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10 Best Ferret Toys Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 06.04.20


Best Ferret Toy Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


If you are looking for the best ferret toys, but so far you haven’t managed to purchase something that suits your taste, you have here precisely what you need. In this short paragraph, you will learn about the product that is worthy of your interest. According to reviews, sales figures, and expert opinions, the Marshall Pet Products Super Thru-Way is the number one model right now. Shaped like a tunnel, this toy is simple yet effective in stimulating your ferret’s instincts. You will notice your pets having more fun and physical activity, as they move through the tunnel, while the transparent design lets you see everything. Another plus is that you can connect it to your toys from the same company to create a fun network for your ferrets. If you can’t find this model anymore, you should go for the MidWest Homes for Pets Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Accessories, which we found to be a close second.



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10 Best Ferret Toys (Updated Reviews) in 2020



If you run a small search for ferret toys, you will notice that there are dozens of products vying for your attention. Therefore, your natural reaction might be to feel overwhelmed. We are here to make the choosing process easier for you, and that’s why we present you with the following list of acclaimed products.



1. Marshall Pet Products Super Thru-Way


Ferrets are animals that generally use tunnels in the wild as natural behavior, which is why ferret tunnel toys are often the most indicated choice for this type of pets. This company makes a lot of cool accessories for pets, so this particular product is a highly recommended choice. Made from excellent quality materials, this tunnel for your ferret is a fun and reliable toy.

The total length of the tunnel is 15 feet, which allows your ferrets to run through it to their heart’s content. What’s nice about this model is that the material is made from is see-through, allowing you to watch your ferrets having fun.

In case you want to expand the usability of this tunnel, you can always connect it with other toys. It is recommended to choose some made by the same company to ensure proper compatibility. To create a fun network for your pet, you can always do that.



To make sure that you don’t miss the great fun your ferrets have when they go through the tunnel, the manufacturer thought about making this toy from a transparent material.

What’s great about this toy is that it allows you to interact with your pet, unlike other toys that don’t have this capability.

Your ferrets will have the time of their life, using the 15 feet of tunnel provided by this toy, and getting enough physical exercise.

Should you decide that you want to make more out of this toy, you can connect it to other toys.



Be aware that you will have to air out the product once it’s delivered to your door, as there is a strong chemical odor that will quickly put off your ferrets from using it.

Another thing to remember is that the tunnel won’t remain stretched out on itself, so you will have to attach it at the ends to things that can hold it like that.

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2. MidWest Homes for Pets Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Accessories


All ferrets love to be comfortable and also have enough room to play, along with excitement. That’s why many ferret parents think about getting ferret toys for the cage so that their little furry friends can have their fun and also enough physical activity. This nice looking cube is easy to attach from the top of the cage, and, from there, you only have to let nature take its course.

Ferrets will soon become curious about their new toy and will start to climb in it. Here is another reason why these animals may like this cube so much. It is also a place for resting after playing, climbing, and doing all sorts of things all day long. From up there, the pet ferret can observe any movement while relaxing in style.

It comes with 4 clips that are easy to use for attaching the cube in the manner mentioned earlier. Also, it’s a great thing that you can use a washing machine for cleaning and maintenance.



The first thing you will notice about this toy is its quirky and lovely appearance that will make your ferret’s cage exciting and fun.

You can use it successfully for any climbing pets, as it seems that rats, ferrets, and other furry creatures like this cube a lot.

Compatible with most small animal cages, it is an exciting addition to any environment for a pet such as a ferret.

Hanging the cube from the top of your pet’s cage is straightforward since you only have to use the provided clips to attach it.

As it is washing machine friendly and can also be dried, too, without losing its shape, it is not that difficult to maintain clean.



You may discover that cleaning this accessory can be a bit of a hassle when you don’t want to throw it in the washing machine, so arm yourself with patience.

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3. Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel


Ferrets have a natural tunneling instinct, which is why they seem to be so enamored of any tunnel toy you bring home. If you decide on this type of accessory for your ferret, then this model is an excellent choice as it offers to such animals the possibility to manifest as they would in the wild.

You will love the fact that you can expand the tunnel to reach 39 inches in length. In case you want to store it away until the next time your ferrets wish to play with it, it also contracts quickly so that it doesn’t take up too much space.

The plastic used for the construction of this toy is stain resistant, and it’s durable seeing how it’s intended for a toy that’s bound to get chewed a lot. Your ferrets will have a lot of fun, and you will be able to stave cage boredom in an active manner.



Offer your pet the possibility to manifest his or her natural tunneling instincts, by bringing home this toy that caters specifically to such behavior.

The accordion design is pretty fun since it allows you to modify the length, or stretch it to the maximum limit, without having it lose its shape.

You will be pleased to see that the plastic used is stain resistant and also pretty sturdy, taking into consideration how hard energetic ferrets will use it.

Pet owners can rest assured that the cleaning for this ferret toy is easy since you can rinse it with water.



One thing you should be aware of when you choose this toy tunnel over others is that its diameter is somewhat on the smaller side, and large adult ferrets might not be able to go through it.

Make sure that you place the tunnel in an area where you can’t step on it by accident; it gets dented easily.

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4. Birds LOVE 6 pk 1-Grommet only Mini Sneakers Shoes


Of the many ferret toys and accessories you can find on the market at the moment, this pack of 6 mini sneakers shoes is a lovely idea for an addition to your ferret’s cage. As you may well know, ferrets, as well as other animals, like to chew on things, so instead of worrying what they might find for this particular activity, provide them with the right toys, like these.

As they come in many bright colors, these toy shoes are a lot of fun. They will draw the attention of your ferret, and you will love to watch your beloved pet having the time of his or her life playing with it. You can choose to attach the mini shoes to other toys to make them more attractive. The choice is entirely yours.

Another thing you can do to make these toys more appealing is to place small treats inside to stimulate the natural foraging instincts of your pet.



These mini shoes are made with only one grommet so that your animals don’t end up swallowing the wrong thing by accident.

Although it’s recommended to monitor your pets when they play with toys, including these mini sneakers, they are quite safe and not a choking hazard like others.

Since they are sold in packs of 6, you will get plenty to give to your ferret since chewing on them might make a few obsolete, especially in the beginning.

The bright colors will stimulate your pet to come and observe the toys before playing with them.



Some pets might get scared of these toys for some reason and won’t get near them.

In the case that your furry friend takes to this kind of toy, don’t be surprised to find it all chewed up in only a few days; your experience may vary, depending on the personality of your pet.

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5. Marshall Bungee Ferret Toy


Sometimes you want more than just a tunnel or the regular chewing toy for your pet. That’s where cool ferret toys like this one come into play. You will love the possibility to offer your ferret a toy that can be used in various ways. As a pet parent, you surely know the importance of adequate physical activity, and that’s what this toy provides.

You can attach this toy with ease to any wire cage, and you will notice how your pet will start to play with it. Since it’s a bungee toy, it comes with an elastic strap that makes it bounce in all directions, much to the excitement of your little furry friend.

The toy has a quirky design that contributes to its overall appeal. Any owner can stave off typical cage boredom by bringing in such a great toy that can keep your ferret’s attention for a long time.



You will be satisfied with how easy it is to attach this toy to any wire cage, as that will allow you to choose the exact position for it to maximize its effects.

The elastic strip will make the toy bounce in all directions each time it receives a hit so that your pet ferret can have a lot of fun with it.

One thing that appeals to ferrets is the cool coloring of the toy that will draw their attention right away.

You can bring more excitement to your ferret’s cage with the help of this toy that’s straightforward, but can also guarantee hours of fun.



Ferrets might easily chew through this toy and quite fast, so you might want to get several of these to keep them entertained.

Some ferrets don’t seem to be interested in this toy, so it all depends on how your pet behaves.

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6. Marshall Ferret Octo-Play


While reading ferret toys reviews, you will notice that this toy is often mentioned, mainly due to the quirky design, but also the novelty factor it brings to any ferret’s cage. First of all, it is quite versatile, and you can either let it inside the cage so that your ferrets can have fun with it there, or take it outside for a change of scenery.

In case you have more than one pet, this toy will prove useful. All your ferrets can choose one arm and run around, enjoying the novelty of the tunnels, the escapes, and the way they can get in and out with maximum ease.

Since it’s made from soft fleece, it may withstand some wear and tear, while the 11 holes will make this toy a lot of fun. The area around the head can be used for resting, so don’t be surprised to find your ferrets there more often than not.



While any toy tunnel can offer a ferret the possibility to run to and fro, this model provides a lot more fun with its 11 holes.

The arms act as tunnels and ferrets can go in and out with ease, while around the head, they will find some pretty neat places to rest when they get too tired.

It is easy to clean and maintain this toy, as it only has to be hand washed and flat dried when it becomes too dirty to be used by your pets.

Each arm has 5 inches, and that can provide your ferrets with a lot of entertainment.



The arms of the octopus toy should have been made from a stiffer material, as easy access is not always granted for the animals.

Also, the midway holes in the arms can be distracting for ferrets that might just come out without exploring the toy more.

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7. Marshall Pet Products Pop-N-Play Ferret Ball Pit Toy


Another toy that is bound to make an impression on your ferret is this ball pit that comes complete with a set of balls so that your pet can start using it right away. It is ideal for one ferret, but it works just as great for multiple ferrets, which means that you can, too, have a lot of fun watching them frolicking in the ball pit and enjoying their new toy.

If you want, you can also attach a tunnel made from the same manufacturer to create a play area that your ferrets will love. When you want to take the ball pit and store it away, you will be pleased to see that it folds flat and takes up little room when packed this way.

To prevent tipping, the pit comes with a Velcro tab that allows you to attach it to the ferrets’ cage, a playpen, and even furniture.



You will get a ball pit that you can fill up with as many balls as you want since the manufacturer sells packs of balls separately for this purpose.

The ball pit is ideal for all sorts of small animals, such as guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, and works for households with multiple pets.

Since you don’t want the ball pit to tip during use, you can attach it to almost anything, using the Velcro tab that comes with it.

When you want to put away the ball pit, you only have to remove all the balls, and then fold the pit flat for easy storage.



Be prepared to supervise your pets’ playtime, as the plastic balls are quite small, and they could represent a choking hazard.

Since there are only 35 balls included, you may consider getting more to fill the pit, as this number barely covers the bottom.

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8. Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy


Many animals love to climb, and ferrets are no exception. You can turn their cage into a veritable playpen, by installing one or more nets like this one that’s ideal for climbing and playing around. As it’s made with cotton, it is a pretty sturdy rope net, and you will be more than pleased when you see how easily pets take to this accessory.

On each corner, the net comes with metal clips that allow you to attach it to any pet cage. The same manufacturer also makes rope bridges, which are pretty cool and can be combined with such nets for some incredibly fun setups.

Because of its design, multiple pets can play on the rope at the same time. Pet owners are usually pleased with how stimulating the net can be for animals to get enough physical activity. Also, the rope makes it easy for any pet to avoid nail overgrowing.



A functional accessory, this rope net is quite stimulating for pets that like to climb and have a lot of physical energy to burn.

You choose how to install it in your pet’s cage, as it can be placed in various setups, depending on what you have in mind.

Installation is also easy, as the metal clips allow you to connect it to the cage in any way you like.

It can be combined with a rope bridge created by the same company, for more complex setups that your ferrets will surely love.

As the net is made from cotton rope, it’s quite sturdy and reliable, and your pet can enjoy it for a long time.



You will need to wash the net before using it, as it has a particular odor that won’t go away otherwise.

For larger animals, like ferrets, the net may feel small, so you may want to get more and create a bigger net with them.

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9. Marshall Ferret Sport Balls


Ferrets are playful animals, but they can get bored if there’s nothing for them to do. That’s why ferret parents always look for new toys to add to their pets’ cages. If what’s missing from the entertainment pack you’ve prepared for your ferret is a few balls, this set could be just the right gift for your furry friend.

The 2-piece set contains balls made from durable fleece. Ferrets have sharp teeth and claws, and that is why they often go through toys much faster than other pets. Therefore, it is a good thing that the manufacturer thought about making them from durable materials.

At the same time, the balls are soft so that they won’t hurt your pet’s mouth by accident. Ferrets seem to love playing with fleece balls, and these are made just for them, so they won’t have any trouble trying to bite them or snatch them.



You have to worry no longer about your pet ferret getting busy with the toys you bought for your cat or your dog, as these balls are made precisely for such animals.

The balls are made from fleece, a durable material that will withstand some wear and tear as your pet ferret plays with them.

Also, they are soft enough so that your ferrets can grab them without any worry that some accidents might happen.

Even more, they come with a jingle bell inside so that your ferrets are stimulated to play with them for hours.

They are just the perfect size, which means that it is likely that ferrets will take to them more than to other toys.



These balls are sold in packs of 2 pieces, so you might find the pricing to be a little steep only for so few toys.

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10. Niteangel Tunnel Tube Rat Ferret Toy


Another toy tunnel that makes it to our list is this model from Niteangel. Any ferret toys review can tell you that this toy is tons of fun and also different from other toy tunnels you can find on the market. For instance, it can be used as a hammock, too, as it comes with straps you can use to attach the toy to the cage.

In the middle of the tunnel, there is a hole that ferrets can use to get in and out, but also as a breathable space when your pets want to use it for resting and sleeping. Ideal for one ferret, it can accommodate other small animals, such as rats.

You will be pleased to see that the toy is made from a quilted material that will resist longer than others. Also, it looks pretty nice and will add appeal to your pet’s cage.



If you want to expand the living space for your pet inside his or her cage, this hanging hammock and toy tunnel in one is ideal.

Your pet can use it for sleeping, playing, or resting, as the whole in the middle allows air to come in, making the space inside breathable and comfortable.

The straps and the clips allow you to attach the hammock with ease, and also to adjust it as you see fit.

Durability shouldn’t be an issue, as the material used is quilted and designed to last for a long time.

For one ferret is the ideal choice, as there is plenty of space inside the tunnel for an adult animal.



The straps don’t appear to be very durable or on par with the rest of the tunnel.

If your pet is on the larger side, the tunnel might not be an adequate size for it; that mostly applies to adult ferrets.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Ferrets can be an inexhaustible source of entertainment for their owners, as they are energetic, they love to play, and they are also skillful acrobats. However, even a ferret can grow bored, which is why you should consider getting some toys for your pet. These are some principles to guide you in the process of choosing some great products.



Types of toys ferrets love

Ferrets find many things fascinating, but there are some things they like more than others. If you want some cheap ferret toys, you can always opt for tunnels, which are great for ferrets because they appeal to the instincts of such animals. In the wild, ferrets use tunnels to move underground, and that’s why they will always be happy to have a tunnel through which they can go from one end to another.

Some manufacturers even offer transparent tunnels so that you, as the pet owner, can watch your ferret having fun. While tunnels are clearly on top of the list, other toys will appeal to your pet. For instance, soft balls made from fleece are another excellent example. As these pets love ferret chew toys, you can get such products from the market, as well.

Bear in mind that your ferrets will like to chew on them a lot, so you should consider some affordable ferret toys, as you will have to replace them quite often.

Let’s not forget that ferrets are skillful climbers, too. Some rope nets, or any other toys that allow your ferrets to put their muscles and abilities to work, are more than welcome. Don’t forget that ferrets like to be stimulated visually and not only. Brightly colored toys are a favorite, and so are those that come with bells or other things that make noises.

Hanging toys, anything with holes in it, and even boxes can all be an option for ferrets. As long as it’s fun and your ferret loves it, it will be a great choice.


What kind of toys you should never get for a ferret

There is a strong reason why you should keep your ferret away from the toys other pets in the house use. Some safety hazards are possible, and that’s why it’s advisable to get some toys made specifically for them. For instance, while your dog may love his or her latex or squeaky toys, your ferret might chew on them, swallow parts, and choke.

Also, anything that has small parts and can be swallowed should be a definite ‘no’ for your ferret. Make sure that you examine your pet’s toys periodically and replace anything with severe signs of breakage, to avoid any problems.


Durability and other aspects

If there is one thing that ferrets are known for, besides that they are playful and energetic, that should be that they go through their toys fast. They chew, tear, and break almost anything, given enough time, which is why you should have a small monthly budget for toys.

It also matters that you rotate the toys and bring novelties, as ferrets get bored quickly. This strategy should help with the bad habit of such animals to steal things and hide them away. But that’s part of a ferret’s charm, so you should be able to live with it.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What kind of toys can ferrets play with?

You should give your ferret toys that he or she can have fun with, but without any risk. That said, keep in mind that ferrets like to chew a lot, and rubber toys are, for this reason, forbidden for such animals. Swallowing bits of rubber is one of the significant causes of digestive obstruction in ferrets, which is why such toys aren’t safe for them.

Hard plastic balls are okay, as are those covered with fleece or other materials. Knotted cotton rope is safe for ferrets, as well. Tunnels made from PVC are an excellent choice, as well, since ferrets love to dig tunnels in the wild.

There are many toys you can use to keep your ferret entertained. You can even improvise some, from something as mundane as a cardboard box, old socks, and so on. As long as you bear your ferret’s safety in mind, all will be okay.



Q: Do ferrets chew on wires?

Ferrets are, in a way, high maintenance for their owners, for the simple fact that they are curious, and they love to get into trouble, even though they do that without any ill intentions. That, of course, puts quite a strain on pet parents who need to make sure that there is not a disaster in the making, each time they allow their ferrets out of the cage.

For instance, some ferrets – although not all – like to chew on any cord they can find, which, of course, puts electrical wires on top of the list of dangerous things. If you notice your pet sniffing around cables and trying to chew on them, one solution is to spray some apple cider around them.

That usually puts off ferrets from getting near wires. Make sure that your home is ferret-proofed and that there are no holes through which they can squeeze as that’s, also, at the root of many troubles caused by these animals.


Q: What do ferrets need in their cage?

Unlike other pets that can stay in their cage for long hours without being bothered by that, ferrets need at least 4 hours daily outside their cage. For 2 hours, at least, they should interact with humans, so they are a pretty big commitment. As far as their cage is concerned, this should contain at least the following things.

Ensure that there is plenty of soft bedding inside the cage, as ferrets don’t like to sleep on hard surfaces. Also, add many safe toys to the cage, as ferrets love to play a lot, and that takes most of their active time.

A water bottle is a must, along with a food bowl. Ferrets can be trained to use a litter box, so that’s another thing that should be inside the cage. Use some paper or wood-based pellets for the litter box, as those are safe for ferrets.




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