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6 Best Hamster Treats Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 28.02.20


Best Hamster Treat Review – Top Rated Models in 2020 with Buying Guide


If you are determined to get the best hamster treats, but you don’t have the time to examine our entire article, the following short paragraph will present you with all the information you need to make an educated purchase. After extensive research, we have concluded that the product that offers a great mix of quality and affordability is the Vitakraft Strawberry Drops. The drops have the perfect size for your hamster to enjoy and they are made with delicious ripe strawberries and yogurt. There are no artificial colorings present in the treats so that you can rest assured that they won’t affect the health of your hamster. They also contain natural whey protein and essential lecithin which makes them an ideal daily treat. If you can’t find our first choice available for sale, we recommend you also bear the Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural in mind.



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6 Best Hamster Treats (Reviews) in 2020



While it is true that finding good hamster treats is not always easy, we have selected some of the critically acclaimed products in this line and showcased them below. The choices we picked have garnered positive feedback and they are varied enough to satisfy even the customers who are looking for cheap hamster treats.



1. Vitakraft Strawberry Drops Hamsters


The Vitakraft treats have a strawberry and yogurt taste that no pet will be able to refuse. The creamy yogurt coating and the strawberry interior help create a chewy texture your pet will simply adore. They are a very good way to bond with your hamster, add a welcome variety to its diet, and provide the mental enrichment and stimulation it needs.

They do not contain any artificial colors so you can be certain that what you offer to your dear companion is 100% healthy. With that said, keep in mind that the drops do contain sugar and fat, so they should be used sparingly and never as a substitute to a proper and balanced diet.

In addition to strawberries and yogurt, this product also contains essential lecithin and natural whey protein which allows you to use it either as a small daily treat or as a training reward.



The treats use only healthy ingredients, and even if they do contain sugar and fat, they will not affect your pet in any way as long as you use them as an occasional snack or for taming purposes.

The combination of strawberry and yogurt is irresistible, and it will add variety and taste to their balanced diet as well as provide mental enrichment and stimulation.

The strawberry drops can be fed to all types of hamsters, and many buyers have reported that these are their favorite choice when looking for robo hamster treats.

You get two packs of 5 ounces each, which makes this choice an economical one, especially when compared to some of the other similar products that can cost twice as much.



If stored improperly, the yogurt coating can melt very easily which will make the drops combine into one big block.

The treats contain sugar, so you will need to be careful not to feed too many of them to your pet.

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2. Tropical Carnival F.M. Brown’s Natural Select Seeds Treat


These treats feature a carefully selected blend of nutritious and irresistible seeds that your small companion can munch on. The seeds are very varied and your buddy will get to enjoy the delightful flavors of pumpkin, squash, sunflower, cantaloupe, and watermelon seed.

You can feed this choice to all types of hamsters but also gerbils, mice, and rats. Thus, if you are looking to get the right dwarf and Syrian hamster treats, this a great purchase for you. The seeds are also a good source of natural fiber and that will help maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Furthermore, all the ingredients present in this package are USA-grown and harvested which means that you will get the benefit of locally grown food that is fresh and healthy. There is also no added sugar or salt so that you won’t have to feel guilty if you let your pet eat an extra piece.



Because these treats contain only 100% natural seeds, it can be used on a wide variety of pets, not only hamsters, but also rabbits, mice, rats, gerbils, squirrels, and other small animals.

This choice is great for foraging, since you can add this mix to the rotation of treats that your hamster eats, and since there is such a big variety of ingredients, your pet will never get bored of it.

While many of the treats available on the market contain a lot of sugar or salt in the mix, this alternative uses only plain seeds which are not only natural and healthy but also very tasty.

Seeing as dwarf hamsters are prone to diabetes, this alternative is a good choice for people who are searching for healthy dwarf hamster treats.



While it is hard to deny the quality of this choice, the higher price point might deter customers from buying it.

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3. Wild Harvest Natural Treat Mix For Small Animals 3-Ounce


The reason why both customers and pets are so happy with the Wild Harvest alternative is the addition of a natural mix of fruits, seeds, vegetables, and nuts that are bound to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. The fruits you will find are dehydrated bananas, apples, grapes, mango, and papaya.

The rest of the ingredients are pumpkin and sunflower seeds, dehydrated alfalfa, celery, cabbage, peppers, and carrots, as well as mineral oil.

This is a healthy snack that combines perfectly with any pelleted food. Buyers have also commented that all the ingredients in this snack are very fresh unlike many of the other bulk food bags.

At Wild Harvest, the wellbeing of your pet is the primary concern which is why this treat, just as the other products it has available, is formulated to promote complete nutrition for hamsters and other small animals. It will also give them the energy they need to remain healthy, playful, and active.



These natural treats contain a tasty variety of scrumptious fruits and vegetables, and wholesome grains and seeds that will give your pal all the nutrients it needs to stay active.

This is not only a great tasting snack, but also an extremely healthy choice since it only uses 100% natural ingredients without artificial colorants, preservatives, or large quantities of sugar.

The addition of dehydrated fruits and vegetables will make even the pickiest eater unable to resist the delicious taste and smell of these treats.

Once you open the package, you can easily see all of the ingredients that are being used, and in this case, what you see is what you get, there are no mystery ingredients for you to worry about.



The product is not certified with the Non-GMO project which means that you won’t get the guarantee that this is an organic choice, even if at a glance it does seem to be.

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4. eCotrition Yogies Hamster Treats Cheese Flavor


These treats are specially formulated to satisfy the distinct nutritional needs and tastes of small animals such as hamsters, gerbils, and rats.

They have a cheese flavor that your small four-legged companion won’t be able to refuse. To help provide the essential levels of calcium that rodents need, each little drop is made with real and nutritious yogurt.

This pack of two 3.5-ounce bags comes at a very customer-friendly price. The bags are re-sealable to help you keep the treats fresh, allowing your pets to enjoy a tasty and healthy snack every time. The suggested usage is to feed one or two treats per day, and never use it as a sole source of nutrition.

Another advantage of the Yogies hamster treats is that you can use them as a taming snack since your critters will do close to anything to get just another bite of these delicious and creamy cheese drops.



These snacks have an intense cheese flavor that is very powerful and will quickly have your pet eat out of your hand and then ask for more.

This choice is developed by a team of nutritionists and researchers which means that you can safely offer it to your hamster knowing that it will provide optimal nutrition.

It follows a recipe that can be enjoyed not only by hamsters but also other small rodents such as rats, gerbils, and mice.

The small and tasty treats are made with real yogurt which will provide the high levels of calcium that your small pet requires to grow strong bones and teeth.

The bag is re-sealable and that will help keep the food fresh for longer.



The cheesy drops can melt quite fast if stored or transported improperly, and some buyers were unhappy with the fact that once they opened the bags they found a solid squished melted lump inside.

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5. eCotrition Yogies Hamster Treats Fruit Flavor


Similarly to the other eCOTRITION product on our list, this one too is made with real yogurt that is very easy for your small pet to digest and it will provide the high levels of the calcium that it needs to grow properly. The flavor in the case of this option is of tasty fruit that will keep your furry companion coming back for more.

The bag is sealable so that you can easily follow the feeding instruction of 1-2 treats per day that the manufacturer recommends without having to worry that the treats will spoil until you get to feed them all to your hamster.

Reading the positive customer feedback had us convinced of the quality of this product since we managed to identify many reviews that praised the taste and texture of the snacks. Thus, if you have a picky eater, and you want to surprise it with a tasty treat that it won’t be able to refuse, this is the option to get.



Buyers have praised the low price of this option, especially since you get a pack containing two 3.5-ounce bags for a total of 7 ounces worth of treats.

If you have more than one pet, this is a great choice to purchase since it can be safely used by gerbils, rats, mice, and other small animals.

The treats are so tasty that almost no pet is able to resist them, and that makes this choice highly efficient to use as a tool for taming your pet hamster.

Another big plus of these treats is the fact that they are made of yogurt which is not only easy to digest, but it also contains the right levels of calcium that hamsters need.



Unfortunately, these treats do contain quite a bit of sugar which means that you need to be careful not to feed too much of them, especially if your hamster is not particularly active.

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6. Wild Harvest Bake Shop Pretzel Treats For Small Animals


The Wild Harvest treats have the shape of a pretzel and they are baked just like one. This allows them to have a crunchy texture that hamsters will love to gnaw at.

Together with the irresistible taste, the snacks will help promote your small animal’s natural foraging instinct while also stimulating its desire to chew.

The unique and small pretzel shape is not only fun to look at but will also allow your hamster to interact and play with its new favorite snack.

The pretzels come in three fun colors but apart from the difference in appearance, they all share the same delicious taste that will make these treats soon become your pet’s favorite delight.

The size of the pretzel is perfect for your hamster, gerbil, adult rabbit, or guinea pig to grab and nibble on. As far as the ingredients are concerned, these snacks are made of wheat flour, dried milk and eggs, sugar, butter, and rice bran.



The 2-ounce bag comes at a very affordable price so that you can give your small pet a tasty snack without breaking the bank.

The bag is re-sealable which will allow the pretzels to maintain their crunchy texture and delicious taste for longer.

Hamsters will find the shape of the pretzels very stimulating and that will help promote their foraging instinct as they will love to search their cage for any leftover crumbs.

The ingredients used for this snack can be enjoyed by a wide variety of small animals including gerbils, guinea pigs, adult rabbits, and all breeds of hamsters.

The snack is very light, and you can safely feed one or two per day, especially if your pet is very active.



A few owners have said that their pets were not big fans of the ingredients used for this treat.

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Yearly Guide & Report


While finding treats for your hamster is not a hard endeavor since the market is filled with all types of products you can purchase, it can be quite difficult to find a choice that is healthy, nutritious, and tasty all at the same time.

Only proper research can help buyers decide on the best purchase, but that can take a lot of time that most people can’t afford to waste. This is exactly why we have taken the time to analyze the popular hamster treats reviews to see what customers and their pets appreciated the most in regard to this type of product.

Check the ingredients

While it is true that treats should be offered sparingly and that they should not replace the regular meals, it is still very important to take a look at the ingredients list to ensure that what your pet eats is made from high-quality, healthy ingredients. The snacks should not have any added artificial ingredients or fillers.

Another important aspect to consider is sugar. Hamsters are indeed very active little pets but they do not need sugar in their diets as humans do, at least not excessive amounts of it. Thus, if possible, you should try to avoid treats that contain too much sugar, or at the very least offer them no more than twice a week.

You need to keep the sugar levels in check especially if you have a dwarf hamster since this breed is specifically susceptible to diabetes. Dehydrated fruits can also contain sugar, so if you know that your pet should avoid sugary treats, maybe opt for a fruitless mix.


Vitamins and minerals

The best treats are those that work hand in hand with your pet’s primary food to offer a proper and healthy diet. In this sense, there are many treats you can find that come fortified with vitamins and minerals.

A healthy diet is very important for your pet and you need to make sure that the treats you offer don’t affect it. We know that the temptation to offer an unhealthy snack is always there, but there are many treats you can purchase that are made from natural ingredients and fortified with minerals and vitamins, and that are just as tasty.



Hamsters need to have something to gnaw at, and for this, they need crunchy snacks that put their teeth to good use. While your pet might get tired of playing and chewing at the same toys, there’s no better incentive to offer than providing it with a tasty and crunchy treat.

Crunchy snacks will also help stimulate your hamster’s natural foraging instincts and help relieve cage boredom. While most treats you can find on the market nowadays have a crunchy or chewy texture, you should still bear this aspect in mind, since for hamsters texture is just as important as taste.

Thus, if you find that your hamster is not a big fan of a certain snack, the reason for it could also be that it is not crunchy or chewy enough.



Make your own treats

If you have the time, you can also bake your own homemade hamster treats for special occasions since preparing them is not complicated at all.

The simplest recipe will require you to mix 1 teaspoon of sunflower seeds with 3 tablespoons of hamster food, whole grain flour, and hot water. Mix them together, mold into the shapes you want and leave them in the microwave for 4 minutes.

You can also give fresh fruits or vegetables to your pet as a snack. A short hamster treats list of foods that are readily available to you and safe to include in your pet’s diet are sunflower seeds, alfalfa pellets, apples, cauliflower, carrots, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and cabbage. Make sure you wash them properly to remove all traces of pesticides.




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