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7 Best Gerbil Cages Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 06.04.20


Best Gerbil Cage Review – Top Rated Models in 2020 with Buying Guide


Gerbils are very small and fragile rodents so picking the best gerbil cage relies less on the actual features of the item and more on its safety. If you want to make sure you chose the right item but don’t have the time to look for a cage yourself, we got you covered. After conducting our own thorough market research, we came to the conclusion that a suitable item would be the Carolina Biological Aquarium Tank. The terrarium is made of superior quality glass with a total capacity of 5.5 gallons. Also, the bottom is reinforced with three layers of glass to ensure improved strength and prevent any leaks. The product is 100% transparent, allowing you to see every move of your pet. If this item is not available for purchase right away, a reliable alternative would be the Lee’s Kritter Keeper.



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7 Best Gerbil Cages (Must Read Reviews)



Finding a good gerbil cage could seem a challenging quest, especially since there are many great products available for a dime. And, while we cannot pick the exact item for you, we did come up with a list of critically acclaimed items that have great potential. Showcased below you’ll find everything you need to know about each of these cages.



1. Aquarium Tank Glass


When creating a welcoming environment for your new gerbil pet, it’s best to start with a blank canvas. In this case, the glass aquarium tank from Carolina Biological seems like a smart choice because gerbils are small rodents that can easily chew their way out of a regular plastic cage.

The item is made of high-quality glass that won’t break, chip or crack easily, and can support a maximum weight of five and a half gallons. Both the sides and the bottom of the item come with three layers of glass, ensuring maximum protection.

What we liked is that there is enough room inside to come up with your own gerbil cage ideas for decoration, meaning it can fit a small hut, an exercise wheel, and other entertainment objects. The aquarium is also leakproof and won’t react with seawater in case you ever decide to change its destination and turn it into a home for fish.



Made of sturdy glass, the product won’t chip or crack easily, having a total capacity of 5.5 gallons.

The transparent design allows you to easily see everything that’s going on inside, allowing you to keep an eye on your gerbil pet every moment of the day.

A glass tank is the safest choice for gerbils as they won’t get to chew their way out and escape, no matter how much they try.

The item is leakproof and the open design ensures maximum air ventilation, without worrying about your gerbil escaping.



You’ll have to invest in a lot of gerbil cage accessories to turn this plain glass tank into a welcoming home for your pet. Don’t forget to add various stimulating toys as this item doesn’t come with tunnels, places to hide, rest, sleep or play.

Since it is made of thick glass, don’t expect to be able to move this cage easily from one place to another, especially when it’s full.

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2. Lee’s Kritter Keeper X-Large Rectangle w/Lid


The product is available in various sizes and you can even choose a pack of two, three or four, depending on how many pets you plan on hosting at once.

The rectangular cage is made of high-quality plastic that doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy, meaning it will last you a long while from now on. It comes with a lid available in assorted colors to create a fun and colorful environment for your pet. Also, the lid can be removed to allow access inside the cage for changing the bedding, adding water supplies or playing with your pet.

You won’t have to worry about your gerbil feeling claustrophobic as the lid features large ventilation holes to always ensure access to fresh air. The clear, transparent design is great for when you want to take a look at your pet and see what he or she is up to the entire day.



The item is made of high-quality plastic that is durable and won’t chip or break easily.

It is lightweight and portable, making it a convenient option for carrying your pets to the vet, taking them with you on trips or simply moving the cage to another place, without worrying about back pains.

The removable lid features two large feeding holes or windows, as well as many small ventilation panels that ensure maximum air circulation.

The cage is large enough to host a wide array of small insects, rodents, and reptiles, from snails to spiders, lizards, hamsters, and gerbils.



Some customers mentioned the lid is quite hard to remove, which means you’ll have to be strong enough if you want to change your pet’s bedding, add more water or refreshen the decor.

No matter how durable it seems, the cage is still made of plastic, meaning your pet can chew its way out into the world sooner or later.

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3. All Glass Aquariums Black 10 Gallon


With a total capacity of 10 gallons, this glass cage is large enough to accommodate a pair of gerbils, alongside all their accessories and toys. It is made of high-quality glass that won’t chip or break easily, being resistant to shocks.

The bottom is reinforced with two layers of glass to support the weight of the tank and everything else inside. It won’t leak either. All the tank’s walls feature silicone rubber on the sides that will keep them steady and facilitate transportation thanks to the comfortable grip.

Thanks to the clear design, you’ll be able to see everything your gerbil is doing at any moment of the day and night. This is great for when you need to monitor its health or study its behavior without disturbing it.

This product is suitable for many small animals, including lizards, other reptiles, insects, and even small rodents like mice, dwarf hamsters, and gerbils.



It is made of sturdy glass that won’t break, chip or crack easily, meaning it provides a safe and durable environment for your small animals.

The gerbil cage size is large enough to accommodate a pair of small rodents, alongside all the required accessories, including food and water trays, running wheels, huts, chewing toys, sleeping platforms, and others.

The transparent design allows you to easily see inside your pet’s cage without interfering with its schedule or habits.

The top part of the tank is open, ensuring maximum ventilation and allowing easy access inside to change the bedding, put fresh food and water or pet your small rodent.



As with any other tank made of glass, the item is quite heavy and bulky, meaning you won’t be able to move it easily from one place to another.

Cleaning the aquarium is also difficult due to the same bulky design.

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4. Iris Terrarium


This item is available in three standard sizes, so make sure to pick the right one for your gerbil. It is made of durable plastic that is BPA-free and doesn’t possess a threat to your pet’s life. It is large enough to provide enough room for your pet to sleep, rest, stretch, and play.

It comes with a clear top access door that allows you to easily change the bedding, add new accessories to the cage or simply pet your gerbil. The top lid features small vertical ventilation panels to ensure maximum air circulation and prevent your gerbil from overheating or suffocating.

Since the cage is made of plastic, it is lightweight and extremely portable, making it easy to transport from one place to another. In addition, the clear design allows you to watch your pet’s every move and observe its behavior without interfering with its habits or stressing it.



The product is available in three sizes, ranging from small to large, so you can pick the right one according to the size of your pet or the number of animals you wish to host in one cage.

It is made of durable plastic that is lightweight and can be easily transported, which makes it a great addition even when you’re traveling and want to take your small gerbil with you.

The lid features small air vents to ensure maximum air circulation, so you shouldn’t worry about your pet overheating or experiencing breathing problems due to the lack of oxygen.

The transparent design is perfect for those who want to take a look inside the cage and see what the gerbil is up to without interfering with its habits or scaring it off.



The main disadvantage of a plastic cage is that, no matter how durable it may be, rodents will still find a way of escaping it sooner or later.

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5. Penn Plax New World Habitat Assorted Medium


Whether you want to grow plants or turn it into a habitat or nursery for small animals, this product is everything you need.

It is made of durable glass and lightweight at the same time, so you won’t have a problem carrying it with you anywhere you go. This process is even easier thanks to the attached handles, while the small legs on the bottom support the entire base and prevent the terrarium from getting in contact with dirty or wet surfaces.

It is available in three different sizes and represents a wonderful home for fish, lizards, snails, crabs, and even small rodents like gerbils and hamsters.

We also liked that it comes with an easily-detachable lid available in various colors. The lid provides enough ventilation panels and a large flip-top feeder. Whenever you want to pet your animal or change the bedding, all you have to do is take off the lid.



It is made of durable glass that is lightweight at the same time, allowing you to easily carry the item with you and move it from one place to another.

The cage comes with a durable plastic lid with attached handles for easy transportation. Therefore, you can take your precious pet with you to the vet without taking it outside its cage and stressing it even more.

The feet are made of the same durable materials and are designed to support the weight of the terrarium and keep it away from slippery or dirty surfaces.

We also liked that the cage is transparent, allowing you to see every move of your pet throughout the day or night.



Make sure to carefully check the dimensions of the cage before purchasing it or else you could end up with a product that isn’t suitable for your pet’s needs.

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6. Lee’s Kritter Keeper Medium Rectangle w/Lid


The product measures about 8.4 inches in height and nearly 12 inches in length, ensuring a welcoming environment for all small pets, including rodents like mice and gerbils. The plain design can be transformed into a fairytale as long as you have the right accessories, meaning it is up to you to provide enough sources of entertainment and fun to your little furry friend.

The clear, transparent design is perfect for monitoring your pet’s behavior without taking it outside the cage or stressing it out.

The cage also comes with a lid available in various colors to prevent your animal from finding a way to escape. Moreover, the lid features numerous ventilation panels and a large hinged viewer or feeder. You can easily take the lid off if you need to change the bedding, add new accessories or pet your gerbil.



The product is available in various sizes but make sure you check the information provided in order to end up with the right size for your pet’s needs.

It is made of plastic, meaning it is lightweight and portable, so you’ll have no problem moving it from one place to another or carrying with you.

The lid is also made of plastic and is available in various colors to add a little fun to a rather general cage. The lid comes with sturdy plastic handles and ventilation panels to provide maximum air circulation.

The clear design allows you to see what’s going on inside the cage and look after your pet better.



Some customers mentioned the lid is hard to remove, especially if you’re not a strong person.

Other people weren’t pleased with the plastic construction that felt slightly flimsy, so you shouldn’t overcrowd it with toys and accessories.

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7. Exo Terra Faunarium Flat Home


If you’re looking for a product that will help you transport your favorite plants or small animals from one home to another, this terrarium from Exo Terra could prove a good choice. It is available in two sizes, medium and large, but we suggest going for the big version if you want to transport live animals.

The product is made of strong and sturdy plastic that won’t break easily. It is resistant to shocks and comes with a transparent plastic door that ensures easy access. The lid also features a feeding hole and enough ventilation panels to provide maximum air circulation.

The item is mainly designed for temporary housing or quarantine and shouldn’t be used as a permanent home as it is rather small and doesn’t allow too much space for your pets to stretch their paws or exercise.

On the other hand, the terrarium is easy to clean and disinfect, so it can be used often to transport your small pets or plants.



It is made of sturdy and durable plastic that won’t leak, break or chip easily, not even if you drop it to the floor.

The transparent design allows you to see what your plants or small pets are doing all the time, without stressing them out or interrupting their habits.

It comes with a lid that provides easy access to the inside of the cage, as well as proper ventilation through the air panels.

It is lightweight, portable, and easy to disinfect after each use, which makes it a great addition if you have small pets or live plants that need to be transported.



As we’ve previously mentioned, the item’s small dimensions don’t make it a good candidate for a permanent home as there isn’t enough space, especially for small animals.

The cage doesn’t come with handles either, meaning it is harder and less comfortable to transport.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Welcoming a new member of the family comes with great responsibilities, and that includes finding the right cage and making it as comfortable and suitable for your pet as possible. So, if you want to rest assured you picked up the perfect gerbil habitat cage, here are some features you should consider first.


Although gerbils are small rodents, this doesn’t mean they will enjoy being crowded in a small space with limited entertainment options.

A large gerbil cage should be one of your biggest concerns as these animals require a place to sleep, stretch their paws, and play or exercise. Also, keep in mind that they are social creatures and they enjoy the company, so it would be best to have enough room for at least two individuals in the same cage, as well as all necessary accessories for both of them.


Materials used

When it comes to cages specifically built for rodents, most of the times you’ll have to choose from three different types: glass, plastic, and wire cages. Each of them comes with its own benefits and downsides, so it’s up to you to pick the right model for your pet.

Glass cages feature durable and sturdy constructions that won’t allow your pets to escape, no matter how much they try. Most of these glass tanks are tall enough to prevent even the most mischievous animals from sneaking out of the cage, which makes them the perfect choice if you cannot supervise your gerbil 24/7.

The clear design comes in handy if you want to observe your pet’s behavior without taking it outside the cage or interfering with its habits. On the other hand, glass structures are often enough bulky and hard to handle so that you won’t be able to easily move them from one place to another. They also provide zero built-in facilities, meaning you’ll get to spend a lot more on an appropriate gerbil cage setup.

If you’re looking for a cheap gerbil cage, plastic is the right choice for you. Reliable, affordable, and, most of all, lightweight, it comes as no surprise that plastic cages are amongst the favorites for pet owners.

Most of them come with built-in facilities such as houses or platforms where your pets can eat, sleep or rest, huts, small ladders for easy access, exercise wheels, and tunnels. All of these facilities ensure a healthy and active lifestyle for your pet, preventing it from overeating or living a sedentary existence.

On the other hand, gerbils are rodents, which means they enjoy chewing on everything they can, including the cage.

Wired cages could prove a smart choice for rodents as they won’t be able to obtain their liberty by chewing it. However, gerbils are small animals and they can easily escape between the bars of the wire cage, which makes it useless and even dangerous in some cases.


No matter what type of cage you opt for, you need to make sure it is properly ventilated at all times and that your gerbil can breathe fresh air. From this point of view, glass tanks and wire cages are the best options as they aren’t sealed in any way, ensuring maximum air circulation.

If you opt for a plastic cage, you need to make sure the lid or the walls include ventilation panels or holes.



Gerbils, just like all other rodents, are curious animals and enjoy various sources of entertainment. Therefore, you need to make sure their cages are always full of fun and interesting things to do, including exercise wheels, huts, tunnels, hideouts, and a wide variety of edible toys.

Apart from all that, you need to pick natural bedding that is soft and doesn’t contain any sharp edges or splinters that might harm your pet’s small paws.

If you still have doubts about the right cage, we suggest checking some online gerbil cage reviews and reading the opinions of other customers.




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