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12 Best Rabbit Brushes in 2020 – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 28.02.20


Top Brushes for Rabbits – Guide & Comparison


Rabbits adore being pampered and groomed, so you need to make time for their habits if you want to keep them happy. Thus, if you’ve decided to try out the best rabbit brush in town but you don’t have the time to search for it yourself, we can help you out. After conducting our own thorough research, we have concluded that a reliable tool for your pet would be the new Small Pet Select HairBuster. It is specifically designed to comb rabbits, dogs, cats, and other animals effectively and safely. It features soft and rounded tips that will gently massage your pet’s fur, without scratching and hurting the skin. The product is made of high-quality stainless steel and comes with a painted wooden handle that ensures a comfortable grip. If this brush is not available for sale right away, perhaps the Living World Animal Combo would make a suitable alternative.




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12 Best Rabbit Brushes (Reviews) in 2020



Finding a good rabbit brush could take a while, especially with so many great products available on the market today. And, while we cannot tell you exactly which product to choose, we did come up with a list of items that we think are worthy of your attention. Showcased below you’ll find everything you need to know about them so that you pick the right one for your bunny.



1. Small Pet Select Pet HairBuster Comb DeShedding Tool for Rabbits


The product features a sturdy, metallic body with scarce metallic pins for de-shedding dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals effectively and safely. The brush comes with rounded tips that won’t scratch or irritate your bunny’s sensitive skin, making the entire process bearable, and even pleasant.

The patented comb easily grabs all the loose hair from your pet, stimulating the fur regeneration process. The sleek and slender design allows you to easily grab and handle the brush. The handle is ergonomic and provides a comfortable grip, ensuring your hand won’t sweat or hurt while you’re combing your precious furry friend.

Most customers who purchased the item agreed that it is sturdy, reliable, and easy to use on all pets, including rabbits. It can prove a reliable accessory, especially when the seasons change, as your pet tends to molt more during that time.



The item is made of sturdy materials like stainless steel for the bristles and wood for the handle, to ensure the perfect combing, without harming your hand or scratching your rabbit’s sensitive skin and fur.

The metallic bristles feature rounded tips to create smooth moves that will calm down your pet and relax it, while still getting rid of all loose hair and dirt in its fur.

The wooden handle will ensure a comfortable grip and will absorb excess sweat from your palms.

The sleek and slender design makes this brush portable and lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere you go, including in your purse or in your pet’s carrier.



Although most customers agreed on the benefits this brush brings, some were not pleased with the fact that it didn’t gather as much loose hair and fur as it should, so consider purchasing an additional brush.

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2. Living World Animal Combo Brush Small


Specifically designed for all small pets, this lightweight and affordable brush is the perfect tool to groom your bunny. It is made of sturdy plastic and features metallic pins with rounded tips that won’t harm your rabbit’s sensitive skin.  

The 2-in-1 design also comes with a side with soft bristles that will help your pet’s coat stay shiny and luscious. The side with the metallic bristles will untangle the knots and remove all loose hair, so your pet’s fur remains beautiful, no matter the season.

The item is small, portable, and lightweight, and, at only 5.9 inches long, it will fit in any regular bag or pet carrier, so you can take it with you no matter where you and your pet travel. The brush seems like a great choice during the periods of heavy shedding, and, thanks to its shape, it can easily reach areas such as behind your bunny’s ears or under its legs.



It is compact, lightweight, and portable, so you’ll have no problem carrying this brush with you everywhere you go.

The 2-in-1 design is specifically made to brush and de-shed your bunny’s fur, leaving it luscious and healthy, while also removing all loose hairs and dust.

The soft bristles on one side of the brush are suitable for massaging your pet’s sensitive skin and fur, stimulating hair growth, and making the fur look shinier.

The product is made of sturdy plastic with a strong and comfortable plastic handle and features rounded tips on the metallic pins to prevent scratching or irritating the pet’s sensitive skin.



According to some of the customers who purchased this rabbit brush, the metallic bristles can come off in time, which will make combing ineffective and lasting longer than in the beginning.

Not all pets can stand being groomed with a brush with metal bristles, so opt for a softer, smoother product if your cute rabbit has problems adjusting to this product.

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3. Li’l Pals Kitten Slicker Brush with Coated Tips


You can purchase this product alone or in a set of two if you have more animals to look after at the same time. Although mainly designed for cats, this brush can be used on other animals, including Guinea pigs, and rabbits.

It represents a great tool for shedding and grooming your animal’s fur, leaving it clean, smooth, silky, and shiny. It is designed to remove mats, loose hair, and tangles, and is especially useful when the seasons change and your pet tends to shed more.

The shape and size of the tool are perfect for comfortably holding it in your hand without causing fatigue or wrist pains even when operated for minutes in a row. The handle is made of sturdy plastic and anti-slippery.

We also enjoyed the fact that this brush is slim and small, meaning it can be easily transported in your bag or regular pet carrier.



The product can also be delivered in a set of two, which makes it very convenient if you need to groom more animals at the same time or don’t want to use the same tool for all of them.

The cat brush features slim metallic bristles, specifically designed to remove hair from all animals, including cats, dogs, and rabbits.

The item displays a sturdy construction that won’t fall off your hands or break after a few uses, which means you will be enjoying its benefits for a long time.

It represents a great tool for shedding the hair and massaging the fur at the same time, providing improved grooming services to your pet.



The bristles may be too sharp for your bunny’s fur, so we suggest using the brush gently or in combination with other brushes that are more gentle and comfortable for your pet.

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4. Li’l Pals Dog Slicker Brush with Coated Pins W6202


This compact yet powerful combing tool represents the perfect way for your rabbit to enjoy a shiny coat day after day. It is designed to effectively remove tangles, loose hair, and mats from your pet’s coat.

It comes with flexible pins and plastic tips that ensure a comfortable combing, without pulling the hair or putting too much pressure on your rabbit’s sensitive skin. The wide ergonomic handle provides a good and comfortable grip that won’t cause hand fatigue even after long combing and bonding sessions with your pet.

Although made for small-sized and toy dog breeds, the brush is small enough for efficiently removing hair from rabbits and even rodents like chinchillas. For perfect results, the manufacturer recommends brushing using long strokes in the hair growth direction.

The product is small, compact, and lightweight, so you can easily carry it with you in a purse or place it alongside your rabbit’s personal belongings.



Measuring only 4.9 inches in length, the new LilPals brush is lightweight and easy to transport in your bag or place alongside all your pet’s toys and grooming accessories.

It is made of high-quality plastic that won’t break or chip easily, even if you drop it to the floor.

The product features flexible pins with plastic tips that will comb and massage your rabbit’s coat at the same time, removing loose hair and keeping it untangled.

Thanks to its slick shape, the brush will distribute natural oils while gently removing dead hair, promoting a healthy and shiny coat for your animal friend.



Some pet owners weren’t pleased with the size of the handle, claiming it is too short for an adult to comfortably hold it in his or her hands.

Keep in mind that the brush is mainly designed for medium-haired pets and rabbit brushes, so you’ll have to look at alternative products if you want to comb your Angora rabbit coat.

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5. Safari Pet Products Cat Shedding Comb


Just like the name suggests, the tool was mainly made for looking after your cat’s fur, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be a great combing brush for other pets, including rabbits and small dog breeds.

The product features rounded and smooth teeth that ensure complete grooming, cleaning and detangling your pet’s fur. The manufacturer recommends using this tool once a week to create a strong bond with your pet and turn it into quality time spent with your bunny.

When combing, you should insist on certain body areas such as behind the ears, under the legs, the abdomen, and the base of the tail, all parts that can easily mat. Keep in mind that not animals are looking forward to the grooming hours, so you shouldn’t force this habit on your bunny more than necessary as this could easily cause stress and anxiety.



Ideal for long and short haired breeds alike, this combing tool can easily help create a bond with your pet if used properly and as often as necessary.

The brush is made of high-quality materials and features smooth and rounded teeth that won’t scratch or irritate your bunny’s sensitive skin.

It is made for getting rid of shedding hair and stimulating hair regeneration by applying a gentle massage on the rabbit’s skin.

We also liked the contoured wooden handle of the brush which makes it sturdy and ensures a comfortable grip, even when keeping it for hours in your hand.



Remember when we said it’s great for long-haired rabbit breeds? This is not entirely true as some breeds like the French Angora or English Angora require special combing and grooming tools to remove the fur without scratching the skin.

Some customers claimed the wooden handle comes with a greasy finish, which makes it slippery and quite hard to hold sometimes.

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6. HDP Safari CAT Self Cleaning Slicker Brush


If you’re looking for a reliable combing solution to get rid of all loose hair and maintain your rabbit’s shiny and luscious coat, this new brush from Safari Pet Products could prove a great and affordable investment. It is made of high-quality plastic with a long handle and an anti-slip grip for extra comfort when you’re brushing your pet.

The item is perfect for small-breed animals, including cats and rodents, and will make the entire grooming process simple and fun. The stainless steel pins won’t corrode or change their color in time, ensuring effective brushing day after day.

The pins are soft enough to gently massage the scalp, the skin, and the fur of your pet, promoting hair regeneration and helping your animal relax. Thus, it will provide you with the perfect opportunity to bond with your bunny and reduce fear, anxiety, and panic attacks.



The rugged construction makes this brush reliable, as it won’t break, chip or bend easily, not even if you drop it on the floor.

The product features stainless steel pins that will gently comb and untangle your pet’s fur, stimulating hair growth and leaving it shiny and clean.

The pins are specifically created to remove mats, dead hair and tangles, so the brush can be used on a regular basis without irritating your pet’s sensitive skin or fur.

The large and comfortable handle comes with an anti-slip grip which will reduce hand fatigue and provide improved comfort, even after long sessions of combing and grooming.



According to some customers, the bristles on this brush are too sharp, determining the hair to get clogged up in-between the bristles, making it quite hard to remove and clean the product afterward.

We don’t recommend using the tool on rabbit breeds with thick fur as it won’t do a good job.

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7. PetZoom Self Cleaning Grooming Brush with Bonus Pet Trimmer


Measuring little under seven inches, this trimmer should definitely become a part of your pet grooming gear. It is made of high-quality plastic that won’t break or chip even if you drop it on the floor, and the long handle ensures a comfortable grip and prevents hand fatigue.

The handle also comes with a hanging hole at the bottom, so you can conveniently store the brush anywhere you want, including in the bathroom or alongside all your other pet’s toiletries. The soft yet sharp metallic bristles are perfect for both wet and dry grooming, meaning you can use the brush right after you gently washed your bunny’s fur and removed all dirt and impurities.

The adjustable bristle length makes the item suitable for both long and short-haired furs, without scratching or irritating sensitive skin. What we also liked about the product is that with just a push of a button, it cleans itself, so you can use it to groom multiple pets at the same time.



The item features a long and comfortable plastic handle that is lightweight and well-centered, providing a good grip, without being slippery.

The metallic bristles are perfectly constructed to attract dirt, dander, and loose hair, providing complete grooming services for your pet while still allowing you to bond with it.

The brush can be used both on dry and wet fur without pulling the hair too hard or irritating your bunny’s sensitive skin.

It comes with a trimmer attachment that can be used to remove dirt, knots, fur balls or other things stuck in your pet’s hair without being too harsh.



Some customers pointed out that the bristles on this product don’t retract all the way so you can easily wipe the hair off the brush head, meaning it’s quite complicated to fully clean.

As with many similar brushes on the market, we don’t suggest using this one if you own a rabbit with high maintenance furs such as the Giant Angora or the Satin Angora.

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8. Resco Anti-Static Pet Rotating Pin Comb and Kits


This elegant and sleek grooming tool is suitable for pets with small and medium-sized fur. Engineered by Resco, the product is lightweight and comes with an ergonomic design, which makes it easy to transport and deposit whenever you’re not using it.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, it measures approximate 8.3 inches and comes with an elongated and firm handle. The anti-grip material attached to the handle ensures a comfortable hold and prevents slipping.

The pins on this brush rotate at 360 degrees, removing all matted hair or fur, as well as untangling. It is gentle and easy to use on a daily basis, as it won’t scratch or irritate your pet’s sensitive skin. Therefore, it can become the perfect tool for creating a bond with your furry rabbit, by massaging its fur at the same time as removing all dirt and loose hair.



The item comes with an elegant design and is made of high-quality stainless steel, which means it won’t break, chip or corrode in the near future.

With a history of nearly nine decades, Resco is a brand preferred by professional groomers and vets around the world, so its products will prove a good choice for your furry pet as well.

The elongated handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to hold the brush and use it for hours without developing hand fatigue or wrist pains.

The sharp pins on this product rotate at 360 degrees to provide high-quality hair untangling in a matter of minutes.



Some pet owners who ordered the brush were pleased with the quality of the bristles but mentioned the rubber material on the handle comes off quite easily, which makes the product harder to operate if you have sweaty palms or it’s hot outside.

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9. Perfect Coat Professional Deshedder for Pets PC 86599


This playful and colorful brush can be easily mistaken for a toy but will do its job better than other grooming utensils. The ergonomic shape of the handle perfectly molds on your skin, ensuring a comfortable grip even if you’re a professional groomer that needs to use the same product for hours in a row. In addition, the non-slip handle will prevent hand fatigue and will ease your job.

This universal tool is designed to meet the requirements of all pet breeds, be they cats, dogs or rabbits. Thus, you won’t require any additional de-shedding tools or combing brushes to look after your friend’s fur.

Used regularly, the product will dramatically reduce loose hair and, thanks to the stainless steel edge, you will be able to remove more fur than by using a traditional comb, rake or brush. This also translates into a cleaner house, free of pet hair that can cause allergies.



The item is specifically designed to reduce loose hair so that your pet’s coat remains healthy, shiny, and clean, no matter the season.

Thanks to the stainless steel edge, this brush will help you remove more fur and loose hair than traditional pet grooming tools, which also means your house and your furniture will remain clean, free of nasty pet hair.

The product comes with a long, ergonomic, soft, and non-slip handle that ensures a comfortable grip, preventing your palms from slipping.

The brush is approved and even recommended by professional pet groomers, so it can be safely and efficiently used on your rabbit’s coat.



According to some of the customers, you’ll need to put on additional pressure on the brush to remove loose hair from your pet, but this could scratch or irritate your bunny’s sensitive skin, so make sure to handle the product with extra care.

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10. Resco Professional Comb for Pets


Who said that combing tools for pets have to be dull? Meet the new Resco professional brush that is available in four different eye-catching colors and three different types of bristles, depending on your pet’s requirements.

Proudly manufactured in the United States, this brush features round-tipped steel pins that won’t bend or break, maintaining professional results for many months from now on. The bristles are nickel-plated and benefit from an anti-static technology that will create the perfect hairdo for your pet and keep its fur shiny and healthy.

The item is designed to meet the requirements of all animal breeds, including rabbits, cats, and dogs. However, make sure to choose the style that is destined for your animal’s coat. The fine bristles are recommended for wiry-coated dog breeds, while the coarse brush will perfectly look after thick-coated animals, including your beloved bunny.



The brand is recommended by vets and professional groomers around the world, and, in its over nine decades of existence, it has delivered top-quality products, such as this particular hair comb.

The product measures approximately seven inches and is compact and lightweight, meaning it can easily fit in your bag or carried alongside all your pet’s toiletries.

The high-quality pins won’t bend or break, meaning your furry friend will enjoy the same professional combing for a long time from now on.

Also, the pins are nickel plated and come with anti-static properties, which will prevent frizzy hair or too much volume when it’s not necessary.



Although long, the handle on this brush is rather narrow, so it may not be the perfect choice for people with chunkier hands.

According to some of the customers, the comb won’t go deep into your pet’s hair, meaning it won’t be able to clean and remove dirt properly, especially if you own an Angora breed rabbit.

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11. Resco Combination Comb


The American company has been known for delivering top-quality grooming products and solutions for over eight decades, and it remains amongst the favorite brands of vets throughout the world.

This specific brush perfectly combines coarse and medium tooth spacing in one item for versatile and universal use, no matter your pet’s brushing requirements. The bristles are soft yet strong, providing a gentle massage while also removing all loose hair, dust, and dirt from your pet’s fur.

The rounded steel pins are firmly pressed into a solid brass case, creating a durable and reliable tool that provides professional results each time you use it. In addition, the pins won’t break or bend.

You can use this soft brush as often as you want as it won’t damage your pet’s coat. On the contrary, it will stimulate hair growth and distribute natural oils so that your bunny can benefit from a shiny, and healthy-looking fur.



The item is available in three different colors so that you can pick the right style to match it with the rest of your rabbit’s accessories or with its personality.

The bristles are nickel plated and anti-static, meaning they will carefully look after your pet’s coat, leaving it shiny and without frizz.

The brush is soft enough to be used on a regular basis and it won’t scratch or irritate your bunny’s soft skin but, on the contrary, will act as a gentle tool that will massage your pet and help it relax.

This product is proudly made in the United States so, by purchasing it, you will support the local economy.



Some customers were not pleased with the overall look and design of this comb, stating that the coating paint will wear off after a while, even faster if you use the brush on wet hair.

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12. Resco Professional Anti-Static Fine


Resco has been in the industry since 1937, striving to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices while also investing in the development of new technologies. The brand is recommended by vets and professional pet groomers across the globe, so you may want to try some of its products, including this new fine brush.

Just like its name suggests, the brush is specifically designed to tame frizzy hair, leaving your pet’s coat looking shiny, clean, healthy, and fabulous.

The product measures approximately 7.2 inches in height and it is lightweight, meaning it will easily fit in your bag along with all your animal’s grooming tools. It comes with a sturdy, solid, and reliable handle with a rubber part that ensures a good grip, preventing your hands from slipping.

The round-tipped, steel pins of the brush won’t bend or break, which means you will be able to enjoy the same professional combing results for a long time from now on.



The product is lightweight, which makes it easy to handle and transport without causing wrist pains or hand fatigue, even when used for hours in a row.

It is designed to meet the requirements of many pet breeds, be they dogs, cats, Guinea pigs or rabbits.

The brush features an anti-static powder-coated finish that will promote a healthy, shiny, and clean fur, preventing it from becoming frizzy and hard to tame.

The round-tipped pins made of high-quality pins are soft on your bunny’s skin, gently massaging it and allowing you to create a special bond with your rabbit.



Some customers mentioned that the product won’t deliver the critically acclaimed anti-static results, especially on thick furs, such as the ones of large breeds of rabbits.

The powder-coated finish of the item will wear off in time, especially if you use the brush on moist or wet fur.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Whether you’re looking for cheap rabbit brushes or the high-end models, picking the perfect brush to comb your pet could take some time. If you’re out shopping and don’t know exactly what to look for, here are some features you should take into account.


The structure of a brush depends on the materials used to manufacture it. You should pick one according to your pet’s necessities but it should also be comfortable for you since you’re going to be the one performing the grooming services.

Plastic frames are the most popular types you’ll find on the market, as well as the most affordable. They are lightweight and easy to handle, without causing hand fatigue or discomfort even when operating them for minutes in a row. However, they can also be flimsy and prone to breaking since they are a bit more flexible than brushes made of other materials.

Wooden brushes are not only trendy and elegant but also sturdy enough to last you many years from now on. They won’t easily break even if you drop them on the floor and are durable enough even when left alone with your chewing pet.

Metallic brushes are the heaviest and most reliable as they won’t easily break. However, they tend to have a bulky design that will give you hand fatigue and can also be too rough for your bunny’s sensitive fur.



Bristles can also be made of various materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. And, if you’re looking for the best brush for a rabbit, you need to take into account the toughness of the bristles. Since rabbits have sensitive skins, we suggest opting for those with rounded edges or with plastic tips to provide softer combing, without hurting your pet or scratching its skin too hard.

Plastic bristles are the softest but they are also prone to breaking easily, especially if your pet doesn’t stay still during the combing process. Metallic bristles, on the other hand, are stronger and won’t bend or break, but they can also be too sharp for your bunny’s fur.

In our opinion, you should opt for a rabbit grooming brush with wood bristles and plastic tips to ensure an effective combing. Keep in mind that some animals love being groomed, so you need to gently massage your bunny’s fur with the brush. This will relax your pet and allow you to get rid of all shedding fur in no time.



The best brush for shedding rabbits must definitely have a comfortable handle as well. Since the grooming process is not something all pets look forward to, you might have to use the brush for at least half an hour, if not more, until your work is finished. Therefore, you should look for a brush with a sturdy and reliable handle that provides a comfortable and non-slip grip.

Handles are usually made of plastic or wood, so it’s really up to your personal preferences to opt for the one that best suits your needs.

Some rabbit brushes for sale even come with an elasticated band so that you can attach the product on your palms to enjoy full control when combing your animal. These brushes are also great because the friction surface is bigger, meaning you will put less pressure on your palms and fingers, so there won’t be any blisters and calluses in time.

Certain brushes (especially the plastic ones) might come with collapsible handles that make them more portable and easier to carry with you anywhere you go. Thanks to their small dimensions, the brushes can be put in your pet’s carrier or in your bag, without occupying too much space.


Dual surfaces

Last but not least, you can also opt for a 2-in-1 combing brush that will get rid of all the shedding pet hair while massaging the fur, stimulating its growth. This type of brush can be successfully used when the season changes and your pet tends to lose more hair.


Other things to take into account

If you want your small rodent to grow happy, healthy, and strong, its diet needs all the vitamins and nutrients available. Fresh fruits and veggies represent a great part of a bunny’s diet, but don’t forget about seeds and a reliable source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to promote a luscious and shiny coat.

As for the grooming process, most bunnies require brushing around once a week. However, not even the best rabbit grooming brush on the market will deliver the desired results if you don’t know how to properly brush your rodent.

Keep in mind rabbits have sensitive skins so, if you decide on a brush with metallic pins, you don’t have to press too hard when brushing. Use long, smooth moves that go down.

Should you have any more questions about the process of purchasing the right accessories for your pet, perhaps some online rabbit brush reviews will come in handy.




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