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5 Best Hamster Foods Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 06.04.20


Best Hamster Food Review – Top Rated Options in 2020 with Buying Guide


Finding the best hamster food can be a bit challenging especially that the market is now flooded with so many different products and every single one promises to offer the best results. That is why we decided to help you make a choice that you will not regret and we have gathered some foods that have received great reviews from many customers. Our first recommendation is the Oxbow Animal Fortified Food as it is both healthy and delicious. This means that your pet will enjoy a complete and well-balanced diet that will help him/her stay happy and healthy while enjoying every single bite. Also, this recipe was developed to help your furry little friend maintain a healthy digestive system. Moreover, this food doesn’t contain artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Another good hamster food is the Wild Harvest Wh-83543 Nutrition which has proved to offer similar benefits to your adorable little animal.



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5 Best Hamster Foods (Reviews) in 2020



You love your pet so much and you want to make sure that you take proper care of him/her and choosing the right food is essential for his/her well-being. Down below you will find a list of hamster food reviews of some of the most popular products so you may choose the one that’s just perfect for your companion.



1. Oxbow Animal Health Hamster and Gerbil Fortified Food


This mix is everything your hamster needs in order to stay happy, healthy, and strong. Besides being very tasty and appealing, it also contains plenty of essential nutrients that will take good care of your little friend. It has never been easier to show your pet how much you love him/her, thanks to this amazing blend of barley, oats, and timothy hay.

Moreover, this Oxbow hamster food doesn’t contain seeds, artificial flavors and colors, or high-sugar fruits. This means that you can have the peace of mind that your furry little friend’s health is not being compromised. A good way to feed this to your pet is to mix it with hay which will encourage foraging and will provide enrichment.

Also, this formula will give your hamster all the much-needed nutrients that will help him/her stay active and it will also improve his/her dental health.



Many people appreciate this product because their little friends don’t waste anything – there are no signs of piles of unwanted bits when they clean the cage.

After feeding their furry little companions this delicious food, a lot of buyers have noticed that they have become more energetic, healthy, and their coats look shiny and beautiful.

Thanks to its natural ingredients, a lot of pet parents say that the quality is very good and even the pickiest eaters will enjoy every single bite of this food.

Unlike many other mixed seed foods from other brands, this food from Oxbow doesn’t have too much sugar and it doesn’t cause any type of cheek pouch abrasions.



A few customers stated that the strong smell could be a bit uncomfortable for people who have a sensitive nose. However, hamsters don’t mind it; on the contrary, they actually seem to like it.

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2. Wild Harvest Wh-83543 Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet


Thanks to its important ingredients, this product will help your hamster maintain and enjoy optimum health. Your pet will not only love the taste, but he/she will also look and feel better after eating this food. Because gerbils and hamsters need a diet that contains plenty of fiber and nutrients, this type of food is a perfect choice for them.

Moreover, your furry companion needs protein, vitamins, and minerals in order to stay healthy and strong, and this food promises to offer him/her just that. You want only the best for your dear pet, and it is only normal to be careful when it comes to choosing the right food for him/her.

Proper nutrition is extremely important if you want your hamster to have a strong and healthy body. This food will also encourage natural foraging behavior, which is mandatory for your pet’s happiness and well-being.



Because it doesn’t come in a bag and it comes in a practical container that is reusable and easy to store, this product is a favorite among many pet parents.

This recipe contains a lot of tiny pieces but also a few large ones which make it a perfect choice for multiple types of pets including both Syrian and dwarf hamsters.

After a period of consuming this type of food, many people have noticed that their pets look happy, active, calm, and they just love to nibble on the various seeds and grains.

Many people like this product because it is very healthy and it has lots of colorful pieces of food and seeds – it offers their little pets a real variety of tastes and textures.



Not all hamsters go crazy about this food; even if it is both appealing and delicious, some picky little animals may refuse to eat it.

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3. Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Hamster Food


This Kaytee hamster food offers a nutritionally complete diet for both hamsters and gerbils. Because hamsters cannot brush their own teeth it is extremely important for them to eat food that promotes good oral health. Thanks to its large and crunchy pieces, this food stimulates natural chewing activity hence your pet will have nice and healthy teeth.

It is also very important to use the proper hamster food bowl because you want your little friend to enjoy the maximum comfort while enjoying his/her meals. Besides being delicious, this recipe is also very nutritious and it contains plenty of key ingredients. Prebiotics and probiotics, for example, present in this blend will help your friend maintain a healthy digestive system.

Also, for your peace of mind, you should know that this recipe was formulated by an animal nutrition expert which means that your pet will get a well-balanced food.



After eating this food your hamster will look very healthy, will have lots of energy, and his/her coat will be nice and soft.

Hamsters love this food as it has a great variety of ingredients which offer them a diversity of tastes and flavors.

Many people like this food because it promotes a healthy digestive system and also stimulates the hamsters to chew more than other foods.

This product will keep your hamster busy all day long as he/she will love digging through the mix – but eventually, he/she will eat all of it.



Some of the customers who have decided to give this product a try say that they need to handpick their hamster’s food, otherwise he/she will eat way too many sunflower seeds.

Several pet parents believe this food to be more suitable as a supplement rather than a main source of nutrition.

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4. F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Hamster Gerbil Food


Just like us, humans, gerbils and hamsters have their own nutritional requirements which must be met in order to stay healthy and strong. Thanks to this great formula, your furry little friends will get all the nutrients they need for their daily activities. Also, the added beneficial bacteria will support good digestion which is essential for your pet’s general good health.

Moreover, the farm fresh veggies that are present in this formula offer immune system support thanks to the multitude of antioxidants. But, let’s not forget about the delicious taste! You want your pet to eat healthy and natural food, but you also want him/her to enjoy his/her meals. That is why this recipe was formulated with that in mind.

The interesting blend of seeds, fruits, grains, and veggies will offer your furry companion an explosion of flavors, colors, and tastes.



Many people like the way this food looks and their hamsters love it too – they fall in love with the delicious taste right from the very first bite.

The fact that the package is filled all the way to the top makes plenty of pet parents choose this product over others from different brands.

A lot of buyers say that this type of food helps them keep their hamster’s cage fresh-smelling and clean for a long time.

Hamsters love the variety of food options this mix offers them – they feel spoiled and well-cared for and the impressive results will be noticed by their parents right away.

This product helps hamsters maintain a healthy lifestyle as it meets all their nutritional requirements.



Some of the buyers who have tried this product stated that their furry little friends didn’t like some of the ingredients which they just left behind uneaten.

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5. Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Hazel Hamster Tasty Mix


This Hazel hamster food promises to offer your furry little hamster a nutritionally balanced and complete diet. This mix is not only tasty, but it is also very healthy as it contains a multitude of key nutrients that are mandatory for your pet’s well-being. Another interesting aspect of this blend is that it promotes natural foraging to keep your pet happy and entertained.

Moreover, this mix is not only a great dwarf hamster food but it is also suitable for many other species. Also, for your peace of mind, you should know that this blend doesn’t contain any added sugar which means that your pet’s health is not being compromised. The added vitamins will make sure that your furry friends stay strong and full of energy.

The fact that it includes soybeans, whole peanuts, and sunflower seeds will make this food look so delicious that no hamster will resist the temptation.



Many pet parents feel confident to feed this food to their beloved little pets as it doesn’t contain sugar and artificial dyes and flavors, or other chemicals.

Thanks to all the key ingredients this food contains, your furry little friends will enjoy a well-balanced and complete diet.

This great mix is recommended by many pet lovers as it offers their little companions an amazing variety of food in every single scoop.

From peanuts to pumpkin seeds to bits of fruits, this recipe will most likely appeal to any picky eaters who usually turn up their noses at pellets or thousands of corn kernels.

Besides being delicious, natural, and appealing, this food also has a very subtle smell even for those with a sensitive nose.



Some hamsters don’t like the dark green pellets, but they definitely enjoy everything else and they thrive on this type of food.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Finding the best dwarf hamster food is not as easy as one would imagine, and that is why we decided to help you make the right decision. We love our pets so much and we are willing to do anything to make them happy, and we know that they need a complete and well-balanced diet to stay healthy and strong.

There are certain aspects you should pay close attention to in order to make sure that the food you choose for your furry friend will meet all his/her nutritional requirements.

Nutritional value

As we have already mentioned, hamsters need to eat food that reflects their specific nutritional needs – otherwise, they can fall ill and in severe cases, they can even die. This means that choosing a product that offers them complete nutrition is the most important factor that will help them stay with you for many years to come.

When you choose their food you need to make sure that it has around 15% protein, and between 3-6% fat. Also, you need to be cautious as there are certain special situations when these percentages are a little different. When they are pregnant, for example, hamsters need higher amounts of fat and protein.

The same goes for nursing and baby hamsters – you will have to introduce more of these nutrients into their diet. Furthermore, their meals should be packed with complex carbohydrates as hamsters tend to burn them quite fast. To make sure that they get the necessary amounts, you will need to include natural vegetables and grain sources in their nutrition.


Sugar and salt

We know that too much salt is not good for our health, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t include any in our diet. For hamsters, salt is extremely important as it helps them retain water which is essential for their good health. When they are in the wild, they have unlimited access to minerals and rocks that contain salt.

That is why it is essential that you choose food that contains salt, and if it doesn’t, you should consider adding a salt lick to your hamster’s habitat. On the other hand, when it comes to sugar, hamsters do not need it in their diets; on the contrary, it does them harm if the food they eat contains added sugars (including molasses).

Moreover, certain types of foods contain dried fruits which can also be considered sources of sugar. This means that you need to make sure not to feed your pet too much of the mix that contains plenty of fruits and you should try to substitute it with healthier options which don’t have that much sugar.


Dental health

Taking care of a hamster implies plenty of responsibilities and you must take good care of him/her in order to stay with you for a long time. Your pet’s dental health is extremely important and it is your duty to ensure that the food he/she eats will help him/her maintain it and improve it.

No one says that cheap hamster food is not as good as the expensive one which means that the price doesn’t always reflect the true characteristics of a product. With this in mind, you should look for that food that will keep your hamster’s teeth at the right length and their jaws healthy at the same time.

This means that the food should have a crunchy texture, not soft if you want to stimulate his/her chewing activity. There are hamsters which prefer foods that are softer, and if your hamster is one of them, you need to make sure that you add lots of chewing alternatives to his/her habitat.




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