination of black and white polka dots on a blue background, this accessory will easily become your pet’s favorite. It is specifically designed for introverted individuals that love to hide and spend quiet time alone, away from annoying humans, lights, loud noises or other snoopy animals.

It represents a safe place where your beloved chin or cavy can hide and enjoy a good night’s sleep. The tent features a strong structure, designed to withstand the weight of two or three small animals, and it dubbs as a hammock.

It is made of a combination of high-quality canvas and flannel that are soft on touch and won’t cause allergic reactions or skin rashes. Whenever it gets dirty, you can easily remove the hooks and wash the tent by hand or directly in the washing machine, avoiding harsh chemicals or bleachers. We don’t recommend ironing either.



Large enough to fit most rodents and small animals, including gerbils, hamsters, Guinea pigs, chinchillas, and even dwarf rabbits, this tent represents the perfect hideaway.

The unique shape of the product makes it easy to attach to one of the cage corners, saving important space so there will still be enough room for all your pet’s accessories.

It is made of durable and reliable fabrics that will provide a sense of security and privacy to your pet when inside. The top is thick and sturdy enough to be used as a hammock, delivering a second area for your pet to relax, sleep or stretch its paws.

When it gets dirty, you can easily wash it by hand or directly in the washing machine as long as you don’t use powerful detergents or bleachers.



If your piggies are notorious chewers, we don’t recommend this product as it won’t last too long before it needs to be replaced.

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10. Niteangel Corner Fleece Forest Hidey Curtain


Going through this Guinea pig hideout review, you will soon realize that the product represents an excellent choice for those who want to offer their pets a unique relaxation and sleeping corner without occupying too much space inside the cage.

It may not entirely replace the benefits of a house but it provides an additional place where your pawed friend can sleep or stretch its paws whenever it gets bored of all its other cage accessories.

The product is made of high-quality fleece fibers that are perfect for hiding your pet and protecting it from noises or bright lights. It is soft on touch and won’t cause allergic reactions to your cavy’s sensitive skin. And, thanks to the included three metal hooks, you can easily install the hut in just a few minutes.

The top surface is also soft and sturdy so it can hold your pet’s weight without worrying about it falling and injuring. Therefore, it can be used as a hammock.



Lightweight and durable, this tent structure represents a great hideaway for all your small animals, including Guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters or gerbils.

It is made of soft fleece fabrics that absorb noises and protect your pet from bright lights, ensuring a sense of comfort and safety inside. And, since Guinea pigs are prey animals, they will love a good hideout.

The product can be easily attached to the cage’s metallic bars thanks to the three included hooks and, due to its unique shape, it will occupy less space than a usual house or sleeping place.

It can be easily washed in the washing machine or by hand as long as you remove the hooks before and you don’t use harsh chemicals or bleachers.



Before ordering, make sure to check the product’s dimensions and compare them to the ones of your rodent cage. This accessory might be too big for hamsters or rat cages.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Most rodents are prey animals so they love to hide and stay in dark places for as long as possible. When kept in captivity as pets, rodents require a lot of accessories to stimulate their curiosity and prevent boredom.

In other words, their cages should be filled with all kinds of toys and accessories, from huts to wooden logs, chewing treats, tunnels, beds, stairs, exercise wheels, and houses so they remain active all day long.

If you’re looking for the right place for your pet to hide and enjoy a good night’s sleep, here are some of the main aspects you should consider.


Although most products available for sale claim they’re suitable for all small animals, chances are that bigger rodents like chinchillas or Guinea pigs will rarely fit into small houses, logs or other hideouts.

Thus, the most important aspect to take into account is the product’s size. Even a cheap Guinea pig hideout could prove a smart long-term investment as long as it’s big enough to allow easy access and enough room for your pet to stretch its paws and move.


Materials used

When it comes to the materials used for these hideouts, you’ll find everything from cheap plastic to sturdy wooden constructions, cloth fabrics, fleece, and others. Each material has its good parts and its flaws, so it is up to you to find the right one according to your cavy’s personality.

Plastic structures are lightweight and easy to clean. They are available in countless shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, so they represent the perfect choice to keep your pet active and interested. However, you should only opt for BPA-free and FDA-approved items that won’t pose a threat to your animal’s health.

Wood is another popular choice and is sturdier than plastic. As long as you opt for rough, naturally unfinished products, all wooden structures can easily turn from the perfect hideaway to a delicious snack, stimulating your pet’s chewing instinct and ensuring good oral hygiene.

However, you should stay away from products that might contain splinters or wood shavings as these are extremely dangerous to rodents.

Fibers such as fleece, cotton or polyester are lightweight and affordable, making them the perfect choice for tent-like structures or comfortable beds. Most of these accessories are removable and easy to wash by hand or in the washing machine, meaning you can always keep them clean and fresh.

Tents and other hideaways made of fibers have the great advantage of being easy to install. They usually come with hooks that can be attached to the cage’s bars and won’t occupy too much space either.

2-in-1 or 3-in-1 designs

If you’re looking for a convenient and practical accessory, many of the available Guinea pig hideouts can be used in more than one way. Some come with detachable food and water trays that are easy to clean, while others provide an additional place to sleep, relax or play on top of the house.

Notorious chewers can enjoy huts and hideouts made of delicious hay or other natural materials that are good for rodents. Apart from keeping your pets secure and providing them with the privacy they require, these accessories will also dub as treats for your cavies.

Some of them even come in delicious fruity or honey flavors to stimulate your pet’s natural chewing instincts.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do Guinea pigs need a hideout?

Similar to most other rodents, Guinea pigs are prey animals, which means that it is essential for them to feel safe. Hiding is part of their behavior and makes them feel safe, so it’s mandatory to offer them a safe spot inside their cage.

Guinea pigs are also social animals so it’s always better to keep them in pairs instead of alone. If you own at least two of these rodents, you should provide each of them with a hideout, big and wide enough for them to sleep, rest, and stretch their paws.

There are hundreds of good options on the market, including elaborated tunnels and two-story houses but if you still haven’t found the perfect wooden Guinea pig hideout, you can always make your own. A small piece of a wood log with an empty core represents an affordable and fun choice for your piggies to hide and rest in.

Q: Do Guinea pigs need baths?

One of the main reasons why people often choose rodents as their pets is that most of them are low-maintenance. Unlike dogs, Guinea pigs, chinchillas or hamsters don’t need to be walked outside every day and, since they spend most of their lives indoors, their grooming routines are limited.

Just like cats, Guinea pigs love cleaning themselves and they do a good job at it so baths are rare. Baths are mandatory if your piggy catches a fungal or parasite infection, as well as if its fur is particularly dirty.

If you choose to bath your cavy, you need to be sure it is a positive experience. Keep in mind that Guinea pigs can be easily scared so hold your rodent pet at all times and gently stroke its fur. The water should be warm, not hot, as to not strip off the fur’s natural oils that keep it soft and shiny.


Q: What time of the day are Guinea pigs most active?

Contrary to public opinion, Guinea pigs are not necessarily nocturnal creatures like most other rodents. Extensive studies conducted on cavies have shown that their sleeping patterns are different from one individual to another, so there is not enough relevant data to classify them as either diurnal or nocturnal.

However, they are creatures of habit, meaning they best live by a preexisting schedule. Guinea pigs love eating, sleeping, and playing around the same time of the day and will show signs of stress or anxiety if you try to change their schedule.

That being said, you might notice that your cavy is mainly active at dusk and dawn and rarely sleeps, especially with its eyes closed. Your rodent loves taking naps during the day but only requires about one hour of deep sleep (REM) per day to feel fresh and ready for mischief. And, since Guinea pigs have been domesticated for thousands of years, they are used to humans and their schedules.




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