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9 Best Indoor Rabbit Cages in 2020 – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 06.04.20


Top Indoor Cages for Rabbits – Guide & Comparison


If you are in the market for the best indoor rabbit cage, and you don’t have the time to read the entirety of our in-depth article, this short paragraph will help you find the right option for your needs. After a careful analysis of the indoor rabbit cages for sale, we have concluded that the unit you should get is the Yaheetech Ferret Cage as it offers great features and quality for a low price. The cage is built with durability and sturdiness in mind so that it can handle rough use for years to come. The 25.2 x 16.9 x 51.6’’ dimensions make this option ideal for energetic rabbits that need a lot of space to play. The multifunctional and compact design will make it so that you can place the cage in the corner of a small room without it taking too much space. If our first choice is temporarily unavailable, we recommend that you take a look at the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation.



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9 Best Indoor Rabbit Cages (Reviews) in 2020



It can be difficult to find a good indoor rabbit cage since the market is now flooded with options that can make identifying a proper product seem close to impossible. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of indoor rabbit cage reviews featuring only products that have garnered positive customer feedback.



1. Yaheetech 37/52-inch Metal Ferret Chinchilla Cage Indoor Outdoor Small Animals Hutch


The cage is large enough to allow several small pets to have fun in it at the same time. It comes with five shelves that are connected by five ramps, a feature that manages to expand the usable area for your rabbits considerably. The multifunctional design makes the unit perfect for other small pets such as hamsters, squirrels, ferrets and more.

The product features three doors situated vertically so that you get quick access to your pet at all times, even if it likes to spend most of its time on a lower or upper level. The arched doors are secured with latches so that your pets will be safe in their cage even when you are not around.

Thanks to the 360-degree swivel casters, you will be able to rotate the cage in all directions for easy moving. Combine it with its elevated design, and you will have no problem using this product in a small room.



The cage is constructed with a fully painted metal square frame and features rounded corners to protect both the pet and owner.

The use of premium materials and the sturdy construction makes this option perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

A slide-out tray can be found under the cage and it can be removed easily when it is time to clean your pet’s habitat.

There is a mesh panel between the tray and the cage itself so that your pets don’t have to walk or lay directly on their droppings.

You won’t have to go searching for the perfect-sized water bottle and plastic food box since this option comes with these accessories included in the package.



The manufacturer mentions that the unit can be used for smaller pets such as rats, but owners found that the metal bars are not positioned close enough to prevent their little heads from getting stuck.

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2. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation


This single-story cage is perfect for small pets and it provides maximum accessibility for easy feeding and cleaning. It features four locking wheel casters which will allow you to transport the unit from one room to another very easily. You’ll also be able to leave the cage outside during the day.

The Critter Nation model features an expanse shelf together with a full-width leak-proof pan that will provide your critter with a maximized play area capable of preventing dangerous falls. The ramps are angled just the right amount to allow your pet to climb easily without chances of its tiny feet slipping.

Because this unit is designed with the need of the pet owners in mind as well, you get the benefit of critter-proof dual-locking door latches that provide easy and secure one-handed operation. Beneath the pan, there’s a large compartment that you can use to store rabbit food, bedding, and more.



The horizontal wire spacings are large enough to allow your pet to follow their instinct to explore and climb without the changes of the paws or head getting stuck between them.

The ramp is covered with a soft material to protect the feet of your rabbit and to provide no-slip passage between levels.

Assembling the cage does not require any tools and customers were pleased that they managed to get it up and running in around 20 minutes.

The locking casters allow you to move the cage easily and when you lock them, the unit will remain steady in place.

This option comes with multiple points for adding tubes, toys, hammocks, and other accessories that you can purchase separately.



A few buyers have mentioned that they were unpleased with the packaging since their product arrived with a few dents on the wire bars.

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3. Living World Deluxe Habitat


The Deluxe Habitat measures 49-8/9 inches in length by 22-⅘ inches in width by 24 inches in height which makes it ideal for people who wish to get a large indoor rabbit cage. The habitat comes with everything that you need to house your rabbit safely including a water dispenser, a food dish, a hay guard, a hideaway, and a ramp.

This hybrid habitat consists of a plastic bottom base and an upper wire frame that provides a safe, comfortable, and well-ventilated place for small pets of all kinds. Apart from rabbits, the cage can also be used to house guinea pigs and hamsters.

The wire top opens in two separate parts with little effort and that makes it very easy for owners to access the inside of the cage for cleaning or feeding purposes. Speaking of cleaning, buyers have reported great results in this department, claiming that this option is very easy to clean.



It is very easy to assemble the cage in a matter of minutes since it does not require any tools, as it uses eight straightforward plastic clips instead.

The cage comes with a hideaway spot just under the balcony designed to give your small rabbit a quiet and secure hiding place.

The trip-proof food dish and the drip-proof water dispenser are both located outside the cage, a choice that will help save interior space and that will make it easier for you to change the water and food.

The base is very tall which means that your rabbit will no longer be able to throw its mess outside the cage.

Buyers were very satisfied with the durability of this option and we found reviews saying that even after years of use, the product still works perfectly.



Some owners did not receive all the parts required for assembly, but thankfully the manufacturer was quick to rectify the issue.

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4. Kennel-Aire A Frame Bunny House


It can be difficult to find cheap indoor rabbit cages that can still satisfy basic requirements such as quality, reliability, and durability. This is where the Kennel-Aire A Frame comes in, as it manages to offer all these features for an affordable price. It is made from strong wire, and the arched roof design will provide your bunny with plenty of room to play.

The cage comes with a slide-out plastic pan which allows for effortless cleaning and removal. To make things even better, the cage features four heavy-duty caster wheels which let you move and place your pet’s new habitat anywhere in your home with minimal effort.

You get two separate entrances, one at the top and another in the front for quick and easy access to let you handle the pets or change the food and water. The manufacturer mentions that the cage can also be used for guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and other small animals.



Customers were quick to praise the unique and pleasing design that looks similar to that of a charming countryside cottage.

The durable construction of both the strong wire and the plastic tray will guarantee that the unit is capable of handling heavy use for years to come.

The spacious design of the unit allows it to house bunny rabbits or smaller pets such as guinea pigs and hamsters with equal ease.

The collapsible design means that in just matter of seconds you can collapse the cage completely if you need to take it with you when traveling.

While the cage is lightweight in itself, the caster wheels make it very easy for you to swing the cage around when cleaning the floor.



The white finish will wear out with time, especially if your rabbits like to chew on the cage.

The tray does not cover the entire bottom of the cage, which makes it possible for pets to get some of their mess on your floor.

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5. AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate


It’s a well-known fact that if you wish to get great quality for a low price, an AmazonBasics product will do the trick, and that is the case for the following option as well. This metal folding cage offers exceptional convenience since it allows to take the purchase with you everywhere you travel.

The unit features a single-door design but with a large enough opening to give your pet an easy entry and to let you access the interior of the cage easily when cleaning or arranging the bedding. The door features two secure slide-bolt latches so that you can rest assured knowing that your pet will be safe inside its habitat.

The cage sees the use of a durable metal-wire construction to give it the required strength to handle even the most energetic pets. Similarly, the rounded corners help keep your bunnies safe and protected from possible accidents.



The metal-wire construction will not only guarantee the durability of the unit but will also provide optimal ventilation and visibility to your furry companion.

You get an included divider panel that can help you reduce the size of the cage so that you can create the appropriate living space for your growing pet.

The plastic pan that sits at the bottom of the crate is washable and removable so that you can take it out easily when it gets dirty.

This is a very versatile option and you can also use it as a travel crate for dogs and cats, and other small and medium-sized pets.

The AmazonBasics option can be set up in seconds, with no tools required.



The bottom tray is very thin which means that if you have a rabbit that likes to chew on things, chances are that it will find it very appetizing.

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6. Yaheetech 52” Multi Level Ferret Cage Indoor Habitats Animal Hutch


If you don’t have enough space in the room to house a large cage, the ingenious design of the Yaheetech Multi Level will give your pets all the space they require without overcrowding your home. The cage features five levels connected with ramps and that expand the usable area by allowing your rabbits to climb, play, and rest.

The main body of the cage is constructed using high-quality 0.5” square metal tubes, and 0.2” wires. The surface of the tubes and wires is fully painted with a special hammertone pattern finish that confers it corrosion and wear resistance, as well as a very stylish and appealing look.

The three-door design will make it even easier for you to clean the cage and all the levels with the proper tools. The slide-out tray under the cage can also be removed so that you can clean it when it gets dirty, while the mesh panel between the tray and the pet will prevent it from walking directly on its droppings.



The cage is large enough to allow several small pets to live and have fun in it at the same time.

The five levels are connected using ramps and that will help expand the usable area considerably, making the unit perfect for small pets such as rabbits, ferrets, rats, guinea pigs, and more.

The four heavy-duty casters confer the unit high load capacity and they allow you to move the cage easily without disturbing the pets that live in it.

All the three doors come secured with latches so that you can rest assured knowing that your pets will be safe when you are not around.

The multifunctional design allows you to hang toys onto the cage and platform to satisfy the playful nature of rabbits.



Smaller pets might find it difficult to use the ramps since they can be a bit slippery.

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7. Pet Tek SPK70130 Dream Home 2-Door Rabbit Cage


The Pet Tek option seeks to give pet owners the perfect habitat to house their furry companion. The cage has a size of 17 x 30 x 20 inches which makes it perfect for cute and cuddly rabbit pets since it gives them enough room to play inside. The cage comes already assembled and ready to use.

The option weighs very little and comes equipped with a heavy-duty carrying handle that can support the entire weight of your pet if you ever wish to take it along with you during travels. Along with the cage itself, you will also get detailed instructions about how to use the purchase as well as a simple training guide for your cuddly pet.

The deep pan slides are made from rigid plastic for increased durability as well as easy cleaning. The corners are rounded to ensure the safety of both the pet and the owner.



The design of the Pet Tek option provides great ventilation to your pet and high visibility so that you always know what your bunny is doing.

You get two doors, one on the top of the cage and the other on the front so that you can provide your pet with water and food as quickly and as conveniently as possible.

The metal wires boast a durable and long-lasting finish that will not wear off even if your pet chews on them.

The cage folds nicely when not in use, meaning that you won’t have to worry that it will require a lot of storage space.

The mesh wire floor will prevent your rabbit from stepping on its droppings.



While the mesh wire floor is a great addition for mature rabbits, younglings can have a difficult time walking on it since the holes are spaced a little too far apart.

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8. Iris Wire Deluxe Dog Crate


With the IRIS Wire Deluxe, your pet rabbit will get a habitat that can keep it safe and with enough space available for it to thrive. The cage is perfect to keep your pet safely contained while you are away from home, and this option is larger and with heavier wiring to ensure the best possible security.

Each of the five panels is constructed with rounded corners to help keep your furry pal safe. It comes with a single large door that is very easy to use and that will make exit and entry a breeze. It is also large enough to allow you to place the food, water, and bedding effortlessly.

The door has a pin locking system that will keep it locked until you come back home. As a plus, the cage comes with a plastic pan that can be removed quickly to make the cleaning process easier for you.



The assembly process is simple, and it can be completed in a matter of minutes since this option does not require tools.

You can fold the cage flat, and that allows you to take it wherever your pet rabbit goes, and with a protective finish, you can be sure that this unit is made to last.

Since the top flips open, it is very easy to clean the inside and feed the pet in record time.

Customers appreciated the versatility of this option, which can be used for all kinds of pets, as long as they are not larger than the average rabbit.

The IRIS Wire Deluxe lives up to its name, as it is an elegant choice that will look good in any home.



A few reviews mentioned that the unit is not as sturdy as it looks and that if you use it to house a large pet, it might be able to get out if it is too energetic.

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9. Iris Wire Dog Crate with Mesh Roof


Your pet deserves the best comfort and quality, which is why we recommend the IRIS Wire Mesh Roof, seeing as it manages to offer a high-quality design that looks and performs great. Durability is a key feature that comes front and center with this option thanks to the gauge epoxy-coated wire sides and the removable mesh roof that gives it long-lasting performance.

You also get a large sliding access door with a positive lock latch that lets you breathe easily knowing that your pet will be held securely inside the cage while you are not home. Cleaning is made even easier by the bottom tray that includes a non-slip surface and that can be removed quickly when it gets dirty.

In terms of customer feedback, we have many positive things to reports since owners were surprised by the quality and durability of this model. Another area in which this option has garnered high-praise is the design which is bound to enjoy the admiration of your friends.



The molded corner posts are available in many fashionable colors so that you can pick the one that will give your room the extra style it deserves.

Getting the unit together won’t take too much since the assembly process is made simpler by the clear and concise instructions.

The sliding door design is very popular among owners, thanks to how easy it makes getting the pet out of the cage or providing it with more food and water.

The IRIS alternative is a lightweight solution that you can move from room to room conveniently, and you can even use it in outdoor areas.

The panels are made using heavy-duty plastic and interlock with full-length connection rods.



The mesh roof is a great idea but customers were not entirely happy with the execution since the Velcro straps it uses to attach to the roof are not capable of holding it down securely.

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Yearly Guide & Report


It can be difficult to find the right indoor rabbit cage if you don’t have the time to research the market and find out what the key factors that differentiate a good product from one that you should avoid are. This is the reason why we have taken the time and prepared an in-depth buyer’s guide just for you.

In the guide below, we will present the features that you should focus on when purchasing this type of product, as well as some of the aspects that you should avoid.  

Size and design

The size of the cage is the most important aspect to consider and in this case, bigger is indeed better since rabbits are active pets and need enough room to roam around. Since the cage will be its home for most of its life, you should get the biggest option that your budget or room size allows.

As a general rule of thumb, the ideal cage should be at the very least four times the size of the rabbit. For example, a 24” by 36” cage is perfect for smaller rabbits while a 30” by 36” option is suited for larger pets.

You should also account for any accessories that you intend to store in the cage such as toys since they can cut down on the amount of space available inside the habitat considerably. If you plan to store the cage in a small room and you don’t have much space available, there is a solution to this problem as well.

You can now find numerous options that feature a two-story (or more) cage with ramps joining the levels. This design is very popular nowadays since it permits you to offer more space to your pet without you having to sacrifice too much space in your room.

As far as the design goes, most options on the market follow a very similar approach, with the multi-level models differentiating themselves due to their intricate construction. Some options may feature a side door or a top opening which is a good extra feature to have since it can make cleaning and handling the pet more convenient.


Material and portability

Most cages are built from metal wire with a plastic base, and for a good reason. Rabbits like to chew a lot, so while other materials might appear more aesthetically pleasing to you, they can easily be destroyed by your pet’s teeth. Wooden cages might look amazing, but not only are they not as durable, but they can also be a pain to clean.

The metal wire construction allows plenty of light and air to get into the cage, and it can also help you keep a better eye on the pet at all times. Similarly, most models will come equipped with either a handle or with caster wheels to aid with mobility.

For small and lightweight options, handles are the better choice, but for the larger cages, wheels are mandatory since it can be very challenging to move the cage around your home otherwise.


One way to choose between two or more similar products is to see what they come equipped with since many models nowadays come with essential accessories that will help you save money and time. While exploring the numerous options on the market, we found quite a few that came complete with water bottles, hay dispensers or a litter box.

Unless you already have all these essentials bought and ready to use, models that come equipped with all the accessories you may need are a very convenient purchase since they save you the trouble of having to purchase each accessory individually.

There’s also the fact that with models that feature built-in water bottles and hay dispensers, you won’t have to worry that the feeders you have bought won’t fit in the cage properly.


Know what to avoid

Now that we’ve presented some of the key features that you should look for when purchasing a habitat for your rabbit, it is time to take a quick look at some of the things you ought to avoid. Firstly, even if you are low on cash, you should make sure that the cage you have in mind is capable of keeping your pet protected.

Cheap options can offer good quality, but you should be extra careful when going for an affordable model since it can often translate into poor quality. Make sure that you take the time to read customer reviews and only buy the products that have received mostly positive feedback.

One other area that you should pay particular attention to is the quality of the cage edges as they can seriously hurt both yourself and the pet. Even a slightly sharp edge should be considered a huge risk and a serious enough reason to return the product and get a better one.




Frequently asked questions about indoor rabbit cages


Q: How often should you clean out an indoor rabbit cage?

The frequency at which you should clean the cage varies from person to person and is heavily influenced by the number of rabbits that you have in the habitat. It is generally recommended to do a small amount of cleaning each day as this way you will make things a whole lot easier for yourself.

If you only have one rabbit, then you should do a thorough cleaning of the cage at least once a week, but cages that house more pets will require more frequent cleaning. You should remove any uneaten fruits and vegetables, wash the food bowls and refill the water bottle on a daily basis.


Q: Should I cover my indoor rabbit cage at night?

As long as you keep your rabbit indoors, there is no need to cover the cage at night since these extra covers are generally designed specifically for outdoor rabbit cages to protect the pet from the freezing wind and the cold temperatures.

With that said, do keep in mind that if your indoor cage is placed in a room that is always lit and if your critter does not have a burrow to sleep in, it is very possible for the light to disturb its sleep. In this situation, covering the cage at night might help your furry companion rest properly.



Q: How to make an indoor rabbit cage?

If you are looking for indoor rabbit cage ideas, it is very easy to make a proper habitat for your pet from scratch. The process is fairly simple but it requires you to be handy with woodwork. One of the most popular designs on the internet involves piecing together plywood panels of the desired size that you want your cage to be.

The tools you will need include a saw to cut the panels to your desired size together with a drill, staple gun, wood glue, and clamps to piece them together and any non-toxic wood finish to paint the cage at the end. The process is very similar to that of building a wood birdhouse.


Q: How to build a cheap indoor rabbit cage?

If you are wondering how to build an indoor rabbit cage for cheap, one way to go about things is to get some wire storage cubes, also known as C&C grids, and use them to build your personalized rabbit habitat. Before you get started, you should lay out the pieces so that you can get an idea of how large the cage will be.

This is also the moment where you can play with different configurations to make the most out of the available space. Once you’ve found the right configuration, you can piece the storage cubes together and you can either purchase a big litter pan for rabbits or one of your older yoga mats.


Q: Is hardware cloth fine for indoor rabbit cage?

Having a hardware cloth for the base of the cage is very easy for pet owners since it makes the cleaning process that much easier, but the truth is that rabbits prefer a solid floor with bedding. Now, if you do want to get a hardware cloth to use in your rabbit cage, you can do it, or you can make a compromise.

Many owners prefer to have a large mesh-bottomed area that is easy to clean together with a litter/bedding area for comfort and warmth. With that said, make sure that the holes in the hardware cloth are spaced close enough so that they don’t hurt the rabbit’s feet.



Q: How big should my rabbit cage be?

While most owners recommend an extra large indoor rabbit cage, you don’t need to get the largest cage out there if you don’t have the space for it. As a general rule, the cage should be wide enough to allow your rabbit to lie with its legs stretched since this is the position that it likes to sit in when relaxed.

Thus, a minimum width of 2 feet is recommended for small and medium-sized rabbits, while the large and giant breeds need at least 3 feet. If you don’t have a large room to house the cage in, you can consider getting a multi-level habitat.


Q: How much does an indoor rabbit cage cost?

It all depends on the size, brand, and materials used. The good thing is that the market has so many options available for you to choose from nowadays that it is virtually impossible not to find a unit within your budget.

If you are looking for actual numbers, most indoor rabbit cages fall between $50-$100, but that is the average number. It is still possible to find models that fall below that number and options that can be really expensive. In the end, the most important thing is to get an option that can keep your pet safe and offer enough space for it to play and sleep.




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