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8 Best Gerbil Toys – 2020 Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 28.02.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Gerbil Toys


You’re probably here because you want to buy a toy for your darling pet gerbil but you are short on time so you need a little help with this. Luckily for you, our team is up to date on all things gerbils and after a thorough selection has decided that the Kaytee Tree of Life 3-in-1 Pet Habitat Accessory is the one you should buy. This is a multifunctional toy, which comes with a built-in exercise wheel for moving those tiny legs, a removable food dish, and its “house-like” structure offers a great place to nest. This way, your pet can find everything it desires in one place, creating a happy environment for it. If you’re a little late and all the lucky gerbils have already gotten their toys so it’s not in stock anymore, make sure to look for the eCotrition Snak Shak for Small Animals, which is number 2 on our “Awesome” list.



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8 Best Gerbil Toys (Reviews) in 2020



Whether you’re looking for a great new toy that will help your gerbil get back in shape or maybe an exciting new one because it got bored of all the old ones, our team did the required research and we have quite a few to offer you, so keep on reading.



1. Kaytee Tree of Life 3-in-1 Pet Habitat Accessory Small


This toy should not be missing from any gerbil’s collections, as it offers a great 3-in-1 bonus that is hard to overlook. It saves you a lot of space when it comes to the facilities your pet needs and the nice way it’s structured provides easy access to it.

The three different products make this assortment a great value to have. The wheel isn’t very loud so it will rarely bother you when your gerbil is working out.

The food dish gives you easy access to it and is also deep enough that your pet won’t throw the food around the rest of its “house” with its enthusiastic way of eating.

Gerbils come to love these toys very quickly because they represent a secure environment for them where they can feel relaxed. Add to this a built-in “gym” and this is a recipe for obtaining its love.



This is a very versatile toy which solves 3 needs in one go. It’s also quite resistant and reports say the plastic pieces come apart easily for cleaning, so it will not give you a tough time.

The wheel is a good size for small pets like a gerbil and since you can attach the toy to other things that your gerbil already has, it’s perfect for creating a playground for your little buddy.

The wheel also comes separated from the main body of the toy so you will have to attach it.

Due to its shape, it’s perfect for gerbils who like to throw sawdust out of their cage as it won’t get on your floor all the time.



While good for smaller rodents, this wheel is likely too small for bigger ones such as large types of hamsters or mice, so this is not a toy that will fit all tastes.

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2. eCotrition Snak Shak Edible Hideaway for Gerbils


If you’re looking for a pleasant way to make your gerbil work out, this is the way to do it. A great activity log that comes in different sizes and is chewable, the eCotrition Snak Shak really gets the job done.

The pet has more than enough space to run through it and the toy can also be used as a shelter should it feel the need to. It’s made with golden honey flavor, so it’s not only edible but it also has a very nice taste.

Also, check if your pet is allergic to anything inside it before buying this toy. It has been proven it can contain a mix of pine and wood that may cause trouble to some rodents, so prevention is key here since we don’t want to get them sick.

The only thing you need to worry about is your pet overeating on it, so it really is advisable to take it away when you are not there to encourage proper feeding habits.



A great toy that can be used as a nesting place and as chewing practice so it fulfills a double need. Especially if your pet likes to use its teeth, this will give it something to work on.

It has good structure and a natural feeling to it. Add this to your pet’s everyday environment and it will be a welcomed addition to it.

The natural wood look will make your friend feel at home when exploring its many wonders and the sheer size ensures it will last you a while before needing replacement.

This toy is great for pets who are in need of working out, so if they grow to love it, losing weight will come as an added bonus.



Due to it being delicious to eat, you really have to pay attention to how much alone time your gerbil gets with this. If you don’t want it to stop eating its proper food, we don’t recommend unlimited time.

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3. Niteangel Natural Wooden Hamster Mouse Tunnel Tube Toy Forest Hollow Tree Trunk


This should prove to be an interesting toy for your gerbil as the multiple entries and exit points can offer hours and hours of exploring. It is also quite volatile when it comes to ways it can be used since you can use it by filling it up with treats and watch your pet get in there and drag them all away to safety.

Despite the holes, this also provides a comfortable potential shelter so don’t be surprised if your furry friend fills it with bedding and decides to use it as a nest.

It’s always great when you can get a toy that can be chewed so it will even stimulate their teeth wear, which is something very important in an adult pet rodent.

The wooden tunnel is made from Chinese fir which is safe for chewing and gnawing so you will have no problems when it comes to this. It’s also nice because you can mix it up with other toys such as ladders and provide your pet with a built-in “gym” in which to exercise.



A simple, effective, chewable toy, which is what any good one should be. The fact that it can be combined with other toys or used as a nest is a great bonus to its value.

Small animals will find it very interesting due to the different entrance and exit options they will find and this will provide them with endless entertainment. The fact that it is made of natural wood further adds to the comfortable feeling they will have when using this.

Another pro for you is that your pet can finally have something to chew on that does not include your home accessories.



While it is a fun toy, the dimensions make it difficult to use for slightly larger rodents, as people report fear of seeing them stuck in there. While your gerbil should have no problems, be mindful if you ever gift this to one of your friends who has a larger type of mouse or hamster.

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4. Ware Manufacturing Wood Atomic Nut Ball Pet Toys for Small Pets


This is a great toy for small pets since it can offer hours of endless entertainment while exploring its mysteries. Since it’s a chew toy this is great for their natural instincts as they will not have to destroy anything in your house while following them.

It’s a pretty durable toy and since it comes in a 3 pack you can always rest assured that you have a backup. At the same time, its size offers an advantage because it is quite large compared to other toys but still light and easy to move so your pet will become attached to it very fast.

Overall, given the need that these small animals have for activity and using their teeth, it is a good item that can offer them a great pastime and a way to use their teeth in a non-damaging way. Your pet will love it and thank you all the more for it!



The toy comes with a chewy surprise inside the balls so your pet will actually have something meaningful to work towards when playing with it.

The USDA approved food coloring is safe to chew so you don’t have to worry about this, and it’s 4 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 4 inches high.

It’s made of all-natural wood so it will smell and feel like home to them and it will quickly become their favorite toy.

Compared to other similar ones, it’s a fairly resistant toy so your gerbil should have it for a very long time.



Some of the products seem to have no ball in the center so you may find yourself without an incentive to motivate your gerbil to chew through it.

Some people’s reviews claim the wood is very thin on this toy so a pet with reasonable biting power or one that is very active will chew through it fairly fast and require a replacement.

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5. Kaytee Woodland Get-A-Way Rabbit House


This toy is a literal getaway for your pet to be able to distance itself from the stress of daily life. It’s perfect for gerbils, mice, or other small animals, and it also comes with a window from which they can enjoy the sun and you can keep an eye on them.

It’s also a cozy place to play or to sleep since the roof and the shape of this toy inspire a “home” feeling. It’s constructed from pine timber so it’s bound to provide them with a natural sense of security. It also comes in four sizes which is a great advantage as you’re bound to find one that fits your furry friend.

The toy is made from durable material and even if your gerbil tries to chew through it, it may take a while until this task is done. The only downside you’ll have is they will be so comfortable in this house that you won’t see them as much as you used to.



It really offers a very comfortable, enclosed living space for them with a natural smell. Since they have nothing to do but to lay inside it, the house should last you a while.

Especially if you have kindred gerbils, they will more than likely tend to sleep together, all snuggled into each other. This toy house offers the perfect place just for that.

The house is large enough even for two adult gerbils, so if you’re only looking to accommodate this type of furry creature, you’ve found a good one to purchase.



The size seems to really be an issue for owners of larger rodents. While good for cubs, it becomes increasingly smaller as they keep on growing. Three baby gerbils can fit inside it without any problem, but they might find it a little too tight once they reach adulthood.

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6. Sleep ‘n’ Play Cheese Hamster & Small Animal Toy


If you’re the type of person that likes rustic, outdoorsy, nature things, chances are your gerbil likes that too. And if that’s what it likes, then this toy will do nothing but satisfy its need for rustic running. Sure, it requires some assembly first, but nothing that’s very complicated so literally anybody can do it.

It is, you guessed it, a toy in the shape of cheese with many, many holes in it. Due to its wooden, square structure, it’s perfect for any habitat and you don’t have to worry you might break it or tear it. If your pet is not a big chewer, this will last you a while before needing replacement.

The toy’s dimensions are also pretty big so since it can accommodate a Syrian hamster it’s something of a 2-bedroom apartment for a gerbil.

On the other hand, there are some worries about the edges since they tend to be sharp so you might want to check that out before offering it to your pet.



It’s a great concept and idea, the large holes offering entertainment and many places to get in and out of it, possibly while scurrying away food.

The dye is not toxic so if your pet likes chewing you can let it chew away on this without any problems.

It is very well adapted to a possible outdoor use, if you have a cage that you like to keep outside.

Even if space may sometimes be a problem for bigger rodents, 2 gerbils will usually be able to play in here without any problems.



Holes are said to be splintery so sanding those opening might be required to make sure your pet doesn’t hurt himself in the process of playing.

The two pieces are held together with a metal hinge and screws, so leaving metal in your friend’s cage might be a cause of worry for some people.

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7. Ware Barrel Roller Wooden Rolling Chew Toy for Small Pets


This is a fun toy which encourages the exercise and chewing activity of your pets. Since it is designed for this, it is 100% safe to chew so no worries there. The ball in the middle will also provide your gerbil with extra-motivation for constant action because of its desire to get to it.

The way they’re built ensures that they can be moved around so your pets will get an endless supply of fun from this. The only problem you might have is running out of them because they will be constantly chewing.

It’s not necessarily a toy that every pet likes though, so you might buy it for yours and find out it’s not suitable. With that being said, just check which one of your neighbors or friends has a furry friend because it won’t take many tries to find a new happy owner for it.



A great idea behind the concept, this particular toy can offer double the playtime because it is edible but it can also be rolled around and chased.

The balls in the middle offer an enticement for the pet to keep on chewing to get to the promised reward.

Because you get 3 toys and because of the size, you can keep multiple pets engaged at the same time, which is always a bonus.



The wood pieces that fall out of it are very sharp, your pet could hurt itself if it digs in too deep. The holes that are left behind could be dangerous the next time it starts chewing so you really need to keep an eye on this.

The concept behind the toy is not totally new and there are other similar products on the market which are not listed as potentially dangerous to the pet that is chewing on them.

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8. Fruit 3D Nibble Stix Hamster & Small Animal Toy


If you want to offer your pet fruit without actually offering it fruits, this is as close as it gets. These are fun, chunky pieces of fruit flavored wood which are ideal as your gerbil’s latest chewing obsession.

They are ideal for playing and gnawing and can be used by any small, furry rodents that you may keep inside the house. The toys are also adorably put together and are perfect as decorations for your pet’s home.

The different colors and model ensure that even if your gerbil is not a big fan of chewing, it will still start working on one of these sooner or later.

The toys are well put together all-around and there is little chance of your pet hurting itself even if it manages to chew one of them into oblivion, so they get top points there.



A great set of toys due to the variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, good to keep even the most curious rodents entertained.

The sheer number and size of them ensure you can keep the interest of more than 1 rodent for an above-average period of time if you use these.

The fact that they are also flavored, not simple pieces of shaped wood offers a distinct advantage over other similar products.

They are nicely designed and can be a great fit for any pet’s interior design tastes. It’s basically edible furniture.

Reviews seem to indicate great quality, so you shouldn’t expect to have to buy new toys for your friend just a couple of months after buying these. Well, maybe you should, but just because you spoil it so much out of love, not because these toys will stop being useful.



No information on whether the painting is USDA approved so cautious owners may refuse to buy it for this particular reason.

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Yearly Guide & Report


If you’re looking to buy the best toys for your dear pet, there are some things you need to take into consideration beforehand. What that toy can offer, if the paint is approved or not and whether it’s edible or you need to watch out what your gerbil puts in his/her mouth. As you can see, this is really serious business that requires some preparation beforehand.



Things To Know Beforehand

Before anything else, you must ensure that your gerbil toys are safe. These pets have the sometimes unhealthy habit of sticking their heads into whatever they want to explore at that moment, so you need to be absolutely certain that any toys you buy, especially those with holes in them, don’t have spaces in which their head can get stuck.

If you get a plastic toy, remove it the instant you see them chewing on it for obvious reasons. Even when it comes to cardboard, you need to pay attention and make sure they are just shredding it, not eating it. A proper gerbil toy should have no means to trap its toes, legs, or tail.


Toys With Wheels

People like running on treadmills to stay fit so gerbils like running on wheels. A good wheel for them must have a solid surface and a solid back wall to avoid any kind of failure. If you don’t pay attention, their tails or other body parts might get caught in and injured on wheels which have rungs or cross-supports.

When it comes to size, get a medium-sized one so that your gerbil’s back can be held straight while running. If your pet does not like the wheel, though, don’t worry, as it’s not mandatory for all of them to like it and it may change its mind sooner or later.


Toys With Hides

Wooden hides, as well as houses made from untreated wood, are the best choices for this even though gerbils are not picky animals so small cardboard boxes will get the job done anytime. However, they go through cardboard quickly so you will need to replace it just as fast.

They will also chew through wood, but it will last a lot longer than the cardboard. Eventually, you will also need to replace the wooden house that you so lovingly bought for your pet. Hollowed out logs will also work wonders as they’ll also be able to move through it.


Toys To Chew

In case you didn’t figure it out by now, gerbils love to chew. A cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll or even an empty paper towel roll will make their day if you offer it to them. Ever since owners have started expressing concerns about the types of glue in these, look-alike toys have been made specifically for the pets.

A pro tip would be to take some old file folders, lay them flat on the ground then proceed to cut them into smaller sections. After that, roll them up tightly for a little while. When you let go, even if they loosen a little bit, they are more or less rolled and can prove to be an endless source of fun for your gerbil.

If you can get your hands on any untreated wood, it will make for a great chewing toy, even though keep in mind that if it’s vegetable-dyed-wood, it’s okay. You can buy them or if you like DIY things, make them out of untreated wood scraps.

You can also stock up on branches like apple or willow while avoiding any evergreen tree branches. If you’re at a loss, check your local pet store, especially in the reptile sections and you might be surprised.



Toys To Climb On

There’s another activity that gerbils will do pretty much anytime, and that’s climbing. They’ll climb on just about anything, including wooden houses, wooden ladders, and other such accessories.

If you can’t find any, you can use plastic climbing tubes, like the ones used for hamsters, but you have to be extremely careful that your pets don’t swallow any splintered bits that might come off.

You can also try some PVC pipe sections found in the hardware store, as this material tends to be more resistant to chewing. For safety, though, you should only offer these types of toys when you are around for surveillance.




1) Facts on Gerbils

2) Gerbils are playful and should be given a variety of toys

3) Providing Toys and Stimulation

4) Caring for your gerbil



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