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5 Best Large Hamster Cages in 2020 – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 27.02.20


Top Large Cages for Hamsters – Guide & Comparison


Are you looking for one of best large hamster cages? If that’s the case, then you surely know that going through the relevant information on this topic can be time-consuming and many times there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done. However, you should not be concerned, since we are here to help. After carefully researching this matter and going through a large number of expert and breeders reviews, our team concluded that the hamster cage you should consider as a first option is Ferplast’s Favola model. This product comes with multiple accessories and features a modular construction that meets your hamster’s needs. Moreover, the two-floor design ensures extra space for leisure and fun, while separating the eating area from the entertainment one. In the unfortunate event in which this model is not available, the most suitable alternative you should consider is Kaytee’s My First Home cage.



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5 Best Large Hamster Cages (Reviews) in 2020



You might still not be very sure which one is the right cage for your little pet’s needs, especially if you are not looking for something very particular such as those large hamster cages for Syrian hamster. However, the good news is that in the following lines you’ll find comprehensive reviews of top-rated models.



1. Favola Hamster Cage Includes Free Water Bottle


If you are looking for a large wire hamster cage that offers multiple benefits, Ferplast’s Favola model might be the answer to this quest. This product is a modular cage specially made to meet the needs of these small rodents, with a design that allows you to attach other hamster habitats as well, through special connection caps.

In terms of construction, this cage is actually an original combination of transparent plastic bottom and a wire net structure top. It also includes two floors connected through a ladder that create extra space for eating and relaxing, while also answering to the natural instincts of climbing and having fun throughout the day.

Moreover, this product is delivered with additional accessories such as a drinking bottle, a wheel for exercise, as well as a bowl for food. For everyday maintenance and cleaning, the door on the top is useful since it renders an easy access.



The plastic bottom allows you to see your hamster, while he or she is having fun digging and hiding in the sawdust.

The wheel for exercise is an excellent addition, since this accessory is necessary for both entertainment and wellbeing for these active pets.

For an improved usage, the drinking bottle includes a special system to fasten to the cage mesh, while an indicator lets you know how much water there’s still inside and an anti-drop steel valve prevents leaks.

Thanks to the double-floor structure, the Favola model offers a larger living space that can be divided into two areas, one for eating and relaxation and one for fun and exercising.



Having access to the bottom floor is more difficult, however you shouldn’t need to do that every day since food can remain on the top floor.

The black paint might not last for a very long time if your hamster likes to chew on the bars during the day.

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2. Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Habitat for Exotics


Kaytee’s My First Home model is a large multi level hamster cage with a great design that ensures a tremendous amount of fun for your little friend. Although ideal for hamsters, the cage is suitable for other types of small pets as well, such as rats or chinchillas. Despite its complicated-looking design, this cage is very easy to assemble.

The system is specially made to snap together within minutes, without needing special tools in the process, so that you can start using it right away. In terms of usefulness, the multi-level design promotes a healthy life for your hamster, since he or she will be exercising a lot through the day.

Moreover, thanks to the deeper base design, bedding and little are prevented from spilling around the cage, which means you won’t have a hard time ensuring your pet’s maintenance. Another aspect worth mentioning is the fact that the shelves and ramps are made of solid plastic, being safe and comfortable for hamsters.



This cage is all about safety, given that the wire spacing is of ½” to prevent escapes, while the access gate features Z-locks and the entire cage has a wire base locking system.

Since it’s easy to assemble and disassemble, you won’t have a hard time cleaning the cage as often as you need to throughout the week.

Since hamsters are known for their chewing capacity, the locks and wires are reinforced and chew-proof for extra safety in this matter.

Since this model offers a lot of space on the vertical, it’s easier to place around in your home, especially if you don’t have that much space available.



Some packages came with missing parts due to delivery errors, but customer service can take care of that.

You might have a hard time getting your hamster out if he or she is uncooperative.

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3. Midwest Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage


Among large hamster cages for sale we’ve found this great model offered by MidWest Homes for Pets, which is basically an ideal multi-level hamster habitat that can also provide a great deal of fun. The unique Arcade model comes with everything one might need to make their little pet feel at home.

The product includes multiple accessories as well, such as an exercise wheel, food bowl, interior play tuber, water bottle, and a circular cubby. Since this is a Vertical PlaySpace design, you’ll be able to see your hamster running from one level to the other, while enjoying all this exercise and space.

You can also add play tubes for even more fun, or connect multiple cages if you have more than one pet and need to ensure a larger area for them. In terms of comfort, the wire top ensures proper ventilation, while the plastic base is easy to clean but deep enough to contain messes within the cage.



The Critterville Arcade comes with all the accessories you might need to get started right away, including a wheel, circular cubby, and interior play tubes for your pet’s fun.

Given the complexity of this model, it ensures enough space for various types of physical exercises and activities, which promote good mental health and well-being.

Since the Vertical PlaySpace upper cover is removable, you won’t have any difficulties in cleaning the cage.

Also in terms of cleaning, it’s good to know that the wire top and PlaySpace can be completely detached from the base for deep cleaning.



According to some reviews, the plastic cover for the top section creates a gap that might be too large for some hamsters and they could fit through it.

Some smart hamsters might try to figure out how to open the door, so beware of creative little guys.

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4. Iris Hamster Cage


This cage offered by IRIS features a beautiful design and can be a very cute alternative for large dwarf hamster cages, since these little guys don’t need that much space. Given its transparent construction, your little friend will feel right at home with plenty of light going through, while you’ll be able to see his or her activity and enjoy your time together.

Moreover, the sides are specially made of sturdy wire that ensures both durability as well as breathability. Having proper ventilation is highly important for the health of any small pet, and this model definitely fits the bill.

If your hamster is very small, there’s a chance he or she might escape, which is never a good idea unless you are around to keep an eye on the whereabouts. For this reason, if you have any concerns regarding the suitability of this model, you can check with the local seller or with a vet and get a second opinion.



The PHSC-412 model includes a wide range of accessories, such as a treadmill, small house, ladder, food tray, and water bottle, so you’ll have everything you need right away.

Thanks to the three different levels that your pet can climb, he or she will get plenty of exercise and be entertained in the process.

Given the vertical construction, this cage doesn’t take up so much space in your home, so you can safely give it a try even though you don’t have too much available space.

The two openings, on the top and on the side, ensure accessibility on every level of the cage for daily maintenance.



Those pets that are chewing champions might have a great time with the different accessories included such as the food bowl.

Some previous buyers have issues with the wheel as it was either delivered cracked or it made too much noise.

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5. Habitrail OVO Studio Small Animal Habitat Hamster Accessories


Definitely not one of the large Syrian hamster cages, this Habitrail model is actually a habitat that replicated a dwarf hamster’s natural environment, which means it’s an ideal home for those tiny and adorable guys. The product is, of course, specially designed to fit the needs of smaller mice and hamsters.

The unit is escape proof (which is always a good thing when it comes to small and active rodents), as well as modular, while providing an easy pet access. The OVO lock connector that features an elastomer surface ensures that your pet will remain inside, to avoid any potentially dangerous situations for him or her.

Given the transparent design, you will be able to see your pet’s activity throughout the day and enjoy the adventures together. The great part about this cage is that, thanks to its modular construction, you can change the design at a whim and ensure an everlasting exploration opportunity for your hamster.



The unit comes with a safe portable carries that you can conveniently use when you need to transport your hamster for short trips.

There’s a large number of accessories included in the package, such as a cozy hideaway, den, food dish, exercise wheel, water bottle, tubes and tees for entertainment, and 3 windows.

The OVO cage features air vents that ensure proper air circulation, but prevent drafts, since there can affect a hamster’s health.

Since it’s important to be able to interact with your hamster whenever you need or like to, this model is easy to open for petting or treat offering.



The hard plastic elements might get scratched as your pet is going to use the cage, however this is a normal process.

In some cases, the water bottle leaked, so you might need to test it out before placing it in the cage.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Hamsters are excellent pets for a family, especially if one wants to teach children a little bit about responsibility. Their active personalities and adorable faces make them one of the most popular pets. Even though they don’t require highly specialized types of care, their needs still need to be met, one of these being a comfortable living space.

When choosing the next cage for your little pet, there are certain characteristics that you need to take into consideration. This is particularly important if your pet is not a dwarf breed, which means that you might need to look for an extra large hamster cage.

In the following lines you’ll see why choosing the right product is important and what to keep in mind as you browse through the all the models available for sale.


Wire or plastic cages are the two main options when it comes to this type of product. Both have been around for quite some time now and, as you can imagine, they offer different benefits. This means that in the end you need to choose the model that suits your hamster, based on his or her behavior.

Wire models provide a very good living space since hamsters are able to climb them, which is something these little rodents simply love to do. You can use layers inside the cage for extra safety, in case you go for a taller model since it might create a higher distance from which a hamster might fall during his or her climbing adventures.

The one thing to keep in mind is that a wire bottom is not suitable for a hamster, since their feet can get hurt. On the other hand, a wire top definitely ensures the much needed ventilation for your pet’s health. The risk when it comes to this design is that if the wires are not close enough, an adventurous and smaller rodent can escape.



Plastic molded cages are also very popular among hamster owners, since they ensure protection from other pets that might otherwise become very interested in the little furry fellow. It’s true that these models don’t offer as much ventilation, but they do include small wired space that work well in letting the air in.

These are usually long lasting, especially if your hamster is not really into chewing the cage itself, and easy to clean. However, you will need to include a frame inside in order to allow your pet to satisfy his or her natural climbing instinct in order to keep this ability.

Safety and escape points

This is particularly important when it comes to large cages, since the chance of including weak spots that a creative rodent might use to escape are higher. The general rule says that the bar spacing should not be larger than ½ inches for adult hamsters, while for baby hamsters this should be definitely lower.

You should also check all the doors, windows, nooks, and spots where the bars are not straight, especially during the first days after placing your hamster into the new home.




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