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5 Best Chinchilla Cage Accessories Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 02.04.20



Best Chinchilla Cage Accessory Review – Top Rated Models in 2020 with Buying Guide


Chinchillas are fun creatures to watch and they need as much entertainment as possible in order to live a long and happy life. Therefore, whenever you’re not around to spend quality time with your chin, they should be provided with the best chinchilla cage accessories to stimulate their brains and help them relax, at the same time. After thoroughly researching the market, we have concluded that a reliable accessory for your pet’s cage would be the Quality Cage Crafters Chin Spin. This exercising wheel measures 15 inches in diameter and features a sturdy and heavy construction that will last you a lifetime. It doesn’t contain any plastic parts that can be chewed by your chin and will promote a healthy lifestyle, by allowing your rodent to exercise. If this item is not available for purchase right away, perhaps you may want to consider the Fluffy Feet Kiln Ledge Set as an alternative.



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5 Best Chinchilla Cage Accessories (Reviews) in 2020



Finding some good chinchilla cage accessories isn’t always easy, especially since there are plenty of products available on the market today. And, while we cannot test them all, we did make a list of several custom chinchilla cage accessories that we deemed worthy of your attention. Showcased below you’ll find all the necessary information about each of these products.



1. Quality Cage Crafters 15″ Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel


This large exercising wheel measures 15 inches in diameter, more than enough to accommodate a grown-up chinchilla and provide endless moments of fun and physical activity. It is made of high-quality metal and wood and features a sturdy construction that won’t chip or break in time.

Therefore, the product will last you a long time from now on and will help your chinchilla pet stay in shape or even lose weight.

There aren’t any plastic parts included that can be chewed on, meaning it is safe to use by all large rodents, without worrying about dangerous chemicals the plastic might contain.

The item is simple to mount on all wire cages and comes with easy-to-follow instructions that will save you time and effort. However, since the bottom of the wheel is made of wood, we suggest positioning the item in such a way so that your chinchilla faces you every time he or she wants to exercise.



It features a sturdy construction that won’t bend, chip or break even after months or years of intense practice by your chinchilla.

It measures no less than 15 inches in diameter, which makes it big and comfortable enough to accommodate large rodents, including adult chinchillas and Guinea pigs.

The exercise wheel doesn’t contain any plastic parts that might be flimsy or chewed by your pet, so you won’t have to worry about chemicals getting in contact with your chin.

It can be mounted on any type of wire cage and won’t take you more than 5-10 minutes to properly install.



According to some of the customers, the wheel weighs approximately eight pounds, meaning it can be too heavy to operate and enjoy by small chins in the beginning. Your pet will end up putting too much effort into trying to move the wheel, which will eventually lead it to stop trying.

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2. Kiln Dried Pine Chinchilla 5 Piece Ledge set with Poop Guards


This product is handmade from high-quality kiln-dried pine and includes five ledges of various shapes and sizes. They can be easily mounted on any type of wire cage and include all mounting hardware, as all as the poop guards to keep your cage clean for longer.

The ledges can be used for all small animals and rodents, including chins, rats, degus or sugar gliders.

What we liked about this ledge set is that each piece is individually handcrafted and tested to last a long time. All the items feature a sturdy construction and can easily support the weight of your pet and constant jumping.

All materials used to manufacture the set are pet-friendly and nontoxic, including colorings and glues, meaning you can rest assured your furry chin will be safe, even if it occasionally starts chewing on the shelves.



Kiln-dried pine is the sturdiest type of wood when it comes to building chinchilla ledges, so you can rest assured it won’t chip or break after just a couple of months of intense use.

The set contains five different pieces, each with its own shape and dimension to stimulate your pet’s abilities and create the perfect hideouts or places to take a nap.

The items don’t contain any toxic dyes or glues, meaning they are safe to use even by the most sensitive chins.

The set is delivered with easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary mounting hardware, so you’ll finish mounting them in less than half an hour.



Since each item is individually made, there might be slight discolorations or differences between the ledges.

Although the shelves are treated with sandpaper to remove any traces of sawdust and splinters, you may want to double-check them before installing them in your pet’s cage to prevent any injuries or accidents.

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3. Alfie Pet Percy Wood Platform with Chewing Toys


If you’re looking for a fun and educational toy to keep your pet occupied for hours, this new product from Alfie could prove the perfect choice. It measures 11.75 inches in length and 6 inches in height and it is ideal for small animals such as hamsters, mice, and even ferrets.

The product is made of high-quality materials like wood and metal so it comes with sturdy construction that will last you many years from now on.

This represents the perfect combination of a chewing toy and a place to play or rest after a long day. The platform is specifically designed to satisfy your rodent’s natural instinct to stay above the ground level to sleep or eat.

The chewing pieces include colored wood balls and pumice that will keep your chin’s teeth strong and healthy. All dyes used are non-toxic and won’t cause allergic reactions.



The item is made of high-quality wood and comes with all necessary hardware included for you to easily mount it on any type of wire cage.

The platform is large enough to provide a secure area where your pet can play or rest at the same time.

The chewing elements include colorful wood balls and pumice that will maintain your pet’s oral hygiene, preventing teeth from overgrowing or cavities from appearing.

All dyes and glues used to manufacture and paint the platform are nontoxic and don’t contain harmful chemicals that might cause allergies or health problems to your chinchilla.



Although many customers appreciated the sturdy construction of the platform and all its accessories, some mentioned they had problems with the installation kit provided, as some of the delivered screws didn’t match the rest of the platform and made the mounting process harder.

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4. Niteangel 2-Level Wooden Platform


Chinchillas love jumping and stretching their paws, so they’ll naturally need a lot of space in order to have a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle. This two-level platform from Niteangel is the perfect cage accessory as it will provide plenty of space for your chin to play, rest or chew on its delicious treats or toys.

The item is made of natural pine wood that is sturdy and reliable. It is nontoxic and safe for all animals, including the most sensitive chinchillas. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about allergic reactions or chemicals that might cause health problems to your chin.

The double deck and semicircle-shaped shelves can be combined in various ways to create unique styles that match the requirements of any wire cage or your pet’s necessities. Moreover, it can be constantly changed to prevent boredom and stimulate your pet’s climbing abilities.

The item is delivered with all necessary mounting installations and easy-to-follow instructions.



The product is made of top-quality pine wood that is not only sturdy and reliable but won’t hurt your pet’s sensitive paws either.

The two shapes can be combined in various ways to provide a fun and new design to your chinchilla’s cage, stimulating its jumping skills and allowing it to stretch its paws whenever a break is needed.

The wooden platform comes with swing nut accessories to make sure it fits most cages and make the mounting process easier.

What we also liked is that all the items used to manufacture the platform, including glues, are nontoxic and safe for your animal to use, no matter how sensitive it is.



Some of the customers mentioned the platform isn’t sturdy enough to support the constant jumps of your chinchilla and it may break in time.

Moreover, since the product is made of wood, it will eventually get chewed by your chinchilla so you’ll have to replace it.

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5. Kaytee Chinchilla Hut Hideout 100079175


No chinchilla wood cage accessories list wouldn’t be complete without this cool and comfortable hut. The item is made of 100% natural pine wood that is safe for chinchillas and won’t cause allergies or irritations.

The product has the right dimensions to host all sorts of small rodents, including rats, chinchillas, and hamsters, providing a safe spot to rest, nap or sleep. It is also specifically designed to encourage your pet’s natural nesting and chewing instincts, providing hours of entertainment and a good night sleep.

The hut can be placed in any chinchilla cage and features a window large enough to ensure easy access in and out for your small rodent. The universal design fits any environment and can even be mounted on Kaytee’s special comfort shelves, making it the perfect hideout upstairs.

Assembling it is easy and doesn’t require the use of any toxic glues or screws that could harm your chin.



The hut is made of top-quality pine wood that is safe to use by all chinchillas and won’t cause allergic reactions if it is chewed and ingested.

It is the perfect size for all small rodents, including chinchillas, rats, and hamsters and provides a great hideout whenever your pet needs a break or a good night sleep.

The universal design fits almost all cages and can even be mounted on special shelves manufactured by the same company so that you can create endless entertainment and relaxing options for your pet’s cage.

It is easy to mount and doesn’t require any screws or toxic glues that might harm your precious rodent.



Some customers mentioned the item doesn’t come with assembling instructions, so it may take you a while until you figure it out.

Since it is made of wood, you shouldn’t expect this hut to last forever as it will be eventually chewed by your chinchilla.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Are you looking for some cute chinchilla cage accessories for sale that will make your pet’s home more welcoming and appealing? Although there are plenty of options available, not all of them are suitable for your pet. If you want to make sure you purchased the perfect product for your chin, here are some features you should take into account.

Materials used

Whether we’re talking about exercising wheels, shelves or other accessories, all of them must be made of sturdy and high-quality materials that won’t break or chip in time. Plastic and similar materials should be avoided as they are flimsy and may contain chemicals that could harm your pet.

On the same note, all chemicals, glues, and dyes should be avoided as they cause allergic reactions and even severe health problems to your chinchilla. Keep in mind that we are talking about sensitive creatures that often suffer from stomach aches and diarrhea.

Metal is a good option when it comes to the structures of the accessories as it is sturdy, reliable, and cannot be chewed by your pet.

However, the best option in the market remains wood. Out of them all, kiln dried pine is the number one choice of manufacturers because it doesn’t contain any harmful substances and is reliable.


Purpose activities

Cage accessories come in countless shapes, sizes, materials, and serve different purposes. Ledges and shelves stimulate your chinchilla’s natural instinct of eating and resting above the ground, while huts represent great hideaways and sleeping places.

You can also opt for specific chewing toys made of pumice, hay, and wood that are designed to provide good oral hygiene, making teeth stronger and healthier.

And, since most rodents tend to overeat, an exercise wheel represents the perfect option to keep your pet busy and active for many hours. Just make sure the wheel is sturdy and big enough to accommodate an adult chinchilla and other small rodents that might need the exercise.

Other choices worth mentioning include chinchilla fleece cage accessories that will keep your pet warm and cozy during the cold winter days and will provide a safe environment for newborns or individuals recovering after surgeries.

If you still have trouble finding the perfect products, you can also check some chinchilla cage accessories reviews and read the opinions of other customers to make up your mind easier.



Wire cages are specifically designed to allow mounting various accessories and toys that will make your pet’s life better and more exciting. However, since some products can include various smaller parts, the setup process might take a while, especially if it requires the use of your own hardware and tools.

Therefore, we suggest opting for products that are easy to assemble without any additional parts or those that feature the necessary hardware such as screws. Just make sure each part perfectly matches the others before assembling to avoid flimsy and potentially dangerous constructions.




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