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7 Best Large Cages for Big Hamsters Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 06.04.20


Best Large Cage for Big Hamsters Review – Top Rated Models in 2020 with Buying Guide


If you are looking for the best large cage for big hamsters, but you are running short on time and you cannot do a lot of research on the topic, we are here to help. After assessing the market, we have concluded that the Prevue Pet Products 528 is the model that you should consider purchasing. This option is 32 ½’’ in length, 19’’ in width and 17 ½’’ in height. Moreover, it comes fitted with 3/8’’ wire spacing. It was designed to house various animals and it includes two practical large doors. The tubby base provides the pet with plenty of space for exercising. You can add a multitude of accessories to make it as comfortable as possible. If this product is unavailable, you might want to check out the Ferplast Hamster as it might also catch your attention because it includes plenty of fun features.



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7 Best Large Cages for Big Hamsters (Reviews) in 2020



If shopping for the best large cages for big hamsters seems like a dreadful task to you because of your lack of experience, we can be of help. To assist you in your search, we have composed a list of units that have received positive reviews from the experts and buyers alike.



1. Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home Dark Gray


This animal home is quite roomy as it measures 32 ½’’ L x 19’’ W x 17 ½’’ H. The tubby base of the unit measures 6 1/4” and, consequently, it can supply your pet with plenty of space and intimacy.

To make it as easy to access as possible, the seller has fitted it with two large doors that are practical and safe. Each door measures 12 3/4 inches in length and 9 1/4 inches in width. A twist knob is also provided.

The choice is suitable to house larger hamsters and it can be fitted with extra accessories that the pet can play with and not get bored when left alone. What is more, because it is made of lightweight materials, this unit is easy to transport. Although it comes in pieces, the cage is easy to assemble according to most buyers. Also, the top roof and the side doors make it effortless to clean.



This sizeable model is a good purchase if you want to get a cage that can supply your pet with plenty of space to play and move around.

Because the bars are spaced at 3/8”, you can be sure that your hamster won’t escape from it when not supervised.

The two side doors and the top roof are quite practical and they allow the user to clean the cage easily.

This option also includes two top handles that one can use to transport the habitat from one place to another safely and easily.



There were some buyers who claimed that this option was not as large as expected. Still, its dimensions are made clear by the seller.

One previous user noted that this choice might not be suitable for smaller hamsters as there is a chance that they will escape through the bars.

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2. Favola Hamster Cage Includes Free Water Bottle Exercise Wheel


This alternative distributed by Ferplast has an innovative design that will definitely catch your attention. The model includes two floors, a top part that is made of wire net and a base manufactured from transparent, durable plastic.

The unit comes completely accessorized with a nest for sleeping, a feeding bowl, and a water bottle, as well as with a wheel for exercising. The drinking bottle has a total capacity of 78 cc. and it can be attached to the cage mesh. A water level indicator is featured.

Because the base of the model is transparent, it enables users to get a peek at their pet at all times. Given that it comes fitted with a special cap, this cage can connect easily to an additional cage.

The upper part of the choice comes equipped with a small door that has a security hook that prevents any accidental escapes.



This habitat can provide your fluffy companion with plenty of space to move around and it can be connected to another cage.

Because of its two-floor design, the choice is quite interesting to any pet as it will encourage it to explore and thus, remain fit and active.

To help the animal get to the upper part, a useful ladder has been included in the design of this product.

This cage comes fully accessorized with a nest for sleeping, a water bottle, a feeding bowl, and an exercising wheel so that you won’t have to make additional investments.



It has been claimed that the biggest disadvantage of the unit is the fact that it is difficult to access it once it is assembled.

There were cases where customers received damaged products because of transportation accidents. There were not a lot of owners who complained about this particular issue.

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3. Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage


If you are looking for a colorful model that comes provided with all the necessary accessories, this alternative distributed by Lixit Animal Care might be just what you need. The choice is quite roomy as it measures 31 ½ x 20 x 20 inches and it comes complete with plenty of tunnels and hideouts that will certainly keep your companion busy all day long.

According to the manufacturer, the unit is durable as it was made of metal and quality plastic. It incorporates two handles that you can use when moving it around the house. Although it does not come pre-assembled, previous buyers argue that putting it together will not take you a lot of time and/or effort.

An exercise wheel where your pet can train is also included in the deal. To help novices install the cage, the seller also supplies owners with a manual that lists step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.



The model is highly appreciated because of its roomy design and because it comes equipped with all the accessories a pet hamster might need.

Directions on how to put the cage together are provided to all users so that installing this cage will not take a lot of time.

Those who are not satisfied with the design of the model can remove any of the play shelves and decorate the habitat in accordance with their preferences.

Plus, the slide and the ladder that are featured are practical and they can be easily utilized by hamsters of all sizes.



Some shy pets might not feel encouraged to use the wheel. However, this has nothing to do with the overall quality of the accessories the model incorporates.

Due to its complicated construction, some buyers actually claimed that this option is rather difficult to clean when compared to other counterparts.

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4. GNB Pet Hamster Cage DIY Habitat


If you are interested in a sizable habitat that can provide your pet with plenty of space where it can play, this might be it. The choice is the perfect size for gerbils, teddy bear hamsters, and other exotic pets.

What makes it so fun is the fact that it includes tubes that pets can use to exercise and play. The base of the unit is made of plastic and the upper part is made with wiring. All the materials utilized to make it are non-toxic and safe for your little companion.

This option stands out because it is well ventilated. What is more, the distributor argues that it is effortless to assemble and clean. This is possible because its base is completely removable. If you want to add to its design, you can purchase extra tunnels from the same manufacturer. The model is also considered quite safe.



This alternative measures 20″ in length, 12.5″ in width and 15″ in height. Also, the spacing between its bars is of 0.5″.

Plus, this unit is quite durable and safe as it was made using quality plastic and powder-coated metal wire. The materials are non-toxic.

The tunnels that the cage includes have a diameter of 2″ and they can encourage all hamsters to stay active.

Because the base that the item features is completely removable, chances are that you will find it easy to maintain clean.



One user noted that this model is a little difficult to put together, especially by those who are not technically inclined.

Another customer was quick to point out that some of the pieces of the tunnel that she received did not fit. Still, keep in mind that this was the only complaint of this kind at the time we did our research.

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5. GNB Pet 3 Levels Hamster DIY Cage Habitat CAGE03 with Complete Habitat Accessories


If you are the proud owner of an active pet, this next unit might be just what you need. This cage is fully equipped as it includes a bedroom, a spinning wheel, a water bottle, as well as two slides and a food bowl.

The design of the product is quite compact as it has three distinct levels. So, if you are short on space, this model might fit your needs perfectly. Because of its construction, this habitat encourages pets to stay active by climbing.

As the seller argues, the unit is quite safe and well ventilated, so that your companion will not suffer while living in it. In total, it measures 14‘’x10”x16”. It can be used to house dwarf hamsters, gerbils as well as other exotic animals. The choice is easy to put together and it has a colorful design that will look great in your home.



The model measures 14‘’x10”x16” and it was made of high-quality, non-toxic materials that will pass the test of time.

Because it is lightweight – it only weighs 3.5 pounds – this cage is easy to transport from one room to another.

This compact option comes filled with accessories such as a nesting place, a water bottle, two platforms, a spinning wheel, and many others.

Furthermore, given its three-floor design, this alternative will encourage your hamster to stay active and to climb in order to get around.



This cage has a DIY design that requires the buyers to erect it. As a direct result, those who are not technically inclined might have issues installing it.

Just like in the case of most cages made of plastic, there is the chance that the model will get broken because of transportation mishandlings. There were no comments that pointed to this being a problem so far.

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6. Midwest Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage


If you are a fan of cages that have an innovative design, this option has to make it to your shortlist. The model includes what the seller describes as a cool multi-level play space that is easy to supervise by the pet owner.

The choice measures 18.11L x 11.61W x 21.26H inches and it has a total weight of 6.1 lbs. To make it as practical as possible, the manufacturer has fitted it with all the accessories one might need, including a water bottle, a nesting nook, and interior play tubes.

What is more, this alternative also has a deep base container that you can fill with comfy bedding and where your beloved companion can rest. A top door that you can use to access the cage has also been featured in the design of the habitat. Because the upper cover of the unit can be easily removed, cleaning this cage is fairly simple.



This unit has a very fun design and it will surely look great in any room of your home. It is also very comfy for pet hamsters.

Given that this habitat was designed to provide pets with all the comfort that they need, it comes fitted with numerous accessories that your companion can play with.

The item comes equipped with a top that can be removed so that you can easily clean the cage when it is necessary.

Because the cage does not include areas that are difficult to see, you can always keep an eye on your fluffy friend.



Some have observed that, when compared to other units, this item is rather pricey. Still, most buyers argue that it is worth the money.

There were owners that said that, because this cage has an easy-to-access top, their hamsters found a way to get out of it.

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7. Iris Hamster Cage


Another fun-looking option that you should consider is the IRIS Hamster. This product was manufactured in the USA and it has three levels where your hamster can play and explore. The unit is highly appreciated by fellow owners because it has a safe design and because it is well ventilated.

When shipped, this model comes fitted with a wheel, a food dish, and a water bottle so that you do not have to spend extra money on this kind of accessories. Size-wise, this option is particularly suitable for small critters as it measures 17.72 x 12.20 x 19.29-inches.

Because the front of the habitat is made of plastic, pet owners will be able to supervise their companions at all times. Two openings on the top and one on the side have also been included in the design of the model for ease of access. The habitat also features a plastic house that can be removed.



This option is packed with all the accessories a hamster might need to feel comfortable, including a feeding bowl, a water bottle and a wheel where it can exercise.

A plastic house is featured in the design of the model but it can be removed in case the owner feels like it takes too much space.

To make it easy to access, the seller has equipped it with two top openings and with a side opening that you can use to get immediate access to the pet.

The cage features three different levels where your hamster can play and climb when left by itself.



Although most buyers speak highly of it, one owner claimed that this item is not suitable for small mice because they can easily escape from it.

Another user pointed out that her hamster died suffocated in the little house included in the design. Still, the house can be removed.

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Yearly Guide & Report


A good large cage for a big hamster is not easy to find. If you are looking for tips and tricks that can help you select an appropriate model, this following buying guide might come in handy.

Size is important

Before you decide to order any model, it is vital that you consider its size. Experts argue that hamsters need to be provided with sizeable habitats where they can move around without accidentally bumping into cage accessories or the walls. The more space a pet is supplied, the better it will feel in it.

For instance, Syrian hamster cages should each have at least 150 square inches of floor space and a vertical space of about 17.5 inches. Because they are smaller in size, dwarf hamsters should be provided with about 120 square inches of floor space. Also, their habitats should be at least 7 inches in height.

Some organizations even recommend that owners only invest in options that are 30x15x15 inches. Apart from the overall living space that the pet is supplied with, you should also consider the space taken up by various accessories such as wheels and tunnels.



Regardless of whether you intend to get expensive or cheap large cages for big hamsters, it is vital that you also analyze the material that was used to make the product. There are generally three materials used to make cages of this type: wire, glass or plastic.

Wire models generally feature wire sides and bottom trays generally made of plastic. These choices are popular because they are well ventilated and because they enable the pets to climb on the wires.

However, the sound of the animal nibbling on the wire might get noisy. Even more importantly, the teeth of the pet might get damaged. Plus, keep in mind that these options are quite messy, as the bedding can be easily dispersed through the wire sides.

Next, glass habitats should also be considered. Often, pet owners use aquariums as homes for their companions. These units are well enclosed and easy to clean. Still, their main disadvantage is their significantly heavy weight.

Because they are lighter than those made of glass, plastic cages have also gained popularity lately. They come in various colors and they have innovative designs. These cages often have numerous levels and they encourage the pets to stay active. As a plus, most of them come pre-stocked with numerous accessories so that you won’t have to make any additional purchases.


Additional tips

Reviews of large cages for big hamsters suggest that there are a couple of extra factors that all prospective buyers should not ignore. For once, it is practical to assess whether or not the unit that you like is easy to clean or not.

To get a good understanding of this aspect, we recommend that you read the comments left by previous buyers, as this can be quite informative. Also, remember that the cages that have intricate designs are, often, more complicated to maintain.

Ventilation is another important topic that you should assess. Because all living creatures need oxygen, it is crucial that your pet gets as much air as possible. From this point of view, if you buy plastic habitats, it is advisable that you check and see whether or not the product that you prefer has panels or windows that allow for air flow.

Because they are small in size, hamsters are also quite vulnerable. Therefore, the safety of the cage is essential. These pets are by nature gifted with the ability to open things. So, making sure that the habitat that you purchase has a safety mechanism that prevents the animal inside of it from escaping is vital.




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