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11 Best Rabbit Toys Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 28.02.20


Best Rabbit Toy Review – Top Rated Models in 2020 with Buying Guide


If you need to find the best rabbit toys, but time is not something you have on your hands to research this on your own, we are here to help. In this article, you’ll find all the relevant information that you need. Our team has carefully gone through multiple reviews, expert opinions, and data gathered from previous buyers, and concluded that the rabbit toy that should go to the top of your list is Living World’s Teach N Treat product. Suitable for a wide range of small animals including chinchillas and guinea pigs, this toy features a design that keeps your pet alert and active, while also offering an educational benefit. Plus, since it includes three different configuration levels, you will be able to keep your rabbit entertained for a longer period. If you are unable to get this product in your area, the next best option you should take into account is Living World’s Hagen Tunnel.



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11 Best Rabbit Toys (Reviews) in 2020



Although there are many options when it comes to this line of products, you might find yourself going through rabbit toys reviews without being sure which one offers what benefits. For this reason, below you’ll find a selection of the most sought-after toys with detailed information for each one.



1. Living World Teach N Treat Toy


When it comes to finding good toys for rabbits to play with, Living World has some products that should not be overlooked, especially if what you need is an interactive and educational solution. The Teach N Treat toy is suitable not only for rabbits but also for other small pets such as guinea pigs or chinchillas.

What it actually does is that it teaches small pets to search for treats through listening, learning, and observation. Besides being highly entertaining for both you and your pet, this toy also activates the mind and reflexes, this way keeping your little friend healthy and happy.

Moreover, since it includes three different levels of configuration, you can challenge your pet in more than one way, so playtime, which is always an excellent bonding opportunity, won’t become boring anytime soon. Therefore, get your pet’s favorite treat and don’t hesitate to give this product a try.



Being an interactive toy, you will be able to spend some quality bonding time with your rabbit, while keeping yourselves entertained.

Given that it uses treats as an incentive, you can get your pet interested in moving around and being alert even if he or she is rather lazy.

The three different levels allow you to challenge your pet in different ways, this way avoiding boredom.

By keeping your pet alert, you also ensure that he or she is active, as the stimulating game has an educational benefit as well.



In certain cases, rabbits have had a difficult time maneuvering the giant disk on the first level, but this was not the case on the second level, so it’s a matter of getting used to it.

If your rabbit gets the hang of the game rather quickly, you can take a break for a few days before playing again.

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2. Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel


The Hagen Tunnel is one of those very nice pet rabbit toys that can be used in many different ways, also offering multiple benefits. The extension tunnel is specially designed to provide small pets with extra space to play and explore, so it can be used for hiding out, exercising, or even sleeping in many cases.

Compatible with other products from the same manufacturer, the tunnel has a 7.9-inch diameter and a 35.5-inch length. In terms of construction, the polyester fabric is durable and makes a sound as the pet moves through it, which adds to the overall fun.

If you don’t intend to use it permanently, then it’s a good thing that it can be easily folded for easy storage. Plus, as the corners can be tied to the ground, the tunnel can be used both indoors and outdoors for added fun and more versatility.



Available in two different sizes, the large one featured here is suitable for rabbits, but if you also own smaller pets such as hamsters, they can also join the fun in a small tunnel.

The tunnel can be attached to a tent or it can be used on its own, both indoors and outdoors thanks to the polyester construction.

With an easily foldable design, you can store this product away any time you don’t need to use it for a longer period.

Given its design, it provides an excellent hiding spot, but it can also be used for exercising or sleeping.



If you know that your rabbit loves chewing on pretty much anything, then you might want to keep an eye so that no parts of the tunnel are ingested.

You should be aware that this tunnel is rather long, which means that you need to see if it can fit into your pet’s cage.

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3. Prevue Hendryx 1098 Nature’s Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy


If you’ve already spent some time looking for good toys for rabbits, then we might have found the right solution in the Prevue Hendryx model. The 1098 Nature’s Hideaway tunnel is a hand-woven grass activity center that your rabbit can definitely enjoy. It’s also suitable for other small pets, such as guinea pigs or ferrets.

Made of 100% natural couch grass, there’s nothing to worry about in terms of your pet’s safety when it comes to this tunnel. The way it works is by satisfying a rodent’s natural instincts to burrow, nest, and explore. Moreover, its sweet fragrance helps create a natural feel for your pet.

With a 6-inch diameter, the tunnel is 13 ½-inch long, which means that it can fit most cages, although you should double check and make sure that it fits the one your pet already has. If you want to provide some extra fun, give this one a try.


Since this tunnel is made of 100% natural materials, the main one being couch grass, you can safely place it into your rabbit’s cage.

Given that it ensures a good hiding space, the tunnel can also be used to make a smoother transition into a new home.

The versatile size makes this item suitable for a wide range of small pets that can enjoy it in many different ways.

You don’t need to worry if your rodent pet will start chewing on the tunnel, given that it doesn’t contain harmful materials or substances.


There’s a chance this might get dirty, so you need to ensure that the space around it is kept as clean as possible at all times.

Some small pets are not using it, but these cases are extremely rare, so it’s not something that you should be really worried about.  

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4. Ware Manufacturing Wood Atomic Nut Ball Pet Toys for Small Pets


In case you are looking for one of those fun toys for rabbits, then this Ware Manufacturing product might be the answer you need. With its help, you can ensure long playtime sessions filled with tremendous amounts of fun, which means your rabbit will be both happy and active.

The chew toy comes with a surprise, given that a peanut is placed inside the wooden ball, which of course means it will stir up your rabbit’s interest. Moreover, the product is made of all natural wood, so you have nothing to worry about in terms of your pet’s safety.

Given that the Wood Atomic Nut Ball is specially made to be chewed on, the high-quality materials used ensure that it will withstand some rough handling on your rabbit’s part. Most reviews praise it for the entertainment it provides since most rodents simply love looking for the peanut.



With a 4-inch length, 4-inch width, and 4-inch height, this toy is versatile and most small pets can enjoy playing with it.

Given that it’s specially made to be chewed on, the coloring is USDA approved, therefore safe to be ingested by your rabbit.

The all natural materials used for its construction are safe for your pet, so you don’t need to worry about anything in this matter.

Since the interest must be sparked and sustained, the toy contains a nut inside the wooden ball which will surely keep your pet busy for quite some time.



This product is a pack of three toys, and in one case one of them was delivered broken, but you can safely contact the customer representatives if this happens.  

Although it features a sturdy construction, eventually this toy will need to be replaced with a new one, given that your rabbit will chew on it.

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5. Kaytee Natural Sisal Woven Carrot Toy


Kaytee is known for offering multiple options when it comes to good rabbit toys, and this Sisal Woven Carrot is not an exception. The first thing you need to know about this product is that it’s made of natural sisal material, which means that your pet will be safe from any harmful substances while playing with it.

Moreover, this Kaytee item can be successfully used for a wide range of small pets besides rabbits, among them guinea pigs also. In terms of measurements, this toy has a 6” length and a 2 ¼” diameter, which means that is can fit into most cages if that’s where your pet wants to have fun with it.

With this Sisal Woven Carrot, you can watch your rabbit or guinea pig toss and play, while also getting the much-needed exercise besides being entertained. For this reason, you should not hesitate to give it a try.



Given that this Kaytee toy is made of natural materials, you don’t need to worry that your pet might be exposed to harmful substances.

Thanks to its measurements, you can rest assured that this toy can be used both indoors and outdoors and that your pet can also play with it in his or her cage.

Since it’s suitable for small pets in general, you can get this item as a gift for other pet owners, and it will surely be appreciated.

With its help, you can keep your pet both entertained and active since there’s physical exercise involved in playing with it.



Given that these toys are very popular and enjoyable for our little friends, there’s a high chance they won’t last very long.

As it can happen with pretty much anything we buy for our pets, in some very rare cases it did not spark the desired interest.

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6. Ware Manufacturing Small Pet Nature Chew Balls


Since there are many rabbit toys and supplies available on the market, it might sometimes seem rather difficult to know which products are of the highest quality, but if you choose something from Ware Manufacturing, there’s a very good chance that you will not be disappointed. Of course, this toy we are talking about here is no exception.

Made only of natural materials that include sisal, corn husk, and seagrass, it is safe for your pets to play with and chew on, as it doesn’t contain any harmful elements. Given that its design draws pets to toss and roll it around, it also promotes exercising, therefore making this a healthy activity.

With measurements of 3-½” in width, depth and height, this toy also fits into any space that you or your pet would like to place it in. Moreover, it also comes in a pack of three items.



Since this Ware Manufacturing product is made of all-natural materials, it’s completely safe for your pet to play with and chew on.

Pets nudge, nibble, roll and play with it, therefore being relieved from any cage boredom that might otherwise appear.

If you are concerned about it fitting into the cage, then it’s a good thing that its measurements are rather small, which means that it works for any space.

The product comes in a pack of three and can be used for many types of small pets besides rabbits, making this a versatile solution even if you have more pets.



Since it’s designed to be chewed on, there’s a chance it will not last for a very long time, depending on how excited your pet is about this activity.

In some rare cases, pets preferred only one or two of the three balls included, but this is not really an issue.

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7. Small Pet Select Wonderland Play Table


If you are browsing rabbit toys for sale that can offer multiple chewing and entertainment possibilities, then there’s a good chance we’ve found exactly what you need. This Small Pet Select product is a versatile playing table suitable for different small pets, including rabbits and guinea pigs.

Since the manufacturer designed this while keeping the pets’ natural chewing habit in mind, all of the materials used are safe. Moreover, given that its maximum weight capacity goes up to 15 lbs., this item is stable as your pets use it, but it’s still rather easy for you to move it around the house.

Now, when it comes to the options it offers, the most obvious ones are the birch wood legs that provide a chewing delight, as well as a digging box floor. Plus, two kinds of mobiles are included for tugging and chewing, and a top that can be easily hopped onto.



Featuring multiple elements that can be used and played with by your pet in many different ways, this table is a versatile and highly entertaining solution.

The materials used are completely safe to be chewed on, so there’s nothing you should worry about concerning this matter.

With an overall weight that goes up to 15 lbs., the table is hard to be moved around by your rabbit while he or she is playing around it.

This can also be bought as a very nice gift for a friend or family member who is the proud owner of small pets.



Depending on the pet’s preferences, there were some rare cases in which this table did not prove as successful in sparking an interest.

For some pet owners, this table might seem rather pricey, as it’s definitely not one of the cheapest alternatives on the market.

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8. Small Pet Select Hand Made Digging Platform


The first thing you should know about this Small Pet Select toy is that there are not many rabbits known that have not loved the Digging Platform. This handmade item is specially designed to sustain and encourage your rabbit’s habit of digging while keeping this activity away from your carpet or floor.

Moreover, since the manufacturer is well aware of the importance of offering a safe product, the platform is made of materials that contain no harmful elements. Its size makes it suitable for large rabbits as well, so you can give it a try, no matter which type of rabbit is your companion.

If you want to add an entertaining toy to your rabbit’s habitat, the Digging Platform is not to be overlooked since it might provide everything your pet needs while keeping him or her away from any boredom that might otherwise arise, especially in a cage.



Made of rabbit-safe materials, you can rest assured that your pet’s health will not be put at risk in any way if you decide to purchase this Small Pet Select product.

Specially made for rabbits known for their digging habit, this toy will minimize the risk of having your carpet or other items around the house damaged by a bored pet.

Since it’s handmade of high-quality materials, durability is not something you should question, even if you are the proud parent of a digger.

Thanks to its dimensions, the platform can fit into many various spaces around the house or even within the cage.



In some extremely rare cases, rabbits have shown little interest towards the platform, but this will most probably not be something you will face.

For some pet owners, this might seem like a rather expensive solution, but its benefits are definitely worth the cost.

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9. Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels Play Tube for Small Pets


This is another Ware Manufacturing high-quality product that can help you keep your pet happy and entertained. The Fun Tunnel Play Tube allows rabbits and other small pets to crawl through it, while its unique accordion design is completely flexible which means you can set it up in many different positions.

What this also means is that your pet is not going to get bored of it anytime soon, while the tunnel itself can fit into many various spaces, including pretty much any type of small pet cage.

Made of durable plastic, the Fun Tunnel is both stain resistant and very easy to clean. Moreover, thanks to its versatile design, it’s also very easy to store. The measurements make it a suitable choice for many pet owners since it features a 30” length and 8” depth and height.

With its help, your rabbit will be able to run, hide, and have fun while also remaining active.



Since the Fun Tunnel is made of durable plastic, you don’t need to worry that it will not withstand the test of time while also being easy to clean and maintain.

The unique accordion design makes this toy a highly versatile one, as it can be placed in various spots and positions for your pet’s entertainment.

Given that it can be used by pets in many different ways, such as running or hiding, this toy works very well to encourage an active playtime.

The 30-inch length makes this suitable for rabbits of all sizes since they have the necessary space to run through it.



Some pets might need a little bit of time to adjust to the new toy, but this is not something that a little bit of their favorite treats cannot solve.

You might want to double check that the 8” diameter is wide enough for your pet.

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10. Kaytee Chewbular Play Tube


If you’ve been looking for a toy that can encourage your rabbit’s natural burrowing and chewing instincts, then this Kaytee Chewbular might be the answer to your quest. Since it’s specially made for small pets, you don’t need to worry about it not being effective, while the 10” width and 6” diameter make it suitable for rodents of pretty much any size.

Moreover, given that it’s made of environmentally-friendly materials, the Chewbular offers the right feel to accommodate the pet’s natural instincts to chew, burrow, and nest. No matter if you own a rabbit or a guinea pig, a chinchilla or a ferret, this toy will work.

Therefore, if you want to get a toy that keeps your pet entertained for hours, you should definitely give this one a try. Plus, every Chewbular is delivered with a free sample of bedding material offered by the manufacturer.



With this Kaytee product, you can create an authentic feel for your small pet by encouraging natural instincts while also ensuring a lot of fun in the process.

The materials used are non-toxic, so your rabbit will be able to chew on it while being completely safe from any potentially harmful substances.

This Chewbular can be used in different ways, either for playtime, chewing time or for hiding out, which means that your pet will not get easily bored of it.

Given its measurements, it’s suitable for various small pets besides rabbits, such as chinchillas, ferrets or guinea pigs, and it fits many different spaces.



As it’s the case with pretty much any other pet toy on the market, on rare occasions pets might not be as interested in playing with it.

Even though it features decent dimensions, you should double check the size and make sure that it’s not too large or too small for your pet.  

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11. Niteangel Woven Grass Bed 


Made of natural and fresh materials that can definitely be interesting for rodents, this Niteangel toy might be just what your rabbit needs. The design is specially made to stimulate natural instincts and sense, while the materials used make this product a completely safe one for your pet.

Moreover, besides chewing on it for additional fiber sources, there’s also a high chance that your rabbit will end up snuggling with it in his or her cage.

All of the materials used are 100% eco-friendly, organically grown and contain no pesticides, while the 12 x 12 x 0.5 inches measurements ensure that the Woven Grass Bed can fit almost any space.

The pack contains the woven grass bed, as well as a seagrass mat, a pinecone, three different types of balls, and a bundle of willow or apple sticks. This means that your pet will not get bored of this product, given the multiple playtime options it offers.



Made of environmentally-friendly and organically grown materials, this set is definitely safe for your pet to chew on.

The materials used ensure an additional source of fiber, while also making the toys appealing for playing, nibbling, and snuggling.

The pinecone included in the set is a favorite natural forage and chew element, which keeps a rodent’s teeth healthy while also being highly enjoyable.

The set contains many different elements which make it entertaining in more than one way so that you can prevent any boredom that might otherwise appear.



Given that it’s specially made to be chewed on and depending on your pet’s interest, this set might not last for a very long time, but will surely provide a lot of fun.

Some rabbits are not interested in every single one of the items included since they can have certain preferences.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Rabbits are active animals that need to be kept entertained, even when you cannot spend all the time you would like to with them. And what other way to do this other than by choosing some fun toys that can keep your little friend company, especially if there’s a chance that he or she might get bored?

What’s also true about rabbits is that they are intelligent animals that can bond closely with their owner, so you can also use playtime as a very nice way to create a tighter relationship with your pet. Plus, toys can provide the much needed physical activity that any pet needs for a healthy life.

However, since you most probably want to choose the best option for your rabbit, there are some things you should keep in mind before venturing into all of the options available on the market. In this guide, we will take a look at what some of the most important ones are, so if you have any questions, take a look below.

Types of toys

Before choosing the next toy for your rabbit, you might want to take a moment and think about what his or her needs are. Some are more active while others love chewing on pretty much anything. For this reason, a wide number of options were developed by manufacturers worldwide.

If you decide to go for a toy designed for chewing, this might help your rabbit wear down the teeth, which is something crucial for rodents, as these can otherwise become overgrown. Toys designed for physical activity, on the other hand, stimulate both exercising and mental alertness, which are important aspects of a healthy life.

Another option in terms of toys and accessories for rabbits are those that help our little friends hide, thus making their space more appealing and allowing them to use their natural instincts.



No matter the type of toy you decide to purchase, the materials used for its fabrication are an extremely important element that you should take into consideration. Since rabbits are the type of pets that almost constantly chew on something, you should always check the label of the product and make sure that it doesn’t contain any toxic elements.

The same principle applies in the case of toys made of plastic or other similar materials. It might not always be possible to find products made of natural elements, but you should make sure that they are durable and can withstand a rough treatment that involves a rodent’s teeth without tearing apart into small pieces that can be accidentally ingested.

When it comes to those products specially designed for chewing, they are most of the times made of 100% toxic-free materials and include natural elements such as apple or willow parts, as well as many types of grass. This can definitely satisfy your pet’s chewing instinct while offering a natural flavor in the process.



While playtime is definitely a very good idea if you want to bond with your pet, you might want to think about how much time you actually spend together and how much time your rabbit spends alone. This will determine which alternative is better between toys that need your intervention to be operated and toys that don’t.

Evidently, rabbits enjoy endless fun if allowed, and these products are a great way to achieve this. For this reason, the ideal combination might actually be that in which your pet has more than one toy, some of these allowing you two to play together while others keeping him or her company while you are away.



There are two aspects that you might want to think about in terms of size, and these are your pet and the space or cage he or she is using. If you are considering getting a chewing toy, then you might want to make sure that it’s the right size for your rabbit so that it can be truly enjoyed.

On the other hand, if you want to purchase a rabbit toy that ensures more activity on the pet’s side, then you need to double check its size so that it can fit into the cage or into other designated spaces.



Frequently asked questions about rabbit toys


Q: How to make rabbit toys at home?

There are multiple options when it comes to making rabbit toys at home, but the first thing you might want to take into consideration is if your pet has any particular preferences. For example, while many rabbits enjoy chewing on baseboards, some are not that much into wood.

It goes without saying that you should always make sure that the materials you choose to make these toys should be completely non-toxic and, if possible, from natural sources. Wood is the most obvious solution, but paper or cardboard can also help you make some really fun toys.

Q: What are some good toys for rabbits?

As already discussed, toys made of paper, wood or cardboard can be made at home for chewing, scratching or hiding. Some rabbit owners use cardboard roll from paper towels or toilet paper as a fun and convenient resource for making different toys.

Of course, items made of plastic can also be a solution, but here you should make sure that the product you go for is specially made for rabbits since it needs to be both safe and entertaining. These usually have an educational benefit as well since they tend to keep rabbits active and alert, which makes them very interesting.


Q: Do rabbits need toys to play with?

These little pets are actually very intelligent, although they do not go around the house asking for food or attention as cats and dogs do, this doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy having fun and bonding with their owners.

For this reason, it’s important for their mental health and overall well-being to be kept active and entertained, as they can otherwise suffer. Plus, their natural instincts keep them alert, so if they spend their time in a cage with little activity, a toy is a great solution to prevent the boredom that can otherwise settle in.


Q: Can rabbits play with dog toys?

Although this can work in some occasions, dogs and rabbits have very different instincts and needs when it comes to toys. While a dog is prone to chasing objects and running around with them, the same cannot be said about our little friends who simply love chewing on almost anything.

The chances of finding a dog toy that is also suitable for rabbits is rather small. You should make sure that the materials are 100% safe if ingested by a rabbit, and since this can be rather difficult to determine, you are better off choosing a toy specially made for rodents instead.


Q: Are stuffed toys safe for rabbits?

While it’s true that rabbits love the idea of stuffed toys because they can have fun throwing and moving them around, this way feeling less lonely, there are some things you should be careful about. Stuffed animals often include plastic parts (such as eyes or noses) that can be chewed on and these are not safe.

Moreover, the stuffing can also be a problem if ingested by a rabbit. However, since rabbits tend to love stuffed toys, there are things you can do to prevent any accident such as regularly checking the toy for rips or tears that might get out of hand.


Q: What kinds of toys do rabbits like to play with?

These adorable pets love playing with many different types of toys that can satisfy their natural instincts. Chewing ones made of wood or cardboard are definitely at the top of the list, but right next to them are toys that allow rabbits to hide or run around. Tunnels are a very good example of such toys.

If you feel that your rabbit could use some company, choosing a stuffed toy can be a very good solution, provided that the interaction is kept chew-free as much as possible. Educational toys that include appealing elements such as treats are certainly another very good idea.




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