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7 Best Ferret Foods – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 26.02.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Ferret Food + Reviews


When looking for the best ferret food it’s important to know that a high concentration of proteins and fat will help your pet be strong and healthy. We searched for the best ferret food brand, and we’re happy to tell you that if you’re in a hurry, we have the answer for you. After intense consideration and analysis, we found out that the ZuPreem Ferret Food can be everything your ferret’s diet needs. It contains many high-quality proteins coming from natural sources such as the poultry meat it contains and the eggs. Not only does it improve your ferret’s health, but it also tastes great. This food has all the extra nutrients, vitamins, and calcium to keep diseases away and to make your pet a strong one. If you can’t find our first recommendation, try the Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 – Dry Ferret Food, which also ranks high in our ferret food reviews.



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7 Best Ferret Foods (Updated Reviews) in 2020



Finding good ferret food is not an easy task. Fortunately, our team of experts took the time to analyze the most popular brands. They also had a look at what the reviews had to say about each product and that is how we created this ferret food list of top choices.


1. ZuPreem Ferret Food 


You won’t find many other ferret foods offering more nutritional value than this one, thanks to the real chicken and egg protein that it contains. Another thing to know about it is that it has a great flavor that your ferret will like. Created by a veterinarian that wanted to provide good-quality food that also tasted good, this extruded healthy diet contains the needed ingredients for a ferret.

The main contents are chicken meat, fat coming from the chicken, chicken meal and eggs. Furthermore, apart from the standard nutritions, it is also fortified with different vitamins – vitamin A, E, D3, and B12, and it also contains folic acid. Taurine is added to help the ferret have better brain health, and extra calcium to make up for the lack of bones.

As you can see, this is made to be your pet’s regular diet food. As a result, apart from this diet, you shouldn’t give your ferret treats that exceed 20 percent of this food, per day. Because it is a food that is based mostly on meat and proteins, it will spoil fast, so you have to make sure you routinely change it or put less of it for each serving.



Containing many proteins coming from quality sources such as chicken meat and eggs, this food has the necessary ingredients to help your ferret have a healthy diet.

It is a type of food created by an experienced veterinarian that knows what the animal needs.

The food isn’t only good for the pet’s health, but it is also tasty.

In addition to the basic nutrients that should be found in every ferret food, this one also contains many vitamins and extra calcium to strengthen your pet’s bones.

It is a food that can be given to your pet every day, and thanks to its natural ingredients and the fact that it contains the much-needed protein and fats, your ferret’s diet won’t require anything else.



The food is mainly made of meat and that means it will spoil fast. This will cause your animal to get sick if you don’t replace it quick enough.

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2. Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 Dry Ferret Food 


Created by one of America’s oldest brand that deals with food for ferrets, this recipe has been optimized since 1979. It contains unique ingredients and it’s packed with nutrients. Thanks to that it is able to imitate a ferret’s natural diet as it contains meat high in proteins and fat. Compared to other foods out there, this one has a natural value of nutrient concentration.

Furthermore, it comes with a decent amount of Omega-3 and essential fatty acids which will help your ferret keep away from diseases such as cancer. Probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, and many vitamins including vitamins A, B12, C, D3, and E will make this food a valuable one for a healthy diet.

It helps with preventing many types of diseases, but it is also good for keeping your ferret from gaining too much weight. Thanks to its good ingredients and the nutrition that it offers, this can be your pet’s main and only meal. You can occasionally give your pet pieces of raw meat or sugary treats if you feel the need to do so.

Remember that this food is quite concentrated and your ferret will need to drink a lot of water to aid digestion.



This food follows a recipe that has been improved upon for many years, and that is how you know it is of good quality.

The main contains of this package come from meat that is full of proteins and fat, and as such imitates a ferret’s natural diet.

There are many additional vitamins, fatty acids, enzymes and all kinds of useful stuff packed in this food, so your ferret can have a healthy diet.

Thanks to the many vitamins and enzymes, this food will help with preventing a disease that occurs too often in ferrets, and that is cancer.



This is a highly-concentrated type of food and your ferret will need to eat some raw meat or other types of food to supplement it.

Additionally, you will have to make sure the pet has water at its disposal at all times.

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3. Kaytee Premium Ferret Food 


This ferret food will differentiate itself from others thanks to the special flavor it has. Coming with a taste of turkey, this premium food will make your ferret’s day a special one. Often times, if you mix this food with others you will see that the ferret will eat it first, before the other foods. A gluten-free food, this one contains 42 percent chicken and 20 percent natural fat.

As you might expect, it has all the nutrients needed for a healthy diet, and it also comes with many minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients. These will supply your pet with the energy it needs for a happy and active life. You won’t find preservatives that aren’t natural in this food. The shapes and texture of the food bits have been well-calculated, to let your ferret enjoy it without the risk of injuring or worse, suffocating it.

To add up to the total nutritional value, this food contains peas flour or beet pulp, which is usually not part of a ferret’s natural diet. Furthermore, you will unfortunately not find probiotics or other substances that help with the pet’s digestion. However, the food contains some proteins and fats coming from fish, which is a good source for those nutrients.



While most ferret foods come with a chicken flavor, this one has its own turkey aroma that will make ferrets enjoy it more.

It is a good type of food to add to the diet of a ferret that has become bored with the usual stuff.

This is a premium food that doesn’t contain unnatural preservatives and this means your ferret will benefit from healthy ingredients.

Although not usually found in a ferret’s diet, fish is a good thing to have in some foods as it adds some high-quality proteins and fats.



Unlike other foods out there, this one doesn’t contain the probiotics that usually help with the pet’s digestive system, and with protection against diseases.

There are some ingredients that won’t help your ferret too much, although they don’t harm it either. The peas flour and beet pulp won’t add anything to your pet’s diet.

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4. Marshall Premium Ferret Diet 


Ferrets of different ages will all love to eat this food, as it offers the nutrition needed for all stages of life. It contains high levels of protein coming from meat and that is what makes it similar to what ferrets eat in the wild. It helps with more than a balanced diet – it will give your pet a shiny coat, life longevity and a happy and healthy life in general.

Containing 38 percent meat proteins and 18 percent fat, this food will have what it takes to help your ferret with its demanding metabolism. Furthermore, the taste that it comes with will make the ferrets want more and more of it. Finely cut chicken organs containing fresh meat proteins are processed at a low temperature to ensure that they stay fresh for longer.

The fat that it has is also natural and there is no artificial fat put into the mix. If you need to feed your ferret with a softer food, this one mixes good with water, for more pretentious bellies. In addition to the nutrients it contains, the food also comes with vitamins like vitamin A, B23, D3, and E. It also has an amino acid called lysine that will help with growth.



Thanks to the all-natural ingredients that it comes packed with, this food is good for ferrets of all ages, offering them what they need in every stage of life.

It is a food that can be combined with water and fed to those ferrets that need help with digestion.

The food also contains fish that will add high-quality proteins, vitamins, and fat into the mix.

It contains the needed vitamins and mineral supplements to help your ferret have good health throughout its life.

This food also has some taurine, which will boost the pet’s mental health.



Coming with some hefty amount of fish in it, this food smells quite bad and it will make your ferret either reject it because of that or really smelly.

Its percentage of meat proteins is quite low, taking into account that it’s only 38 percent of the total.

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5. Marshall Carnivore Plus Ferret Diet 


Coming in the form of pellets, this food will be quickly broken down and assimilated by the ferret’s digestive system. It is a grain-free food, so you’re sure your pet doesn’t eat any unnecessary stuff. The ingredients used in making this product are all fresh and they help provide a very nutritious diet.

Thanks to its high concentration of meat, it is a good choice for ferrets of all ages. Each of these pellets has 40 percent protein in it and the low-heat process that the food goes through, as well as the slow cooking method, lets the pellets preserve much-needed nutrients. That includes amino acids and vitamins that would otherwise be lost.

The additional nutrients coming from amino acids, vitamins, and minerals will give your pet a better immune system and a healthier life as a result. Furthermore, the food contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and these help with making the fur beautiful and with improving the strength of the skin.

There is no sprayed-on or any kind of artificial fat, and all the ingredients are natural. To help you keep the product fresh, the bag has a resealable zipper that can be closed.



Made in the USA using high-quality ingredients, you are sure that this food goes through a rigorous process when made.

Fresh ingredients are used in this food will provide a balanced diet for your pet in all its stages of life.

This is a grain-free, wheat-free, and gluten-free food and that means there are no unnecessary things in your pet’s food. This also includes no additional unnatural fat.

Thanks to the slow cooking process that the food goes through, some of the most important nutrients are kept. These will give the ferret a better immune system.

To keep the flavor intact and most importantly to stop the product from spoiling, the bag comes with a resealable zipper.



The content of protein coming from meat is a bit low, at 40 percent, but it is still decent for this food to be healthy.

There is no mention of the fat contents of the bag.

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6. Path Valley Farm Premium Ferret Diet 


If you’re looking for a brand that has been producing food for ferrets since the 1970s, this is the one for you. It is a type of food that is suitable for all types of ferrets, no matter their age. Developed by veterinarians and nutritionists, this packaged food should contain everything the ferret needs.

There are high levels of digestible proteins in this mix so that your pet can eat it fast and efficient. Fat is also included to ensure the nutrition is an appropriate one. Thanks to how it’s made, this type of food will produce less waste and will help the ferrets ingest more nutrients out of it. Although good for all the life stages of a ferret, it is especially good for those younger and really old ferrets that may have issues with digesting.

It is a food that is fed “as is” meaning that you don’t need any excess water to complement the animal’s diet. It has just the right size for proper chewing and that ensures your pet won’t choke on it. The food unfortunately also comes with some other ingredients that aren’t of much use for the animal, such as cooked corn or soy meal.



In terms of taste, it is one of the better products out there and ferrets will love it.

This product has been developed and improved upon since the 1970s and because it has been created by veterinarians and nutritionists, it is a safe and healthy meal.

The proteins that are part of this food are easy to digest and they will give your pet the energy needed fast.

It produces less waste compared to other packaged foods.

Ferrets that have problems with digestion, such as the younger and very old ones, will benefit from this easy-to-digest food.



It only comes with a concentration of 34 percent crude protein, meaning that it will probably not be enough for a full diet.

This food has many additional ingredients that aren’t of much use for a ferret’s diet and that includes vegetables and even cheese.

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7. Marshall Premium Ferret Diet Food 2 Pack 


Coming in a bigger pack, this ferret diet will be more economical and still provide the needed nutrients to your ferret. It has the ideal mixture of proteins coming from fresh meat and fats of high-quality. This is why it has the nutritional values that you would expect from such a product. The food is also full of other nutritional things such as vitamins.

It contains vitamin A, B6, B12, C, and D3 and these will give the pet better health for a prolonged period. For those pets that find it difficult to eat pellets, it can be moistened with a bit of hot water, so it can also be served as a soup meal.

Thanks to its ingredients, it’s a great choice for all the stages of a ferret’s life. Containing lysine, a substance that helps with growth, the food will be beneficial for younglings. Furthermore, the taurine in it will improve the brain activity of all the ferrets eating it. Let’s not forget about the fact that ferrets are playful creatures and they need strong bones. Fortunately, this food comes with the added calcium needed for that.

Quality proteins are taken from chicken and herring meal to give what your ferret needs.



It contains a balanced amount of fat and protein to ensure that the nutrition your ferret needs is reached.

Being packed with vitamins, the food will help your pet stay in good health for longer and it might even help prevent some illnesses.

You can feed this food as it is, or moisten it with some warm water if your pet needs to eat it like that.

This is a great choice for youngsters as it offers them lysine, a substance that helps with growth.

The calcium found in this food will strengthen bones, while taurine will help with improving brain functions.

The proteins coming from both chicken and fish will help the ferret have strong muscles and it will also make its coat and skin nicer.



This is a big bag, and although it might seem economical, if not kept well, it will spoil fast and you will lose a lot of food.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When buying food for your pet, you might be tempted to get some cheap ferret food, but don’t forget that no matter the choice, you still need high concentrations of proteins and fat in a ferret’s diet. Here are some other things to take into account.


Keep your ferret fed

Because ferrets have a short digestive system, they need to eat constantly. Their quick metabolism needs to be satisfied with meals every three to four hours. That’s why you should have food constantly available to them. Because most ferrets will only eat the minimum required to satisfy their hunger, they won’t become obese if you leave food at their disposal.

As a result, dry foods are the most convenient option, and many foods sold in pet stores are dry. You can leave this food open at all times without concern of it spoiling. Food that is canned and is juicier should only be given as a treat or supplement if needed.

Remember that ferrets need food that is high in protein. Almost 40 percent of their diet should consist of proteins. Of course, these proteins also need to be highly digestible so the ferret actually benefits from them, they should be animal-based, because ferrets are meat-eaters, and of high quality.

Don’t forget about the fat content, as a ferret’s diet needs to have at least 20 percent fats in it, up to 30 percent. The percentage of fiber and carbohydrates needs to be as low as possible, maybe less than 3 percent.


Check the ingredient list

Analyzing the nutritional value of a ferret food won’t tell you all the information you need. You also have to check the list of ingredients and see if the proteins and fats come from good sources. 

Check for the sources of protein, knowing that meat and meat meals are better than processed foods. By-products that come from animals have some proteins but they are harder to digest. They are usually the bits that humans don’t eat – skin, joints, or hard meat. Eggs are a good source of protein of great quality.

As such, when looking for a ferret foot it’s best if it has these three ingredients: meat, or meat meals, and eggs. Unfortunately, you’ll find that most of them don’t contain all three of these. However, avoid those foods that have none of these, or they don’t show any source of quality fats or proteins as one of the top six ingredients.

There are some ferret foods that make use of different types of proteins, coming from corn gluten, rice gluten, soy meal, or other types of grain-based or vegetable proteins. While these boost the protein content, they are of no use for the ferrets. Of course, keep an eye on sugars – you don’t want those in your ferret’s food, and that includes sucrose, fructose, or syrups.

Fish is a good source of protein, as it is still meat, but some ferrets don’t like its taste. As such, feeding your ferret food made of fish, especially of salmon, is a good choice but it depends on your pet’s preferences.

Keep in mind that the food also needs to contain good fats. High-quality sources of fat should provide the ferret with omega 6 and omega 3 acids, and that is why poultry fat is a good type of fat for them because it has those. Seeing this information is really difficult on a list of ingredients or if you analyze the nutritional value. Furthermore, the quality of the fatty acid also affects the food, so getting the right food type is really difficult.


More about packaged diets

On the market, you often find foods that should contain all the needed ingredients for a ferret’s diet. There are some better than others, and depending on the nutritional value and the sources of food they have, you should be able to decide which one is better for your ferret. Of course, consulting a veterinarian will also help with that.

There are very few packaged foods that come close to a perfect diet and that is why you will probably have to buy different packs. As such, it is better if you pick foods that complement each other, or at least one type of food that is as close to the ideal as possible.

Because there is generally a lack of ideal ferret packaged foods, people are looking for more natural diets. However, before you make any change to your pet’s diet you should consider that changes need to be made gradually. You can do that by mixing in the new food you are trying to give to your pet with the food they are used to.

For the same reason, it is a good idea to use a mix of different foods with your ferrets while they are young. That way you get them used to more types of food.




Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What should a ferret eat?

In their natural habitat, in the wild, ferrets devour whole animals and eat the raw beat, the bones, various types of tissue that the animals have and what the animals have eaten. That is why pet ferrets also need to be raised as strict carnivores and they need to have a diet containing meat and animal products.

They will require food high in protein and fat, while the carbohydrates and fibers should be as low as possible. Quality commercial ferret is hard to find, but it is available if you look well enough. If you are unable to find any kind of ferret food, or if your pet needs a more diverse diet, you can also try giving it some kitten food.

You can also give your ferret meat that humans would normally eat, but it needs to be raw. Offered on a weekly basis such a treat will keep the pet’s teeth clean.



Q: How often should you feed your ferret?

A ferret’s digestive tract is a short one, and that means their metabolism is really fast. That will also mean that they process things really fast and that is why they need to have food at their disposal almost continuously. Most ferrets will eat some kibble every 3 or 4 hours.

They have a very strange lifestyle – they sleep almost 16 hours a day, but not all at once, and this makes them hyperactive in the hours they are awake. As such, they need energy in those hours they are awake.

They aren’t as lazy as you might imagine, although they sleep a lot, and the best thing is that they generally don’t eat more than they need, and you won’t be having problems with them getting fat. However, don’t forget that for a healthy diet they also need fresh water available at all times.


Q: Do ferrets tend to overeat?

Generally, ferrets do not overeat, and that is mostly because they need several small meals every day. They will eat up to ten times in a 24-hours period, and thanks to their fast metabolism they will eat small amounts. The food should be supplied in a heavy bowl that cannot be tipped over, and both the food and the water will need to be changed twice a day.

If the ferret has the tendency to play with food or put some water in it, you will have to change it even more often. Because it is mostly made of animal products, a ferret’s food will spoil fast. Also, keep an eye on any type of stash that the ferret may have. If the food source is not close enough to where the ferret likes to stay, it will keep some food closer to it. Or, as a way to play, ferrets will leave food around the house.


Q: What foods should I not feed my ferret?

There are many things that you shouldn’t feed your ferret, and the best way to remember what you shouldn’t give to your pet is to know what it eats. Ferrets only eat animals in the wild, so anything that is not part of an animal isn’t good.

That includes fruits and vegetables. Although ferrets can grow to like some sweet treats, just like humans, they will suffer a lot if they eat too much of those. Carbohydrates are really bad for ferrets, and fruits and veggies contain a lot of those. Affordable ferret food will often contain unwanted ingredients, and you need to look out for that.

Even animal matter isn’t always good. Don’t feed your ferret cooked meat, or worse, boiled bones. Cooked bones make them harder to digest for the small ferret. However, ferrets can eat small bones if they aren’t cooked.



Q: What diseases can ferrets get?

Unfortunately, the rate of cancer in ferrets is pretty high. Because there are big changes for a pet ferret to develop cancer over the course of its life, periodic checks are a must. Over the age of three, you should check your pet every year to look for cancer signs. Similarly, they also have the tendency to develop more tumors than other animals, and that could be caused by their diet.

Furthermore, due to cardiomyopathy, which is improper functioning of the heart’s muscles, ferrets can have hearth problems, and their hearts can even fail. As is the case for humans, this usually occurs for older ferrets, but you should always check their health and their hearth, especially if they are older than three.

Much like cats and dogs, ferrets can contract parasites. These can be external or internal and they shouldn’t cause many problems if they are found in time.




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