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12 Best Rabbit Burrows in 2020 – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 27.02.20


Top Burrows for Rabbits – Guide & Comparison


If you are the new owner of a bunny and you are desperate to find the best rabbit burrow for the money, we are here to help. After we have read what previous buyers and the experts had to say about the most representative choices form this line of products, we have concluded that the Oxbow Pet Products 448153 is the item that you should think about acquiring. This burrow is no less than 10 inches in height, and it was made 100% out of natural materials. In fact, it was manufactured from timothy hay, and it includes no chemicals, wire or thread. As the seller argues, the item can make for an enticing addition to the cage of your beloved pet. If this option happens to be out of stock, it might be a good idea to take a look at the Ware Manufacturing Den as it might also suit your needs.



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12 Best Rabbit Burrows (Reviews) in 2020



If you are in the market for a quality rabbit burrow box, but you do not know what models are worthy of your attention, read this list of items that we have prepared for you as it is quite informative.



1. Oxbow Pet Products 448153 Timothy Club Bungalow for Pets


This model sold by Oxbow Pet Products is made entirely of natural hay and it was hand woven for increased durability. This choice can supply your fluffy bunny with a comfy place where it can rest and relax.

Because the construction is edible, it can satisfy the need that rabbits and rodents have to gnaw. Therefore, this is also a source of healthy fibers. As the seller points out, the item was not made using chemicals, thread or wires and, thus, it won’t prove toxic for your companion and it won’t obstruct its intestinal balance.

Given its dimensions – it measures 10 inches in height – this choice is can easily fit inside any cage or habitat. Most rabbits find it appealing and prefer to hide inside it whenever they need privacy. According to owners, depending on how much your pet likes to chew on it, the option can last for a few weeks or a couple of months.



The item is quite large and it can fit rather sizable pets, which is a plus according to numerous buyers.

Because it was made using natural hay and no wires or thread, your bunny won’t get an intestinal obstruction after chewing on it.

The product is filled with fibers that are good for the gut health of critters. As a plus, it fulfills the innate need to chew that bunnies have.

This option is a great addition to the cage of your pet as it can provide it with a fun and comfy hideout where it can burrow away whenever it needs privacy.



There were some customers that claimed that the unit tends to get rather stinky if the pets go to the toilet inside it. This was an issue for those who purchased it for rats.

One buyer was unhappy with its size. The measurements of the choice are disclosed.

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2. Ware Manufacturing Ware Rabbit Den


This alternative is quite versatile as it can be transformed from a hideout into a den. To do so, you just have to flip it upside down. The model comes in one piece and, consequently, it does not need further assembling.   

This durable option was made in the USA and it was manufactured using only natural wood. In total, it measures 15″W x 12″ D x 12″H. The seller advertises it as the ideal resting spot for bunnies of all sizes. Because of its design, it suits almost all hutches or cages.

Structurally, this model is quite sturdy and it can pass the test of time even when used by rabbits that like to gnaw on it. Buyers have noted that their pets loved using it and that they felt comfortable inside of it. It can also be utilized by those who own guinea pigs. So, give it a go!



The main advantage of the option is its size, as it can comfortably supply bunnies with the needed space and with a sense of privacy and security.

Because it was made using natural wood, you should not worry if you catch your pet nibbling at it.

When flipped upside down, the hideout can be transformed into a nest box. Hence, it is quite versatile when compared to its counterparts.

Many were content with its study design, as the model was made using special screws that won’t come undone easily.



A handful of previous buyers noted that, when it arrived, this den had a powerful smell that was rather unpleasant. The odor went away after the model was left to air out.

Although most owners are happy with its construction, there were some pet owners who said that the unit is not as stable as the manufacturer suggests that it is.

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3. Kaytee Terra-Cotta Chew Proof Hideaway


If your pet is fond of hideouts that are made of terracotta, this product distributed by Kaytee is everything that you need. The option measures 7″ x 7″ x 9.5″ and it is sizeable enough to be utilized by bunnies and other small animals. However, a smaller model is also available for those interested.

Given the material that was used to make it, this choice is long-lasting and it is 100% chew proof. The terracotta clay remains cool at all times and it is very comfy especially when used in the scorching days of summer.

As a plus, because of its construction, this is one of the most easy-to-clean burrows that one can find on the market. Still, this item is not made of a material that is chewable. So, if you order it, you should make sure that your pet has a toy that it can nibble on so that its teeth stay healthy.



This is the perfect gift if you are in search of a unit that you can place in the cage of your pet during summer.

It is made of a sturdy material and it won’t have to be replaced any time soon as your fluffy companion won’t be able to destroy it easily.

This alternative is sizeable enough to fit rabbits, but it can also be offered as a gift to somebody who owns a chinchilla.

If you consider this item way too large, remember that a smaller alternative sold by the same manufacturer is also available.



The main issue that buyers have noted is that, due to transportation mishaps, the product might arrive cracked or broken into pieces.

Some said that, given its lack of top-notch features, the model is rather expensive. However, not many owners agree with this statement. Most of them actually speak highly of it.

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4. Oxbow Timothy Tunnel


If your pet enjoys playing hide and seek and it loves tunnels, be sure to take a good look at this option distributed by Oxbow. The tunnel is made of 100% hay and it does not feature thread or wires that might cause intestinal blockages.

The choice measures 10 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches, and it can be added to most cages and habitats. Because it features no chemicals, the pet can chew on it if it pleases to. The item also doubles as a hiding spot where your bunny can sneak in whenever it wants privacy.

Given that it is fairly light in weight, the tunnel is easy to move around by the pets. Still, it might not last for long as it is made from timothy hay, a source of fibers that rodents find irresistible. On top of that, it is quite safe and entertaining for most pets.



This item is likely to be a hit if you intend to place it in the cage of your bunny. Because it is made of hay, it will be devoured in no time.

Furthermore, because this choice is rich in fibers, it can supply your beloved fluffy companion with all the chewing activity that it needs.

This tunnel is very fun for bunnies because they are able to also use it as a toy and transport it from one part of the habitat to another.

If you need a product that can encourage your fluffy buddy to stay active and have healthy teeth, this might be it.



One owner said that, although the model is well liked by pets, it is very difficult to clean. This is an issue especially for those who have guinea pigs.

Numerous buyers were unhappy that their pets destroyed the tunnel rather fast. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it means that the pets like it.

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5. Prevue Hendryx 1098 Nature’s Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy


Another grass tunnel toy that your active companion can explore is the 1098 model sold by Prevue Hendryx. This unit is made of hand-woven grass and it can satisfy your bunny’s need to chew and nest. Also, it encourages it to burrow and explore.

The model is manufactured from natural couch grass and it is perfect for guinea pigs and ferrets as well. Because of its dimensions – it measures 13-½ inches in length and it has a diameter of 6 inches – it is better suited for dwarf rabbits.

This fun playtime accessory is easy to set up in any cages. Given its sturdy construction, this option is likely to last quite a long time, depending on how much the pet likes to chew on it. Bunnies can also use it as a hideout whenever they feel the need for privacy. Because it is not very heavy, it can be moved around.



If you want a choice that can stimulate your rabbit’s gnaw and burrow instincts, this item might be of help. The tunnel is 15 inches in length.

The product was fabricated using natural grass that is chemical-free and it can be safely eaten by pets if they want to.

Given its size, the model is rather small for adult-sized regular rabbits. Still, it is fitting for dwarf bunnies and baby pets.

The tunnel is quite sturdy and it might last for months to come, depending on your pet’s chewing preferences.



One user remarked that the tunnel is way too easy for a rabbit to chew through. However, most considered this feature a positive one.

There was a customer who said that this choice is not suitable for guinea pigs as it contains materials that can cause blockage in the digestive tract. Still, bunny owners have nothing to worry about.

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6. Ware Manufacturing Hand Woven Willow Twig Tunnel


If you want to supply your beloved fluffy companion with a hideaway twig tunnel that is built of wholesome chew sources, this is the product that you need. According to the seller, the item is made entirely of hand-woven willow and it is safe for all small pets, including rabbits.

The item measures 8 inches in width and 10 inches in depth and it has a total height of 7 inches. Because it is quite sizeable, your fluffy buddy will definitely enjoy playing and hiding inside it. Additionally, the seller argues that the tunnel promotes healthy chewing behaviors and that it supplies critters with a sense of safety and security.

This cozy option is suitable to be used by rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs and other similar rodents of the same size. When compared to other choices, this model is quite accessible, including for those that are on a budget.



This alternative was developed from a renewable source, more exactly from untreated, hand-woven willow. So, it is safe and it satisfies the need to chew that bunnies have.

Large and accommodating, this twig tunnel is quite comfy and it can be utilized by pets whenever they want time alone.

Because it was made of natural materials, the item can provide critters with a sense of security and safety.

Most pet owners were happy to report that their companions love the product because it is easy to chew.



A handful of buyers claimed that the tunnels that they were shipped had a powerful smell of chemicals that was very unpleasant. This was not a problem that many observed.

Previous owners of the model noted that this item is not as sturdy as the tunnels previously made by the same manufacturer. Not many pointed to this issue so far.

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7. Peters Woven Grass Hide A Way Hut for Rabbits


This hut distributed by Peters is manufactured from quality grass that is safe for your pet rabbit to chew on. The model is well liked by pets as it can also be utilized as a hiding spot and as a toy. Even more so, the manufacturer encourages owners to use it as a natural bowl too.

Because it was created from grass, this alternative won’t hurt the paws of your beloved companion like other cage bottoms made of wired tend to do. Therefore, it will feel safe when using it. When chewed, the item also helps the pet maintain healthy teeth.

Given that it does not come fitted with loops that you can utilize to attach it to the walls of the cage, the pet can move it freely. Consequently, it can also help keep the pet active and not bored when left by itself. It is suitable for dwarf bunnies as well.



This choice is a great pick if you are looking for a product that can keep the pet active and that encourages it to nibble.

With an entertaining design, this tunnel is safe and nontoxic and it can also be utilized as a toy by your fluffy companion.

Because it was manufactured from grass, it is soft and, thus, it won’t actually hurt the paws of your beloved rodent.

Given that it has a sturdy structure, the item won’t be easily destroyed. So, you will not have to reorder it soon.



Although it is the right fit for baby and dwarf bunnies, some of those that have invested in it so far do not recommend it for large breed rabbits.

One customer noted that the tunnel that she was shipped was rather rough and slightly smelly, which is why she does not recommend it to those interested in it.

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8. Kaytee Woodland Get A Way Rabbit House


This large bunny house is made of natural wood, which is why it can be safely chewed by pets. The choice is 10.25″ long, 14″ wide, and 8.25″ high and it is the perfect hideout for chinchillas, hedgehogs, rabbits, and rats.

Given its sizable design, this option can provide the pet with sufficient space so that it can sleep and hide into it whenever it needs privacy. This alternative has a simple construction and it comes equipped with a round window-like opening and with a door that makes it easy for pets to get in and out of it.

The item is also available in different sizes, provided that these dimensions do not meet the needs of your companion. Pet owners have remarked that animals like it as it can supply them with a sense of safety. It might not fit more than a bunny at once.



This unit is made of wood and it was specially created to provide pets with a safe environment where they can rest or play.

Because it is constructed from wood, it can help your pet with its innate need to gnaw and burrow, which are important instincts that have to be encouraged.

The product has a sturdy design and, consequently, it will not come to pieces unexpectedly.

Plus, the two entryways that it incorporates make it easy for pets to get in and out of it whenever they feel like it.



One drawback that many pointed to is that this house is rather small for regular-sized rabbits. However, it is the perfect home for dwarf bunnies.

Although the seller advertises the model as being sturdy, there was a user who said that the choice falls apart quite easily as it tends to develop a crack between the window and the door.

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9. Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel


This extension tunnel is a great product that you can invest in if you have a pet that loves to hide. Given its design, this is one of those models that are a great addition to any habitat or cage as it can help pets develop a burrow instinct.

It can be used by pets to play, sleep, or exercise in it. Moreover, it comes provided with the necessary hardware so that you can attach it to an additional tunnel or a small tent. Once the bunny is done using it, if you need to save space, you can just fold it away.

The item is 7.9 inches in diameter and it has a total length of 35.4 inches. The polyester fabric that was used to make it produces a crinkly sound that amuses most pets. You can use this tunnel both indoors and outdoors. It is large enough to be utilized by gerbils and rats as well.



This model is made of polyester and it is large enough so that your bunny can use it to develop a burrow instinct.

It can be used indoors and outdoors and it is very easy to clean in case it gets dirty. Also, it makes a sound that entices the rodents to explore.

The seller also distributes small tents that can be attached to the tunnel given that it comes fitted with the needed corner ties.

As the seller argues, it can be efficiently used for small critters such as rats, mice, and gerbils.



There were customers that were not particularly happy with their investment. According to them, the item that they were shipped was smaller than the included image suggested.

Additionally, the material that was used to build the tunnel is not of high quality and it moves around too much if the choice is not secured to the cage.

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10. Kaytee Natural Tree Trunk Hideout


This option is shaped like an old tree stump and it can supply your pet with a fun-looking resting spot. Because it has a total height of 10 inches, it will most certainly fit in most habitats and cages for rabbits.

Furthermore, this unit is made of a mix of wood and plastic composite and, because of its design, it can satisfy the pet’s inner need to hide. The seller also notes that this option is safe to chew by critters. It is fairly easy to clean in case it gets dirty.

Because of its sizable construction, this is one of those models that can comfortably fit an adult rabbit, a guinea pig or a chinchilla. You won’t find it complicated to move it around the habitat because it is light in weight. This hideout can make for a fun addition to any home as it is available in numerous colors.



The item is durable and light in weight as it is made of plastic. Moreover, it is simple to clean.

If you need a model that can provide a rabbit with a safe and accommodating place to hide, this might be it.

The alternative can also be used for other critters such as chinchillas, guinea pigs, and even hamsters.

Plus, the original design of the product is quite appealing to bunnies, which is a reason why owners recommend it.



There was a customer who remarked that her rabbit did not like it because it had a very distinct smell of plastic that did not go away easily. Only a few complaints of this type were made.

Some buyers did not consider it suitable for rodents because it is made of plastic and, thus, it cannot be chewed on. Still, the seller argues that it also includes pieces of actual wood.

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11. Kaytee Igloo Hideaway 


If you like the idea of being able to see what your fluffy companion is doing even when it goes into hiding, this is the option for you. Because it is made of translucent plastic, the model enables you to keep an eye on the pet at all times.

The plastic that was utilized to manufacture the igloo is sturdy, easy to clean, and resistant to staining. Moreover, because of its design, this choice encourages the natural nesting instinct that small critters innately have.

The item comes in a variety of colors. It has a one-piece construction so that you don’t have to spend additional time putting it together. Because of its dimensions, it can fit into most available habitats and cages. It can be used as a hideaway for gerbils, rats, and hamsters as well. When compared to the available counterparts, this model is durable and budget-friendly.



Given that this igloo is odor and stain-resistant, you won’t find it at all challenging to clean it. So, it can save you some time.

This hideaway is made of durable, translucent plastic and it provides you with the ability to see what the pet is doing without disturbing it.

Furthermore, this item is sizable enough to accommodate small rodents including hamsters and gerbils as well as small rabbits.

One of the features that makes it worthy of attention is the fact that it is very accessible, even for those that are on a budget.



Because it is made of plastic, this product is rather light in weight. Therefore, it is quite easy for the bunny to move it around. Not all buyers appreciated this aspect.

There were some customers that were unhappy that they were not given the ability to choose the color that they liked.

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12. Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels 


This item can expand to 2 and a half feet and, therefore, it is the ideal product to get if you want a unit that can help your bunny explore its innate need to burrow. The choice is durable and it was made of a type of plastic that is resistant to stains.

Given that it has an accordion-like shape, this tunnel can be used to create various shapes in accordance with the space that one has available in the pet’s habitat. The model has a unique design and it is very easy to clean and store.

The choice encourages bunnies to keep active. Therefore, by investing in it, you can be sure that your fluffy pet won’t get bored. The tunnel can also be used as a hideout. To avoid any unfortunate incidents, it is best that you supervise your rabbit while it is playing in it.



This fun option is quite large in size and it enables bunnies to burrow, which is an innate need that they must exercise.

Because it is very entertaining, it can help your pet stay active and in shape. Plus, it prevents it from getting bored.

The flexible design of the model allows owners to modify its shape so that it can fit in the space that one has available.

The sturdy plastic that was used to make this unit won’t lose its shape easily and it is odor and stain-resistant.



There was an unfortunate incident where a rabbit died because it chewed on the plastic. As a result, it is advisable that you supervise the pet while it is playing in this tunnel.

Some argued that this model is not very appealing to shy pets. Still, this has nothing to do with the quality of the product.

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Yearly Guide & Report


As all experienced pet-owners know, finding a good rabbit burrow is not a task that comes without significant difficulties. To help, we have taken the time to create a comprehensive buying guide that is packed with numerous features that are considered a must-have in such a product.


As most rabbit burrow reviews are quick to point out, burrowing is an innate need that has to be satisfied especially in pets that are kept indoors, in cages. To help owners fulfill this natural need that rabbits and rodents have, numerous manufacturers have created hideaways and tunnels that one can add inside the habitat of his/her pet.

When selecting such a product, it is best that you pay attention to the area that you have available. The unit that you decide to purchase should fit inside the cage of the bunny. If you are short on space, it might be a good idea to select an option that is made of a flexible material.

Equally important, you should not ignore the size of the pet. Some of the rabbit burrows for sale that you can find online were created to suit the needs of dwarf bunnies and of other smaller critters such as hamsters and pet rats.

Because of this, you have to pay extra attention to the actual size of the unit that you like. For extra info on the model, it might also help to read the feedback comments left by previous buyers as this can help you understand whether or not a specific choice is suitable for an adult, regular-sized pet.



The durability of the item is also worthy of consideration. Most hideaways and tunnels are made of natural hay and grass. These choices are well liked by pets because they can also be chewed. Yet, their main disadvantage is that they are easily destroyed.

If you need a more durable alternative, it is recommended that you try a product made of plastic, terracotta, or wood. Plastic tunnels are easy to clean and stain-resistant and they are quite flexible. Therefore, you can use them in various types of habitats.

Yet, their main disadvantage is that they are not very safe if eaten by pets. As a consequence, if you decide to acquire such a model, you should only let the pet play with it under your direct supervision. If rabbits eat plastic, the health of their gut is compromised as the plastic can cause intestinal blockages and internal bleedings that immediately lead to the death of the pet.

Tunnels made of terracotta are safer as they cannot be chewed on by the bunnies. Because this material is somewhat cool, it can provide a comfy area where the pets can relax during the hot days of summer.

There is, however, a drawback that you should be aware of. Because terracotta is a clay-based ceramic material, it is easily breakable during transportation. Also, units made of terracotta are a bit pricier than other alternatives.

Next, models made of wood are known for being safe, chewable, and quite sturdy. They do not cost a pretty penny and, thus, they can be afforded by most buyers.


What should I avoid?

As expected, when shopping for safe, yet cheap rabbit burrows there are a few aspects that you should avoid. Products that have sharp edges should be avoided as they can cause injuries to pets.

If the choice that you decide to purchase has an open bottom, it is vital that you secure it to the floor so that your fluffy bunny cannot flip it over. This is an issue with adult-sized rabbits in particular, as this can cause injuries.

The selected tunnel should allow for plenty of ventilation and it should be easy to get in and out of it. Additionally, stay away from models that were made using chemicals or that have a chemical odor as this can cause the pet to feel ill or to die.

If the selected item is waterproof and your bunny it is not litter-trained, this might cause puddles of urine and/or excrements to build up inside it. If this is the case, be sure to clean it regularly.

Because the market is filled with a variety of models that you can pick from, if a product does not seem ok from any particular point of view, it is advisable that you do not purchase it. Instead, look for a safer alternative as you will surely be able to find one.

If you own a shy pet that is easily scared of unfamiliar sounds, you should refrain from investing in tunnels that are made from plastic-like fabrics that make noises that might frighten it. Although such sounds are enjoyed by some pets, this does not mean that your bunny will also like them.

All bunnies are different and, because of this, they all have particular preferences. Because of this, you should not expect to find a suitable burrow from the first try. Given that a tunnel or a hideaway is a great addition to the life of any pet rabbit, you should take the time and make sure that you can provide it with a type of cage accessory that actually suits it.




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