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5 Best Large Guinea Pig Cages Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 26.02.20


Best Large Guinea Pig Cage Review – Top Rated Models in 2020 with Buying Guide


Finding the best large guinea pig cages so that you can choose the model that suits your needs is a task that requires quite a lot of time. If you cannot do this research on your own, then you don’t need to worry, since this article comes at the right moment. In order to give you a hand, our team carefully went through multiple expert reviews and a large amount of information from previous buyers and reached the conclusion that the model you should add to the top of your list is Midwest Homes for Pets’ Deluxe Critter. The unit includes a resting shelf, a ramp, as well as a ramp cover, while also offering plenty of space for your pet. Moreover, thanks to a dual-locking system, you can operate the lock using just one hand. In case this beautiful model is not available, the cage you should consider as the most suitable alternative is MidWest Homes for Pets’ Guinea Habitat.



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5 Best Large Guinea Pig Cages (Reviews) in 2020



If you are looking for one of the extra large guinea pig cages for indoor use without being sure what benefits each model offers, then you don’t need to worry. The following section offers comprehensive reviews of the most sought-after guinea pig cages available on the market.



1. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation


Specially designed to provide the ultimate habitat for small animals, this Midwest Deluxe Critter is one of those large indoor guinea pig cages you will surely want to keep in mind for your next purchase. Each unit includes a ramp and a ramp cover as well.

In terms of design, the expansive shelf and the full-width pan floor ensure a generous area in which your little pet will be able to play for long periods. Moreover, these features also protect against dangerous falls, while the dual-locking system that the doors include provides secure and easy operation that can be done with just one hand.

Suitable for a wide range of small animals, not only guinea pigs, the cage is designed with 0.6 inches square tubing and ½” horizontal wire spacing, which ensures the pet’s safety but also allows him or her to follow the natural instinct of climbing and exploring the environment.



The Deluxe Critter comes with multiple points that you can use to attach toys, tubes, hammocks, or other accessories that can provide a lot of fun for your guinea pig.

Thanks to the removable shelf that provides maximum accessibility, you have nothing to worry about in terms of cleaning the cage and keeping your pet comfortable and happy.

This model features ramps that are appropriately angled for comfortable fun, as well as the Happy Feet Ramp covers specifically designed for your pet’s safety.

Thanks to the intuitive design, you won’t need any type of tools for the setup; start using the cage right away.



In some cases, the cage was delivered with bent elements which made the assembly process rather difficult.

The cage is very large, so keep this in mind before purchasing it, just to make sure that it fits the space you have available in your home.

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2. Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest


MidWest’s model might be just what you need if you’ve been looking for a large cage for 2 guinea pigs that is well-built and comfortable. The unit was developed after the manufacturer’s experts have closely watched everyday habits and interactions of guinea pigs.

Therefore, the end result is a cage meticulously designed and built to keep multiple pets healthy and well-adjusted within their environment. Since comfort is one of the main aspects MidWest took into account, this cage is an expanded version that ensures 8 square feet of space.

This means your little friends will have enough space to explore, exercise, and socialize, without feeling any kind of constraints in daily activities. Moreover, despite the spacious area it offers, this cage is easy to clean thanks to the removable elements included.

If you are getting a guinea pig for the first time, then this is a great choice since it was designed according to recommendations from breeders and veterinarians.



The cage is suitable for outdoor use, and the fully removable wire mesh top ensures your pet’s safety from predators when the entire unit is placed in your yard.

Thanks to the durable and leak-proof PVC lined canvas bottom, you can easily maintain it, but this feature also protects your guinea pig’s feet.

The dividing panel with a lock-in-place option allows you to easily separate your pets, or keep them on one side of the cage while you clean the other.

The 14” high sides facilitate a convenient access to your pet when you need to take him or her out.



There is a high chance that the bedding and food could get thrown out of the cage, so you might want to place something underneath it.

If you have kids or dogs, you need to make sure that they don’t play with the cage, since they might damage it.

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3. Living World Deluxe Habitat


The Deluxe model offered by Living World is an extra large guinea pig cage that provides pretty much everything you need in order to safely house your pet. As you can imagine, it’s suitable for various types of small animals besides guinea pigs, such as chinchillas or ferrets.

In terms of design, this hybrid cage consists of a bottom plastic base and an upper wire frame that provide both safety and ventilation for your guinea pig’s comfort. The entire unit is elegantly designed which means that it will suit pretty much any space you intend to use it in.

Also regarding the wire top, it’s good to know that it opens from two separate parts, this way ensuring easy access to any spot around the cage. Another wire door placed at the front helps in this matter as well, providing additional accessibility.



The cage can be assembled in minutes, without needing any tools to get the job done, so you can start using it right away and provide a safe and comfortable habitat to your guinea pig.

The design includes a drip-proof water bottle as well as a hay guard, both of these being placed outside the cage for easy maintenance and for saving interior space.

This model also includes a balcony with an access ramp, as well as a tip-proof food container that can be securely attached to the balcony floor.

The hiding space provided underneath the balcony ensures a quiet area that your pet can use whenever exterior factors get him or her stressed.



Since this is an extra large model, you might need an extra hand from time to time to clean it outside.

The front door slides horizontally, which means that you won’t be able to use it as a ramp if you want your pet to hop out of the cage.

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4. MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit


The Wabbitat habitat is one of those cheap large indoor guinea pig cages that, despite an accessible price, are well-made and reliable. This model is actually the largest option in the Wabbitat line offered by MidWest Homes for Pets, and it’s suitable for a wide range of small pets besides guinea pigs, including ferrets, chinchillas, and rabbits.

One of the aspects that make it a very good alternative is the fact that it can be quickly assembled without needing special tools. Moreover, the design includes a water bottle, a removable hay feeder, and a feeding bowl, so you won’t need to spend an extra buck for these as well.

Moreover, the elevated area that can be used by a guinea pig to inspect the surroundings also creates a privacy space underneath, and this is particularly important for comfort, especially if the little pet might get scared by unfamiliar sounds.



The powder-coated wire top is designed with 1-inch mesh spacing which ensures optimal ventilation and visibility.

Thanks to the large top door as well as to the two side doors, you can have easy access to your pet, no matter on which side of the cage he or she might be standing.

This model can also be expanded using two optional extensions offered by MidWest and sold separately, these being an add-on wire litter or an add-on wood hutch.

Given the dimensions, the cage ensures a large living space for maximum comfort, while the accessories included ensure a hassle-free usage right from the beginning.



In some situations the product was slightly damaged during delivery, but if that’s the case, you can always talk to the customer representatives to get assistance.

For some previous buyers, the cage proved to be rather difficult to assemble, but this can also be a matter of individual strength.

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5. Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage Extra-Large Rabbit Cage


If you are going through large guinea pig cage reviews looking for an alternative that can be completely knocked down through easy assemble and disassemble processes, then you certainly should not overlook Ferplast’s Krolik model. This system helps save a lot of space when the cage is not used.

Apart from that, the Krolik 140 features a sturdy wire net structure as well as a cozy wooden housing that is ideal for ensuring a safe and private space for your little pet. Another thing worth mentioning is that this unit truly looks like a home for your pet, the beautiful design making it suitable for pretty much any space you want to place it in.

In terms of safety, the roof can be closed using the metal hook included, while the unit itself comes with plenty of accessories as well. If you decide to give it a try, you will also get a drinking bottle and a hay feeder.



Things are very easy in terms of maintenance, given the useful opening from doors and the plastic base that can be separated from the wire mesh without too much trouble.

The innovative and patented knock-down system sets this cage apart from other similar models you can find on the market.

Thanks to its design, the unit is delivered in an extra slim pack which reduces transport volume, meaning you can also carry it to other locations if you need to.

Given the need of small animals to move around and have plenty of space, the manufacturer designed the bottom keeping this in mind, and the flare-less construction offers more living space.



The foldable design is useful, but some users found it rather hard to get the hang of it right from the start.

Before placing you pet into the cage, make sure the water bottle’s ball is not stuck.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Guinea pigs are adorable animals known for their energetic and curious personalities. Of course, their cute faces and constant activities also help them be one of the most popular pets. If you are thinking about getting one for your kid, then this is a great way to teach him or her a little bit about responsibility through taking care of such a nice pet.

If you have decided that you are going to welcome a new family member into your home, then you need to consider some aspects when it comes to the cage that you should choose.

The following guide will prove to be useful, since it brings you everything you need to know about large guinea pig cages and how to choose the one that best suits your needs while ensuring total comfort and protection for your little furry friend.

Why choose a large model?

That might be the first question that pops into the mind, especially if you don’t have that much space around your home. However, it’s good to remember that guinea pigs are active rodents that need space to move around in order to be comfortable. In fact, this is one of the most basic forms of improving their lives, since they can otherwise feel cramped and get bored.

Another pretty obvious but still very important to mention benefit is the exercise that a guinea pig can get in a larger space. Of course, this also means a healthier life for your little friend. Plus, if you have more than one such small pet, you will be able to house them together which can definitely make their days less boring.

With more room around, a guinea pig is free to better express his or her natural behavior, whether we are talking about eating, sleeping, socializing with other pets or hiding when they get scared. Many times, a little extra space can make all the difference for these adorable pets and their quality of life.


Accessibility & safety

For you as a pet parent, it’s important to choose a model that ensures accessibility all around the cage area, so that you can easily take your piggie out for playtime or for cleaning. Moreover, you might also want to take a look at the safety measures offered by particular models.

These need to ensure locking features that keep your pet safely inside, as well as smooth surfaces. Anything pointy or sharp is out of the question, while the bottom of the cage needs to be specially made to protect their sensitive feet.


This aspect is crucial for your pet’s comfort and safety, so you should opt for a cage that features a mesh design for proper airflow. Additionally, make sure that the optimal temperature is kept around the cage, this being around 65ºF – 75ºF for these small pets.

Make sure that the cage is kept safe from any extremes, since these little guys cannot sweat, which means that they can suffer from a heat stroke if placed in direct sunlight. Of course, cold extremes need to be avoided, as well.




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