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12 Best Chinchilla Cages Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 28.02.20


Best Chinchilla Cage Review – Top Rated Models in 2020 with Buying Guide


In the market for the best chinchilla cage? If that’s the case, it’s a good thing that you are reading this article. We put together a guide that you should check out below, but before you go through our many reviews, it might be good to know that the first option that we have selected is the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation. This is a sizeable habitat, so it can offer your pet the right amount of room that he or she needs. The wide expanse shelves, along with the full width leak-proof pans can provide one of the biggest play areas in the category, and they can also prevent mishaps such as dangerous falls. If this particular product is no longer available for one reason or the other, you might want to check out our next favorite choice, the Prevue Pet Products Premium.



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12 Best Chinchilla Cages (Reviews) in 2020



No matter the number of chinchilla cage ideas that you might have found on the Internet, you’re probably feeling a little baffled as to what model you should bear in mind. Start by reading some chinchilla cage reviews, and if you’re doing your research, you might want to consider our selection below, too.



1. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation


Probably the best thing about this chinchilla cage setup is the fact that it can offer plenty of space to your pet. Naturally, what that means is that it’s quite comfortable, and the fact that it comes with everything you need right off the bat is another advantage that you should take into account.

The cage is accompanied by two adjustable shelves, two pans, as well as three ramps complete with covers, and it is easily maneuverable since it is equipped with four locking casters. You can safely move your chinchilla’s cage from one place in the house to the next without really making an effort and without endangering the safety of the animal.

Both the full-width double doors that this large chinchilla cage has been equipped with and the removable shelf allow for maximum accessibility so that you can feed your pet or clean the cage when it is necessary.



This chinchilla ferret cage comes with everything you need right out of the box.

If you are considering getting a chinchilla and you don’t want to waste time looking for accessories and a habitat, too, this is the product to consider.

The unit is equipped with a removable shelf and full-width double doors, so you can safely take your pet out of the cage whenever you have to.

The four locking casters boasted by this alternative make it easy for you to move it from one spot to the other.

Many owners report that it is rather easy to clean, but because the floor covers are made of plastic, you should get window screens and place them right onto the support beams below the metal bars.



Some buyers say that it was really difficult to put it together, so either the instructions aren’t particularly straightforward or the general structure of the cage makes it challenging.

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2. Prevue Pet Products Premium Deluxe Cat Home Black


While it is primarily marketed as a cat home, you can do some modifications on this cage to turn it into the perfect habitat for your friend. Needless to say, it is quite budget-friendly when compared to other choices that we have come across.

The model is crafted from durable material and it boasts a heavy-duty construction with metal that’s rust-resistant. This is what makes it more than capable of withstanding the test of time. Since setting up a cage can be quite challenging, it might be worth adding that you won’t have to go through that much trouble with this one as it is specifically made to be assembled with ease.

Thanks to the rust-resistant build, you can clean this cage conveniently and effectively. Just wash it with mild soap and warm water and dry it thoroughly. It’s not recommended that you dry it in the sun as the metal pieces can warp.



Without a doubt, this is one of the most rugged alternatives that we were able to come across while doing our research.

The rust-resistant construction makes this unit both durable and perfectly safe for all pets, especially those that might try to nibble on the metal pieces.

Given that this particular model is over 5 feet tall and measures 42 ¼ inches in length, 25 ¼ in width, and 65 ¾ in height, it can provide your pet with plenty of space.

The cage is quite easy to put together, especially when compared to others.



Some say that the interior size and usable floor space is actually smaller than what they thought it would be based on the product dimensions specified by the brand.  

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3. Midwest Deluxe Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret Cage


This habitat comes with two shelves, three ramps complete with ramp covers, as well as two pans. You can interact with your pet or take your chinchilla out effectively and easily by using the full-width double doors that this cage is equipped with. The removable shelves also allow you to customize your chinchilla’s living space as best as possible.

While it is by no means a cheap chinchilla cage and some might argue that it actually calls for a serious investment, it is highly durable and usable and it allows for maximum accessibility both for interacting with the animal and for cleaning purposes.

The metal that this cage is made of is rugged and can help it stand the test of time. The cage measures 36 inches by 25 inches by 62.5 inches, and you won’t require any particular tools to get it set up. It’s backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.



Even though it is primarily marketed for ferrets, this option makes for a good choice if you’re in the market for a chinchilla cage for sale, too, since its interior is completely customizable.

It is equipped with casters, so you can move it around without really making an effort.

The ramp covers that come with the unit will protect your pet’s feet as he or she goes from one level to the other.

The shelf at the bottom collects some of the debris and bedding that might fall off from the upper levels.



We came across the same assembly issues reported in the case of other products, too. People that are not tech-savvy might need a bit more guidance.

Chinchilla parents recommend getting the scatter guards as they can keep them from kicking the bedding out of the cage.

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4. Homey Pet 36″ or 30″ Black Wire Chinchilla w/Tray and Casters


We understand that it might be difficult to invest in a very expensive good chinchilla cage if you don’t have the budget for it, and that’s why some prospective buyers will automatically look for more affordable choices. This product is one of them since it won’t have you breaking the bank, but it isn’t cheaply made, either.

The product comes with several chinchilla cage accessories, so you definitely get the best bang for the buck. It’s outfitted with an extra thick ABS tray, as well as lockable casters. You can move it from one spot to the next without making an effort and more importantly, without scaring your little chinchilla.

The two thick shelves are capable of increasing the stability and durability of the cage, which is obviously something that you will appreciate. You’ll also receive two wire ladders, two shelves, and a hammock.



Since the bar spacing is 1.12”, you can safely utilize this for a chinchilla or for a ferret, for example. However, we would not recommend using it for a squirrel.

Many customers have reported that while they use this for a ferret, they have no problem with the overall build even though the animal chews on the metal parts constantly.

One of the neatest things about this product is that it can be assembled with ease.

The cage offers plenty of room to a chinchilla and it even fits a super large running wheel, which your pet will definitely appreciate.

The product is sturdy and made with high-quality materials.



Some owners say that this seems to be a little flimsy when compared to other cages that they have used in the past.

The instructions could use some improvement, based on what others have had to say about them.

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5. Prevue Pet Products


If there is one word to describe this habitat, it is, without a doubt, versatile. Due to its size and other characteristics, this cage can fit a variety of animal species, so it makes for a rather great choice for people who tend to take in stray kittens, or for those that have a chinchilla but who might want to become ferret owners in the future.

The product boasts a heavy-duty, metal, and rust-resistant construction that enables it to stand the test of time, so at least in terms of durability, you have nothing to worry about. There are three ramps, one hammock, as well as five shelves included, and you can utilize the two entry doors to get your chinchilla out or clean the space.

The locking mechanism on the doors doesn’t raise any technical difficulties to anyone, whether they are tech-savvy or not. The dimensions of the habitat are 27 inches in length, 23 ⅛ inches in width, and 63 ⅜ inches in height.



There are two large entry points consisting of cage doors and you can get access to the interior by using them. The two-finger locking mechanism is quite easy to use.

The grille and tray are simple to remove and make this habitat very easy to clean.

You get to benefit from a bit of portability seeing how this unit comes outfitted with hard rubber casters, and they will enable you to move it around the house.

The built-in shelf boasted by this choice can be utilized to store treats or toys.

As one of the more convenient pet cages for chinchillas, this one comes with several extras, too, consisting of a super soft plush hammock, three ramps, and five shelves complete with twist knob closures.



Some people say that they wish the cage didn’t have the stripe metal at the bottom level as chinchillas can come in contact with their own urine if the bedding doesn’t absorb it that quickly.

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6. Yaheetech 52 inch 6 Level Large Metal Cage Habitats Small Animal Hutch


There are several features that should convince you that this cage is also worth giving a try. It can be an amazing extra large exercise place for all small animals ranging from chinchillas to ferrets, rabbits, and even squirrels.

It boasts multiple doors – it has three on the front, and they will naturally allow you both to interact with your pet and to tend to the cleaning business that should be done regularly. The arched doors are secured with latches, so they can keep your pet safe in the habitat even when you are not around.

To make cleaning and removal of the bedding easier, the manufacturing brand has included a slide-out tray and a grate to the design of this product. However, we’d like to note that it is highly recommended that you use a large quantity of bedding to make sure that your chinchilla doesn’t stain her belly.



The unit is equipped with four 360-degree swivel casters. You can conveniently move it around your house without needing to scare your chinchilla.

Since it is made of quality materials and it has been found to be rather durable, this cage can also be used outdoors when the weather allows it, of course.

The slide out tray makes cleaning something to look forward to since you won’t have to spend a lot of time tending to the task.

The cage measures 25.2 inches by 16.9 inches by 51.6 inches, so it can give your pet plenty of room to exercise and live in.



This habitat is not necessarily suitable for rats as they are very smart and quite capable of getting into smaller spaces.

As with other products in the same line, apparently this one isn’t that simple to put together, either.

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7. Yaheetech 37 / 52-inch Metal Ferret Chinchilla Cage Indoor Outdoor Small Animals Hutch


While it might be smaller when compared to other choices, we believe that Yaheetech’s alternative is also worth taking into consideration. It is made with durable materials and it boasts a corrosion-resistant construction, so it is quite likely to stand the test of time. It comes with plenty of room, but perhaps it makes a good choice only for one chinchilla.

The product is accompanied by five shelves, one slide-out tray, an 8.5 ounce water bottle, as well as five ramps. There’s also a plastic food box available but we would not necessarily recommend using it for your chin as she most likely will be able to chew through it.

There are three arched doors that are secured with latches and you can use them both to take your chinchilla out of the enclosure and to tend to the task of cleaning the cage. The design of this unit definitely makes it stand out.



Much like some of the other products that we have showcased here, this one comes with casters so you can take it from one spot to the next without stressing out your chinchilla.

There are as many as three arched doors available on the cage, so you can just open the one that’s closest to your pet without having to make an effort.

The enclosure is made from corrosion-resistant materials, and that’s great since chinchillas are known to be aggressive chewers.

You can use the cage either indoors or outdoors depending on the weather and your personal preferences.

It’s quite easy to clean compared to other choices in the same line.



The chin’s feet might feel uncomfortable when the pet’s walking on the metal parts at the bottom of the cage, so you might have to improvise and use some towels to get this issue out of the way.

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8. AmazonBasics Large 3-Tier Cat Cage Playpen Box Crate Kennel


If you’re on a fixed budget and you can’t spend too much on your next chinchilla cage, this alternative might be a good choice. However, we would like to note that it is marketed as a cat cage playpen, so the distance between the bars might be a little too large for chins that are known to be escape artists.

The cage comes with three levels and is made from durable metal wire that boasts a rust-resistant coat finish. There are four wheels on the bottom, so you can transport it with ease and without putting any stress on your pet. While the 3 shelves are great, you will have to come up with a way to connect them because the height might be too much for a chinchilla to tackle with a jump.

The neatest thing about this product is that it doesn’t feature any wire at the bottom. The plastic floor pan is simple and smooth, so you can use any type of bedding and you get the reassurance that your chinchilla’s feet aren’t going to be hurt.



The fold-down design boasted by this alternative makes it highly easy to transport if you tend to move a lot, and the fact that it also comes with casters is another advantage.

The most significant pro is that this product boasts a smooth leak-proof floor pan made of durable plastic, so your chin’s little feet aren’t going to suffer since she won’t step on any metal.

The three shelves can give an ample amount of space to your pet and the wiring provides plenty of ventilation.

The materials that this product is crafted from are durable and the wire is coated in rust-resistant finish.



The corners need zip ties, according to some of the folks that have purchased this product.

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9. Go2buy 37 inch Metal Rat Ferret Cage 4 Level Small Animals Hutch


This one’s a little smaller compared to some of the other choices we have showcased in the list, but it can still make for a great alternative for a small pet chinchilla or for a young one. It comes with as many as four levels, but something must be noted in this regard as the shelves are made of metal, too. You’ll have to use some kind of material to cover them up and protect your pet’s feet.

The high-quality wires that this product is crafted from are made of steel and have been powder coated to resist rust. The tray at the bottom is quite easy to clean, and you’ll be happy to know that the offer includes a feeder and water bottle.

Unlike others in the same line, the Go2buy alternative is foldable and can be stored and carried conveniently. It’s also equipped with four casters that make moving it around as easy as pie.



If you are on a tight budget, this product might make a reasonable choice because it doesn’t cost a fortune, especially when compared to other units in the same category.

The model comes with four shelves, ramps, and an easy-to-clean tray, as well as a feeder and a water bottle.

It’s foldable, so you can take it with you even if you tend to move a lot. It also has casters, so getting it from one room to the other is definitely not a nuisance.

Some of those that have given it a shot say that they are pleased with the bar spacing as there is no chance of the pet getting out.



You will have to cover the metal shelves as chinchillas’ feet can be quite sensitive. You can use fleece lining or something else that’s perfectly safe.

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10. Giantex Bird Parrot Cage Chinchilla House Metal Wheels


One of the problems with most chinchilla cages available for sale these days is that they aren’t designed for humans. What that means is that, if for example, your chinchilla decides to spend a little time at the bottom of the cage, you will have to bend down to get to her level.

That is not something you will have to deal with if you choose this product. Granted, it might be less convenient than those that already come with shelves installed since this one is primarily made for birds; nevertheless, you can certainly improvise its structure with the addition of extras.

You can also lower the sliding grate to clean the cage with ease, and the sliding tray is also removable. The heavy-duty metal door is sizable enough for you to take your chin out safely and comfortably. Whether you need it for birds or for a chinchilla, this can make for a great choice.



Boasting a durable build, it’s safe to say that this enclosure will last for a good deal of time, therefore eliminating the need for you to purchase another in its place.

You’ll see your chinchilla all the time, no matter what he or she is up to. The cage is convenient for people who can’t bend down at the waist due to health issues.

There is the option of you lowering the sliding grate so that you clean the cage as easily and effectively as possible.

The door is large enough for you to take the chin out whenever you need to clean the enclosure.



Let’s not forget that this product is primarily designed for birds, so you will have to be a little ingenious to make it perfect for your pet chinchilla.

You’ll have to buy extras such as shelves and ladders.

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11. Mcage Wrought Iron


This 3-level product from Mcage could be another that you might want to have a look at, especially if you’ve grown tired of browsing through black and boring chinchilla enclosures. This one measures 30 by 18 by 55 inches and has an overall height of 72 inches (including the stand).

Needless to say, this makes it sizable enough for a chinchilla to live and exercise comfortably in it. There are two metal shelves as well as ladders and two front doors, so no matter what level your pet is located at, you’ll be able to take him or her out, should you need to.

It’s worth noting that the bottom tray is removable, but the best thing about this one is that the bottom grate can also be removed. For those of you who want to make sure that your chin’s little feet never get hurt, this can be a great option.



Boasting an eye-catching design, this product can offer your chinchilla a comfortable living space as it’s roomy and filled with opportunities.

There are two metal ladders and shelves, as well as two front doors, so you can take your chin out conveniently and effectively.

You can remove both the bottom tray but also the grille, so you can line the tray with a fleece material, if you want to.

The epoxy coated finish on the wires makes this product stand the test of time.

The bar spacing is perfect for chinchillas who might be escape artists as it measures just half an inch.



This product doesn’t come with detailed instructions, and that might be a problem for some people.

While chinchillas cannot get away, that doesn’t apply in the case of ferrets, so beware because they can try anything to get out.

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12. Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Mansion


If you want to get the most durable cage made for chinchillas ever to have seen the light of day, it might be a good idea to start with this one. It’s extremely heavy duty and it is built to last for as long as possible. It boasts wood and metal parts, and that’s obviously an advantage given that chinchillas can chew through any plastic component of an enclosure.

The product comes with as many as four levels and they are located at perfect heights so that the chin jumps and lands comfortably onto the next one. The model includes four replaceable, movable pine shelves and it boasts a full opening top and a door on the upper part of the cage.

There is also a large door below. You’ll be glad to know that both of these doors are secured with metal door guards. One thing that we appreciate about this product is that it comes with a sheet metal flap that keeps your chin from escaping when you remove the bottom tray.



This cage is secure, convenient, and extremely comfortable for chinchillas and it offers the right amount of space that they truly need.

The sheet metal flap that this product is equipped with is an advantage in itself as it ensures that the pet doesn’t get out of the cage as you remove the bottom tray for cleaning.

The shelves are made from solid pine, but you’ll also be happy to know that they are replaceable.

The doors are secured with metal door guards, so that’s another reassuring aspect to keep in mind.



The assembly instructions could be a little clearer.

The price of the cage can be a little off-putting for people who are on a budget.

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Yearly Guide & Report


What are the most important factors that you ought to consider when you’re in the market for a chinchilla cage? If you’ve asked yourself this question and failed to come up with a decent answer, check out the buying guide below.


Needless to say, the size of the habitat plays a major role when it comes to ensuring your chinchilla’s comfort. Chins are natural climbers and jumpers, so they need sufficient space to be able to exercise and rest, at the same time.

You also have to consider that the cage needs to be sizable enough to accommodate all sorts of accessories and toys, not just your pet. It can get quite boring for an animal to spend countless hours in an enclosure without any opportunity for having fun. The perfect cage should come with multi-levels, hammocks, platforms, toys, as well as ramps.


Safety is another major concern

The habitat should never compromise your chin’s security and safety. It should be made out of quality and safe materials and it should be able to keep your pet well-ventilated, as well as protected.

A wire cage is a great alternative because it is both sturdy and perfectly capable of allowing air to flow right in and out of the habitat. Don’t forget that chinchillas can suffer from heat stroke, so make sure that you pick a cage that allows for proper ventilation.

The base of the cage should be sturdy, but it is preferable to get one that doesn’t come with a wired bottom. You can, however, cover it with a wooden plank.

The base tray of your cage needs to be lined with paper bedding or fleece to make sure that the chinchilla is comfortable at all times. If you get a cage that comes with many plastic parts, it might be a good idea to find out whether they are chew-proof as chins can be aggressive chewers.

Cleaning and ease of accessibility

You need to make sure that you are able to interact with your pet once in a while, and if the habitat doesn’t have a door that can be used for this purpose conveniently and effectively, you will end up feeling frustrated. A large door is also necessary because you will naturally have to clean the cage once in a while.

When it comes to cleaning, you have two options available. One of them is fleece bedding, which you can line and clip onto the bottom of the habitat. The other consists of loose paper bedding, for example, so you need to have a pan at the bottom that’s deep enough to ensure that the bedding doesn’t get everywhere around your home.

Dealing with escape artists

Chinchillas aren’t as keen on escaping their habitats as ferrets are, for instance, but they will grab any opportunity you throw at them in this sense if you do not pay attention. Make sure that the cage that you spend your cents on is escape-proof. Should the enclosure feature ample space between the bars, the chinchilla can squeeze between them and make a getaway.

Be particularly wary of those models that are advertised both for kittens and for chinchillas, because the latter have fluffy bodies and you just can’t tell how tiny they really are. Make sure you always choose a cage that boasts a bar spacing of no more than half an inch.



As we have already highlighted above, the matter of durability should be addressed because chins are extremely aggressive chewers. If you get a cage with wires that can be bended or chewed on, you will have to come up with all sorts of ingenious ways of getting it fixed. Needless to say, this is a headache that not too many people want to deal with.

The cage has to be made of metal – we already noted that plastic stands almost no chance when confronted with the teeth of a chinchilla – but the material also has to be rust-proof so as not to endanger the safety of your pet and stain the fur and teeth.

Choose a model with casters if you do not want to stress your chinchilla if maybe she doesn’t like to get outside of the cage. In this way, you can move the enclosure around without bothering your pet. Just make sure that the casters are also durable – made of rugged rubber, if possible.




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