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12 Best Hamster Toys Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 28.02.20


Best Hamster Toy Review – Top Rated Models in 2020 with Buying Guide


If you want to select the best hamster toys on the market, but you are very occupied and cannot find the time to research the topic on your own, we are here to help. To do so, we took a good look at what previous buyers and specialists on the matter had to say about the best models and, as a result, we have concluded that the Rosewood Pet Rainbow Bridge is the choice that you should get. This fun and colorful bridge can encourage your pet to stay active. Plus, given its size, the hamster can also sleep under it or chew on it without it causing the animal any harm. Because of its size, the item is also a good pick if you happen to own gerbils or mice. If this product is unavailable, the Rosewood Pet Activity Bridge might also catch your attention as it also supports your pet to be active.



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12 Best Hamster Toys (Reviews) in 2020



Finding cheap hamster toys that are also durable and safe is not easy. Because we understand just how tiresome this process can be, we have decided to help by supplying you with a list of items that are fun and practical and that have received positive reviews from previous owners.



1. Rainbow Play Bridge – Hamster & Small Animal Toy


This colorful bridge is a fun toy that small pets can enjoy playing with. Because of its versatility, it can fit in many habitats and it can provide the animals with activities that can distract them from boredom. Additionally, because it was constructed from safe materials, it can also be chewed on and, thus, it can help keep the pet’s teeth healthy while fulfilling its innate gnaw needs.

The choice measures approximately 3.2 x 2.8 x 5.5 inches and it is large enough for fluffy rodents to sleep under it when they get tired. As a result, it can add a sense of security to the cage. The design of the option includes a rainbow that is drawn on the arc of the bridge. Consequently, it can bring a plus of color to any enclosure.

Given its dimensions, this interesting option is sizable enough to be used by hamsters, mice, and gerbils.



The item is colorful and appealing and it can add a pop of color that will make the home of your pet more comfortable and, overall, nicer.

Because it was made of a wooden material that is safe to chew, the pet will be able to meet its need to gnaw.

This boredom breaker is quite large and it can enable animals to tunnel under it and to play with it in numerous ways.

Given its fun design, it can promote a sense of security that is essential in small rodents.



It has been said that some companions did not show any signs of interest in it. However, this has nothing to do with the product in itself.

One previous customer said that she had to throw it away after a while because her pet urinated on it and hence, it developed a foul odor. This was the only complaint of this kind.

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2. Activity Suspension Bridge Hamster & Small Animal Toy


Another choice designed by Rosewood Pet that you might like is the Activity Bridge. The product was constructed so that all pets can use it to exercise. Because of its intricate design that is very appealing to animals, it can keep your critter busy for hours on end. As a result, it won’t get bored.

Just like other choices created by the manufacturer, this bridge was made using safe wood that can be chewed on. Although it does not come pre-assembled, you won’t find it difficult to put it together. For the health of the pet, it is recommended that you do not use toxic glues while doing so.

This versatile bridge measures 3.9 x 11 x 7.9 inches. If you decide to suspend it from the roof of the cage, pets can use it to climb and clamber across it on a daily basis. Most buyers were happy with it.



This item is accessible and it includes plenty of obstacles and activities so that your fluffy companion won’t get bored while using it.

Because it can be chewed on, the unit also fulfills the animal’s need to bite. It is particularly suitable to wear down growing teeth.

According to previous customers, the model is not difficult to assemble even by novices.

It is a great pick if you want a product that can keep your hamster active throughout the day and you do not want to invest a lot of money in it.



A buyer said that his Syrian hamster got injured when playing on the bridge because one of its wrists got caught in one of the metal loops.

Another owner claimed that her pet is terrified of the toy. However, this might have something to do with her fluffy companion being shy. This was the only pet that had this reaction according to reviews.

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3. Sleep ‘n’ Play Cheese Hamster & Small Animal Toy


The biggest advantage of the Sleep ‘n’ Play is its dimensions. At only 4.7 inches, this choice can fit in basically any habitat. The item is made up of two parts and it is very simple to put together. What is more, you can assemble it in numerous ways, depending on the preferences of the pet and on the space that you have available.

The versatile model can also be made to look like a cube. When constructed in this form, it can supply the hamster with a safe and private space where it can feel comfortable. The material that was used to make it is chewable and it can stimulate the animal’s need to gnaw.

Rustic and fun, this alternative is suitable for hamsters, gerbils, and mice. It can be regarded as a great gift to present to your friend who loves rodents. Plus, it is non-toxic and quite sizable.



Because of its dimensions, this item is perfect for medium-sized rodents to get in and out of it without any difficulties.

The product is very versatile as it can be assembled in various ways so that your pet won’t get easily bored with it.

Although it does not include a magnet that keeps the parts together, the manufacturer has designed to include a hinge on one side so that the parts stay together in the desired position.

At just 4.7 inches in height, this device will surely fit the cage of your pet effortlessly.



There were a couple of buyers that noted that the edges of the toy are a tad sharp and, as a result, might cause injuries to pets that are left unattended when playing in it.

One customer remarked that the product that she has received has a strong smell of air freshener. This was the only complaint of this type.

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4. Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels Play Tube for Small Pets


If your hamster likes to hide, the Fun Tunnels sold by Ware Manufacturing might be just what you need. This choice is 30 inches in length and it can be used by guinea pigs, dwarf bunnies, and hamsters alike.

The option is made of sturdy plastic that won’t get stained easily. Because it is quite flexible, you can arrange it to fit in the habitat that you have available. Also, you can easily store it once the pet is done playing with it.

In total, the tunnel measures 30″ in width, 4″ in depth and 4″ in height. This product permits the animals to run and hide which is a good thing as it encourages them to stay active. Also, it helps kill boredom.

For safety reasons, before the first use, it is advisable that you read the instructions that the toy comes shipped with. You should not let pets chew on it as it can provoke intestinal blockages.



Given its size, this is a great addition to the habitat of your hamster, no matter its size. Moreover, it can be used by more than one pet at once.

The option is made of a durable type of plastic that won’t lose its shape and that is resistant to staining.

If it ever gets dirty, you can just wash it as this won’t affect its integrity in any way.

This flexible model is very easy to bend and, therefore, it can make a great addition no matter the size of the cage.



One drawback of the option is that it is made of plastic. Consequently, you have to supervise the hamster while playing in it so that he does not chew it.

As it happens with most products, there were pets that did not find it interesting. This has nothing to do with the model in itself.

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5. Kaytee Igloo Hideaway Colors Vary


Another cool hideaway that you might want to try out is this one distributed by Kaytee. This igloo is made of sturdy plastic that won’t wear and tear easily. Also, because it is manufactured from this material, it is very simple to clean, as it only has to be rinsed with water from time to time. The model is also stain-resistant.

Given its design, this product can encourage the natural nesting instincts that your rodent has. Because it features a one-piece construction, you won’t have to spend additional time putting it together. It measures 8 inches in length.

The unit is suitable for hamsters, pet rats, and gerbils, as well as for other small rodents. However, the choice can also be purchased in different sizes that can accommodate the needs of your pet. It is also available in various colors so that you can match it to the general theme of the animal’s habitat.



The igloo is made of translucent plastic so that you can supervise your beloved critter at all times. Also, it gives the animal the impression of privacy.

When compared to other choices of this kind, this model is durable and quite affordable, no matter your budget.

The unit is made of plastic and, because of this, it is easy to wash and clean when it is necessary. It is also stain-resistant.

Another appealing feature that this model comes with and that previous buyer highly appreciated is that it is odor-resistant.



It has been remarked that the product comes in various colors. Yet, the buyer has no control over the color that he/she receives. Not many considered this a major drawback.

Some owners claimed that the choice that they were shipped was larger than expected. However, the dimensions of the item are made available and can be consulted before placing an order.

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6. Kaytee Woodland Get-A-Way Rabbit House


Although it was designed to be used as a bunny home, this option is also a great pick if you own a rather sizeable fluffy companion that needs the extra room. Because it is made of quality pine timber, it can be safely chewed on by rodents. Consequently, it promotes both gnawing and nesting instincts in pets.

The model measures 5″ in length, 7″ in width, and 4.25″ in height. It was constructed to be a cozy place where your pet can sleep, play or simply get away when it needs its privacy. It can also be used for gerbils and mice.

Because it has a large entry door, it can enable pets to get in and out of it with no difficulties. It also features a small round window that you can use to peek in.  The choice is available in four distinct sizes. It has a solid construction that can pass the test of time.



It can supply small pets with the needed security and it encourages natural behaviors such as nesting and chewing.

Because it is made of wood, more specifically pine timber, it is safe for rodents to chew on it.

The model can be used by animals as a place where they can sleep, play or hide when in need of privacy.

In total, it is 5″ long, 7″ wide, 4.25″ high and, consequently, it is sizable enough to meet the needs of small companions. It also fits in most habitats.



Although the dimensions of the product are clearly displayed by the seller, a couple of buyers were unhappy with its size. The choice can be acquired in various measurements.

There was an owner that said that the item that he received started falling apart quickly as it developed a crack between the door and the included window. This was the only complaint of this type.

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7. Fruit 3D Nibble Stix Hamster & Small Animal Toy


This nibble set is made up of flavored pieces of wood shaped like fruits that your fluffy critter is likely to find delicious. The choice is ideal for rodents as it enables the animals to make use of their natural need to masticate. Therefore, this option is perfect for mice, hamsters, and gerbils.

The toys were made of natural softwood and they were colored using natural, vegetable-based dyes that are safe for all pets. It is also quite aesthetically pleasing. Because it encourages chewing, the teeth of your pet will always be in a good shape. What is more, the seller argues that this model helps prevent boredom.

According to a buyer, even if your hamster loses interest in the fruit-shaped wood toys, you can still use them as cool decorations for its comfy habitat. Most owners speak highly of the product and were happy with how their pets reacted to it.



This model is a good investment as it encourages pets to fulfill their need to chew and wear down their growing teeth.

Because it was made of natural materials, the option is very safe and it won’t affect the well-being of your hamster in any way.

The item is also very easy on the eyes, and, in case the animal loses interest in it, you can use it as décor pieces for its cage.

These fruit-like wood pieces are regarded as an efficient way to kill boredom for less active rodents.



A handful of previous buyers pointed out that, given the features of the product, it might be a little too expensive and, thus, not accessible to all pet owners.

One previous customer claimed that her hamster is starting to lose interest in the model. Still, she was not very upset as she admitted that the toys make for great decoration pieces.

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8. Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks Hideout for Small Animals


This next tropical fiddle is a nice hideout that you can add to your hamster’s habitat whenever you feel like it needs a pop of color. If you decide to purchase it you will receive a pack of fiddlesticks that measures 13 inches in length.

As a result, you will have complete control over the design of your pet’s habitat. This way, the size of the model won’t be an issue, as you will be able to build a home that fits inside the cage that you already own.

The sticks are bendable and they are easy to shape. They come in bright colors and will surely draw the pet’s attention. The unit encourages the natural hiding and chewing instincts that most rodents tend to display. This option is perfect for chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, and pet rats. Size-wise, the resulted hideout measures 7 inches in length and 12 inches in width.



This hideout comes with a metal support that is quite practical as it helps you construct a sturdy hideout. If the support becomes exposed, you should replace it for safety reasons.

Because of the bendable shape of the sticks, your fluffy friend will surely find it intriguing. So, boredom won’t be an issue.

The item is 7 inches in length and 2 inches in width and it can fit into most habitats out there. You can shape it in accordance with your preferences.

Given that it encourages the pet’s hiding and chewing instincts, this unit is quite practical to have around.



A buyer said that the product that he received had a strong odor. However, he claimed that after letting it air out for a day, it disappeared.

There was an owner that noted that the item that she was shipped was covered in mildew. Not many such cases have been reported so far.

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9. Trixie Pet Products Cuddly


If your pet is fond of feeling cuddled and you want it to feel comfortable when you are not around and able to show affection to it, you might want to invest in the Trixie Pet Cuddly. This small hammock can be hanged inside the cage of the pet and it can supply it with a nice place where it can relax and play.

The ladder that it includes is made of wood and the hammock is constructed from a mix of nylon and polyester with a lamb fur look. The incorporated rope ladder and the rope ring have a wooden block for extra sturdiness.

In total, this cool product measures 2 x 6 x 9 inches and it is perfect for small rodents such as hamsters. It is particularly suitable if you happen to own a tall enclosure. However, if you own more than a pet, it might not be large enough to support them all at once.



This option is perfect if your pet likes feeling comfy at all times and being able to chew ropes and wood pieces.

Because it includes a wooden ladder, the hamster won’t find it at all challenging to climb into and out of it.

The rope ring that the unit comes provided with is quite practical as it allows the pets to chew and not feel bored.

As many owners have remarked, this item is quite appealing, aesthetically speaking. Therefore, it will make any habitat look nice.



There was a pet owner that said that her male rats were too big for the hammock. This was the only comment that pointed to this issue.

Another user said that this particular model is too large and that her hamsters keep falling off of it because they do not know how to get out of it by using the ladder.

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10. Kaytee Premium Timothy Treat Hideout


This next hideout might also catch your attention as it is made using timothy hay. Therefore, it is not only a place for your nibbling-loving pets to hide but also a toy that encourages them to chew. According to the seller, the option is 100% edible and it is well appreciated by all types of rodents.

The item is ideal for those who own more than a hamster, as it can help the pets bond. Because it measures 3.25″ X 5.5″ X 3.75″ it can definitely provide them with the necessary space. Also, because it encourages nibbling, this unit can support dental health and the fulfilling of any natural chewing instinct.

If you want to keep it fresh for an extended time, the seller advises all buyers to store it in a fresh and cool pace. The choice is fitting for hamsters, mice, and gerbils. In total, this product weighs no more than 7 ounces.



Made from fresh timothy hay, this choice is the perfect treat that you can gift to your beloved pet, especially if it loves chewing.

Because of its dimensions, it is a sizable hideaway that you can use to help your pets bond and develop their nesting instincts.

This option encourages chewing and, therefore, it can help support the dental health of your beloved fluffy friend when in use.

Nevertheless, this item can stay fresh for longer if you store it a dry and cool place. Most pets highly appreciate it because of the materials that were used to make it.



There was a buyer who was not particularly happy with the size of the model because it was not suitable for rabbits.

Although it has received numerous positive reviews, there were owners who claimed that this product was rather expensive given the features that it comes with.

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11. Kaytee Play n Chew 


If you need an alternative that can actually help develop the nesting instinct in your hamster, add this one to your list. The model can provide your pet with a small and comfy place where it can rest and feel completely secure.

What is more, each of these nests come supplied with a chewable hanging ball toy that is placed at the entrance of the nest so that the rodent can play with it and not get bored when left alone. The product in itself is quite practical as it is handmade of natural sisal.

Size-wise, the nest measures 7-½ inches in length, 6-½ inches in width, and 6 inches in height. The choice is best to be used with rodents such as hamsters, guinea pigs, and rats. For smaller companions, the seller has made available a model that is not as big. This option is a nice addition to any cage, provided that you order the appropriate size.



This unit is made of handwoven sisal and it was constructed in such a way so that it can provide small animals with a secure and safe place where they can rest.

Given that it includes a chewable hanging ball, this model can also keep the pet busy throughout the day and prevent it from exhibiting signs of boredom.

The option measures 6-½ inches in width, 7-½ inches in length and 6 inches in height. So, it can fit most habitats.

A smaller model is available for those that own rodents that are petite in size.



According to some buyers, their pets did not show any signs of interest in the model. However, this has nothing to do with the product in itself.

One customer said that the item was too small to fit her guinea pig. Still, the manufacturer has made the dimensions of the item available for those interested in purchasing it.

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12. Rosewood Pet Caterpillar 


This toy is stimulating for hamsters, rabbits, and other small rodents as it was constructed from wood. Therefore, it is ideal for those pets that like to gnaw and toss. It can also be regarded as the perfect gift for a hamster owner that wants to have his/her pet entertained at all times.

The model is made of flavored wood and it can encourage the need to chew that rodents naturally have. The pieces of wood that the choice is made from are connected together through a piece of rope that is chewable.

Even more so, this item is safe and it won’t prove harmful to your beloved fluffy companion. Its design is also quite appealing and it will surely be well appreciated by your pets. Some customers argued that the option was liked even by picky pets. So, you might also want to add it to your shopping list!



The product was made using non-toxic materials that won’t harm any pet that likes chewing on its toys.

Moreover, the wood parts of the item are made of flavored wood so that all rodents will feel intrigued by it.

If you decide to get it, you should know that most of those that invested in it were happy with the design.

The choice is quite durable and it is likely to last for a long time when gifted to a small rodent that is in need of a new toy.



There was an owner of a pet rabbit that claimed that his companion was not too excited about receiving it. Not many such cases were reported.

Another buyer said that the rope that keeps the wooden pieces together is prone to break quite fast. Still, he did not consider this a major issue with the product and, therefore, recommended it.

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Yearly Guide & Report


In our experience, finding quality hamster chew toys is not as easy as one might assume. To be of assistance to all novices out there, we have composed a list of vital features that you might want to keep in mind next time when you go to the local pet shop in search for a new plaything for your fluffy critter.

Chewable material and safety

One of the first things that all hamster toy reviews point out is that the item that you decide to buy has to be chewable. This is essential because hamsters are rodents and, consequently, they have an innate need to gnaw.

Hamsters are born with two pairs of incisors that are very sharp and that keep growing throughout their lives. To avoid the development of a medical condition that prevents your pet from eating correctly, you should provide it with toys that it can nibble on throughout the day.

To satisfy this instinct, some manufacturers have created toys made of flavored wood and that are dyed using natural colorants. Additionally, the product that you get should be made of toxin-free components such as glues or plastic, as eating plastic is known for causing intestinal blockages that can lead to the pet dying.

If you happen to find a model that is not made of chewable materials but that you are sure your favorite critter will love, you can still purchase it. However, you should only allow the pet to play with it under your close supervision. This way, you can remove it whenever you consider it dangerous.

Another important aspect that you should examine is the safeness of the unit. Because the pet will probably run around and chew on the new hamster house toy, it is desirable that the acquisition features no sharp edges that might harm it in any way.

The actual size of your beloved companion is also worthy of attention. For instance, if you happen to own a pet that is particularly smaller in size, you should only purchase safe dwarf hamster toys.

On top of that, keep in mind that baby rodents should not be allowed to play with toys that have large holes as they might actually fall through them and get injured.


Comfort and intimacy

All good hamster toys are comfortable. Because of this, if you want to get a new gift for your pet that doubles as a habitat, you should acquire one in which the rodent will feel safe and comfy. From this perspective, it is advisable that you select one that is made of natural materials that are easy to nibble on.

If your pet likes feeling cuddled, you could also pay extra for cool hamster toys made with materials such as wool so that it can nestle inside it whenever it wants to take a break from playing. As the specialists have remarked, some of the available habitats that are chewable can also be regarded as toys that can help pets connect to one another.

Whenever the homemade hamster toys that the pet has become too ragged, it is prudent that you invest in new ones. The best indication that the time for a new toy has arrived is when the pet has lost interest in the previous plaything.

Before you select the first hamster toys for sale, you should also think about the fact that rodents also have an innate need for privacy. Therefore, the item that you purchase should allow the pet to hide away whenever it feels the need to do so.


Tips and tips

The market is filled with numerous items that you can order. For instance, there are Syrian hamster toys that were created to be used by this type of rodents. If you consider safety the number one priority, you should invest in models that were specifically designed for the breed of hamster that you own.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the size of the habitat is also worthy of consideration. Therefore, not all hamster toys for cage that you can find online will fill the space that you have available.

So, before you start exploring the market, you should do some measuring. Before you add any articles to your shopping cart, go ahead and read the info concerning their dimensions.

A good place to start is by getting simple options. Then, as time passes by, you can get hamster toys and accessories that can be added to the cage in accordance with the needs of your much-loved rodent.




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