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8 Best Guinea Pig Hay – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 30.03.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Guinea Pig Hay + Reviews


Owning a guinea pig is bliss, but you also have to pay attention to what you feed it – you know that it is very important to provide it with the best guinea pig hay but finding it can take a lot of time. This is why we have made it easier for you by reviewing 8 of the highest-rated products on the market right now. After analyzing their qualities, we have concluded that if you want a great hay for your pet you should consider the Vitakraft Timothy Hay Premium Sweet Grass. It is made of handpicked leaves and stems and it is not contaminated with any pesticides. It is a great all-natural product and the manufacturer does not use any artificial colors or preservatives. It has a load of all the nutrients your pet needs, as well as fibers that help keep a healthy digestive system, as well as good fats and protein. Also, if that is not available, the Kaytee Timothy Hay 1st Cut or 2nd Cut is a great choice.



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8 Best Guinea Pig Hay (Updated Reviews) in 2020



Because we know that your time is limited and making a choice can be overwhelming, we have made a list of 8 guinea pig hay reviews that are going to help you make a good choice for your pet. These are top-rated products right now, so all of them offer some of the highest quality you can find.



1. Vitakraft Timothy Hay Premium Sweet Grass


This guinea pig hay from Vitakraft is a great choice you can make when it comes to the health of your little pet friend. Timothy hay is great for guinea pigs because it is full of nutrients and fibers. Your tiny friend is going to love this hay made of hand-picked leaf and stem. The Vitakraft hay has a sweet smell and it also tastes a little bit sweet. 

There are many reasons why this product is great for your guinea pig to eat every day and the most important of all is that it doesn’t contain any pesticides. It is made from grass that was grown in the USA and it is all-natural, without any artificial colors and no preservatives.

The high fiber content will provide your pet with a healthy diet and it will keep it full for a longer period of time. It is full of minerals and vitamins and it will keep your guinea pig’s teeth healthy.

It is best used for pets older than 6 months and it is compressed inside the guinea pig hay bag in slices that make the hay easy to feed. Hay is the most important part of a guinea pig’s diet and this product from Vitakraft is suited to be used on a daily basis.



Timothy hay is one of the best types of hay you can feed your guinea pig because it has a balanced amount of fiber, fat, and protein that will provide your pet with a healthy digestive system.

You pay a lot of attention so that the food you eat has no pesticides in it and you should do the same for your guinea pigs, which is why this product is a great choice since it has no pesticides or other harmful substances.

A great quality that this product has is that it does not contain any artificial colors or preservatives, so it is the best way to make sure that your pet has a clean diet. The cleaner the diet is, the longer you will be able to enjoy the company of your little friend.



Some people may be allergic to Timothy hay, so it is important to avoid it if you know you are allergic because it will have to always be present in your pet’s cage and in your environment as well.

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2. Kaytee Timothy Hay 1st Cut or 2nd Cut


Kaytee always makes sure to stay up to date by offering quality products when it comes to including high nutritional values for your cute little friend. This hay has an extra inner package that is resealable and allows the hay to stay fresh and dry.

The 1st or 2nd cut hay is great for healthy guinea pigs because it comes with a good balance of fiber, protein, and fats, so you can be sure that your pet has a healthy and rich diet, keeping its digestive system at its peak. It has a great flavor and the strand length is medium so that it is good for their teeth, as well as for being used as bedding.

The 2nd cut Timothy hay is also in the middle, it is not very rough and not very soft, so that the teeth of your tiny friend are provided with the texture that allows them to stay short and not overgrow. It also has a leaf-to-stem ratio that helps keep the proper balance of nutrients so that the product offers a superior nutrition level.



The 2nd cut Timothy hay is a good choice when it comes to the nutritional values of the product.

It has a balanced amount of fibers, fats, and proteins so that your guinea pig gets the most out of its diet. It is great for pets that are not too skinny and not too fat, for healthy guinea pigs in general.

It is rough enough to help your pet’s teeth at a normal size, as they are constantly growing.

Because of the high-fiber content, your pet’s colon health is ensured because it will keep the bacterial levels at normal values.

The manufacturers store this hay in a moisture-free environment so that it does not become moldy.



If your pet is too fat, you might consider giving it 1st cut Timothy hay because it contains a lower amount of proteins and fats. However, the 2nd cut is a good choice when not given in high amounts.

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3. Kaytee Timothy Hay for Rabbits & Small Animals


Katee has a variety of types of hay for small pets, and this one is a great choice for your guinea pig because it comes with added dried carrots. This enhances the flavor of the hay, but also the nutritional value of this wonderful treat for your guinea pig, who will be enchanted when chewing on this hay on a daily basis.

It comes in a 24 oz bag and is an affordable guinea pig hay, especially considering all the health benefits it provides. The hay is handpicked so that the balance between leaves and stems is kept at an optimum ratio so that your tiny pet can benefit from the high nutritional value. This offers a great combination of fiber, fats, and protein.

The protein levels and the calcium levels are lower than alfalfa hay and the nutrients that dried carrots have are amazing for your guinea pig’s health. The texture of the carrots is the perfect choice for the health of your pet’s teeth because, as you may know, they are constantly growing.

Its high fiber content is ideal to help guinea pigs keep a healthy digestive system, ensuring that they have optimal bacterial levels inside their digestive tract, and it is best used for pets that are over 7 months old.



The high fiber content is great for all guinea pigs, no matter the size and weight. So it does not matter if your pet is too skinny or too fat, it will benefit a lot from the high fiber content.

The added dry carrots have a great number of vitamins that are essential for the health of your pet. They also have a tough texture that is good for the health of your guinea pig’s teeth.

It isn’t loaded with protein and calcium which are not good for a guinea pig’s urinary tract, making it a much better choice than alfalfa hay.

It is hand-picked, to keep a balance between leaves and stems.



It is not a great choice for very skinny guinea pigs who need a higher protein and fats intake, or for guinea pigs that have problems with chewing because the dried carrots have a rough texture.

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4. Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay for Pets


This hay for small herbivores from Oxbow is a safe source of high-quality fiber that will help any small pet keep optimal health. Timothy hay is the number one choice of any veteran in the guinea pig owning category because it has a high nutritional content. Small pets such as guinea pigs, chinchillas and rabbits will definitely love this hay.

It is packed in two bags of 15 ounces each, making it easier to keep it fresh since you do not have to open a big sized package that might ruin the hay’s freshness by making contact air and moisture. It has a lot of fiber and contains a lot of nutrients that will ensure that your little friend will always have a healthy digestive system.

Whenever you want to make a healthy choice for your small pet, the Oxbow Western hay is awesome because it is manually picked by trained people who make sure that it has the proper amount of nutrients. 

The hay is specially grown for small herbivores so that it meets all the needs that our small rodent pets have when it comes to nutrition. Furthermore, it has an amazing flavor that your guinea pig will adore.



Timothy hay is a great choice that offers a balanced diet because it has fiber, protein, as well as fats. 

The high amount of fiber is appropriate for rodents that need to keep a healthy digestive system to function properly.

It is handpicked and hand-sorted so that the manufacturers make sure that the leaf-to-stem ratio is optimal to provide the best nutrients.

It is a better choice than alfalfa hay because it has a lower amount of protein, fats, and calcium that can make your guinea pig become fat.

The package is dust-free, which means that the chances that your guinea pig develops respiratory problems are lowered.

It has a great flavor and your pet will not be able to stop chewing on it, keeping its teeth healthy.



For small pets that have chewing problems, it may seem a little bit rough. However, this is rarely the case and the roughness is good for maintaining healthy teeth.

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5. Oxbow Animal Health Alfalfa Hay for Pets


As you probably already know from our buying guide, alfalfa hay is full of fiber, protein, fats, and minerals that are great for guinea pigs that are too skinny and weak. If this is the case, this product is awesome for your pet because Oxbow makes sure that the hay is handpicked so that it offers good quality hay.

The packaging is optimal for storing because it contains a resealable bag that helps you keep the hay fresh. To make sure that you do not buy very large amounts of hay that can deteriorate while storing, Oxbow has made sure to make these 30-ounces bags that are ideal for keeping the hay fresh.

It is important to understand that if your pet is an eager eater and a little bit chubby, you should combine the alfalfa hay with timothy hay so that your small pet friend does not become obese. Alfalfa, however, is a great supplement for your guinea pig’s diet because it has very high-quality nutrients in very large amounts.

It is made of 75 percent hay, 20 percent fortified food and 5 percent healthy greens, which makes it a great supplement that can be added to the diet of your pet friend.



It is natural and has no preservatives or chemicals that might harm the health of your guinea pig.

It is high in nutrients that make it a great supplementation to the diet of small herbivores. 

If your pet has nutrition problems or is a little bit skinny, this type of hay is a great choice that you can use on a daily basis to help it get back on its feet.

It is handpicked, so you can be sure that your guinea pig is eating only the best leaves and stems possible.

The package is resealable so if you use it in small amounts every day, only for supplementation, it helps that the hay does not retain moisture or dust.



In some cases, the hay might get a little bit dusty, especially when exposed for prolonged periods. However, if you store it in proper conditions, using the resealable package, you should not have any problems with the dust.

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6. Kaytee Orchard Grass


Orchard hay is the perfect choice for pet owners who are allergic to other types of hay, so Kaytee does not let them down with this great tasting hay for small herbivores. It can be used for small pets like guinea pigs, chinchillas, and bunnies.

It offers a variety of nutrients that help your guinea pig stay healthy. It also provides a high fiber content that helps small herbivores keep a healthy digestive system. It is an awesome product that, combined with fortified food from Kaytee, offers an optimally balanced diet.

It is all-natural, grown in the USA and has no artificial colors or preservatives. Orchard hay usually has a variety of nutrients and natural flavors and it often has a fruity flavor. It is very soft and it can easily be used as bedding because your guinea pig’s feet will love its soft and cozy touch.

This hay encourages small herbivores to forage and it makes them use all their senses, which is great for keeping your pet alert and for its brain development. It is mimicking their natural environment and they will be eager to constantly chew on it, which is a great activity to keep their teeth healthy. 



This hay from Kaytee is a good choice for people who have allergies because it is non-allergenic. Remember that you will always have hay inside the cage of your guinea pig so it’s better if it’s non-allergenic like this product.

The fact that it is very soft makes it a great bedding solution, so you will not have to invest twice in different products.

It has a great nutrient balance that makes it a great addition to your little friend’s healthy diet.

It has no preservatives or artificial colors, which means that it is very healthy for your pet’s skin and respiratory system.



The fact that it is very soft is a plus but, at the same time, a minus because it is not beneficial for the health of your guinea pig’s teeth as the pet has to constantly chew on something rough. You can add dehydrated carrots to compensate for this or have a mixture of another type of hay that provides enough roughness.

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7. ZuPreem Western Timothy Hay for Small Animals


The western Timothy hay from ZuPreem is a cheap guinea pig hay that comes with all the benefits that high-quality hay can provide. It is grown in Idaho, in very fertile soil that has proper irrigation, especially for small herbivore pets that have to benefit from the natural ingredients and high nutrient levels of the product. 

It comes in packages that weigh 40 ounces which makes it easier to keep the hay dry so that it does not attract moisture. You will not find any weeds inside and it has no pesticides or chemicals that can harm your guinea pig. Artificial colors and pesticides can often lead to skin rashes and allergies and can harm small rodents’ health.

It is selected by hand and well inspected before it is put inside the package so that your guinea pig will eat only the hay that is full of nutrients. It has a rich fiber content that makes sure that your pet has proper intestinal mobility.

It is usually used for adult small herbivores and is rough enough to help them keep their dental health at optimal levels. It has a natural and fresh aroma that your guinea pig will love to eat every day.



It has a very high fiber content that helps keep the gastrointestinal health of your tiny pet at its peak, meaning that it will be able to safely absorb all the nutrients that come from its diet.

It is grown on fertile soil, offering a high amount of healthy nutrients.

ZuPreem doesn’t use any pesticides or artificial colors, which is a great quality for any small rodent hay, making it a great choice for people who want to provide their guinea pig with a clean diet that does not harm their little friend.

The hay is inspected so that it does not contain any weeds, which can harm your pet. 

It provides only the highest quality Timothy hay which is one of the top choices of small herbivore owners.



If you are allergic to different types of hay you should be careful because Timothy hay is not a non-allergenic product.

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8. Kaytee Timothy Complete Plus Fruit Vegetable


This guinea pig hay review on the Kaytee Timothy Complete Plus will show you why it is a good choice. The diet of your guinea pig has to be filled with other nutrients that they can not get from hay alone and, as you probably know, you have to buy other different nutrition supplements to make sure that your pet has a healthy diet. 

What would you say if you could find it all in just one product? Well, this is what Kaytee Timothy Complete Plus does, it provides all the necessary nutrients your guinea pig needs. It is made of sun-cured Timothy hay mixed with dehydrated fruits and vegetables that add all the minerals and vitamins small rodents need. 

It is packed with the necessary amount of vitamin C that your guinea pig needs and it is low in protein and calcium. It has a lot of fiber that helps your pet maintain a healthy digestive system. It comes in two packs of 5 pounds each and the hay has added vitamins and minerals.

The manufacturers suggest that you adjust the amount that you feed your guinea pig while taking its weight into account. If you have a skinny pet friend you can feed it higher amounts. You should do so if it has problems with its vitamin C intake.



If you want your guinea pig to get every single nutrient it needs, this is a great way to fulfill its nutritional needs with only a single product.

It is full of added vitamin C which is very important for guinea pigs because, as we have said in our buying guide, guinea pigs are like humans, they can not synthesize it, so they need to have a certain amount of vitamin C in their diet to keep healthy.

Timothy hay has a large amount of fiber which is highly recommended for guinea pigs’ gastrointestinal health.



It has a high amount of nutrients so it is not recommended for all guinea pigs, to be eaten in high amounts on a daily basis. If you have a fat guinea pig, you should feed it small amounts of this hay because, otherwise, it could become obese and develop different kinds of health issues in the future.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Before we tell you what the important things to consider when choosing the perfect hay for your guinea pig are, it is essential that you know a little bit about why your pet needs it and what you should combine it with so that you provide your little friend with everything it needs to be healthy.

Guinea pigs are herbivores and their teeth are constantly growing and that is why they have to always have hay to chew on inside their cage. However, hay is not enough, you also have to provide them with at least 10 mg of vitamin C because, unlike other rodents, they can not synthesize it. 

There are a lot of types of hay that you can feed your guinea pig. Some of the most popular are Timothy hay, Alfalfa hay, Meadow hay, and Orchard hay.

Timothy hay 

Timothy hay is one of the most popular kinds of hay and many owners like it as an option for their pets. It has a very rich taste and guinea pigs really love it. Depending on when it is cut, you can find three types: 1st cut hay, 2nd cut hay and 3rd cut hay. 

The 1st cut Timothy hay does not have a lot of proteins and fats, but it is very high in fiber. It is great for the guinea pigs that have gastrointestinal problems. It is also great for their teeth because it is very tough and it has a lot of stems in it. It is a bit lighter than the others. 

If you have a healthy guinea pig, the perfect way to go is with the 2nd cut. It has the most balanced nutrients. It is a little bit softer than the first cut and it is composed of hay, stems, and leaves, but it has fewer stems than the 1st cut. It is a bit darker and it has fiber, fat, and protein in the healthiest amount possible.

The 3rd cut Timothy hay is the softest one and is composed mainly of leaves. It is high in protein and fat and low in fiber. If your guinea pig has to gain some weight or has some chewing problems, this kind of hay is the perfect way to go.

When you buy Timothy hay, it is essential to choose one that is green, smells a little bit sugary and is very dry. If it is not dry enough, it may contain molds. It could also have a yellow color. 


Meadow hay

Meadow hay is a mix of grass, clover, and leaves, all dried and ready for your guinea pig to feast on. It can also contain flowers and seeds. It is a little bit softer than timothy hay and you can recognize it because it has many long grass strands. 

This is a great choice for people who are allergic to Timothy hay, because it is not good to be in contact with it every time you feed your pet and, because you have to provide your guinea pig with hay constantly, it will always be present inside their cage and in your environment.

It can be a great choice for your tiny friend because it is great for its dental health and it is also very nutritious and good for its gastrointestinal health.

Orchard hay 

Orchard hay is the most nonallergic type of hay for guinea pigs there is. It has the most balanced amount of nutrients, fibers, fat, and protein. Some guinea pigs like it because it is very soft. It is a great choice for the guinea pig’s bedding because of its softness. Before you buy it, pay attention to it so that it is dry and mold-free.


Alfalfa hay

Alfalfa hay is good if you combine it with Timothy hay. It has very high amounts of fiber, fat, and protein and it can make your guinea pig an obese little rodent. If you have a baby guinea pig, however, this hay is great because it has a lot of calcium which is very much needed by babies. 

You shouldn’t feed your baby pet Alfalfa hay alone, it is better to combine it with other types of hay, if possible. The adult guinea pigs are not allowed to eat that much calcium because it could make them sick. 

If your guinea pig is too skinny and it needs to gain weight, or if it has to get more calcium in its diet, you can feed it Alfalfa hay. However, you should always ask the vet how much Alfalfa hay is not too much.




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why do guinea pigs need hay?

Guinea pigs are herbivore animals whose diet normally consists of grass while they are in their natural habitat. They need to have a lot of fiber in their diet. They also need vitamins, because, like humans, they can not synthesize their own vitamin C. Therefore, they need supplements that are given complementary or by eating fresh pellets made especially for guinea pigs.

Even though these pellets are good for guinea pigs when it comes to nutrition, they do not have enough fiber. It is essential for guinea pigs to eat hay because they have a longer colon than other rodents and they need healthy bacteria to have good digestion. Because of all the fiber inside hay, it is important not to go long periods without feeding them hay. 

Guinea pigs’ teeth are also developed in such a way that they need to constantly chew on something because they continuously grow through their lifetime. They are suited for eating plants so depriving them of hay will make their teeth become too long.

Q: How much hay should I give my guinea pig?

Even though the amount of vitamin C or other supplements that you give to your guinea pig is limited, when it comes to hay, vet specialists recommend not to limit the amount of hay that you provide to your guinea pig. It is best if you provide them with hay constantly, as there is no too large an amount and they will not get sick, no matter how much they eat.

Because their teeth are constantly growing, they need to have access to it anytime so it is important to never let them go without it.

You will see them chewing on hay all day long and you do not have to worry about it. Fibers are not digested, but they will provide your pet friend with healthy bacteria for their gut and it won’t be a problem if they eat plenty. On the contrary, their teeth and overall health will benefit from it.


Q: What kind of hay do you feed baby guinea pigs?

Baby guinea pigs need a lot of calcium, so a lot of veterinary organizations recommend that you feed them hay mixed with Alfalfa. Alfalfa is a plant that is also called lucerne and is full of minerals. It has a lot of calcium that baby guinea pigs need. It is ok if you feed them normal hay as well. 

However, you should be careful not to feed them too much Alfalfa because some vets say that it can make your baby pet obese. You can find hay that already has Alfalfa in it or you can add it to their hay.

Baby guinea pigs do not necessarily need a special diet. However, it is important to provide them with vitamins and minerals that any guinea pig eats on a regular basis. Also, like the adult guinea pigs, they need to have access to hay all the time because, even if they are babies, their teeth are growing constantly.



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