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11 Best Chinchilla Foods in 2020 – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 28.02.20


Top Foods for Chinchillas – Guide & Comparison


Find here the best chinchilla food you can purchase at the moment, by reading the results of our research. In case you’re too busy to read our entire guide, this short paragraph will provide you with the information you need. According to customer reviews, feedback from critics, and sales figures, the Oxbow Animal Health is the optimal choice for your chinchilla. Rich in fiber, which needs to make the most part of a herbivore’s diet, this formula is exactly what your adorable chinchillas should eat day by day. Other nutrients are combined to provide the animal with excellent balanced nutrition for a happy and healthy life. Especially the digestive system of the animal will be kept in good working order by a diet based on this food. In case this food from Oxbow is out of stock, the second product we recommend is the Kaytee Fiesta Food, which is almost just as good.



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11 Best Chinchilla Foods (Reviews) in 2020



If you have a chinchilla or more in your care, you must know how delicate these animals are. That means that you pay a lot of attention to what you use to feed them, and choosing the right food can be a challenge. We want to offer you a helping hand by supplying you with all the information you need for providing your pet with proper nutrition. Here is a list of critically acclaimed products that your pet will surely love.



1. Oxbow Animal Health Chinchilla Fortified Small Animal Feeds


Based on the overwhelming number of positive reviews for this Oxbow chinchilla food, we can only say that it is a top pick, no matter how pretentious your pet might be. Available as 10-pound bags, it contains enough food to feed not only one but multiple chinchillas at the same time.

Containing alfalfa, soy, and wheat, it is naturally rich in fiber, something that the little critters are undoubtedly grateful for since, as herbivores, they need it in their diet more than anything. It is impressive how much care and attention the maker of this food pays, seeing how the formula contains farm-fresh alfalfa.

Besides natural fiber, the formula contains stabilized nutrients so that it can meet all the nutritional demands of your little critters. An important aspect to mention is that this food is suitable for chinchillas of all ages. Furthermore, your pets will enjoy a healthy, happy life, if they are fed with a high-quality formula like this one.



It contains natural ingredients that ensure that the digestive system of the animals in your care doesn’t get upset by anything.

The high content of natural fiber makes this food an excellent choice for herbivores and helps with the development of chinchillas of all ages.

You will notice that the food provides balanced nutrition to your pet, by being rich in stabilized nutrients that have, as their primary role, to meet the exact requirements of these pets.

By feeding this formula to your pets, you will be able to meet their demands for various nutrients, as the food contains alfalfa, soy, and wheat.

Since it is sold as 10-pound bags, you will have enough to feed multiple pets, not only one.



This product may not be such an excellent choice for someone with numerous chinchillas in his or her care, as it is a bit expensive, and the animals might go through it rather fast.

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2. Kaytee Fiesta Food for Chinchillas 2.5 Pound Bag


This food contains the word ‘fiesta’ in its name for all the right reasons since it is a colorful mix of fruits, veggies, seeds, and grains. Your pet will love it as it is well known that chinchillas thrive on a varied diet and that’s exactly what this formula aims for.

Furthermore, your pets will enjoy the various shapes and textures of this food, as in the wild, they are used to foraging for such tasty bits. Because it contains alfalfa meal, and corn, the formula ensures the necessity of natural fiber so that your chinchillas don’t have troubles with digestion.

It must be noted that there are no artificial additives present in this formula. Also, everything that goes into the recipe is carefully picked to meet the specific nutritional requirements of these pets. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, this food will help your chinchillas have a healthy development.



Your pets will find this food easy to chew, which is something to consider, especially when you have to deal with rescued animals.

Chinchillas love this food because it contains so many tasty morsels; even picky eaters will find it to their liking.

As the formula is rich in DHA and omega-3 fatty acids, due to the content of seeds and nuts, it will contribute to the healthy development of the brain, heart, and eye.

It is essential that you feed your chinchilla a balanced diet, and this food contains all the vital nutrients for complete nutrition.

The content of probiotics contributes to the digestive health of your pets so that they can lead long happy lives.



This formula is a mix of ingredients and, while this is great, some chinchillas might pick the morsels they love the most, and leave the rest to spoil.

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3. Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Chinchilla Food 


One of the foods with a perfect record among chinchilla owners, the Supreme Petfoods Science Selective has all the makings of a great formula. First of all, it is nutritionally balanced, which means that your pet will get everything that’s needed for a healthy life and development. Second of all, it contains a lot of natural fiber, which is essential for a chinchilla’s delicate digestive system.

And that is not all. After feeding your pets with this formula for a while, you will notice that their coat will appear healthy and shiny. That is also a clear sign of a healthy and happy pet.

Knowing what goes into the food that you’re feeding your pet is crucial, so it is good to find out that this particular product doesn’t have any added sugar and no other artificial additives that can hurt the pet’s health in the long run.



Rich in parsley, plantain, and linseed, this formula provides your chinchillas with everything needed for a healthy shiny coat.

The high fiber content makes for 19% of this formula, which means that the digestive system of your little pet will be adequately cared for.

Another aspect worth noting is that this food has very low-fat levels since chinchillas tend to get overweight fast.

Because there are no added flavors and sugar in this diet, it works for feeding your pets for a long time without any unexpected consequences.

Your pets will benefit from a good dentition, as well, since this formula is thought to prevent such problems.



The vast majority of those who have bought this food for their chinchillas are more than pleased with their choice, and the only downside is that the formula is available only in one bag size, a little over 4 pounds.

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4. Mazuri Chinchilla Diet 2.5 lb Bag


Some pet owners may notice that, when they are feeding their pets a commercial formula, they still need supplementation for proper nutrition. That is not the case if you opt for this Mazuri chinchilla food, as it contains everything that is required for a complete diet.

Among the natural fiber sources contained by this formula, you will notice Timothy hay, which is a type of food that chinchillas prefer. If we take a good look at all the ingredients, we will also see that the formula contains flaxseeds, which are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids.

The latter is essential for the healthy development of the heart, brain, and eye. Furthermore, the food is enhanced with live probiotics which are great for ensuring the digestive health of your chinchillas. Known for their rather delicate digestive system, chinchillas can significantly benefit from such a diet.



You will not have to add anything more to your pets’ diet if you pick this formula because it provides excellent all-around nutrition.

Chinchillas will surely appreciate the sweet smell that ensures that even picky eaters will give it a chance, and even eat it with pleasure.

As it contains healthy levels of natural fiber, this diet is very close to what chinchillas consume in the wild, thus ensuring excellent wellbeing.

Know that the digestive health of your tiny critters is well cared for since the formula comes fortified with probiotics that have as their primary role to do precisely that.

Among other great nutrients, you will also find vitamin E and vitamin C that will make your pets’ coat appear shiny and healthy.



Be aware that this formula works for chinchillas in general, but cannot meet the increased needs of a pregnant or nursing pet.

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5. Oxbow Essentials Chinchilla 3lb 2 Pack


Oxbow is a company well known for the high-quality pet foods it makes, and this formula is exactly like the rest. First of all, it is a formula that offers the balanced nutrition chinchillas need for proper development. Since these small pets have particular needs when it comes to food, it is important to notice that this formula caters to their requirements.

The main ingredient in this food is alfalfa, a type of grass that is rich in fiber and it is also one of the favorites for chinchillas. There is an important reason why chinchillas need to have a lot of natural fiber in their diet.

Their digestive system is very delicate, and since chinchillas are herbivores, the only way to remain healthy is by having their nutrition well balanced and rich in fiber. Also, their weight is more comfortable to keep in check if they eat a healthy diet that contains enough of this element.



If you want to offer your chinchillas a good and balanced diet, this formula ensures that your pets receive superior nutrients.

The formula is based on good quality alfalfa, and it is rich in the natural fiber your pets need so much for optimal health.

It is easy to keep your pet’s weight in check when feeding him or her this type of food because there is no risk to get fat, something that happens quite easily to these animals.

Your pet’s dental health is adequately cared for, as well; the lack of sugar in this food will prevent any cavities and other dental issues.

Chinchillas can benefit significantly from such a diet that helps them remain active, and in good health, for many years.



Some picky eaters might have a bit of a tough time getting to like this formula, but many pet owners vouch for it, so, all in all, it comes highly recommended.

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6. Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Chinchilla Food Mix


Chinchillas love eating a varied diet, and it is an excellent thing that this formula makes sure to meet such specific requirements. The food includes fruits, veggies, and nuts, so don’t be surprised if you notice your pets falling in love with this food. The Higgins Sunburst Gourmet deserves its name, as it provides your pets with a delicious meal.

It is crucial for pet owners to check the list of ingredients and put back on the shelf anything that contains artificial additives, preservatives, and sugar. You will be pleased to learn that his formula doesn’t contain any such problematic ingredients.

Another exciting thing about this food is that it is rich in DHA, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics, so they are all great for the digestive health of your pet. Because the food comes in resealable bags, you can easily keep it fresh for a long time.



Pet owners can now spoil their chinchillas with a healthy diet, as this food is a mix of ingredients that are both tasty and good for their wellbeing.

Because you will not find any artificial additives and preservatives in this formula, you can rest assured that it will not put your pet’s health in jeopardy.

Rich in DHA, and omega-3 fatty acids, this formula will make your pet’s coat appear healthy and shiny, especially after being on the same diet for a long time.

Due to the probiotics included in the food, it will manage to ensure optimal health for the pet’s digestive system.

Don’t forget that this food is made in the US and abides by the highest standards of quality; you know your pet is well cared for.



Some chinchillas pick the tastiest morsels from the mix and ignore the rest, so some owners would like to see those sold as treats.

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7. Vitakraft VitaNature Natural Chinchilla Formula Food


Complete nutrition is the foundation of good health for a chinchilla. The Vitakraft Vitanature Chinchilla is an excellent example of what the diet for such an animal should contain to ensure proper development and overall optimal health. As it is rich in antioxidants, it fortifies the pet’s immune system, making it impervious to illnesses.

This chinchilla food for sale contains natural fiber, an essential part of any diet for this type of pet. By getting enough fiber, the animal will have healthy digestion, and long happy life, as a result. As the formula is rich in various bits, it can stimulate the pet’s natural habit of foraging for food.

Besides herbs, the formula has flowers, greens, veggies, grains, and even berries. Your chinchilla might enjoy this diet so much so it might be hard to switch to something else after a while. Free of added preservatives and chemical-based compounds, this food is a wise choice.



For a balanced diet, pick this food for chinchillas, as it contains everything that’s crucial for your pet’s health in the long run.

The content of natural fiber makes sure that your pet gets all the needed ingredients for a healthy digestive system.

You will notice how your chinchillas will enjoy foraging for food as the colored variety of bits and morsels will stimulate this natural behavior.

A superior blend makes the combination for this food, and every single ingredient is picked with care and attention, to ensure proper development for your chinchillas.

Even more, the formula contains a lot of antioxidants, which are essential for a healthy immune system and a disease-free life for your chinchillas.



There are some reports from buyers saying that the bags they received contained quite little ground up pellets, making them unpalatable for their pets.

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8. Vitakraft Chinchilla Food


If you’re wondering what makes a good food for a chinchilla, the answer would be something high in fiber. That was definitely what the people at Vitakraft thought when they created this formula. Based on Timothy hay, it is rich in fiber so that your little critters don’t experience any issues with their digestion; it is a highly recommended choice.

But it is not only the content of fiber that makes this formula such an excellent choice for chinchillas. It also contains an essential amount of omega-3 fatty acids, necessary for the development of a healthy heart, brain, and eyes. Even more, your pet will have a beautiful shiny coat because of the natural oils present in the diet.

Relevant content of vitamins – A, C, D, and E – make this formula an excellent pick for a pet owner looking for a complete diet for his or her chinchillas.



For your pet’s wellbeing, consider a formula that has a high content of fiber, like this Timothy hay based formula.

Ensure your chinchillas’ optimal health by feeding them with this food that contains a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids, ideal for a shiny coat and allergy-free skin.

The intake of natural oils further contributes to the beautiful appearance of your pet’s coat, and also supply him or her with plenty of vitamin E.

Not only vitamin E but also vitamins A, C, and D are present in this formula, making it optimal for ensuring perfect health for your pet.

All the ingredients are carefully selected to create a diet that chinchillas will love, without the risk of overfeeding and becoming obese.



Some chinchillas seem to fall head over heels with the treats included in this formula, and they tend to ignore everything else.

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9. Supreme Petfoods Tiny Friends Farm Charlie Chinchilla Food


Chinchillas love foraging for food in the wild, so it doesn’t hurt to pick a type of food that stimulates this natural behavior. If you choose the Supreme Petfoods Tiny Friends, you’ll do a great job since this formula is created based on a healthy mix that keeps the chinchillas active and ready to forage for food.

You don’t have to worry about this food containing sugar, as it is entirely free of it. Chinchillas are known to like sweet foods, but, at the same time, eating sugar is dangerous for them as they can quickly become overweight.

Other healthy ingredients are also included in the formula, such as linseed, which is excellent for keeping a healthy skin, as well as a shiny coat. You will know your chinchillas are on a healthy diet when you look at them, merely because they look so amazing.



Based on a healthy mix of ingredients, such as Timothy hay, maize, peas, carrots, wheat, and oats, the formula promotes the natural behavior of foraging.

It contains the natural fiber needed for healthy digestion, and you will notice that your chinchillas will no longer fall ill often.

As it doesn’t include sugar in the formula, this food is completely safe for your pet, and he or she won’t run the risk of becoming overweight.

At the same time, the food is tasty for the tiny creatures, and chinchillas will love it, even when they are usually picky eaters.

Your pet’s beautiful shiny coat will be the result of consuming linseed, another vital ingredient that can be found in this particular formula.



While many chinchillas seem to like this food, as a general rule, some of them don’t seem crazy about the pellets, and they are picky, according to their owners.

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10. Sherwood Pet Health Adult Chinchilla Food


The Sherwood Pet Health Adult Chinchilla is a premium formula, created with the utmost care and consideration for the health of the small animals you are looking after. The natural source of fiber in this food is Timothy hay, an ingredient that is well tolerated and even favored by chinchillas.

The mix also contains flaxseeds, which are a great source of natural oils and omega-3 fatty acids. These contribute to the overall health of the skin, coat, and internal organs of the chinchillas, thus ensuring overall optimal health without a glitch.

In case you have been looking for a formula that doesn’t contain soy and wheat, this is an excellent option to consider. Created to ensure proper digestive health, this formula is rich in compounds that play a role in maintaining the overall wellbeing of your pet in the long run. Other benefits include less odor for the pet’s natural waste and prevention of various health issues.



For balanced nutrition, your chinchillas need certain ingredients in their diet, which is precisely what this food provides.

Unlike other foods available on the market, this product doesn’t contain soy and wheat, which makes it much healthier compared to the alternatives.

Your pets will benefit from excellent digestive health if you pick this food from the many for sale, as the natural source of fiber included will work to prevent any issues.

The high content of fatty acids contributes to the excellent health of the pet’s skin, as well as to a shiny, beautiful coat that will make you proud of your choice.

Bear in mind that this formula is mainly based on hay, which is the basis of any healthy diet for a chinchilla.



Some picky eaters may be quite difficult to convince to consume this food, which is quite unfortunate seeing how healthy it is.

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11. ZUPREEM 230020 Nature’S Promise 


Any adult chinchilla should have a healthy dose of natural fiber every day, and the ZUPREEM 230020 Nature’S Promise was made by its manufacturer with this consideration in mind. Made from Timothy hay, it is an excellent example of a natural formula that caters to all the needs of an adult pet.

The hay used for the formula is weed-free and is also tested for pesticide content, to ensure that you will only give your pet healthy ingredients that can protect him or her from illnesses. Besides hay, the food has flaxseeds, an excellent source of natural oils and omega-3 fatty acids.

Your pet will have a beautiful coat if you include this food in his or her diet. Also, chinchillas do great on diets rich in such nutrients, as their skin also benefits. Everything that is essential for a chinchilla’s diet can be found in this formula.



Ensure that your adult chinchilla gets all the needed fiber in his or her diet, by getting this food that has a great natural source of the required nutrient.

When on this diet, your pets won’t suffer from digestive problems, due to the high quality of the fiber source, which is Timothy hay free of pesticides and weeds.

The high content of natural oils makes the skin and coat of your animal to appear shiny and healthy all the time.

Also, the flaxseeds in the formula, as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, help with the overall health of the heart, eyes, and brain.

Overall, the ingredients included are carefully picked to ensure that your pet receives the nutrition he or she deserves.



Available in 3-pound bags, this food may not be the handiest choice for you, in case you have numerous chinchillas to feed every day.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Chinchillas are adorable creatures that many people prefer to keep as pets due to their gentle nature. If you are a pet parent, you most likely know how important it is to pick the right type of foods. Chinchillas are not particularly pretentious, but they do have their fair share of requirements for a healthy diet.

That is why you should compare various foods available for these cute creatures and decide wisely which you are going to feed to your pets. We are here to help you by giving you actionable information for picking the right products.

Choose high-quality foods

To start with an essential piece of advice, we recommend that you choose only high-quality formulas. Chinchillas are quite delicate creatures, and their digestive system is easy to throw off balance, which means that you cannot just feed them any cheap chinchilla food you find at the supermarket.

We strongly advise that you read the list of ingredients carefully so that you can have a clear idea about what goes in each bag of chinchilla food you purchase. Looking at the manufacturer or brand selling the respective foods can also give you a good idea about what you should be looking for. Some companies have a long-standing reputation in making premium foods for pets, and they are your safest bet.


The chinchilla food should always contain a natural source of fiber

As mentioned earlier, chinchillas have a sensitive digestive system, and that means that it is vital that the nutrients and ingredients provided by the formula you decide on, can promote optimal health. For chinchillas, since they are herbivores, it is recommended to have a source of natural fiber included.

While there can be many ingredients that can ensure this need for fiber, chinchillas like some better than others. For instance, Timothy hay is on top of the list. You can even feed your pet this type of hay separately, but it can be a hassle, so, if it is already contained in the food you bought for your pet, that can be much more convenient for you.

Alfalfa is another source of natural fiber that your pets will enjoy. Make sure that you read the chinchilla food reviews left by other users to see what they have to say about the way their pets have reacted to various sources of fiber. As the digestive health of your pet is of the utmost importance, this is not something you should treat lightly.


What other ingredients should be included?

If you’re searching for chinchilla pet food, you will notice that there are dozens of products available, and that might make you feel a little overwhelmed. The key is to stay on track and look for those ingredients that can indeed make a difference for your pet’s health. We will talk here a little about those ingredients that, just like natural fiber, should be present in a high-quality formula that you will have no issues to feed to your chinchillas.

For instance, a combination of hay, legumes, and grass, can offer the required fiber but also add a bit of protein. That’s great for the development of your chinchillas that, even if they are herbivores, can do well on a bit of protein of vegetal provenience. More often than not, manufacturers with an excellent reputation for making high-quality pet food, prefer to offer a blend of ingredients to chinchillas.

Such a blend can contain, besides hay that must always be there, many tasty morsels or veggies, fruits, seeds, and even nuts. Chinchillas are well known for their preference to forage for food, and this is something that keeps them active and healthy.

To stimulate this natural way of exercising, you need to make sure that the food you give your pets has a healthy mix of such ingredients. Also, the various vitamins and extra nutrients that are present in such components will add health value to the food you’re feeding them.

Seeds, especially flaxseeds, are excellent sources of DHA and omega-3 fatty acids which keep chinchillas’ skin healthy, and their coat shiny and beautiful. They also contribute to the healthy development of internal organs, such as the heart.


What ingredients should never be on the list?

Let’s not overlook what ingredients you should never see on the back of your chinchillas’ food. For instance, sugar should be avoided, as it ruins the chinchillas’ dentition, and can also make the small animals gain too much weight. Fats should be avoided, as well as preservatives and artificial colors, as they are bad for these animals’ health.



Frequently asked questions about chinchilla foods


Q: Can chinchilla eat rabbit food?

Since chinchillas and rabbits are herbivores, many pet owners might feel tempted to feed their chinchillas the same food they use to feed rabbits. That would be a mistake since, beyond their similarities, these animals also have many differences.

Chinchillas have a much more sensitive digestive system compared to rabbits, and that is why you shouldn’t use rabbit food for these furry creatures. An upset stomach can affect the health of your chinchillas, and you should not risk such troubles by giving them rabbit food. Go for chinchilla food that is specially created for them and their particular needs.

Q: Can chinchilla eat guinea pig food?

If you are out of the good chinchilla food you bought just for your furry pets, you might feel tempted to give them some guinea pig food. We will tell you right away: don’t do that. The food made commercially for guinea pigs is rich in vitamin C, and it is low in calcium, while the food prepared for chinchillas has a high content of fiber, and must also contain some natural oils and omega-3 fatty acids.

As you can see, the two types of food are different, and they do not cater to the same nutritional needs. Keep your pets out of trouble by feeding them only what is strictly recommended.


Q: What human food can chinchillas eat?

If your diet is based on fresh carrots, peas, and other unprocessed ingredients, you might feel tempted to give your chinchilla some, too. But you might risk your pet’s health by doing so, which is why veterinarians and other pet care specialists advise against.

As humans, our diet is much more abundant in fats, protein, and sugar, than what chinchillas need. They can quickly become overweight, which is why only the tiniest amount of seeds and nuts should be fed to them. Other foods humans enjoy like chocolate, and sweets, are a definite no-no, as they can make chinchillas ill.


Q: How long can a chinchilla go without food?

As a chinchilla parent, you already know how sensitive these animals can be when it comes to their digestive system. That is why they cannot go long without eating, either. Leaving your chinchillas alone for several hours, but with plenty of food, would not be a problem.

Be aware that a chinchilla cannot go more than 24 hours without food or water. If they remain unfed for longer than a full day, the chances are that they will get ill and eventually die. For that reason, make sure that your chinchilla eats regularly and adequately.




1) Understand your pet’s nutrition

2) Chinchillas nutritional requirements

3) What you should feed a chinchilla

4) Nutrition of the chinchilla



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Recommending an everyday chinchilla food that contains treats is a recipe for disaster. Most chinchilla owners loose their chinchillas because of over feeding treats and the chinchillas become diabetic and die. Do not feed a food that contains treats! Feed treats occasionally and then in only very small portions. Chinchillas digestive tracts are much to sensitive for the Kaytee Fiesta to do anything but give you an unhealthy Chinchilla. © 2019 SitemapPrivacy Policy Protection Status