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5 Best Oxbow Guinea Pig Foods – 2020 Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 26.02.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Oxbow Guinea Pig Food + Reviews


You may have seen all the positive Oxbow guinea pig food reviews and wondered which food is the best. So if you’re short on time and want the answer to that, you’re in the right place. We took the time to carefully analyze the benefits and the qualities that the most popular Oxbow products have and that’s how we found that the Oxbow Essentials Adult food for guinea pigs is the one you should consider. It’s one of the better choices because it contains timothy grass which is good for your adult guinea pig’s health. This food is also rich in calcium and that is great news for the bones of your pig. Furthermore, the mix contains a nice balance of nutrients and vitamin C which is essential for the animal. Just in case you can’t find our first recommendation for sale, make sure to look for the Oxbow Western Timothy Hay.



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5 Best Oxbow Guinea Pig Foods (Reviews) in 2020



Whether you’re looking for food that’s great for adult guinea pigs or young piggies, our team did the research for you and made a top of some of the nicest food your pet can get. We took into consideration what people had to say about these products, how well they sell and whether the experts recommend them or not. So here are our preferred types of Oxbow food.



1. Oxbow Essentials Adult Guinea Pig


This is a bag of complete food that includes the fiber adult guinea pigs need. The food is made of timothy grass and it contains a lower level of protein, calories, and calcium because adults have different digestive systems which don’t require the same level as the young animals.

This bag contains 10 pounds of food with no added sugar or alfalfa in it which makes it approachable for many types of guinea pigs including those that are more sensitive than others. It also contains stabilized vitamin C so you can decrease the amount of vitamin you usually give them separately as guinea pigs are unable to create their own vitamin C.

The healthy body (urinary system, bones, and teeth) of your guinea pig is maintained with the help of an optimal calcium-to-phosphorus ratio. It doesn’t contain multi-colored additives and it ensures a healthy diet for your guinea pig.



The Oxbow Essentials bag is a type of food made of timothy grass which offers your adult guinea pig a healthy diet, lowering the risks of it getting ill.

This formula contains calcium, which is very important for the health of your guinea pig’s teeth and bones.

A well-balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus improves your animal’s urinary system’s health.

Incorporating vitamin C in your guinea pig’s diet is an absolute must so this food comes with an amount of stabilized vitamin C which boosts the immune system of your little pet.

The natural and sugar-free content of this bag saves you from several vet visits, and therefore from tons of stress.



This type of food is not suitable for young guinea pigs because they need a higher amount of protein, calories, and calcium.

Containing an amount of vitamin C, the properties of it may be lost if the bag is deposited for a long time in sunlight and heat.

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2. Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay For Pets


This timothy hay is a high-quality fiber source recommended by veterinarians for small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits or chinchillas. This food improves your small pet’s digestive and intestinal functioning by stimulating their digestive system.

This 90-ounce bag contains high-quality nutritional ingredients which consist of basic grass hay with a low protein and calcium content and that makes it suitable for growing and mature guinea pigs as well. The fresh fragrance of the hay encourages your little herbivore to consume more of it and it helps your pet meet its specific nutritional requirements.

Feeding the Oxbow Timothy Hay to your guinea pig helps you prevent obesity, maintain optimum urinary health and improve overall health. The incidence of soft stools, intestinal gas, and bloating is lowered due to the high-fiber diet offered by this product. The timothy hay can be free-choice fed to your guinea pig, promoting a natural chewing behavior and preventing teeth problems that are common for small rodents.



This bag contains natural food for your adult guinea pig which improves its digestive system’s health.

It contains timothy hay not including any alfalfa, preventing the adults from weight gain and therefore avoiding the appearance of diabetes later on.

The balance between high-fiber and low protein and calcium content keeps your guinea pig’s body healthy and in a good form, preventing obesity.

Its fresh fragrance encourages consumption.

If you own more than one type of herbivore pet, you can feed it with the same hay because it is also great for rabbits, chinchillas or prairie dogs.



Depending on the bag, some of the content’s texture is different and you can find both sturdy and thick pieces of hay and powdery food so your guinea pig may not enjoy every bit of it.

This type of food is suitable only for guinea pigs that are 6 months or older so you can’t feed it to your younger pets.

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3. Oxbow Animal Health Cavy Cuisine Essentials Adult Guinea Pig Food


This pack from Oxbow is a timothy hay-based food that is great for guinea pigs, containing an optimum protein level which makes it ideal for adults. Its formula contains all the wholesome ingredients and vital nutrients needed to support daily function and performance, helping your guinea pig thrive.

This Oxbow 25lb guinea pig food bag has a balanced calcium-to-phosphorus ratio which strengthens your pet’s bones and maintains the normal function of its urinary system. The high-fibers are made of quality digestible ingredients, meeting the specific nutritional needs of an adult guinea pig.

It is recommended by vets because it is full of vitamins and minerals for the optimum health of your little friend. These pellets also contain stabilized vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and helps it fight against respiratory diseases. The uniform pellets prevent selective feeding and it helps you cut the waste.



High-fiber hay enriches your pet’s digestive system’s health.

The balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio is great for adult pigs, making introducing calcium to their diet unnecessary.

The natural timothy-based content of the pellets prevents obesity and offers your pet a healthier life.

There are no artificial colors in it, and it has a fresh smell that is appetizing for your little herbivore.

Uniform pellets prevent food wastage by not allowing selective feeding.

Since guinea pigs are unable to synthesize vitamin C, this bag comes with some vitamin C supplementation which is great alongside a cup of vegetables and fruits daily.



If you only own one guinea pig, it is recommended that you get a smaller bag to preserve the freshness of the food, this bag being too large so it can last up to 6 months.

The Cavy Cuisine Essentials bag is made exclusively for adults — younger animals need different types of supplements.

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4. Oxbow Essentials Young Guinea Pig Food Premium Diet for Young Guinea Pigs


This Oxbow Essentials young guinea pig food contains a formula specially made by vets to meet the nutritional needs of young, pregnant and nursing animals in order to help them thrive. The alfalfa-based food provides the essential nutrients for babies and it is also beneficial to pregnant and lactating animals.

The alfalfa hay provides the fiber which is essential for healthy digestion and it gives your little guinea pig the optimal daily energy. This complete and balanced meal offers the necessary amount of protein, fiber, and calcium to your pet. The stabilized vitamins also help nurture pregnant guinea pigs.

It contains 10 pounds of pellets and it works great in combination with grass hays for complete nutrition in order to ensure that your young guinea pig has a healthy growing period. Alfalfa pellets are high in calcium which is needed to make sure that they grow up with strong, durable bones. It also contains vitamin C which is essential in strengthening their immune system.



The consistent meal is formulated with the guidance of top veterinarians and nutritionists.

Pregnant, nursing and young guinea pigs under the age of 6 months need extra calcium and protein in their diets which are provided in this case by the alfalfa component of the pellets.

High in fiber, it also contains vitamins and minerals to ensure the health and the harmonious growth of your baby guinea pig.

The pellets are designed to prevent selective feeding so your guinea pigs don’t avoid eating certain pieces.

Vitamin C comes with additional benefits for the little animals in order to boost their immune system so their bodies can fight against different diseases.



Baby guinea pigs may have a hard time getting used to this type of food so they may need some time to accommodate.

This type of food is good only for babies and pregnant/nursing guinea pigs because it contains alfalfa which can be harmful to adults.

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5. Oxbow Animal Health Guinea Pig Bene Terra Organic Food And Treats


This type of food is specially formulated to be as close as possible to the nutrition a guinea pig would find in its natural environment. The organic food is fortified with essential vitamins and chelated minerals, containing important nutrients to naturally nourish your guinea pig.

The 3-pound bag contains organic ingredients such as hand-selected high-fiber grass and hay which promotes effective digestion. Among the organic ingredients, there are also blueberries and cranberries, which are rich in antioxidants. The high-fiber diet will also lower the incidence of many types of digestive system issues such as diarrhea and intestinal gas.

It is also fortified with stabilized vitamin C that helps your pet to fight off life-threatening respiratory issues. The essential Omega 3&6 fatty acids help nourish skin and promote a soft and silky coat. The content of the bag can last for up to one month, depending on the number of guinea pigs you are feeding.



This food is specially designed by vets to mirror a guinea pig’s natural diet.

A healthy lifestyle is ensured by organic ingredients, with no fake colorants and other additives.

Containing high-fiber grass hay, this organic food ensures a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

The blueberries and cranberries are good antioxidants that can help in keeping the heart condition of your cavy in check.

Essential vitamins and chelated minerals are important nutrients for your pet in order to help it grow healthy.

Your pet’s immune system is kept in good form due to the stabilized Vitamin C supplement.



This product has a medium quantity of calcium which is somewhere between the ideal quantity for adults and babies so you have to be careful not to feed your adults too much of it.

At the bottom of the bag, there can be some crumbs that your guinea pig may not be interested in eating.

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Yearly Guide & Report


If you’re looking for the best Oxbow guinea pig food, there are many things that you need to consider. Make sure the food is safe, healthy and it contains the right balance of nutrients for your guinea pig. Always buy food in small packages in order to keep it fresh and delicious for your pets.


When talking about guinea pig food it’s important to note that it contains different amounts of ingredients if it’s for adult pigs or youngsters. If a guinea pig is over 6 months you can usually feed it adult food.

The Oxbow Essentials adult guinea pig food contains the right amount of nutrients for mature pigs. As a balanced food should, it’s low in proteins and calcium, as those cause risks in adult guinea pigs. When there is too much calcium in their food older pigs may develop kidney stones and will suffer a lot with the urinary system.

Proteins are good in a guinea pig’s diet but they should be kept to a minimum for adults, as you don’t want them to get obese. One thing that food for adults should always contain is vitamin C and that is because guinea pigs can’t really synthesize this vitamin and they need to get it from exterior sources.

Vitamin C boosts their immune system and makes them strong. Next, it’s important that whatever you feed your adult guinea pigs doesn’t contain any alfalfa. It can cause problems with digestion and diarrhea. Alfalfa also makes them pack up fat and it will lead to obesity and diabetes.

Another thing to avoid is sugar, and that is because of the previously mentioned reason too – it gets your pets fat and it will cause problems with diabetes. It’s important that the food is made of natural ingredients and it doesn’t have any artificial colors, additives or any unnatural and unnecessary ingredients.


Young or pregnant guinea pigs

Those pigs that are in more difficult periods of their lives need more calcium and proteins. It’s important that young guinea pigs have plenty of calcium in their diet as this helps them get strong bones faster. The same can be said about proteins, as a young pig needs them to grow strong and healthy.

Young guinea pigs can benefit from eating alfalfa hay. Due to the higher concentration of protein found in alfalfa, this will help the piglets get in more nutrients. Pregnant guinea pigs need alfalfa too, as they require more proteins to make the milk, but you shouldn’t feed them to much of it.

So finding the right balance is essential. Pigs that have just given birth are weaker and they will need more protein and calcium. Again, they should be fed those in moderate amounts, as they are adults and may have problems with too much protein or calcium. If your guinea pig is recovering from an illness or a surgery, you should try the Oxbow Critical Care guinea pig food.

The important thing is to pay attention to how your pet develops or if it appears to be having any problems and change its diet accordingly. Any bought food needs to be fed alongside some fresh vegetables and fruits for a complete and healthy diet.




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