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5 Best Chinchilla Toys Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 27.02.20


Best Chinchilla Toy Review – Top Rated Models in 2020 with Buying Guide


The best chinchilla toys are hard to find, but if you don’t have the patience or the time to look for them yourself, don’t worry as this guide has got it covered. Our team took the time to read many of the chinchilla toys reviews out there and after carefully considering the quality of the most sought-after items, we have come to the conclusion that the Quality Cage Crafters 15″ Chin Spin is a toy that chinchillas would love and you should consider it. This wheel is an excellent way for your pet to exercise and stay healthy. Due to the durable construction, the risk of your chinchilla chewing and breaking the wheel or injuring is minimal. It is also coated in silver vein powder and that gives it a better grip, helping your pet stay on it. If you can’t find our first choice, look for the WINOMO Pet Hammock.



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5 Best Chinchilla Toys (Reviews) in 2020



We searched for the most popular chinchilla accessories and toys and we made a top of some that we really liked. Of course, we had a look at the reviews they had and we read what the experts believe about them. So here are our favorite chinchilla cage toys.



1. Quality Cage Crafters 15″ Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel


This ultra-heavy-duty wheel is a good form of exercise for your chinchilla, preventing the animal from getting lazy. The construction is made to last a long time being built of metal with wood backing, having no plastic structure to chew on.

The wheel is 15 x 8 x 15 inches, it weighs 8 pounds, extending 8 inches from the wall of the cage. It keeps your chinchilla safe due to the wide running surface. The dual ball bearings are replaceable and the product contains an extra set to make it more durable.

It comes with photo-illustrated installation instructions so the product can be easily mounted to many types of wire cages. The silver vein powder coating on the ring offers more grip to the running surface. The sturdy structure is also easy to clean and it is a good choice if you are looking for an item that isn’t noisy.



Your chinchilla’s exercises are safer due to the wide running surface of this wheel.

Chewing is prevented due to the metal and wood construction.

The silver vein powder coating gives the wheel better grip, preventing your animal from slipping.

It is a sturdy structure that can be easily attached to many types of cages.

This item comes with an extra set of bearings and its own installation instructions for an efficient mounting.

The wheel is silent, which makes it bearable during the night too.



Even though the wheel is quiet, when the chinchilla gets on it, the cage rattles, so the water or food may be spilled.

The wheel is heavy so it is not great for small chins that can be thrown when trying to stop or for the cage walls that can be broken if the cage is not big enough.

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2. Winomo Pet Hammock Hanging Toy Snuggle Hut for Chinchilla


If you are looking for a nice and cozy nest for your small pet, this hammock is a great choice. It is great for a large variety of animals like chinchillas, squirrels, guinea pigs, rats, mice or any other small animal, bringing much-needed warmth.

It measures 8 x 8 x 4.7 inches and it weighs 0.8 ounces, being made of plush and metal chains used for hanging it. The soft texture is given by the soft material which allows your pet to enjoy the comfortable touch. This hut can be a safe resting place but it can also let the chinchilla play inside during the day, being safe and warm.

This hammock is very portable and it can be attached firmly to a cage due to the four 13-inch hanging clips which are resistant to rust and corrosion. The strong stitching and the firm structure give this item longer durability, being great for long-term use.



This pet hammock is very comfortable for your chinchilla, being warm and soft.

The hut is portable, coming with 4 clip chains that can be attached anywhere, including cages.

It is great for sleeping and resting but it can also serve as a playing place for your chinchilla.

Durability is ensured by the precise stitching of the hammock and the chains which are anti-rust and corrosion-resistant.

The hut is versatile, being great for many types of small animals.

It is made of plush and it can be washed periodically with ease.



The chains are 13 inches in length so they are susceptible to tangling if your pet is very playful.

The hammock is made mostly for small animals so there is a possibility that it isn’t suitable for all animal sizes and bigger chinchillas won’t fit well inside it.

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3. Alfie Pet Percy Wood Platform with Chewing Toys


This wood platform combines the daily activities of your chinchilla in one item, being a safe resting nest and also a fun place to keep your animal busy playing. The platform is made of natural wood and it has one string with chew toys that are also made of wood and lava blocks which are very safe.

This structure weighs 3.2 ounces and it can be attached on cages or anywhere you need. There are small rings at the end of each string so the toys can be taken off and replaced with new ones.

It measures 11.75 x 6 x 6 inches and it is ideal for chinchillas, hamsters, rats, mice, and other small animals. Besides the fact that the platform offers a fun spot to play for your chinchilla, it also gives a natural look to your pet’s home. It can be used by more than one little furry friend at a time.



The natural instincts of your little pets to be above the ground level are satisfied when they eat or sleep on this platform.

This item is made of wood which makes it a sturdy and durable one.

Chewing the cage is avoided due to the toys that are specially designed for that.

Coming with two screws, it can be attached to a cage wall.

It can serve as a fun place to play for your chinchilla and also as a resting or sleeping place.

The toys are removable due to the rings at each end of the string that can be detached.



The structure is heavy so it may slant down a bit, the more it is used.

If you own a big chinchilla, it may be cramped between the cage wall and the toy so it won’t chew as comfortably as a smaller one.

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4. Kaytee Perfect Chews for Chinchillas


Since chewing is a chinchilla’s favorite activity, these chews are ideal for your pet in order to keep it busy. This item includes chewable mini wood pears, wood balls, a wood log, and a block in brilliant teal, green and purple colors. It doesn’t contain any plastic structures that can harm your animal.

It measures 8 x 1 x 4 inches and it weighs 0.96 ounces, being portable and suitable for any cage. Chewing these toys makes your pet healthier and happier. The toy can be used by more than one chinchilla at the same time, giving them a fun activity.

The toys are attached to a metal hook which is easy to hang in any place. The metal makes the structure a resistant one and it doesn’t allow chinchillas to chew the chain and that stops them from tearing it and scattering the toys.



These Kaytee chews are good for your chinchilla’s teeth health and for its happiness, keeping it busy.

It contains colorful and chewable wood toys that give your pet a fun and safe activity.

The toys are attached to a resistant metal chain with a hook that allows you to hang the product in a cage or anywhere you want.

There are no plastic structures to threaten your chinchilla’s health.

It is not necessarily an item for a single individual and it can be used by more little animals at the same time.



Depending on your chinchilla, the toys can last a while or they can last only a day so the entire structure isn’t a long term item.

The chain may be too long for some small cages and the bottom toys sit on the floor where they can get dirty.

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5. Pawliss Teeth Grinding Lava Block for Chinchilla


These natural lava rocks are ideal for your rodent pets like chinchillas, rats or hamsters in order to give them some additional help with grinding their teeth. Another benefit is that the rocks ensure a smooth sharpness of their nails as well.

Keeping your chinchilla busy chewing the lava rocks is a great step in order to prevent it from biting the cage or furniture. The rocks come in packs of 6 and they measure 2 x 2 x 2 inches, each cube. The lightweight structure allows your pet to push, toss and roll it for more convenient chewing.

Having this item in your pet’s cage guarantees healthier teeth. Chewing on these lava rocks prevents your chinchilla from overgrowing its teeth, also keeping them sanded down and clean. The rocks don’t crumble all over the cage in a very visible way but if this happens, it vacuums up easily.



The lava rocks are a great way to maintain your chinchilla’s teeth sanded down, clean and healthy, preventing teeth from overgrowing.

Besides the benefit brought to your rodent’s teeth, it is also very good for their nails, giving them a smooth sharpness too.

These rocks keep your pet busy chewing them so it won’t chew on cage walls or furniture which is a good way to protect them for a long time.

The rocks are lightweight, which allows the little animal to roll them and push them to better access all of the cubes’ faces and edges.

They are not messy and if there are any white crumbles over the cage’s floor, they vacuum up easily.



In some cases, the chinchilla may round off the corners and then can’t use the rocks.

Some animals may not be interested in this item and ignore it, depending on their personality and mood.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Chinchilla toys and accessories should be safe, sturdy and keep your pet entertained for long periods. This animal gets the most benefits from toys that encourage it to act as it would do in the wild, chewing, running or foraging. So if you’re wondering “what toys do chinchillas like?”, let’s find out together.


If you’re looking for chinchilla safe toys you can always choose a running wheel. It’s not only safe but it also helps your pet stay in good shape and exercise. There are certain things that you need to consider when buying a running wheel.

The first of them is to make sure the wheel is easy to attach to the cage. This will help you mount it fast, but it will also ensure that everything is safe for your pet. Next, a wheel should be silent. You don’t want to be awakened in the middle of the night because your chinchilla decides to go for a jog.

That’s really important knowing that chinchillas spend a lot of time being active in the night. Next, be sure that the wheel is sturdy and made of metal or wood.

A wide wheel is desirable as you want your chinchilla to have all the space it needs when running. If the wheel is too uncomfortable the pet may not want to run on it. Even worse, it can fall off the wheel and get injured. Wheels that are coated with substances that provide more grip are even better.



Hammocks are ideal if you’re looking for a chinchilla cuddly toy. They are comfortable, soft and chinchillas love sitting in them. A good hammock should serve as a place for your pet to rest and feel at ease. It could also serve as a sleeping spot or a place where it can sit and just observe the world around it.

Small chinchillas love the cozy feeling of a hammock, especially when the hammock is warm. So make sure you get a fluffy one for your small pet. It’s important that the hammock attaches easily. Most of the times the mechanism used for securing the hammock to a cage is made of chains.

These chains need to be sturdy and resistant to rust or corrosion. They also need to be made of something strong like iron. You don’t want your chinchilla to chew on them, and break them. Safety is important and that is why you should avoid hammocks that are made of hard materials, especially plastic.

Chewing toys

Chinchilla chew toys can keep the pets occupied for a long time. But to be certain they are safe, you need to make sure toys are made of natural materials like wood or lava rocks. Plastic is bad for chinchillas because it can break and the pets can eat it. Plastic splinters can also damage the teeth, so avoid that.

Any unnatural materials are also to be avoided, and that includes chinchilla toy parts that are glued together using unhealthy adhesive.




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3) Playtime in and out of the cage

4) These pets love chewing



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