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4 Best Stackable Rabbit Cages – 2020 Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 02.04.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Stackable Rabbit Cage + Reviews


If you recently acquired or plan to acquire one or more rabbits, then you most probably need some good stackable rabbit cages to accommodate it or them. We suggest you try the Homey Pet 37″ Open Top, as it’s one of the most sought-after products out there, at least according to many stackable rabbit cage reviews. This model can be used both for rabbits, as well as for dogs or other animals that are under 70 pounds in weight. It features an open top that makes it easy for you to place your pet inside. The bottom of the cage is composed of a metal grid that keeps your animal dry and clean, above any waste. Under this metal grid, a sturdy pull-out tray can be removed and cleaned. The structure can be easily moved due to its lockable casters. If you can’t find this model, we also recommend the Festnight Deluxe.



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4 Best Stackable Rabbit Cages (Reviews) in 2020



After reading the reviews of some of the best stackable rabbit cages, we came to the conclusion that these following models are exactly what you may need in order to keep such a fluffy animal as a pet. We created this list to save you time and help you make a better decision.



1. Homey Pet 37″ Open Top Heavy Duty Pet Cage Kennel


This cage can be stacked and it measures 37 inches in length, 22 inches in width and 31 inches in height. It can be used for multiple rabbits and even medium-sized dogs that weigh up to 70 lbs. It features a door both on the top as well as a door on the front, for accessing it if other cages are stacked on top. The floor features a metal grid with 0.48 inch spacing in its mesh.

This grid keeps your animals away from dirt and other waste. Beneath the cage floor, there is a pull-out tray that has a smooth surface. This makes it easy to clean and protects whatever surface is below the cage from dirt.

Therefore, you can place this cage both outside as well as inside your house. The cage can be easily moved as it is mounted on lockable casters.



The cage features two doors, one on top and one in the front for easy access, both when used as a single unit as well as when you have multiple stacked units.

The item is mounted on casters that can be locked when needed and unlocked when you have to move the cage or cages from one place to another.

The floor grid does a great job of keeping your pet dry and clean. It doesn’t retain any bad odors and you are not required to wash this floor grid as often.

This model features a large tray beneath the floor grid. It can be removed and because it has a smooth surface, it can be cleaned with ease.



The cage is not designed to store large or unsettled animals. The welding points will come undone if the cage is shaken violently or handled without care.

Some customers received cheap stackable rabbit cages, containing fewer parts than required in order for them to assemble the cage. Moreover, the instructions were unclear.  

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2. Festnight Deluxe Animal Rabbit Cage with 6 Rooms


This cage is designed to keep rabbits and other small animals as well. It is made of quality fir wood that has been treated and painted to withstand the outdoor weather. This cage measures 40 inches in length, 19 inches in width and is 71 inches tall.

The cage is so tall because it is divided into 6 smaller compartments, each one with its own individual door, set in a pattern of three rows and two columns. Each of the doors is covered with a wire screen so that you can see everything is happening inside. The top part of this cage is also fitted with hinges and acts as a door, uncovering the two upper compartments.

At the same time, this lid is solid, preventing water, snow or predators from getting inside the cage. In addition, it is placed at an angle so that snow can’t gather and water can’t puddle on top of it.



This unit is separated into 6 smaller cages, so you can keep different type of animals inside, without them hurting each other.

The cage’s wooden components are treated and painted in order to better withstand the weather elements. This enhances its durability.

The face of each compartment is covered by a resistant wire mesh that protects the animals and allows you to watch what they are doing.

Because it’s made of wood, this model looks good from an aesthetic point of view. It can be placed both indoors as well as outdoors without looking out of place.



The individual cages are small, and even small animals should be kept inside only for a short period of time as they are definitely not comfortable inside such a cramped space.

Despite the fact that the wood is treated, if this unit is kept outside for a long period of time directly on the moist ground, the footpegs will start to deteriorate.

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3. 49″ Stackable Open Top Heavy Duty Cage


This cage is modular and more units can be stacked one on top of the other. It is suitable for a large variety of animals including rabbits and large dogs. This model can be the home of dogs that weigh up to 150 pounds. The cage measures 49 inches in length, 37 inches in width and 44 inches in height. The spaces between the bars measure 1.44 inches.

Embedded inside the front door there is a small feeding door which helps you feed your pet without the risk of him escaping. The floor is made out of a grid that keeps the inside of the cage dry and therefore, your pet clean.

Beneath this floor grid, there are two pull-out trays that can be easily washed. They have smooth surfaces, so dirt can’t adhere to them. They also protect the carpet or any other area that is directly under the cage.



The cage features a small door built inside the frame of the large front door. This makes it easy for you to feed the animal or animals inside without worrying that they might be able to escape.

This model is extremely spacious. It’s large enough to accommodate large breeds of dogs or multiple smaller animals with no problem.

The removable trays found underneath the cage are efficient in keeping your pets clean and mainly dry as they collect most of the waste.

The cage features lockable casters, that prove to be extremely useful if you have to move the cage from one room to another, especially if you own stacked cages.



The cage doesn’t feature a door on its top like many other models. This would have made placing and retrieving a large pet in and out of the cage easier.

Although the cage is built for large animals it’s not strong enough to contain them if they really want to get out.

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4. YML Small Breeding Cages Pack of 6


This cage model has originally been designed for birds, but you can use it to raise rabbits in it as well. The cage features two perches inside. In addition, two feeder cups are placed behind two feeder doors for easy access. These feeders may come in white or transparent plastic.

In between the two small feeder doors, there is a larger door through which you can place or take your pet out. The cage has half of an inch bar spacing all around, which prevents your pet from escaping and lets you see inside.

Underneath the cage bottom, which is made from the same grid as the cage walls, there is a removable tray that can be pulled out and cleaned. This tray will retain any waste, and keep your house floor, as well as your little pets, clean.



The cage features 2 feeder cups each with its own door and they come in handy if you have two or more small pets inside it.

The removable tray keeps your house and the animals dry and clean.

This package comes in 6 units, so it’s perfect if you own multiple animals.

The design of this cage is versatile. The cage can be used both for rabbits as well as for birds or other small pets.



The cage wires are pretty thin. If the package is transported improperly, you risk receiving damaged goods.

Some customers received fake products from unauthorized sellers. These counterfeit items were lacking in quality and features.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Many indoor stackable rabbit cages are not suited for them because they don’t have a lot of varying features. Here are a few of these characteristics presented in better detail, so you know what to look for when you are searching for stackable rabbit cages for sale.


A general rule of thumb is that the bigger the cage is, the more comfortable the rabbit will be. You must take into consideration that it will spend most of its time inside of that cage and nobody likes a small, cramped up home. Regarding some actual numbers, a good tip is to get a cage that is about 4 times the size of your rabbit.

For smaller animals that weigh less than 8 pounds, you can buy a 24″ by 36″ cage and for larger rabbits, you can opt for 30″ by 36″. Rabbits seem to like two-story cages, as well. These stackable wire rabbit cages have two levels joined by a ramp. Their advantage is that they occupy less of your floor space, but give your pet twice the amount of space.



Rabbits are not hard to train to use a litter, so it’s totally fine if you get a cage with a solid, smooth floor that is easy to clean. A lot of the cages available for sale these days have wire netting as floors. This, combined with pull-out trays beneath them, has the purpose of keeping the rabbits clean and makes cleaning their little home a bit easier for you.

All you have to do is to remove the tray and wash it somewhere else. This being said, wire floors are not extremely comfortable for the rabbits. Their feet can become sore, even on wire floors that have a pattern with narrow spacing in the net. A good idea to prevent your rabbit from hurting his little feet is to cover the netting with some wood, grass or some kind of mat.

Grass mats are a nice addition to cages with solid floors as well because they vary the surface onto which the rabbits hop around and at the same time provide more traction. The door or doors of the cage have to be large enough for the rabbit to get through and large enough to allow you to get a litter pan in and out with ease.

Depending on the model, some cages feature side doors or top doors, or even multiple doors simultaneously. It is best if the rabbit can get out or enter by him or herself through these cage doors. The edges of the door, but also the interior sides of the cage should be smooth or feature plastic strips over them so that the rabbit doesn’t cut or scratch itself when moving around.

Depending on your skills, you also have the option to construct the cage by yourself. The Internet is full of tutorials and guides on how to build stackable rabbit cages by yourself with minimum materials. This means that you can add any feature that you want and you can express yourself freely.



Grass or sisal mats can be used on a solid floor with excellent results. As mentioned before, they provide traction and give personality to your rabbit’s little home. You could use fleece blankets, towels or pieces of carpet as mats. However, they are a viable idea as long as your rabbit does not chew them or unravel them around.

Wood shavings such as cedar or pine should be avoided, especially for other types of animals, because they release certain aromatic oils. These oils are known to increase the level of some liver enzymes which in turn, have an effect on the animals’ metabolism of drugs and similar compounds.

If you have to use wood shavings, opt for better alternatives, such as aspen hardwood shavings. At the same time, you can use hay or straw to create rabbits’ bedding.


A rabbit that lives outdoors in a hutch enjoys fresh air and, if it has recently been taken out from inside the house, a new scenery. However, letting your rabbit in the open like that can prove to be dangerous for the animal, even if it remains inside its cage at all times.

Amongst the dangers it will encounter outdoors, the most common are predators, toxins from herbicides and pesticides or poisonous plants. As most of the predators are active during the night, that is the most dangerous time to leave your rabbit unsupervised.

Even if you live in populated cities, there are still predators such as raccoons, coyotes, hawks, dogs and more, that may harm your rabbit regardless if it is inside a cage or not. If you want to give your rabbit the freedom of living outside of a cage and still protect it, you should let the animal inside of an enclosed shed or garage. This way, it will be sheltered from the weather as well.




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