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9 Best Chinchilla Wheels – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 30.03.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Chinchilla Wheel + Reviews


Here you’ll find out what some of the best chinchilla wheel models are, especially if you don’t have a lot of free time to try and find this out on your own. After carefully looking at the quality and value of some of the best and brightest products on today’s market, our team has managed to come to the unified conclusion that the Felix & Fido Spin Safe 15” Heavy Duty Wheel is the one you should aim to get each and every time. This product boasts a heavy-duty construction that’s guaranteed to last for a long time, is extremely safe for your pet, and comes with pretty much anything you may need, including the mounting hardware. In the unfortunate event that all the chinchilla owners were already there and cleaned out the shelves, you can also take a look at the Quality Cage Crafters Chin Spin Wheel.



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9 Best Chinchilla Wheels (Updated Reviews) in 2020



Our adorable chinchillas always deserve the best things and getting a decent wheel for them to work out on is definitely right up there. As a result, we’ve looked quite extensively at any product that is able to offer that combination of quality, durability, and low noise level sought after by any chin owner.



1. Felix & Fido Spin Safe 15” Heavy Duty Wheel


If you’re looking for an affordable chinchilla wheel then you’ve really hit the spot as this great product from Felix & Fido will not break your bank but it’s guaranteed to hold up and withstand any damage your chin may try to inflict against it. Due to its high-quality metal and wood design, you’ll rest assured that nothing will be able to damage it to the point of no repair.

Furthermore, the wheel itself is quite large and will represent a main selling point of the product. Since it spins on a ball-bearing system, the wheel is silent and will not be the reason for your headaches when your chin feels like going for a run.

Many owners live in fear of their pets injuring themselves when using this type of items but this one does not come with any exposed plastic or wood parts so there’s really nothing that could hurt your baby, especially since critters tend to try and chew anything and everything around them.



This is a chinchilla wheel that is built to last, offering tremendous quality and resistance, and making the owner feel better, even when the pet is all alone in the house.

The lack of exposed edges means few opportunities for your chinchilla to injure itself, something that has proven to be possible with many other similar products.

The wheel is a large 15” in diameter, ample enough to offer a good running space that your pet will grow to enjoy immensely.

The manufacturer aimed to make this a wheel for all small animals so it should fit everything from a chinchilla to a hamster, gerbil, mouse, and even some rabbits.



While the design of the product is definitely non-threatening to the pet, the wheel does seem to have a tendency to come apart by itself after a while, especially if it is frequently used.

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2. Quality Cage Crafters Chin Spin Wheel


While the best chinchilla wheel may look different to different people, this product can definitely try to claim that top spot since it is manually made in the United States of America. Quality Cage Crafters went to great lengths to ensure this is a lifetime wheel, opting for a metal and wood construction that will keep your chinchilla safe and happy.

Furthermore, the noise from such a product is always something that owners complain about, especially considering chins are most active at dawn and dusk. Well, if you’ve ever found yourself in those metaphorical shoes, you can definitely try this one since it’s one of the quietest wheels out there in terms of how much noise it emits when the chinchilla is spinning it.

The mounting should also be a very easy process since this baby mounts to all wire cages without causing any real fuss. However, do make sure your cage can accept it since it is a rather big wheel and it would be a waste if you couldn’t fit it in your chinchilla’s house.



A safe and lasting product, built to be everything your pet might ever need in terms of exercise and relaxation.

You’ll love the safe open-wheel design that provides a wide running surface and dual-ball bearings that ensure a lifetime of performance.

You’ll be able to mount this product to all wire cages so this shouldn’t be an issue when the product gets to your door.

The manufacturer offers a replacement or refund in case the buyer is, for any reason, unhappy with the purchase.



While quiet when it’s as good as new, the wearing of the wood in the center seems to be directly proportional to the elevation of the noise level.

The price does seem to be a little steep for a large portion of the customer base so this may be something that makes a lot of people second think their decision.

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3. Exotic Nutrition 15” Chin-Sprint All-Metal Wheel


While you don’t want your buddy to be the only one in the neighborhood missing a chinchilla exercise wheel, there are a few characteristics that such a product has to have and this particular one from Exotic Nutrition seems to tick all the boxes in just the right order.

First things first, it’s made exclusively from metal so if you remember those days and nights where you had to struggle to clean your pet’s wheel due to cracks, stains, and smells, then say goodbye to them because it’s not going to happen again. Furthermore, a full metal body does not allow your chinchilla to chew through it, which they seem to be particularly good at.

Also, the actual running track is a wide 6 inches across so that should be ample space for exercise for even the biggest of chins, especially if it wants to get smaller.



The fact that this is a product made completely from metal will help a lot of owners make up their minds since it quickly wipes clean and does not absorb any smells and odors.

The running track is not the only thing that is wide because the entire cage boasts a huge 15-inch diameter that helps your pet avoid injury when running.

The axle-free construction is another bonus since it makes tail entanglement impossible while your buddy is working out.

The dual-ball bearings make for a super smooth, fast, and most importantly silent spinning process.

The entire product is also easy to handle since it mounts easily to the side of any wired cage and it’s finished off with a pet-safe powder coat that’s there to ensure durability.



Even with the full metal body, some people might feel that the price is a little steep compared to what this product can offer.

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4. OMEM Hamster Exercise Wheel Running Toy


While chinchilla wheels are not usually designed with elegance as the first thing in mind, this one sure brings a lot of that to the table due to the way the manufacturer opted to go in terms of creating it. The combination of an elegant, handmade pinewood running wheel and a touch of fragrance with zero formaldehyde really adds up in terms of pure looks.

Furthermore, the product is also quite comfortable for your pet to exercise on, enhancing the safety it is able to offer in order to prevent injuries that sometimes occur when pets get too excited and the wheels are not properly protected.

Since no plastic was used during the construction process, you will never have any issues regarding the sound of plastic running wheels or the pungent smell of the same material. Since chins are notorious chewers, they should really get a kick out of using this product but don’t worry since it’s quite durable too.



This is an elegant and good-looking running wheel that will make your chinchilla the envy of the entire neighborhood.

The wooden bearings make the product suitable for all types of rodents that are supposed to have one in their homes.

The simple design also ensures that the owners will never have any issues when it comes to installing the wheel after they’ve purchased it.

The actual running surface should be enough to cover the running needs of most rodents that enjoy working out.



Since the recommended diameter for a chinchilla running wheel is 15-16 inches and this one ends up a little lower than that, adult chins may have issues when using it.

Due to the fact that it’s made out of wood, persistent chinchillas and other chewy rodents will typically make short work of it so you should know this before purchasing it for the first time.

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5. HEEPDD Hamster Wooden Exercise Wheel


Some owners do not want to spend a lot of money when it comes to purchasing accessories for their pets so a cheap chinchilla wheel like this one may be just what the doctor ordered if you’re one of those people.

First of all, this product is quite safe and sturdy since it is made of quality, non-toxic wood that is safe for your pet to run on. Also, the manufacturer wanted a thick base that is able to avoid reversal by providing a reliable and stable platform for the actual exercise wheel and it has successfully made that.

The stand and the closed back are made with safety in mind, trying to prevent the pet from injuring itself when working out. The overall smooth and exquisite craft will also go a long way toward avoiding any injuries that could potentially harm your best buddy.



First and foremost, the thick, solid, and durable base of this wheel is a great advantage when it comes to avoiding any accidents.

Also, the manufacturer does not market this only as a playing toy but it is intended for pets like chinchillas to also chew on it, massaging their gums and promoting dental health in the process.

The design ensures that this is a completely noiseless product, not something that can be said about a lot of items in this line of work, especially since chinchillas are most active when the sun comes up and down.

The wooden aspect of the wheel makes it great for pretty much any type of rodent that was deemed safe to use such a product.



This is really a pick-your-poison type of situation because while your pet cannot injure itself due to the all-wood design, the wheel is also hard to clean since any amount of water causes the glue to unstick.

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6. Balacoo Colorful Wheel Silent Spinner Toy


Look through a chinchilla wheel review and you’ll surely find a lot of characteristics mentioned there, even though we highly doubt “colorful” will be one of the terms that are mentioned. Regardless of that aspect, Balacoo wanted to offer a unique toy for you to add to your pet’s home, providing a fun and enjoyable place to play in.

The simple wood design of this product makes it ideal for pretty much all types of rodents that are supposed to have such a toy, especially since the finesse design makes it hard for your pets to get injured, something that bothers a lot of owners when it comes to their chin wheels.

Furthermore, wood is notably durable and safe, something that can really matter in the long run since rodents in general and chinchillas, in particular, are notable chewers that like to get their mouths on everything they can get their metaphorical hands on.



The colorful aspect of the wheel really makes it a cool and unique addition to your toy collection, especially if you have a spot in the house that can really use some brightening up.

The overall design makes it ideal for chinchillas, hamsters, mice, and any other small and furry animals that are not injury-prone to having a wheel inside their home.

Due to the fact that it is made out of wood, this product is fairly resistant to all types of odors so this could really be a selling point for some people.

The entire aspect of this wheel might not just make it your pet’s preferred toy but also its favorite resting place as well.



While certainly a cool-looking and nice toy to have, chewing aficionados like chinchillas tend to get through wooden toys faster than we could spell their entire name.

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7. Anxyuan Silent Hamster Exercise Wheel


A silent chinchilla wheel is always a Godsend for chin owners seeing how these pets are always at their most active during the dusk and dawn periods of the day. As a result, Anxyuan opted to come out with this high-quality, handmade product that has undergone no chemical treatment and, as a result, it is not toxic to your pet nor can it be irritating or hurtful in any way.

While it may look like simple wood craftsmanship on the outside, the material has been specially treated to be durable, to resist corrosion and to provide a harmless, full of fragrance environment in which your chinchilla can relax and work out to its heart’s content.

The manufacturer also wanted this to be more than a simple exercise toy for your small pet since its resistance means it can also be used as a chew toy which is able to provide excellent teeth grinding effects.



This is a high-quality chinchilla wheel, handmade with the utmost care and specially treated to prevent any kind of potential injuries. As a result, it’s quite the safe product to have in your pet’s life.

The fact that it provides a wide compatibility for pretty much all types of rodents also makes it quite special. The three sizes that the company offers it in are all specifically designed for some pets: Hamsters should have the smaller one, squirrels and little totoros will like the medium, while chins, big hedgehogs, and such will definitely want the large one.

Last but not least, the ability to remain quiet while your pet is exercising is definitely something that will make this wheel close to invaluable in the eyes of many rodent owners.



While this unit is specifically promoted as a chew toy too, chinchillas are notorious biters and chewers so they may go through one of these products faster than you’d like, so be advised.

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8. You & Me Chinchilla 11” Wheel


This is another example of the type of product that your chinchillas should definitely have if you want them to remain healthy and happy pets. This type of wheel helps small animals remain fit and active while also offering them a place where they can rest and socialize, especially considering chins are the most active when the sun comes up and when it goes down.

It is also quite easy to attach to a chinchilla’s living habitat so even if you’re not the most capable DIY guy or gal out there, you should have no issues providing your best buddy with its newest home “gym”.

Since it’s made of wired metal, the design also means it won’t hold odors as easily as wooden structures do and that it’s also going to be fairly easy to clean and maintain. The wheel is also good for pretty much any small animal, so chinchilla owners are not the only ones that can take notice.



Purchasing such a product will provide your furry pet with a very nice place where it can work out, remain active, and avoid boredom.

It is very easy to clean and, as such, should never prove to be a chore that you simply hate doing but rather a pleasant time you spend with your buddy.

It comes with a stable base that should make sure running is never a safety challenge, especially considering how easy it is to attach this product to your pet’s living habitat.



The wired material this is made out of is not a solid surface but rather has holes in it, something that has been proven to be dangerous for any small animals that choose to run there.

The overall tension of the wires might make it hard for weaker pets to run and make it move, even if the holes do not prove bothersome.

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9. Hamiledyi 8” Hamster Wooden Wheel Toy


There’s nothing more important in a chinchilla running wheel than the owner making sure this type of product does not have the potential to be dangerous for his or her beloved pet, and this is exactly what this one is trying to prove.

Made of 100% natural wood, this wheel is able to ensure the safety of your buddy even if it has every intention of chewing through it, something that chinchillas are noticeably famous for enjoying.

The steel shaft, however, makes sure that the overall time your pet will be able to use this for working out is significantly longer than on your average wheel and, as a result, your money will be better spent purchasing this.

Also, unlike other wheels that squeak and manage to keep you up in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn (thank your Mr. chinchilla), this premium example is ultra-silent and should make no noise, even if your buddy is training for a marathon.



This is a high-quality product designed first and foremost with safety in mind, something that most pet owners always seem to get behind of.

Since chinchillas are at their peak of activity when the day starts and ends, anybody who likes sleep will want a silent product like this one that will not make noise an issue.

The radial stripes design is specifically tailored to increase friction and avoid any possibility of your pet slipping and falling while also enhancing its running experience.

The wheel seems to be quite stable and provide a good base for the exercise regimen of your chinchilla.



The unit seems quite small for it to be able to fit all types of small furry pets like the manufacturer advertises.

You will actually have to put this all together, IKEA-style, after the product finds its way to your home.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


While most people only associate hamsters with the need to exercise while running around in a wooden or metal circle, chinchilla exercise wheels are all the rage these days as more of us realize that our furry friends need their workout as well.

Therefore, we figured we’d make this guide to give you a better understanding as to why your chins need wheels and what exactly you should look for in such a product to make sure you are delivering the absolute best for them.

Picking the best one

Picking the best wheel for a chinchilla is all about accommodating their body size, which places them around the higher end of the “furry but cute” scale of rodents. Preferably, a good owner will want to go for a product that is at least 14-16 inches in diameter as this is the type of space that will give ample opportunity to run without slipping or causing injuries to the pet’s spine.

Furthermore, comfort should never be something that is forgotten considering how much time your buddy will spend on this wheel. You want to get something that is not only wide enough but also comfortable for their feet. Avoid mesh wheels or pretty much anything that’s not a solid surface since your chin can easily injure itself in such a material.

Also, you’ll want something that is both long-lasting and easy to clean since repeated, every-day use will bring both damage and dirt to any product that’s not high-quality enough to allow you to avoid this.


Picking the best material

According to chinchilla wheel reviews, the first and foremost rule when selecting a wheel for them is to make sure it’s chew-proof. Chins are noticeably famous for their chewing appetite and will pretty much try to get through anything if given the chance. Due to their large teeth, they need the constant chewing in order to grind them down.

For this reason, you do not want to buy something made out of a toxic substance like plastic since ingesting this can be very harmful to your buddy. Therefore, make sure you can provide access to an appropriate chew toy or, even better, get a metal or wood wheel to avoid the problem completely.

You will also need to make sure you get a product that has smooth edges since injuries have been known to happen if you offer them anything with “sharp” in it.


Are hamster and chinchilla wheels the same?

Even though wheels for these two types of rodents are indeed similar, they are not exactly the same nor should you run on the assumption that you can buy one for both of them.

While you will definitely find a variety of wheels on the market, remember that chins are relatively large rodents and will, as a result, require a larger wheel. In turn, most hamster breeds are fairly small and they can comfortably use smaller products when it comes to their wheeling needs.


Does a wheel replace the need for out-of-cage time?

The short answer here would be a resounding “No”. Even though an exercise wheel is imperative to provide those endearing workouts, chinchillas still need to spend some daily time outside of their cage in order to be completely happy.

For at least a couple of hours every day, offer them the possibility of running around a room and make sure you’re there when that happens. It is also strongly advised to avoid any other pets being present in the room during that time, as dogs or cats can easily stress a chin out and lead to a fur slip.

How to keep my chinchilla happy?

While an exercise wheel is a big bonus to your chin’s quality of life, this is not the only thing that is required of you. There are some rules of thumb that should always be followed, regardless of how much exercise your buddy is getting in.

For instance, a chinchilla is never happy alone so, if possible, try to get two at the same time so they can grow together and learn to get along. Also, it is only logical that the cage size will also need to increase if you’re getting two babies. For a pair, the minimum size is around 3 feet per 5 feet of floor space, and somewhere around 3 feet tall.

If you couldn’t get everything done in one go and you need to introduce a new chinchilla to the one you already have, you’ve really got to pay attention. To start things off, put them in separate cages that are side by side but still quite close. This way, they can smell each other and get used to the foreign presence without the threat of physical contact.

However, adapt the design of the cages, especially if you’ve also bought some new wheels so that their beds are at opposite ends. This way, you are providing a place they feel they can escape to if something’s not to their liking.

Furthermore, you may want to also train your chinchillas so you two (or three) become the best of buddies. Since they’re quite the pragmatic beings, you will need treats in order to do so. For this, consider using raisins and sultanas since these are ideal as you can use them as a reward or as a snack depending on the circumstances.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How big should a chinchilla wheel be?

Chinchillas need daily access to their wheels and, as a result, any good owner will make sure that a great, high-quality wheel is always present in the chin’s cage. Due to the fact that they need plenty of exercise, these bad boys require a product that is adaptable to their body and dimensions.

Considering that they are on the larger end of the scale when it comes to rodent sizes, you will preferably go for something that is at least 14-to-16 inches in diameter and with a wide running surface. Also, avoid anything that involves mesh wheels since they can become a death trap.

This should be plenty of space for them to run without any concerns about falling off or slipping. Also, consider the fact that anything below this dimension threatens to affect the curvature of their spine and cause injuries when used over long periods of time.

Q: How do I get my chinchillas to use the wheel?

Funny enough, some chinchillas might actually require some help at first when it comes to learning how to use their famous wheel. Once they are trained, however, they should demand no further instructions on the mysteries of spinning.

First things first, you want to start by simply placing the wheel in their cage and giving them some time to get used to the new “intruder”. Chances are they’ll even try it out by themselves. If, after a few days, they still ignore it, some gentle guidance may be what’s required there to get things done.

Place some dust or a delicious threat on the wheel. This will make them step on it and realize that it moves. During the first few times, you should always be present in the room, just in case. If they’re still going strong after the first 15 minutes, gently guide them off the wheel and allow some rest time. They’ll eventually figure out their resistance over time.


Q: Why are chinchillas banned in Australia?

The fact that Australia has banned chinchillas and anything else classified as “exotic rodents” has been an issue within the community for quite some time now. However, “The Land Down Under” has justified this decision by saying that if such animals were to escape into the wild, they would breed and potentially pose a threat to Australia’s unique ecosystem.

For instance, the Golden hamster is a desert species and, if loose, it could actually be dangerous to jerboas and other small mammals. Since chinchillas are on the large end of the rodent scale too, the same restrictions apply to them.

Guinea pigs, on the other hand, have passed the Aussie test since they have been domesticated for quite a long time and it has apparently been proven that they are rarely able to survive more than one generation in the wild, even if they do escape.





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