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10 Best Guinea Pig Hammocks – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 30.03.20


Top Hammocks for Guinea Pigs – Guide & Comparison


Here you’ll find out what the best guinea pig hammocks are, especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to do some more extensive research for your buddy’s needs. After carefully combing through the quality and value offered by some of the critically acclaimed products in this line of work, our team has come to the conclusion that the Oncpcare Pet Cage Warm Hammock for Small Animal is the one you should go for, bar none. The product is a perfect fit for any small pet, it’s made of cozy, soft, and washable material, and it is very easy to attach to cage interiors that come with included spring clips. In the unfortunate event that all the guinea pig lovers have already been there and the product is not available at the moment, you should also take a look at the EONMIR 2Pack Guinea Pig Hammock.



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10 Best Guinea Pig Hammocks (Updated Reviews) in 2020



Adopting a pet is a great responsibility and making sure its needs are all taken care of is the biggest one. As a result, hammocks are a great way of enhancing your buddy’s comfort so our team has done intensive research to make sure we only show you the best of the best, allowing you to pick one (or more) of them.



1. Oncpcare Pet Cage Warm Hammock for Small Animal


Getting a hammock for your guinea pig can be one of the best ways to improve its life and for that, there is nothing better than opting for this product from Oncpcare. Designed to be a perfect fit for just about any small pet, not only guinea pigs, this hammock is made of soft and cozy material and simply entices your buddy into sleeping and relaxing in it.

It will be a secure and comfy resting spot for whenever your guinea pig needs to get some much-needed downtime since it provides amazing comfort and warmth. It’s recommended that you wash it by hand in order to achieve the best results.

Your pet will have the option to either lounge on the top layer and feel like the king of the entire world or choose some quiet time and snuggle in the bottom one, hidden from everybody. The quilted-type material provides a great feeling and it’s quite easy to maneuver since it attaches to the cage with clips.



The soft fabric and amazing quality guarantee you will have this hammock for a long time after you’ve purchased it since it will prove to be a great resting spot.

It can be used by other small pets like ferrets, sugar gliders, rats, mice, etc. without any issues so rest assured it’s not a guinea pig-only product.

The product has the advantage of being fairly easy to clean, either by hand washing it or in the washing machine, even though manual cleaning is highly recommended. If you do opt for the machine, watch out for the metal hooks.

You will also discover that the hammock is quite easy to attach to the interior of your buddy’s cage seeing how it comes with the necessary spring clips.



This product does not seem to hold up very well if you have a very active pet that likes to damage its surroundings.

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2. EONMIR 2Pack Guinea Pig Hammock


If you’re looking to get a cheap guinea pig hammock, then this might be the one for you and the good thing is that you won’t miss out on the quality either! Eonmir came with a great question and answered with a great solution: What do you do when you need to wash your pet’s hammock? You put in another one!

Buying this 2-Pack, you can rest assured that whenever you need to take it out of the cage for any reason, you can simply swap it with its pair and your buddy will be none the wiser. It’s made of cozy and soft material that provides extreme comfort, encouraging sleeping time and offering a secure spot where your pet can relax.

The design is simple but effective and extremely easy to use by pretty much anyone. You get 4 clips that you can use to hang the hammock inside the cage. Therefore, as long as you own a wire pet house, you can install this in a few seconds without too many issues.



The obvious advantage of getting this product is that you and your pet won’t have to wait until the hammock dries out after washing to enjoy its benefits, allowing you to simply swap one for the other.

The manufacturer designed it so that most small pets can use it without any issues so it’s good for guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, and all the other similar cuties.

It offers amazing warmth and comfort, providing your pet with a much-needed resting place where it feels it can hide and be safe whenever the need arises.

You don’t have to be a DIY aficionado in order to be able to hang this product inside your buddy’s cage since it comes with clips.



The material, while comfortable, does not seem to be very durable and it may be prone to suffering damage from a very active pet.

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3. Winomo Hanging Toy Snuggle Hut Hammock


If you have a pet with a strong personality, you may need to bring out the big guns and get an equally special toy in order to keep it happy. If this is the case, consider getting this product from Winomo as it proves to be the perfect pet hut choice for guinea pigs, squirrels, chinchillas, and other small buddies.

Your pet will definitely enjoy the super-soft texture that promotes comfort and coziness, offering that desired safe space that any companion has to have. Due to this, the supple material will be very useful and desirable.

You’ll be happy to see that the product comes with 4 resistant clip chains that are quite convenient and provide a portable hanging device. The firm structure sports refined stitching that should last you a long while, regardless of how active your buddy is and how determined it seems to be to destroy it.



The great thing about this product is that it is not only a hammock bed but also a unique hammock toy that your little pet will definitely grow to love and enjoy.

Not only is the hammock easy to install due to the clips it comes with but these are also anti-rust and corrosion-resistant so, overall, they really should hold up quite nicely.

The manufacturer also took great care during the building process, refining the stitching so that it could improve the durability and usefulness of the entire product.

Since you can use it for pretty much any small pet, the flexibility is very nice to have if you want to get this as a gift for someone else.



Dimensions-wise, it seems that bigger pets like chinchillas won’t be as comfortable so if you own one of those you should probably go for something else.

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4. Homeya Small Animal Hanging Hammock


Not only is this an affordable guinea pig hammock but it also has some qualities that will make both you and your pet love it. First things first, it is reversible so you can switch it whenever you feel the need to.

As a result, your buddy will have a secure and comfortable spot that it will be able to sleep or rest in whenever it feels the need to. It’s large enough to be able to accommodate guinea pigs, bunnies, rats, kittens, and any other small and adorable pets.

The metal clips that the product comes with do a great job when it comes to easing the installation process. You simply need to mount or attach them to the cage and there you go! It seems to us that another option can be to mount it under the bed or under a table and save precious floor space in the process, although it’s wise to check under said bed or table first.



The waterproof nylon fabric side and the soft fleece side make it suitable for both hot and cold weather so this is the ultimate hammock blanket right here.

The hammock also comes equipped with the ultimate, durable metal hooks that are rust-resistant, firm, wear-resistant, and pretty much anything-bad-resistant, being able to support up to 10 pounds of adorable weight.

The fact that the clips are adjustable is another great bonus since you never know when you need to make a change.

While we do recommend that you wash it by hand with soap, the hammock can also go in the washing machine if you so desire (watch out for the metal hook).



This is quite a big hammock so the sensible thing to do would be to first check if it adequately fits the dimensions of your cage in order not to crowd the pet.

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5. Homeya Small Animal Bunkbed Hammock


This is a very versatile option when it comes to pet hammocks since it’s an actual bunk bed that offers two options: your buddy can either lounge on the top layer and wait for the sun to get a tan or snuggle in the bottom one and get some much-deserved downtime away from prying eyes.

The crate is very easy to attach since you don’t need to be a DIY aficionado in order to mount the metal clips to the cage, all in a few seconds. Enjoy the new stainless steel metal snap which is not only durable but it comes with an anti-bite design that should discourage overly-active pets bent on destroying things.

Furthermore, this can be a great gift for any small pet, not only guinea pigs as it can house chinchillas, ferrets, bunnies, and other such adorable creatures without any issues regarding tenants or plumbing.



The lovely pattern design not only looks great but it can really brighten up the place and bring more fun to you and your pet’s life, improving the time you spend together.

You will also find that the product is quite large when fully unfolded and it should be able to even fit 2 adult guinea pigs at the same time without any issues.

While we recommend that you clean it with your own two hands using soap and water, the high-density canvas on the outside and the warm fleece on the inside make the product readily available for the washing machine as well (do watch out for the metal hooks).



If you got yourself a chewer pet that simply has to move its mouth all the time, you may find this product to be a little, how can we put it, inconsistent.

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6. BTSD-home Small Animal Hammock Sleeper Cage


Now there are nice pet hammocks and then there are extremely comfy pet hammocks like this one that you definitely have to get if you want to be a kind and loving owner. These are a must-have for any pet cage since they provide unparalleled comfort and coziness, allowing your buddy to have a secure space where it can withdraw and rest whenever it feels the need to.

On the tech side, the product attaches quite easily to the cage’s interior due to the included spring clips. These should be quite durable so that you won’t have to get new ones very soon, even with overly active pets that tend to challenge this statement.

Furthermore, this is also a volatile option since your little friend can either choose to lounge comfortably on the top layer or snuggle and hide in the bottom one. It is made from a quilted-type material that is very soft and comfortable, perfect for a resting place.



The very nice fit of this hammock ensures it’s not only good for guinea pigs but other small pets as well such as ferrets, sugar gliders, mice, and so on.

The material makes the product very easy to clean and maintain. While we recommend hand cleaning as the best way, you can also choose to put it inside the washing machine. If you do this, watch out for the metal hooks, though.

The design is also very nice and colorful, providing a great way to improve your pet’s living environment.

You don’t have to be a DIY aficionado to install this hammock as it comes with ready-to-attach spring clips.



You really should pay attention when cleaning this product as it can fall apart if mishandled during the washing process.

The delivery process can be faulty sometimes due to the sealed plastic bags in which this product is delivered.

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7. Slson Corner Hideout Tent Toy and Hammock


According to guinea pig hammock reviews, it’s sometimes nice to be able to provide your little buddy with a hiding place that it can use when it wants to be left alone and recharge. This is why this product from Slson is so nice and really great for small, introverted pets that want a fun place to retreat to.

We’re sure that your pet will love hiding and running through the flannel tent since it’s also convertible to a great hammock where sleeping is not only desirable but amazing. While you might worry about installing such a complex toy, especially if you’re not very handy on the technical side of things, you need not worry.

The only thing you will have to do in order to get everything up and running is to use the three included metal hooks and attach them to the corners of your cage. However, we have to mention that the grids are not included.



You will be happy to see that the high-quality fabric will never cause any harm to your pet since it’s so soft and comfortable, but also quite durable.

It’s also very easy to clean the entire thing, as long as you remember to first remove the hooks. You don’t need to bleach or iron anything, just wash by hand or stick it in the washing machine and let it go to work.

Furthermore, the product is quite spacious and provides enough room for rest and play, regardless of the size of your small buddy.

Therefore, this is not a guinea pig-only toy as it can be successfully used for chinchillas, ferrets, dwarf rabbits, and other similar little creatures that enjoy having a new item in their cage.



Very active pets seem to develop a pattern of breaking this product quite fast, so this raises some questions about its durability.

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8. Hotumn Hammock Banana & Pineapple Nest Bed Cage


This is the special version of a guinea pig hammock since it’s not a simple yet comfortable bunk bed but rather a cool, fruit-formed, cozy sleeping place that’s great for any small animal like hamsters, squirrels, rats, and others. However, cats, dogs, or other similar pets will not fit these dimensions so it’s not worth buying if this is what you are aiming for.

The manufacturer took great care to make this a 2-material product, with the top made of cotton wool coupled with sponge filling while the bottom comes stuffed with thicker materials in order to provide additional protection and minimize possible discomfort to your pet.

Furthermore, another unique perk of this product is that it has a unique design. It can be a comfortable bed, used as a fashionable hammock, or hung on the cage, improving both the comfort and the design of your pet’s home.



The coziness of this hammock is something that will draw your pet to it time and time again, guaranteeing a snug and comfortable resting place.

The funny thing is that you can use this as a handbag and carry your sleeping buddy around, even when it is resting inside it.

The unique design provides great flexibility when it comes to the ways in which this can be used as an accessory inside the cage. Your pet will love snuggling inside it and hiding from the world when it does not want to be bothered.



It seems that even larger guinea pigs can sometimes find this product to be too small for their taste so this is something worth keeping in mind if you have a slightly-above-average buddy.

The banana does not seem big enough to be able to accommodate more than a baby guinea pig or hamster.

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9. Keersi Soft Comfortable Warm Hammock Hanging House


Say hello to one of the most comfortable pet hammocks out there as this hanging house is everything your buddy could want when it comes to comfort and much more! Its size is large enough to be able to accommodate any small pet comfortably and the plush inside makes it a great place to sleep in and relax.

As a result, this is a must-have for any pet cage and a must-buy for any good owner. The product is lightweight and portable, providing no issues when you have to transport it from one place to another, even if the pet is sleeping inside it.

The cozy faux lamb’s wool interior facilitates tremendous rest and relaxation, making sure that your buddy has a new best place to hide and sleep whenever it needs to get away from all the burdens of the world.



With its 35x35cm/13.8×13.8-inch sizes, this product should offer more than ample space to be able to be categorized as a spacious relaxation spot.

The included spring clips that it comes with make attaching it to a cage a quick and efficient job, even if you are not the best DIY guy or gal out there.

The outer part of the hammock is designed in a nice black and white pattern, providing some class for your baby’s living space.

On the inside, the comforting and comfortable lamb wool is a great choice for warmth and coziness whenever your pet will feel the need to receive some.



The recommendation here would be to buy multiple hammocks from this stock as they tend to get quite gross after a while due to the wool, even with the best of cleaning.

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10. Youthink Small Animal Hanging Bed Cage Hammock


Your guinea pig deserves a nice and comfortable sleeping place and we’re fairly certain that the soft and comfortable velvet material of this product will convince you to buy it for your best buddy. This small hammock is made of plush velvet and high-density canvas, a great combination for providing unmatched comfort and coziness and making your pet happy.

Your little buddy will definitely enjoy lying on or inside this hanging bed, depending on how you choose to set the thing up inside its cage. Speaking of setting up, it should be quite simple for you to do as you just need to hang it from the cage’s wire.

The bed comes with 2 layers of comfort, allowing your buddy to rest on the velvet one at night and play on the canvas bed during the day, providing the best of both worlds in terms of recreational purposes.



While fairly small in size, the hammock has great density and plush feeling, offering a very comfortable resting and playing spot, especially considering it comes with two separate layers.

With a size of 13 x 13 inches, the product should be large enough to provide adequate relaxation space and it can hold up a maximum of 3.31 pounds of adorability when it comes to your pet’s weight.

The item is quite unique in its design as it’s made by using advanced printing and dyeing technology. However, it can still be tossed inside the washing machine without any issues regarding its cleaning.



If you have a very active pet, consider hanging this near the bottom of the cage so that it cannot injure itself if it falls out.

The canvas tends to get pretty distorted over time if it is not properly taken care of so this is something you should keep in mind before purchasing.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Any good pet owner will want what’s best for his or her little buddy so providing a relaxing and comfortable safe spot should naturally be at the top of the wish list. While guinea pigs may be small pets indeed, anyone who is lucky enough to own one for more than a couple of days should know by now that they have huge personalities and they are not to be taken lightly.

All of us want the best for our lovely friends and buying them additions and accessories to spark up their homes can be a fun way to give them some luxury and keep them very happy at the same time. It also helps that guinea pigs are perfect for families with small children due to their tendency of, you know, being adorable.

As a result, adding things like a hammock to your guinea’s home is a perfect choice for bringing something new into its life. This will give your bud something new to enjoy and your kids something new and fun to watch.

Do they like hammocks?

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to lay in a hammock in your life, you know just how comfortable and mind-numbing it can be. Since this is the case, why would your guinea pig not like to gently rock back and forth while soaking up the breeze? Therefore, it might surprise you that not only is it okay to buy one for it but your buddy actually loves a hammock in its house!

While guinea pigs are not necessarily known for their love of climbing, it appears that hammocks are the exception rather than the rule as many furry boys and girls have been known to adore clambering inside them, resting and eating to their heart’s content. This is more of a decision for you to make as you should evaluate whether your pet will enjoy such a thing or not.

Pets, like humans, tend to be different so while one might love the gentle swing provided by the hammock, another one may choose to stay away just to be on the safe side. This is where your experience as an owner and your relationship with your own guinea pig comes in as you have to make this choice for the both of you.

Are hammocks safe for guinea pigs?

Checking any guinea pig hammock review on the subject should be more than enough to make you see just how huge of a debate there is online about whether hammocks are safe for guinea pigs or not. Some owners are (albeit somewhat rightly) worried that their little buddy will get its limbs trapped in the hanging of such an item and ensure a trip to the vet or even worse.

Others are worried about the even more obvious risk of falling from it since, as we said, guinea pigs are not the best climbers this world has ever seen.

While this is indeed another good argument, we want to point out that there are loads of hammocks available for online purchase that you can simply hang low to the ground, making it easier for your pet to climb into one of these and reducing the risk of falling at the same time.

Another good way to reduce the risk is by thoroughly checking the reviews of the product before buying it to make sure other owners’ pets were not hurt before (Lucky for you, you have this guide to help you). This way you can make sure you never experience a dangerous incident with your pet and purchase a hammock accordingly.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Are Hammocks safe for guinea pigs?

This question represents a fairly heated debate among the guinea pig owners that are participating in the online community. While many of them are fearful because they believe their buddies can get their legs trapped and experience a very unpleasant thing, others are afraid that the guinea pigs can simply fall down due to their not-so-great balance.

We believe that hammocks can be a fairly safe and very pleasant experience for them, as long as you know the behavior of your pet and act accordingly. If you have one that likes to sleep a lot and enjoys the occasional downtime, the hammock can be a great way to keep a chill pet even chiller.

If, on the other hand, you have a very active baby, a solution to your problem might be to get a hammock that attaches very low to the ground, therefore removing the height and distance problem.

Q: Where can I attach the guinea pig hammock?

So you’ve just made the decision to buy a new hammock for your awesome guinea pig. You ordered it, the package has arrived and everything looks good to go. Except, now you actually have to set up the entire thing and you’re not exactly a DIY aficionado.

If you’ve at least skimmed through our guide (and if you haven’t, go ahead and do it now), you will know by now that most hammocks out there actually come with ready-to-use clips that you can use to set everything up the way God and the manufacturer intended to.

In layman’s terms, you will just need to use the clips to hang the hammock to the wire of your guinea pig’s cage and then just make room for your baby to install itself into its new favorite spot. When clips are not included, the box should usually let you know so you can go ahead and get some beforehand.


Q: What is the friendliest guinea pig breed?

When it comes to classifying guinea pig breeds based on the friendliness they show to humans, your guess should be as good as ours since people tend to define “friendliness” in different ways. Because we observe the different traits of individuals from the same breed, what some people find friendly may just be classified as amiable by others.

However, when it comes to the Teddy and the Abyssinian guinea pig breed, any breeder will give you the same stereotypical data that they are observed to be the most friendly of the bunch.

After the first few weeks and as long as you handle them with great love and care, representatives of both these breeds are expected to be quite interested in running around their owners, trying to get their attention or expressing their affection for them. As a result, prepare for the great feeling of always having a friend beside you.




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