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10 Guinea Pig Toys Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 06.04.20


Best Guinea Pig Toy Review – Top Rated Models in 2020 with Buying Guide


Guinea pigs are smart animals that need to keep their minds busy and entertained. And what better way to do so if not by finding the best Guinea pig toys available today? If you want to provide what’s good for your pet but don’t have the time to look for such toys yourself, we got you covered. After carefully analyzing the market, we have come to the conclusion that a fun toy to play with would be the Rypet Small Animal Tunnel. The product is collapsible and perfect for all small pets, including ferrets, rabbits, mice, and Guinea pigs. The tunnel is made of high-quality and non-toxic cotton, making it a safe choice for all animals. If this item is not available for sale right away, perhaps the Niteangel Small Activity Toy would make an interesting alternative.  



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10 Best Guinea Pig Toys (Reviews) in 2020



Finding the most suitable Guinea pig chew toys could prove a difficult task, especially with so many options to choose from. And, even though each pet is unique and may react differently towards certain toys, we did decide to come up with a list of products that might spark your rodent’s interest. Showcased below you’ll find the trendiest toys on the market right now, as well as their main characteristics.



1. Rypet Small Animal Play Tunnel, Collapsible Pet Toy Tunnel


This item is available in three beautiful designs that will certainly make your pet’s playground look funnier and more interesting. The spacious tunnel provides plenty of room for your small rodent to run freely and explore, stimulating its curiosity.

One of the most convenient things about this particular toy is that it’s collapsible, so it won’t occupy too much space and is convenient to transport. It can perfectly mold on the cage’s shape and offer plenty of space for running or hiding.

The item features strong plastic rings to keep the firm shape of the tunnel and a cotton upper fabric that is soft and non-toxic. It is great for chewing or hiding your small rodent from the light. Thanks to its generous dimensions, it can accommodate various small pets, including rats, ferrets, rabbits, and Guinea pigs.

If you would like to build larger tunnels and offer extra space for your rodent to explore, all you have to do is put together two or more of the same items.



The strong plastic structure makes the tunnel sturdy and reliable, while the upper high-quality blend of cotton and polyester is soft and will provide the perfect hiding spot for your small pet.

The item is non-toxic and won’t cause any allergic reactions, pose a choking hazard or harm your Guinea pig in any way.

The collapsible design makes this tunnel foldable so that it can be easily transported and stored even in the smallest cages.

The product can be washed in the washing machine to prevent bacteria and mold from damaging it in time.



Although most customers appreciated the high quality of this foldable tunnel, not all of them agreed that it is big enough to accommodate adult Guinea pigs, so we suggest you refer to the product’s dimensions before ordering it.

Washing the tunnel too often may damage the quality of the upper material, making it flimsy and easier to fall apart in time.

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2. Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy Fun Pet Balls


The set contains three different small balls, perfect for entertaining your pet and keeping it occupied for hours. All items included are handmade of 100% natural materials and don’t contain any metal, glue or plastic. Therefore, they won’t cause allergies, side effects or health problems even if your pet enjoys chewing on them.

The products are suitable for nibbling and playing, stimulating your rodent’s imagination and creativity. They represent a thoughtful choice for all small animals, including Guinea pigs, rats, and rabbits.

Each ball also features an extra deep base so you can fill it with litter. The balls are big enough to hide small treats or snacks in them, allowing your pet to work for its food and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. They can be deconstructed to a pile of sticks and straws that can also be chewed without any choking hazard.



If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining way to keep your pet occupied for hours, these balls might just do the trick thanks to their shape, size, and the materials they are made of.

The set includes three different balls with similar dimensions, all handmade of the finest natural materials and which don’t include any dyes, chemicals, plastic, metal or glue, so they won’t pose a threat to your pet’s health.

Each ball can be filled with litter, small treats or organic snacks to maintain a healthy and balanced diet while also making your pets work for their foods and stimulating their creativity.

The perfect size of these balls makes them easily fit into any cage or rodent house, offering endless hours of fun.



Since they are made of natural materials, your Guinea pig will most likely feel the need to chew on them, deconstructing them and tearing them apart after just a few days.

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3. Wheeky Treat Ball Toy for Guinea Pigs


This fun and interactive ball is designed to be rolled or pushed by your pet to stimulate its mind and physical activity. The product is a great choice to keep your rodent occupied for a long time, chasing away boredom whenever you’re not around. The ball is also suitable for animals that must stick to a harsh diet and exercise a lot to get rid of extra fat.

It is made of high-quality and BPA-free plastic that won’t cause allergic reactions or health problems, making it a safe toy even for the most sensitive pets. The dimensions of the ball are perfect for small pets, including Guinea pigs, rabbits, and gerbils.

The bright yellow design with painted carrots makes the product appealing, while the adjustable treat opening allows you to hide inside anything from delicious snacks and treats to kibbles. Each device is individually tested to make sure the opening mechanism is not faulty and doesn’t possess a threat to your pet.



This treat ball is specifically engineered to keep boredom away and stimulate your pet’s creativity while also allowing it to improve its workout routine.

The product is perfectly sized for all small pets, from rabbits and rats to Guinea pigs and gerbils, so that each of your furry friends can spend quality time playing and exercising with this ball.

Thanks to the adjustable opening on the bottom, you will be able to add your pet’s favorite treats, snacks, and kibbles, which turns this toy into a great way to look after your rodent’s diet.

Most customers who purchased the toy claimed it is well-constructed, strong, reliable, and easy to use by all small pets.



According to some pet owners, this toy will cause frustration to some rodents as they will find it difficult or almost impossible to get the treats out of it.

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4. Winomo Pet Hammock Hamster Hanging Toy Snuggle Hut


Are you looking for new ways to keep your pet happy and entertained whenever you’re not at home? This small hammock represents the ultimate retreat for your small pet, whether it’s a squirrel, a Guinea pig, a hamster, a rabbit or a chinchilla.

The product is made of high-quality materials and features a super-soft texture fabric to help your furry friend stay cozy and comfortable throughout the day. The plush-like material is breathable and non-toxic, making it a safe choice even for the sensitive members of your extended family.

It is also easy to use and install thanks to the 4-clip chains that are anti-rust, and corrosion resistant. This will provide convenient mounting options and improved portability whenever you want to move the hammock from one place to another. You can easily hang it in your backyard from a tree or adjust it inside your pet’s cage according to its needs.



It is made of superior-quality materials that won’t rust, corrode or cause allergies, making it a safe and comfortable choice for all small pets, including the sensitive ones.

The hammock bed is soft and breathable, allowing your rodent to take a good afternoon nap or get rid of boredom while you’re not around to play with it.

We also liked that this product is easy to install in trees or inside the pet’s cage thanks to the four clip chains.

Most customers were happy with their purchase, stating that the hammock features a strong structure with refined stitching, making it durable and long-lasting, no matter your pet’s weight.



If your furry animal has a strong chewing and biting habit, this may not be the most suitable product as it can be damaged in a short time.

Even though it is machine washable, some customers mentioned that the structure got flimsier and the outer fabric lost its softness after washing it a few times.

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5. Niteangel Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut Play Chew Toys Guinea Pig


If you’re looking for a complete kit that will keep your small rodent busy and happy throughout the day, this set from Niteangel may be a great choice. It consists of a hut and no less than seven different toys to keep boredom away and stimulate your pet’s creativity.

All items are made of 100% natural materials that don’t contain any glue, chemicals or dyes that are potentially dangerous to your animal’s health. Moreover, they won’t cause any allergic reactions either.

The hut is big enough to accommodate an adult Guinea pig, providing the perfect hideout during the sunny and hot days. Keep in mind that rodents are mainly night creatures and may be sensitive to natural light, so don’t panic if your pet doesn’t come out of the hut for hours.

The toys include delicious apple sticks, bamboo sticks, pinecones, a rattan ball, a water hyacinth ball, a seagrass ball, and loofah, perfect for chewing and playing.



The hut is big enough to accommodate an adult rodent, providing a sense of security and safety that will positively impact your pet’s health.

The hut, alongside all other toys included, is made of 100% natural materials and doesn’t contain any chemical substances, glues or dyes that might harm your pet or cause allergic reactions, meaning the set can be safely used by all animals.

There is a wide variety of toys included to promote healthy chewing, stimulate your rodent’s mind, and keep it busy and happy for hours.

According to the opinion of most customers, the hut features a sturdy and reliable construction that will last a long while, even if your pet enjoys chewing on a regular basis.



Some of those who purchased the set claimed the doors on the hut may not be big enough for adult Guinea pigs, so you may have to do some alterations once your pet grows up to make sure it can easily get inside.

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6. Niteangel Wooden Cage Bridge for Guinea Pigs


The item is available in two colors and is made of 100% natural wood without splinters. It is easy and safe to use by all small pets, including chinchillas, rabbits, and Guinea pigs and represents an alternative to regular exercise wheels.

It can be used inside the cage as a climbing frame or to provide easy access when entering and leaving the cage. What we also liked is that the wood structure is sturdy and large enough to also promote a healthy and active lifestyle, allowing your pet to climb or jump.

The steps are specifically designed to avoid slipping or falling. Since it is made of natural wood, it will withstand harsh weather conditions if you plan on using it outside but can also be dubbed as a hiding place if your pet is shy. Keep in mind that you may have to replace it soon enough if your pet has a nasty chewing habit.



The ladder is made with natural wood so it doesn’t contain any chemical dyes, glues or additional substances that can be harmful to your pet if it enjoys chewing.

It is the perfect solution for safely entering or exiting the cage but you can also use it as a ladder or a hideout place inside your animal’s cage.

The steps on the bridge are perfectly sized for small animals such as Guinea pigs and rabbits and will provide easy access to the cage without the risk of slipping, falling, and injuring.

Most customers who purchased the product said it features a sturdy and reliable construction that can easily hold pets up to 10-11 pounds.



As with many other accessories and toys made of natural materials, this bridge can be damaged by your fellow rodent pet if it has a nasty chewing habit, meaning you’ll have to replace it at some point.

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7. Uligota Timothy Hay Chew Sticks Pet Chew Treats & Toy


Are you looking for some delicious and nutritious treats for your small rodent but you’re worried about preservatives and chemicals added? These Timothy hay sticks from Uligota are suitable for interaction, hand feeding, and bonding. They are perfectly shaped and sized for small pets, including rabbits, Guinea pigs, and chinchillas.

The sticks are made of high-quality 100% natural and organic Canada-imported hay and are baked at low temperatures into the shape of chew sticks and then sterilized at high temperatures. As a result, they are suitable for long-term storage without requiring additional preservatives or chemicals.

The Timothy hay treats can also be used as molar sticks instead of regular apple sticks. Each stick is rich in high fibers to promote and support the health of the gastrointestinal and digestive systems of your pet. In other words, the sticks are suitable for maintaining a balanced diet.



The set contains twenty sticks, perfectly shaped and sized for small rodents, so they will last your pet a long time from now on, even if it’s a notorious chewer.

The sticks are made of high-quality Timothy hay rich in high fibers to help maintain your rodent’s health and promote better digestion.

Thanks to their unique shape and ingredients used, the sticks can also be used as molar sticks.

They represent the ideal method of boding, interacting or hand feeding your pet so you can create a special relationship based on mutual love and trust.



Although stated on the label that the Timothy hay is originated from Canada, the sticks are made in China, which was not something that all customers appreciated.

Since we are talking about personal tastes, these sticks may not be suitable for all pets, so we suggest switching to other organic snacks and treats if you don’t notice any interest for this product from your rodent.

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8. Kaytee Carousel Chew Toy Carrot Large


This fun and interesting toy will most likely trigger your pet’s interest. The special carrot shape with internal storage for treats or additional things to play with will reduce boredom and keep your small rodent busy for hours. It provides an interesting alternative to other mind-stimulating toys and can be easily placed inside your rodent’s cage for endless hours of fun and excitement.

The product is made of high-quality wood that will help to keep your pet’s teeth clean while stimulating its chewing habit. The loofah pieces inside the carrot are designed to clean and floss teeth, keeping them strong and healthy for a long time.

However, not all customers seemed pleased after acquiring this toy. Some stated that the carrot parts are held together by hot glue which is not edible and even potentially harmful to your rodent. Also, the toy doesn’t seem suitable for more pretentious rodents like chinchillas.



The item comes in a small and cute shape that will certainly trigger your pet’s curiosity and interest for exploring more.

It can be used as a chewing toy or as a special treat since it can be filled with your animal’s favorite kibbles, fruits, and veggies.

The carrot toy is designed to prevent teeth from growing too much and for cleaning and flossing them, so your pet can benefit from complete oral hygiene.

It is specifically made to trigger the interest and curiosity of all small rodents, including gerbils, Guinea pigs, and rabbits.



Although most customers approved this toy, saying it is a fun and interesting way to keep your pet busy for hours, some complained about the product containing dyes that could potentially harm your small rodent.

Also, according to other people who purchased the carrot-shaped toy, it is held together with hot glue, which isn’t edible either.

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9. Prevue Hendryx 1095 Nature’s Hideaway Grass Ball Toy


Featuring the perfect combination of exercising and play, this ball will satisfy your rodent’s natural instincts of nesting, exploring, and burrowing. The toy measures nine inches in diameter, which makes it the perfect size for rats, gerbils, Guinea pigs, ferrets, and hamsters.

It is made of 100% natural black grass and doesn’t contain any dyes or chemical substances that might affect your pet’s health. Therefore, it is safe for your pet to chew all day long.

The two large windows provide the perfect ways to get inside and out whenever your pet decides, without worrying about getting stuck. The ball’s perfect dimensions allow you to place it inside your rodent’s cage and, since it is made of lightweight materials, it can also be transported with ease.

If you plan on taking good care of your small rodent even when you’re away, make sure to combine this ball with other stimulating toys and accessories, including exercise wheels, tunnels, and toys made of natural ingredients.



The ball is made of superior-quality natural black grass and doesn’t contain any chemicals, dyes or hot glue that can cause allergic reactions or more severe health problems, meaning it is safe to use by all animals.

It is specifically designed to stimulate your furry pet’s imagination, allowing it to explore, nest, and burrow at its own pace.

The generous dimensions make this product ideal to be used by small animals, including ferrets, Guinea pigs, and even smaller breeds of rabbits.

It can also be placed inside your rodent’s cage and won’t occupy too much space so that you can combine it with other delicious snacks, treats, and amusing toys.



The main downside of all toys and accessories made of natural black grass is that they won’t last too long, depending on your pet’s chewing habits, so you’ll end up replacing them in a few days or weeks.

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10. Ecotrition Snak Shak Edible Hideaway for Small Animals


The product is available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate all rodents and stimulate their imagination. The activity log comes in a large size, suitable for rabbits and Guinea pigs.

This item is 100% edible and features a delicious honey flavor that will definitely make your pet interested. It doesn’t only taste great but it is also made with natural ingredients to keep your furry friend strong and healthy.

It represents the perfect exercising and amusement tool, serving three different purposes. The log can be used as a fun hideaway, to stimulate your pet’s natural chewing instinct or as a delicious and healthy treat.

The natural wood look will make it easily blend with the rest of the environment or create a safe space for your rodent inside its cage. The log can fit in all cages and, together with other exercising accessories, it can help your pet live a long and active life.



Designed to be chewed and tasted, this toy comes in a delicious honey flavor that will certainly spark your pet’s interest and help it enjoy a healthy snack.

The item is made with natural ingredients and, thanks to its natural wood look, it will easily blend with the environment and help create a safe space for your rodent inside its cage.

It is available in various sizes to cater to the needs of all rodents, from hamsters, mice, and gerbils to Guinea pigs.

The product will stimulate your animal’s chewing instincts and can also act as the perfect hideout during the day.



Although rich in proteins, fat, crude fibers, and calcium, the ingredient list does state that this log comes with food preservatives which may cause allergic reactions and trigger certain health problems for your pet.

With normal wood, rodents would only chew it, but since this product comes in delicious sweet tastes, it can trick your pet into ingesting the wood shavings and dust, which may cause breathing and digestive problems.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Making your Guinea pig happy is not an easy task, as it can be extremely picky and pretentious. Apart from providing it with a source of freshwater and a diversified diet based on its needs, your Guinea pig will also require plenty of fun and entertainment. And what better way to keep your pet happy and busy if not by choosing various Guinea pig accessories and toys?

Check out the main features you should consider when searching for the best toy for your small rodent.


You should pick the right toy for your pet according to its size and the size of the cage. Look for items that don’t pose a choking hazard but that are also small enough for the rodent to play with them and move them from one place to another.

The size of the cage where you’re keeping the animal should also dictate the number and the size of the accessories and toys you are planning on buying. Keep in mind that your furry friend also needs space to stretch and move, so don’t overcrowd its cage.


Materials used

Just like all other rodents, Guinea pigs love having something to bite or chew on. So, instead of damaging the cage grills or its plastic structure, an effective alternative would be to buy some toys. You can opt for various natural materials, from wood to willow, straws, and even cotton or loofah.

You should avoid products that are made with chemical substances or dyes that can easily lead to allergies and health affections. If you want to choose plastic toys, make sure they are BPA-free and don’t pose a choking hazard to your pet.

Wood toys are a safe choice as they are strong enough and it will take a while until your rodent finishes chewing on them. However, pick larger chunks of wood without splinters or sawdust to avoid cutting. The same goes for paper toys.


Exercising toys

Rodents love their food and this is why they easily tend to get overweight or obese if you don’t closely watch their diet. One way to prevent this is to help them live a more active lifestyle with the help of some fun and interactive Guinea pig exercise toys.

Exercise wheels are amongst the most popular solutions because they are affordable and easy to install. They won’t occupy too much space in your pet’s cage either and will help your rodent enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Plastic exercise wheels are lightweight and easy to install but they can easily break or be chewed by your fellow rodent pet. Therefore, a better option would be metallic wheels that come with a sturdier construction that cannot be moved or damaged by your Guinea pig.

Tunnels and climbing tubes also make for wonderful exercising options. They will stimulate your pet’s creativity while helping it remain healthy and active. If your pet’s cage is big enough, you can choose to create bigger structures by combining various similar tubes.

Most tubes are made of plastic and come with playful and colorful designs that are appealing to your pet. However, these too can be damaged in time by the rodent or may not provide the level of intimacy your furry friend requires since they are transparent.

Keep in mind that rodents enjoy staying in dark places and are mainly active during the night, so you should opt for tubes and tunnels made of opaque materials and fabrics.

Plastic structures covered with cloth or cotton could seem like a proper choice in this case. Just make sure the tubes and the exercise wheels are big enough to support your pet’s weight and height and that they won’t allow it to get stuck.


Chewing toys

As we’ve previously mentioned, Guinea pigs are notorious chewers and need to keep their mouths busy all the time. So, if you care about your furry friend’s happiness, perhaps you should think about purchasing some chew toys.

They can be made of a variety of materials, including wood and BPA-free, non-toxic plastic. They can also be edible.

Edible toys or treat toys can be stuffed with delicious and healthy snacks that your pet can access only through exercising. These toys are perfect for stimulating your Guinea pig’s imagination and appetite. Opt for healthy bites of fresh fruits and veggies, and avoid feeding your pet empty calories or too many carbs.

Homemade Guinea pig toys could also prove a smart choice if you have the time and patience to make them yourself. Opt for organic and non-toxic materials and stay away from chemicals and chemical dyes to prevent allergies or breathing problems.



Frequently asked questions about Guinea pig toys


Q: How to make Guinea pig toys?

If you’re good with arts and crafts and want a customizable toy for your special furry friend, why not try and do one by yourself?

There are plenty of online tutorials and videos that can help you build an interesting alternative to other toy market products, and stimulate your Guinea pig’s creativity and curiosity. We suggest keeping the design as simple as possible and using natural, non-toxic materials such as BPA-free plastic, willow, cotton, and even stainless steel.

Avoid using low-quality materials or dyes, chipping top coats, chemicals, glue or small parts that can be ingested. They may cause allergic reactions.

Q: What toys Guinea pigs play with?

Most rodents are playful animals that enjoy working for their treats. They also tend to get bored really fast if they are living in small cages with little to no amusement at all. Therefore, you must look for toys that are not only fun but also intriguing and will keep their minds busy for hours.

Treat balls, tunnels, and toys made of natural materials they can chew on are amongst your pet’s favorite. Don’t forget to also add a running wheel and tubes that can help your Guinea pig explore and exercise at the same time.


Q: How to make a Guinea pig chew toy?

As we previously mentioned, these small rodents love to have something to chew on, and treat toys are definitely amongst their favorites. You could make your own chewing toys by putting together straws or thin willow branches to create balls or other shapes of toys.

Glue them together using a special DIY organic and non-toxic glue to prevent any allergies or health conditions caused by chemicals.

However, not all chewing toys must be complicated and hard to make. On the contrary, you can just pick a piece of wood without any splinters or sharp edges and put it into your Guinea pig’s cage. Other chewing toys can be made of organic cotton and cloth.


Q: What are good toys for Guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are intelligent and curious rodents, so they need something to stimulate their minds and keep them busy for long. Therefore, some of the best toys you can opt for include treat balls, tunnels and tubes, and exercise wheels. You can purchase them separately or choose a cage that includes all these elements.

Some other good toys you could think of are chewing bars and snacks as they will prevent your pig’s teeth to grow too long and provide all necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Fiddlestick hideouts may also prove an interesting choice because they are multipurpose. You can use them to create hideouts, houses or as delicious and safe things to chew.


Q: Can Guinea pigs have bird toys?

As odd as it may sound, there are a lot of Guinea pigs that will enjoy having a bird toy to play with. And, although most of them are safe, you should stick to toys made of wood and natural, non-toxic paints. Avoid bird toys made of plastic or latex because they can become a choking hazard to your pet. Plastic toys also contain numerous chemicals that can lead to serious health problems later on.

You should also consider the appropriate size of the toy if you want to make sure your pet enjoys its new fun source. Opt for items that are big enough not to be swallowed but also small enough not to look scary.




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