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Are Pet Rabbits Friendly?

Last Updated: 03.04.20


Choosing the right rabbit cages for our furry little friends is an extremely important aspect as we need to ensure that they offer them all the necessary comfort. When resting, bunnies love to fully stretch out, and that is why their habitat needs to be quite spacious. Also, if their living space is too small, they can suffer various spine or muscle problems.  

Rabbits are adorable little creatures that love to interact with people or with other rabbits. They are very similar to us on this matter – in order to stay healthy, they must socialize. From this very reason, bunnies make some of the best pets. But, let’s find out more about them and see how friendly these cute animals are.


Rabbits are prey animals

In order to offer our beloved pets the best care they require, we must understand their behavior and we should learn as much as we can about them. Rabbits, for example, are prey animals, which means that they don’t like their parents to hold them. So, if you noticed your bunny getting scared or trying to escape when you pick him/her up, it is absolutely normal.

This doesn’t mean that he/she is not friendly or that he/she doesn’t want to interact with you; on the contrary, these animals love to have you around as much as possible. The only thing is that you need to understand and handle them accordingly. In the wild, they are the ones being chased by other animals, and not the other way around.

That is why when you bend over them to pick them up they will get scared and they have the tendency to protect themselves. Imagine how similar this image is with the one where a hawk is picking up its prey. With this in mind, it is absolutely normal for our little furry animal to get a little stressed and to act a bit weird in these sort of situations.

As we mentioned earlier, this doesn’t make them any less friendly! Once you learn more things about them, you will realize how much they like to spend their time with humans. The best way to spend time together is to sit on the floor. You will notice that he/she will come to play with you and will even allow you to pet him/her.

They are playful creatures

If you are looking for a playful little friend, we are happy to let you know that a bunny will be the best fit for that position. Needless to say, rabbits are loved by many people not only because they are insanely cute and adorable, but also because they are super interactive. Furthermore, they can get bored easily which can sometimes lead to depression.

They love to play with humans, rabbits, or other animals, and with their toys. That is why when you adopt a rabbit you practically adopt a real friend who needs a lot of your time and your attention. Bunnies have their own unique personalities and you need to pay attention to how they behave to certain activities in order to find out which ones they like best.

There are plenty of games that you can play with your furry friends, but the ones that are known to be their favorites are those that cater to their natural tendencies. This doesn’t mean that they are in the mood to play all the time – sometimes they just want to be left alone. There are certain behaviors that tell you if they are willing to play or not.

If you notice that your bunny is running around you in circles, it means that he/she is very happy to see you and that he/she is ready for some activities. This is the best time when you can test those fun games you’ve had in mind for so long. You know for sure that your furry friend will be more than willing to spend some quality time with you.


They can be trained

Besides being extremely cute with their soft fur and long velvet ears, these small and cuddly animals are also quite easy to train. The main reason why most people are unable to train their rabbits is that they use the wrong approach. This is either due to the fact that they don’t pay enough attention to their behavior or they don’t know enough about them.

Moreover, there are people who give up very easily and they don’t spend the necessary time on training. The most important factor is to build a strong relationship with your beloved friend and then you will notice how easy things can become. Once you understand which things truly motivate your rabbit, then you will be able to get his/her attention.

This means that rabbits are smart little creatures that respond to incentives. So, if you want to make him/her cooperate you need to use incentives correctly, and you will see amazing results. For example, yelling or spanking him/her will not do any good to any of you, and the relationship will not improve – on the contrary, it will get worse.

Many people have noticed that food can motivate bunnies, and it can be used whenever you decide to train them. Another good way to make them listen to you is to lure them with toys – as we have already mentioned, rabbits love to play with their toys. All in all, bunnies need to feel safe, otherwise they will run and hide whenever they feel uncomfortable.

Bunnies have unique personalities

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits do have something to say and they do have interesting and unique personalities. Many people might think that they all have the same temperament and they react to various situations in the same way. Well, the truth is that they are very distinct from one another, and every single one sees the world differently.

Some bunnies are more “vocal” – they tend to grunt or honk when they disagree with something and they sometimes offer happy clucks when they are content. Also, there are rabbits who are more passive and they are easier to please. Moreover, some of them love to be held while others are a little more grumpy and they don’t like it at all.

If they are being understood and if you offer them the chance to learn about you and your household, rabbits are loving, fun, and friendly little creatures. They are clever enough to learn your voice, your smell, and even the vibrations of the house. Once they feel comfortable with you and the environment they are in, they will show off they relaxed selves.

The most important is to remember that rabbits will respond to you positively only if you treat them well and you take proper care of them. If they feel loved, they will love you back, and if they feel threatened they will refuse to become your friend. In other words, the relationship between you and your bunny is built on love, respect, and commitment.




Irina Ionescu

As a long-term learner and animal lover, Irina helps her readers find the best products and accessories for their pets, as well as the latest training techniques, tips & tricks on how to handle animals.

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