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9 Reasons to Rescue a Rabbit

Last Updated: 30.03.20



If you’re having a hard time telling whether a rabbit might be the right pet for you and you’re trying to create a list of reasons you should rescue a rabbit, you’ve come to the perfect place as our recommendations will help you get an idea. Keep in mind that, to be able to take care of a rabbit appropriately, you’ll have to invest in some supplies, including a rabbit burrow.

So, do bunnies make good pets? Should you buy one or adopt one? Let’s look at some of the probable reasons that you might have to at least keep rescuing a bunny in mind.


They make great companions

The truth is that rabbits are really easy to interact with compared to other animals. They don’t have the same ‘coldness’ that similar small-sized pets might be known for, and they can actually get really friendly with their parents. They are also always there when you need someone to talk to and have no one, and they like to snuggle next to you.

While they might not pick up on the signals as well as a dog might, especially when it comes to their pet parents feeling down, they can definitely lift your mood at the end of a long and quite exhausting day at work.


They’re fairly low maintenance compared to other pets

It goes without saying that rabbits need just as much care as other types of animals, at least when it comes to bringing them to a vet, getting a vaccine, and things like that. However, compared to dogs and cats, they are much lower maintenance. They need just a few things to live and be happy and healthy.

You do not have to take them out for a walk at 5 in the morning. They occupy less space in your home and are fairly easy to manage. Plus, it’s quite unlikely that one of your family members might have an allergy to a rabbit, especially compared to the likelihood of having a cat hair allergy.



They’re crepuscular

This is another good reason for those people that spend a lot of their time working. Seeing how most individuals lead busy lives these days, it’s pretty safe to say that most of us are in the mood for playing with our pets only in the evenings. That’s actually great because rabbits are crepuscular, so they are at their most active in the morning and in the evening.


They’re entertaining

Another thing that separates rabbits from other small pets is the fact that they have personalities and they can learn how to do tricks. They can be sweet, friendly, energetic, sassy, or a little goofy, and they can even have a bit of an attitude now and then.

They’re intelligent and they can be even more fun to look at if you adopt a pair. Just make sure you get two that are used to each other but are of the same sex. If you make the mistake of getting a different sex pair, you’ll have to care for lots of baby bunnies.


Petting them reduces stress

This is actually true for any kind of pet. Many scientific studies have found that even just watching an animal reduces the level of our stress hormone and increases serotonin, so it helps you relax and be happy.

The fact that rabbits make little to no noise and can be kept in an apartment both easily and conveniently is a bonus that needs to be mentioned, too, and you can just take them out of their enclosure and give them a snuggle whenever you feel like it. By the way, it is important to start interacting with your pet rabbit from day 1 as he or she will learn to know you only if you make an effort in this sense.


They can be trained easily

Although they might not be the most trainable pets in the world, rabbits can learn new tricks. As much as we hate admitting this, the truth is that you’ll find it challenging to teach your pet new tricks if he is an old rabbit. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give a chance to the old ones.



They’re quite clean

While they do poop frequently, and if they are given the chance, they will do it all over the enclosure, the best thing about rabbits is that they can be litter box trained.

The only varieties that might need a little more care in this sense are the long-haired ones. If you do not take the time to brush your Angora rabbit’s fur every day, it will mat with the feces and then you will have to give your pet a local haircut with a lot of care so that you don’t accidentally poke his or her skin with the scissors. That can be quite a hassle, so try to avoid getting to that.


They can be rescued from anywhere

Animal shelters across North America have bunnies that need to be rescued. Locating a bunny that needs a new home and family is really easy. Don’t hesitate to give a rabbit a second chance, especially those that have been abandoned. Every animal deserves to be happy and if you are kind enough to take a bunny in, you will be rewarded not just with the feeling that you did a good thing and you’re a good person, but also with the company of an amazing animal that actually depends on you for care.


They’re adorable

This is plausibly the most compelling reason to rescue a rabbit. Who doesn’t love a pet rabbit? They are so cute and they are absolutely loved by children. If you have a son or a daughter that’s allergic to cats, a bunny might be the right choice for a pet.




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