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9 Best Hamster Accessories in 2020 – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 28.02.20


Top Accessories for Hamsters – Guide & Comparison


Looking after a hamster is a great responsibility as these small creatures are quite sensitive and require high-quality food, a permanent source of fresh water, and as many toys and accessories as possible. And if you’re considering redecorating your pet’s cage, we searched the market for the best hamster accessories. Thus, we came to the conclusion that you should start with the Ferplast Hamster Cage. It is a two-floor structure made of wire net on the superior part and robust plastic on the bottom, to ensure the best of both worlds. It comes fully accessorized and includes a ladder for easy access, an exercise wheel, as well as a small hut for naps. The product is also equipped with a small door on the top, allowing you easy access for quick maintenance operations. The base can be removed for cleaning and disinfecting. If this cage isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, a good alternative would be the Kaytee Tree of Life Habitat.



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9 Best Hamster Accessories (Reviews) in 2020



If you’re looking for fun and cheap hamster accessories, the market gives you thousands of choices. And, while we cannot pick the right item for your pet, we did come up with a list of critically acclaimed accessories that are worthy of your attention. Here is everything you need to know about them.



1. Favola Hamster Cage Includes Free Water Bottle Exercise Wheel


The first item you need to purchase when welcoming a new pet into your family is a suitable cage. And why pick a dull, regular one when there are so many fun and fully-equipped options available on the market? This one from Ferplast is a two-floor structure and is made of high-quality materials.

The base is made of sturdy plastic while the upper part is made of wire net to provide increased ventilation and prevent your hamster from escaping. The cage comes fully accessorized and includes all the necessary elements for your pet to live a long and active life. The stairs provide easy access from one floor to another, while the small hut is perfect for napping and resting.

The item also comes with a plastic exercise wheel that will take away boredom and prevent your pet from getting overweight or obese.



The product is made of superior quality materials that won’t chip, break, bend or leak even if dropped on the floor.

The transparent base allows you to watch your pet’s every move without interfering with its habits or stressing it out. It can also be removed to ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting.

The item is equipped with a small house for nesting or resting, an exercise wheel, a food container, a water bottle, and an exercise wheel, so you won’t have to pay extra for acquiring other hamster cage accessories.

The upper floor can also be removed whenever you want to pet your hamster and provides excellent ventilation.



According to some customers, the cage and all its accessories are mainly designed for small hamster breeds, so don’t try to fit a Siberian hamster into the exercise wheel or the hut.

The wheel is made of plastic so your pet can eventually chew and destroy it.

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2. Kaytee Tree of Life 3-in-1 Pet Habitat Accessory Small


If you’re looking for fun and high-quality Kaytee hamster accessories, this 3-in-1 toy could prove a good choice. It is made of BPA-free plastic and doesn’t contain any other chemical substances or compounds that might harm your pet.

It is easy to assemble and provides a hideaway tree for safe nesting, a built-in exercise wheel, and a removable food dish. The product is designed to fit most cages and provides the perfect balance between resting and exercising.

It measures about 7.1 inches in height and is suitable for small animals like gerbils, rats, mice, and some hamster breeds. The colorful design will definitely attract your rodent and it will end up spending endless hours having fun or resting inside the Tree of Life.

The assembling instructions are clear and easy to follow, according to most of those who purchased this cage accessory.



This 3-in-1 toy is perfect for offering endless hours of fun and physical activity that will keep your hamster happy and fit, avoiding obesity and other health problems usually associated with this disease.

It is made of quality and BPA-free plastic, meaning it won’t pose a threat to the safety and health of your pet. In addition, it doesn’t contain any small pieces that can get swallowed and cause choking.

It is mainly designed for small rodents like gerbils, mice, and hamsters, and can be easily placed in your pet’s cage to become a source of entertainment.

The tree hideaway stimulates the rodent’s natural instinct for nesting and hiding.



Customers mentioned the wheel isn’t too sturdy and is rather small to fit all breeds of hamsters or rabbits.

Since the wheel is made of plastic, it can be chewed by your small rodent, meaning you’ll have to replace it soon enough.

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3. Kaytee Color Nest Hide Tunnel


Most hamster toys and accessories are made of cheap plastic that can easily break or be chewed by your hamster without having a positive impact on its health, especially its teeth. Therefore, it would be best to seek products made of natural ingredients, similar to those that hamsters would find in their natural habitats.

One of these accessories is this handwoven tunnel that is available in two sizes, small and large. Each of the sizes is designed with certain rodent species in mind, so make sure to pick the right size according to your hamster’s height and weight.

It doesn’t contain any chemical or harmful ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or severe health problems, meaning the item is safe for all animals, even if your pet has a nasty chewing habit. In fact, it will promote healthier chewing habits and provide a delicious snack without too many calories.



You can purchase this tunnel in a small or large size, to cater to the needs of your small rodent.

It is made of natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any chemical dyes or substances that could harm your animal, so it can be safely chewed.

It satisfies your hamster’s instincts of nesting and hiding, providing a fun way to shelter your pet from curious eyes or sunlight.

The product is also available in four assorted colors, so it represents a fun accessory that can fit most rabbit, hamster or Guinea pig cages.



We did mention rodents have a natural instinct for chewing, and this tunnel will provide a delicious snack that will keep your hamster occupied for hours. However, you will have to replace it eventually.

Some customers mentioned the entering is too small for rabbits, so you may want to limit the tunnel to other species like Guinea pigs, rats, mice, gerbils, and hamsters.

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4. Kaytee CritterTrail Small Animal Habitat Bedding Trays


Looking after your small rodent starts with providing safe and quality bedding. There are countless options on the market, but the new Critter Trail from Kaytee absorbs better than wood shavings or other products from competitors.

These Critter Trail hamster cage accessories are delivered in a three-pack, which represents a great value for money and offers enough bedding for your hamster cage for months. The item provides simple and fast cage cleaning. It is fully disposable and recyclable so that it won’t pollute the Earth like regular plastic bedding.

It comes with a plastic tray that fits most standard rectangular Critter Trail habits but this doesn’t mean it cannot be used inside all regular cages. Also, the plastic tray doesn’t allow the moisture to penetrate the floor of the cage, prolonging the lifespan of the product.

It is 99% dust free and provides excellent odor control.



The item is delivered in a pack of three, meaning you’ll have enough bedding for your hamster to last months from now on. The manufacturer recommends changing the bedding once a week or every 4-5 days if your cage houses more than one pet.

Unlike other items, this one is 99% dust free, providing a cleaner habitat and preventing small dust particles from entering the lungs of your pet and causing allergies or breathing problems.

We also liked that it is disposable and recyclable, meaning you won’t contribute to the pollution of our planet.

Unlike other similar items, this bedding is more absorbent and locks in the odors, ensuring a fresh and clean air in the room.



If your hamster enjoys chewing, the plastic tray won’t last too long until it’ll have to be replaced.

Some other customers mentioned the product is quite messy and you will still have to sanitize the cage before adding new bedding.

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5. Kaytee Tubes and Tunnels


This cool accessory will definitely keep your pet hamster busy for hours. It includes 2 tee tubes, one U-Turn tube, 6 connector rings, and other 2 elbow tubes, ensuring a fun way for your hamster to spend its time.

What we liked the most is that the tubes can be connected in various ways and even allow for the expansion of CritterTrail habitats, providing more space for your pet to roam, burrow, and stretch its paws. They are also universally connectable, meaning you can create a safe playing ground as big as you want for all your rodents to enjoy.

The tubes measure around 2.25 inches in diameter and come in a variety of shapes and colors to add more fun. They are made of sturdy plastic and have a clear design that allows you to see exactly what your hamster is up to and where it is hiding.



It is called the Fun-nel for a reason as it provides endless hours of fun for your pets, stimulating their natural instincts for burrowing, exploring, and nesting.

The product is made of high-quality, BPA-free plastic so it won’t possess a threat to your pet’s health even if it is chewed on. In addition, it is lightweight and flexible enough.

The pieces of the tunnel can be combined to create an endless variety of designs, stimulating the imagination of your hamsters as they’ll have to figure out a new way out every time you change the tubes.

The product is colorful and can be connected to CritterTrail habitats to expand the playground of your hamster.



Some customers mentioned that it’s difficult to make the tubes stick together without falling apart, so you’ll have to watch over your hamster when he or she feels the need to get inside the Fun-nel.

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6. Kaytee CritterTrail Fun-nels Value Pack


With this set of tubes, you can create endless tunnels and provide more fun to your pets. The items are made of durable and colorful plastic and are specifically designed to be used by mice, gerbils, and hamsters.

What we liked the most is that they can be combined in different ways, and even become full expansions of other CritterTrail habitats. You can use them to ensure a larger entertainment area for your pets, as well as a fun way to connect together cages and their inhabitants.

They are about 3 inches high and 7 inches wide. The set contains tubes, elbow tubes, tee tubes, and connector rings of various sizes so you can come up with a unique design, according to your pet’s needs.

Apart from being fun, these tunnels also promote a healthier lifestyle by stimulating your pets to explore and run. Also, the tubes can be pulled apart and cleaned easily.



Step into a world of endless fun possibilities with these new fun-nels made of high-quality, BPA-free plastic.

The products are designed to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for your rodents, fighting against obesity and overweight problems by stimulating your pets to explore more.

The set contains tubes of different lengths, shapes, sizes, and colors to stimulate your imagination as well, allowing you to create different styles of tunnels every time.

The clear design of the tunnels helps you see inside them so you can keep an eye on your hamster and know everything he or she is up to.



As with other similar products, these tubes don’t seem to stay together for too long, meaning you’ll have to constantly readjust and even rebuild your entire tunnel network.

We wouldn’t recommend using the product on large hamster breeds or other pets such as rabbits, Guinea pigs or chinchillas.

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7. Kaytee Run About 7″ Hamster Exercise Ball Moon Glow


This seven-inch exercise ball is available in various colors, including light green, yellow, pink, white, and blue. The color you’ll receive is random, meaning you can always expect a new one to add to your collection.

The product is made of high-quality plastic that won’t allow your pet to escape. It will also absorb shocks and create a safer environment for your small pet to explore the room or the house. It is specifically designed for gerbils, mice or hamsters.

It comes with numerous ventilation panels to allow maximum air circulation and prevent your hamster from overheating. The manufacturer suggests the pet shouldn’t use the wheel for more than 20 minutes in a row without taking breaks to rest and hydrate. It shouldn’t be used in direct sunlight or near stairs either and adult supervision is a must every time your pet uses the ball.



The product comes with a clear design that allows you to see every move of your pet and your hamster gets to enjoy a nice view while exercising.

The ball can also be used as a temporary holding area for when you want to clean its house without disturbing it too much.

It comes with numerous ventilation panels to ensure maximum air ventilation and prevent your pet from overheating or getting too warm after a workout session.

The plastic is durable and won’t chip or break even if dropped on the floor, meaning your precious hamster will stay safe whenever it wants to explore the premises outside its cage.



The ball measures seven inches in diameter, which isn’t big enough for all hamster breeds but rather for dwarf hamsters. Before using the ball, make sure your pet has enough room to stretch its paws without feeling crammed.

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8. Kaytee Dwarf Hamster Mini Run-About Exercise Ball


The product is specifically designed for small animals like dwarf hamsters, gerbils, and mice. It measures five inches in diameter and is available in various cool colors, including blue, white, pink or green. However, you won’t know the exact color you’re getting until the package arrives.

The product is made of sturdy plastic that won’t chip or break easily, creating a safe and suitable environment for your pet. It encourages healthy exercising and can also make a great temporary holding area for when you want to clean your pet’s cage.

It doesn’t get easily slid so you won’t have to worry about your hamster finding a way to escape. The manufacturer recommends rodents to only use this ball for around 20 minutes at a time, then take a pause to rest and hydrate. You should also supervise your pet while inside the ball and make sure it doesn’t go anywhere near the stairs.



The item is made of sturdy and durable plastic that won’t chip, crack or break easily, meaning it can absorb shocks and protect your fragile pet while inside it.

The clear design ensures maximum visibility for your pet to enjoy a nice view whenever inside. It also allows you to watch your hamster while in the wheel and make sure it has a good time.

The ball comes with large ventilation panels to ensure maximum air circulation and prevent your hamster from overheating or feeling claustrophobic.

It is easy to assemble but won’t open while your pet is inside it so you won’t have to worry about it escaping.



Although it represents a great way to exercise and stay fit, you should never allow your pet to use the ball without your supervision as accidents might occur.

Consider the fact that the ball only measures 5 inches in diameter, so don’t expect larger hamsters or rodents to comfortably fit inside it.

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9. Fruit 3D Nibble Stix Hamster & Small Animal Toy


Perhaps your hamster isn’t a fan of veggies but how can he or she resist in front of these adorable chewing accessories? The items are made of high-quality wood that won’t leave splinters or dust, meaning they are safe to be used by all rodents.

Each wooden piece comes with a delicious fruit flavor, which means they represent a healthy and delicious snack for your small pets. They are ideal for both gnawing and playing and will promote healthier chewing habits.

The products don’t contain chemical dyes or other ingredients that can harm your pet or cause allergies, meaning they are safe to be offered even to sensitive animals. Also, the size is ideal for gerbils, mice, and hamsters as your pet won’t have to put in too much effort to grab and chew on the wooden pieces.

They measure about 2.7 inches in length and can be placed inside your pet’s cage.



The products come in various shapes, styles, and colors to create fun and playful accessories that will certainly appeal to your pets.

They are perfectly shaped for small rodents like hamsters, gerbils, and mice.

These accessories are made of high-quality wood and enhanced with fruit flavors, so they will instantly become your pet’s new chewing toys.

They promote healthy chewing habits and will keep your hamster busy for hours in a row, as well as away from other chewable plastic toys or accessories found inside its cage.



We suggest that you don’t get too attached to these accessories as they will end up being chewed in no time by your pet. Therefore, consider buying a multipack or restocking often.

Not all rodents enjoy wooden chews, so it would be best to try out with a single toy before buying the whole pack. If your pet isn’t interested in them, you may want to switch to hay, small pieces of loofah, and real veggie snacks.

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Yearly Guide & Report


It’s hard to find some good hamster accessories given the high amount of products available. How will you know exactly which ones are suitable for your pet and, most importantly, how will you only choose the essentials to avoid overcrowding your hamster’s cage? If you want to rest assured you made the right choice, here are some features you’ll have to consider when choosing hamster habitat accessories.

The size of your hamster

First of all, keep in mind that not all toys and accessories are designed to meet the needs of all rodents, including different hamster breeds. That being said, you might find products that are too small, big or dangerous for your pet.

Therefore, we strongly suggest you go through some online reviews and read the opinions of other customers or contact the manufacturer directly for precise information regarding the size of the accessories. Keep in mind that small parts may also pose a choking hazard so you should avoid accessories that are made of too many parts.


Materials used

Most dwarf hamster accessories are made of plastic but this isn’t necessarily the best material to opt for. It is more affordable and often enough displays a catchy design, but it could be dangerous.

Unless you’re choosing items that are BPA-free and don’t contain chemicals, some of the substances used for manufacturing plastic accessories could be dangerous to your pet, especially since they can be chewed.

If you want to stick to plastic accessories, at least make sure they are sturdy, safe, and suitable for your pet’s needs.

However, we strongly recommend you consider more natural alternatives made of straws, wood, rope, hay, and others. Apart from being safe, these materials also provide a delicious snack for your hamsters, promoting healthy chewing habits. Of course, the downside of these delicious accessories is that they’ll have to be replaced constantly.


What about fully accessorized cages?

If you’re having trouble opting for just one item, you could choose an entire cage filled with everything your hamster needs to live a long, healthy, and active life. These cages are perfect for new pet owners who don’t know too much about the accessories required.

Most of these cages are two-story structures, providing enough space for your rodent to nap, rest, stretch its paws, and exercise. They are made of a combination of plastic and wires and come equipped with a variety of useful accessories such as tunnels, huts, food dishes, water bottles, stairs for easy access or exercise toys.

Another reason why you should consider such products is that they usually provide the best value for your money. In other words, opting for a full-option cage is cheaper than purchasing each of these elements on your own. Again, make sure the size of the cage and the accessories inside are appropriate for your hamster.


Exercising toys

Hamsters tend to overeat and keep a lot of food inside their cheek pouches, meaning they are prone to some health problems such as diabetes and obesity. Apart from providing nutritious and low-calorie food, you should also consider alternative ways to help your pet lose some weight.

And what better way to do so if not by investing in the popular exercise or running wheels? These items can be made of aluminum, plastic or wire and will make a good addition to any cage.

However, if you want to keep your pets entertained for longer, you may also want to include some hamster cage accessories tubes. These will stimulate your pet’s natural instincts of hiding and exploring. In addition, most of them can be combined in a variety of designs that will certainly keep boredom away.




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