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5 Best Carriers for Rabbits in 2020 – Guide & Reviews

Last Updated: 30.03.20


Top Rated Rabbit Carrier for 2020 – A Comprehensive Comparison


If you’re looking for the best rabbit carriers, this is definitely the right place. Dr. Fox has carefully assessed some of the market’s popular products based on value and quality and found the Suncast PCR1913A to be a good choice because of how it can accommodate even dogs up to 20 pounds. If you have a rabbit similar in size to a Chihuahua, it’s an ideal option. The stylish and durable design is made easy to clean and even includes a bowl for your pet’s food and water. Because of how cool and neat it is, the Suncast PCR1913A easily runs out of stock, but Dr. Fox has just the second best option for you, the Petsfit EVA.



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5 Best Carriers for Rabbits (Reviews) in 2020



Dr. Fox considers the following products worth a second look. They offer good value for the money, durability, and transport ease compared to other low-quality options. We hope that you can give them a try.



1. Suncast Portable Dog Crate with Handle for Small and Medium Dogs


From the brand known for the manufacture of nifty storage solutions comes the Suncast PCR1913A. This model is designed to help you in the efficient transport of Chihuahua-sized pets such as rabbits or dogs up to 20 pounds. Durable and stylish, the carrier looks great in any environment and will not look out of place in an airport or train station either.

This product makes it easy to carry your furry pet anywhere, so you do not have to worry about having to hold it in your arms or keeping it from fidgeting as you go through the plane boarding process. This storage option looks stylish but is not difficult to clean because of the smooth and convenient material it is constructed from.

To ensure your pet is properly fed and hydrated during transport, the unit includes a bowl to hold food and water. Clearly, the manufacturer has thought of everything! Ventilation is not a problem thanks to the wide slots around.



The wide, easy-open door makes it easy to get your pet into and out of the carrier with the least stress and difficulty as possible.

With the top-mounted handle, transporting your pet from location to location is easy and convenient since you simply grab and go.

Thanks to the evenly spaced slots around the sides, this pet carrier ensures good ventilation and keeps your pet cool during transport.

To ensure the animal’s safety, the unit is guaranteed with the durability of any Suncast storage option product.

The nifty bowl ensures your rabbit can get fed easily during travel, so you both arrive happily and looking forward to another adventure.



According to one customer’s experience at the airport, the carrier was nearly denied by airline officers because the sides were not solid plastic. It is best to check with the airline early if they allow the pet carrier to be used on flights.

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2. Petsfit 16 X 9 X 9 Inches Pet Carrier EVA Soft-Sided Pet Carrier


The Petsfit EVA is a soft-sided option for transporting pets safely and conveniently. It is made from high-quality polyurethane and EVA for sufficient toughness balanced with comfort, so your pet stays secure inside without feeling trapped in rigid walls. This option is ideal for small pets such as cats, rabbits, and ferrets, among many others.

The hexagonal shape makes the unit easy to handle from the top while having a compact footprint that can go with the rest of the luggage. The zipper provides easy security to keep your pet enclosed during the trip. It has a metal slider and nylon teeth designed to work together smoothly for up to 10,000 times of opening and closing without getting stuck.

The material also ensures your pet’s safety with its non-toxic quality. The EVA material keeps the carrier in its solid shape while being environment-friendly. To facilitate storage, the unit packs and ships flat.



Made from a combination of polyurethane and EVA, this 16 by 9 by 9-inch small carrier ensures safe transport for your beloved small pet.

Thanks to sensible material engineering, the EVA material is designed to keep the shape of the unit, so the hexagonal shape remains consistent during transport.

Because the material is environment-friendly, it also ensures that your pet’s health will not be endangered even with frequent use.

The carrier closes securely and also allows you to put your pet in and take it out easily because of the durable zipper with a metal slider and nylon teeth that work smoothly for up to 10,000 times of closing and opening.

You will love how the product facilitates easy storage as it packs and ships flat for problem-free stowing when not in use.



The soft pad inside is nearly half an inch too long, according to one customer. Buyers should zip up the carrier carefully because when it’s closed, the extra length fills in any gaps.

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3. Iris Small Animal Carrier


This carrier is ideal for any small pets, such as bunnies, hedgehogs, and hamsters, but not only. You will find that this model is suitable for keeping energetic critters inside, as the front door comes with double spring-loaded latches.

As a pet owner, you will not have to worry about your pet having trouble breathing well while you transport him or her around. The carrier is well ventilated, and that will contribute to the wellbeing of your pet. Also, because the top is see-through, you will encounter no issues when you want to do a quick checkup. The top door is convenient, as well, for taking the animal out without any hassle.

Because it comes with a handle that folds down, this model presents various conveniences. For starters, it makes it easy for you to move the carrier from one place to another. Also, it can be stored away without a problem when not in use.



Since it is hard-sided, this carrier is a good option for pet owners’ peace of mind; your pet will not risk getting crushed by accident during transportation.

Its beautiful appearance is a great plus, and many users comment on how nice it looks when they take out their pets for a visit to the vet or any other reason.

The way the doors are locked in place will prevent even escape artists some pets are from opening them and getting out.

Due to the top door available, moving the pet in and out is a breeze, and many pet parents are satisfied that they can do so without causing any trauma.

Easy storage is a plus, and the foldable handle makes things easy in this respect.



The model is available only in two colors, brown and white, so in case you might prefer another option for your pet carrier, then you are out of luck.

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4. Pet Magasin Hard Cover Collapsible Pet Travel Kennel 


Whenever you have to take your small pet to the vet, you can do so in safety and style if you pick this model from the many available. You will notice that this model combines the benefits of a hard carrier with those of a soft one. First of all, the hard surface base will allow your pet to sit comfortably. At the same time, when you’re not using the carrier, you can fold it down with ease, due to the soft sides.

An extra mat is placed on the bottom of the carrier, adding to the comfort of your pet. Also, the mesh that makes the door offers good breathability so that your furry friend doesn’t overheat during transportation.

Overall, the unit has proper ventilation so that visits to the vet are not more traumatic than needed. The quality of the materials used, down to the zippers, is superior.



While it accommodates small pets, such as rabbits and cats, the carrier is large enough to ensure that larger specimens of such species will have plenty of room at their disposal without feeling cramped.

According to buyers, most pets love the comfort offered by this carrier, which makes transportation more pleasant than usual.

Because of the high portability and the fact that it folds with ease, it is a convenient option for people who don’t have a lot of space for a carrier in their homes.

Good breathability makes this carrier a good option for longer rides, during which you need to make sure that your pet is well cared for.



While the mesh door provides some visibility, if you have a pet that wants to see outside the carrier without any hindrance, that can be a problem.

Zipping down the parts when the carrier is collapsed can be a bit challenging.

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5. U-pet Innovative Patent Bubble Pet Carriers


The term innovative is not used liberally in the description of this pet carrier. While, at first glance, it may look like other carriers, the semi-sphere window makes it unique. Since rabbits can be quite challenging when it comes to keeping them inside a carrier, this particular element allows them to see outside while keeping them secure.

Ideal for pets that weigh up to 12 pounds, this carrier can be taken with you on a plane, as its design is approved by most airlines. There are a few extra advantages that must be talked about. A security leash offers an extra layer of safety, while a soft pad increases your pet’s comfort.

You can open the carrier from the top and the sides with ease, so you will encounter no issues when you have to take your pet out of the carrier or put him or her back in.



There is proper ventilation, and your pet will not suffer from overheating or not being able to breathe during transportation.

Many buyers appreciate having the security leash in place as it allows the pet to move around, but will also prevent him or her from leaping outside when you open the carrier.

You will like that there are plenty of pockets you can use for storing items that you need to have easy to access, so this carrier is not only for your pet but also for you.

As it is made from non-toxic materials, this carrier is excellent for your pet, and the extra comfort offered by the soft pad inside makes it ideal for many small animals.



Some buyers comment on the fact that the model, while cool and exciting, doesn’t offer enough space for larger pets.

Cleaning can prove to be quite tricky, as you cannot turn the carrier inside out.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Not all consumers have the time to go over dozens of the best rabbit carrier reviews. However, we have designed this short buyer’s guide to provide enough information for consumers to find a suitable product for their purpose. We believe a good travel carrier for small pets should be evaluated based on the following characteristics.

Size and construction

A good rabbit travel carrier offers enough space for the pet to stand on its legs without crouching. Your pet should even be able to turn around, if possible. There has to be space for a bowl intended for food or water, especially during long trips.

Some plastic carriers have such components built onto the top for convenience. Should the budget be a limiting factor in this aspect, just make sure there is ample room to accommodate any travel-sized bowls you intend to use.

The bottom line: choose a unit that makes your rabbit feel cozy and safe during transport. An excessively large one is useless if it just makes your pet fidgety with the enormous space while also being difficult to carry.

Crate-style models are less comfortable than the ones made of a firm yet soft cloth. Waterproof material is even better. A sturdy zipper on the side or the top lets you put in and take out your pet easily. The carry handle or carrier strap should be strong enough to take the combined weight of the carrier and the animal.

Foldable carrier bags allow effortless storage when they are not in use.


Comfort and safety

Ventilation is essential in any quality pet carrier for sale. This may be via slots, screens, or wire windows. Whatever the ventilation design is, make sure air can flow freely in and out to keep your pet from getting overheated. Those ventilation slots can serve as a means to view your pet inside as well.

Many pet carriers have airline approval today. That said, always check with the airline for any rules and regulations on flying with pets as well as their carrier requirements. Bear in mind that your pet and the carrier will go through security as well. Some small carriers conveniently fit under the seat.

Environment-friendly, non-toxic material is best.


Durability and stability

You want the material to be strong and sturdy to prevent the enclosed animal from escaping easily. It will also shield your pet from accidental impacts such as when the car brakes suddenly. The carrier should be tough enough to stay in one piece in case the creature decides to do some curious scratching or biting into the material.

Waterproof material keeps your furry friend from the elements during travel, which is what the best carrier for rabbits is made out of.




Unavailable products




Available in three sizes to suit pets 4 6, and 8 Kgs., the DODOPET offers a safe and efficient way of carrying your animal from one location to another. Enjoy adventures together with your small pet anywhere by being able to bring it with you in this stylish travel tote style handbag. The manufacturer assures it is airline-approved for stress-free use.

Because it is easy to clean, this pet carrier can be used many times for small animals. The Oxford 600D and polyvinyl chloride material remains tough against the elements while keeping your pet comfortable inside. The soft mat keeps your pet cozy and can be removed for washing in case of messes.

This product is suitable for use in any season. It has a dual handbag and shoulder bag design via the handbag strap and shoulder strap, which give you two options for carrying. The Oxford material is also easy to clean, so the bag looks as good as new after every use.



Providing a stylish means of transporting your pet, this carrier comes with a fashionable travel tote/handbag style that can also be strapped on the shoulder for easy and versatile functionality.

Recommended for small pets such as kittens, puppies, and bunnies, this carrier is airline-approved, according to the manufacturer.

Suitable for any season, this product is quite easy to clean thanks to its Oxford 600D and polyvinyl chloride material.

The soft inner mat ensures comfort for your pet and is easy to remove for washing off the messes your furry pal might make during transport.

You can get the right size to fit your pet, varying from small to medium to large to fit animals 4, 6, and 8 kgs., respectively.



The bag style might not provide enough space for an extremely frisky or active pet to move about while being carried, based on the experience of one customer.




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