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5 Best Pink Hamster Cages in 2020 – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 27.02.20


Top Pink Cages for Hamsters – Guide & Comparison


If you are wondering what the best pink hamster cage is, the following paragraph will give you all the information you need, especially if you have little time on your hands. After a thorough analysis, we have concluded that the model to get is the IRIS Hamster Cage as it offers great features for a good price. This pink plastic hamster cage features three different levels that your pet can climb up to and have fun with the free accessories and toys. It offers great visibility and ventilation to keep your critter happy and healthy. As a plus, it is also very lightweight, which will allow you to take it with you when traveling. If you are unable to get our first choice, but you are still determined to get a good product, we recommend the Kaytee CritterTrail Pink Edition.



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5 Best Pink Hamster Cages (Reviews) in 2020



To make it easier for you to find a good pink hamster cage, we have selected some of the critically acclaimed models currently available for sale. The products listed below have garnered positive consumer reports, and offer the quality, reliability, and affordability that customers want.



1. Iris Hamster Cage


With the IRIS cage, your hamster will have three levels to explore with a fun activity found on each one. The three levels are connected by three ladders that your pet will love to climb and play in. You also get a treadmill so that your hamster can exercise in the comfort of its own home.

Additionally, the habitat is also equipped with a water bottle, food dish, and a removable plastic mini-house. Considering its small price point, this is the ideal home-starter kit for your hamster, mouse, degu, or gerbil. It also has three opening, one that will let your pet slide right in and out of its habitat, and two on the top for easy cage access.

The pink and purple hamster cage is made with lightweight but durable materials so that you can take it with you wherever you and your furry companion want to go.



The small pink hamster cage is very portable thanks in part to the use of lightweight materials, but also to its compact design that makes it very easy to take on-the-go.

This is a good home-starter kit for any hamster, degu, gerbil, or mouse since it comes with all the accessories included to save you time and money.

Thanks to the multiple level design, your furry buddy will have lots of space to play in, while the clear plastic and wire will enhance the visibility and provide efficient ventilation.

Cleaning the cage is effortless, you just need to unsnap the side locks and the bottom tray will detach for you to dump the waste in a trash bag.



While this is a perfect pink dwarf hamster cage, it is not suitable for larger breeds that need more space since the product is already very compact as it is.

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2. Kaytee CritterTrail One Level Habitat Pink Edition


The pink Crittertrail hamster cage will make your small hamster feel right at home the moment it steps inside since it will be welcomed by a high-quality rotating pet-powered activity wheel and a spiral slide that will provide hours of fun play and exercise. It also comes with a removable petting zone that will let you interact with your pet whenever you feel like it.

The pink plastic is easy to clean and is transparent which will let you get a good view of your furry companion. Additionally, the construction features loads of ventilation to enhance the air flow and keep the cage smelling clean and your pet healthy. The super-protect technology is built into all interior surfaces to keep the cage as hygienic and clean as possible.

You also get a food dish and water bottle so that you can move your critter right into the cage with no need for you to purchase additional accessories.



The detachable design is not only easy to use and assemble but will also make the cleaning process trouble-free and fast.

It is possible to add even more accessories to the cage with the help of the easy to use expandability ports.

You can interact with your pet without having to take it out of the cage by using the removable petting zone that also acts as a safe resting location.

The ¼” narrow wire spacing and the secure door locks will keep your hamster safely inside since it won’t be able to escape or get trapped between the metal bars.

This versatile option is ideal for dwarf hamsters, hamsters, and gerbils.



Some customers have found it difficult to assemble the unit since the instructions were for a different version of the product and the color coding for the pieces were not relevant.

While the product is advertised as great for mice, customers have commented that these small critters can escape easily from this cage.

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3. GalaPet Hamster and Guinea Pig Cage Habitat for Small Animal with Accessories


This unique and stylish habitat is the perfect house for small pets such as hamsters, dwarf hamsters, gerbils, mice, or other small animals. It is made of solid metal wire and it features a durable plastic base. The base can be removed easily so that you can clean the cage and remove the bedding in record time.

What makes this model stand out from the rest is the fact that it includes a wide list of challenge accessories and toys that are guaranteed to help keep your hamster entertained for many hours. Some of the accessories include a wooden platform and a cozy house, an exercise wheel, climbing cylinders, wooden swing and ladder, and many more.

As far as customer feedback is concerned, buyers are very pleased with this large pink hamster cage since it offers a lot of space to explore and things for the furry companion to do.



The cage consists of a solid metal wire frame and a durable plastic base and users have mentioned it can even survive drops without breaking.

The product is very light and you can use the built-in carrying handle to take it with you when traveling, or to make moving it from room to room more manageable.

Apart from the water bottle and the exercise wheel, all the accessories are made from wood, which means that your hamster will be free to chew on them safely.

The cage is very roomy and it should provide your hamster with all the space it requires for a healthy life, especially since it already comes with lots of accessories and toys.



The only compromise we could find was in the quality of the hamster wheel since buyers have mentioned it is rather cheaply made and that it can stop working after a few months.

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4. Gnb Pet Hamster Cage DIY Habitat 3-Level Habitat with Tunnels & Complete Accessories


The three-level design of the cage will give your little friend more space to climb and play so that it can exercise and use some of its energy. It provides a safe, fun, and well-ventilated area for your pet to live in, and the use of metal wire bars will let you observe your critter while it is sleeping or playing.

It comes with a bedroom area, a water bottle, an exercise wheel, two slides that the hamster can use to climb between the three levels, and a food bowl. The spacious living area measures 17.7‘’x17.7”x11.8” and is perfect for dwarf hamsters, hamsters, mice, gerbils, and other exotic pets.

The plastic base is made from durable leak-proof plastic and will prevent food, water, waste, and other debris from getting out of the cage and reaching the floor. Removing and emptying the pan takes just a few minutes.



The three-level design provides plenty of options for healthy activity and will satisfy your hamster’s natural instincts to hide, explore, and play above ground level.

The cage includes two platforms, two slide ramps, two access points, one front door and a larger top-opening door, one exercise wheel, and one hideaway dome.

By using quality materials, the manufacturer has ensured that this cage will remain the place your hamster calls home throughout its life.

Customers are very satisfied with the size of the cage, especially when used to house just one pet since it leaves a lot of room for exploration.

Assembling the cage is very easy thanks to the simple design and the easy-to-read instructions, while the built-in handle will let you take your hamster with you when traveling.



There is not much to complain about this option, but it is worth mentioning that it is possible for the price point to seem a bit too high for some users.

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5. Large 5 Floor Twin Towner Habitat Hamster Cage


If you are looking for a product that can give your pet the space it needs to explore, the Mcage alternative is a true pink palace hamster cage. It has three mezzanine levels and three ladders so that your pet will have a good time exercising and exploring their surroundings.

While cleaning this roomy hamster hotel might seem daunting at first, the product is in fact very easy to maintain since the cage section clips off the base and will let you clean the pan and replace the bedding in no time. What’s more, it also comes with a feeding dish, a water dispenser and an exercise wheel to keep your pet active and content.

There are three doors available on the front, left and right so that you can have easy access to the critters, no matter where they might be hiding. The bar space of 3/8” inches won’t let the pets escape the cage.



The cage section is made of solid metal bars, while the base and the pink hamster cage accessories are made of high-quality plastic, which helps guarantee the durability of this option.

This is one of the largest cages you can find in this price range, making it ideal for housing multiple small pets.

The fact that the cage has a design that looks similar to a palace is no coincidence since this option seeks to offer the best living conditions for your furry critter.

Even if this is a large habitat, cleaning it couldn’t be easier since it is very easy to clip off the base and remove the dirty bedding and other debris.



Getting the cage ready to use can be difficult since the instructions are not very clear, and some users have even said that the instruction manual they received was for another cage.

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Yearly Guide & Report


It’s not hard to find a pink hamster cage, but it can be difficult to select the model that offers the best value for the money. To make the entire process simpler, we have analyzed what the market has to offer and looked at the top-rated models to identify the must-have features you ought to keep in mind. You can read our findings in the comprehensive buyer’s guide below.

Size and safety

It’s a well-known fact that hamsters require plenty of floor space in the cage so that they can run around, explore, and get the exercise that they need to stay fit and healthy. As a general rule, most experts recommend a habitat that measures 30 x 15 x 15 inches.

Similarly, the National Hamster Council recommends that for Syrian hamsters, it is mandatory for each pet to have no less than 150 square inches of floor space and 17.5 inches of vertical space to move about.

Since hamsters are very small animals, they are vulnerable and you need to make sure that the cage you buy follows a few basic guidelines. The space between the bars of the cage should be no more than ¼ inch. You should also make sure that the doors come with secure latches since hamsters are experts at opening them.

If you get a cage that has more than one level, or tubes, you need to make sure that there is no place that your critter could fall a long distance and get injured in the process.


Wire or plastic?

Two of the most popular choices in terms of cage material are wire and plastic and each one has pros and cons. With that said, wire cages should always have a plastic bottom since wired bottoms are not considered safe for the small feet of your hamster.

Out of the two options, the plastic cages are becoming more and more popular today since they are much easier to clean, and offer an unobstructed view of the pet. The downside is that the plastic walls can make it impossible for your critter to climb, so you will be required to purchase extra accessories to let it climb on.

Wire cages are more durable since a hamster will not be able to chew its way out. They also offer better ventilation since the only closed section is the bottom tray. Unfortunately, some hamsters can become almost obsessive with chewing the bars and with time that might lead to serious health problems.

Ease of cleaning

After looking at some of the most popular pink hamster cage reviews, we’ve noticed that the factor that is often considered the selling point for a cage is the ease of cleaning that it offers. Nobody wants to waste more time than necessary cleaning their pet’s habitat which is why options that allow for easy clean-up are the top sellers in this category.

You need to understand that the more complex a cage is, the more difficult it will be to clean. Thus, cages that come with playhouses, tunnels, and other accessories might prove difficult to maintain since you will have to remove each item and clean it individually.




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