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10 DIY Guinea Pig Cage Ideas

Last Updated: 28.02.20



Caring for your little cavy doesn’t mean just making sure that it has a place to stay and rest, and feeding him the right guinea pig food. As we showed in this article, your friend’s living enclosure is an essential part of his or her health and comfort.

There are plenty of guinea pig cage options to choose from in all pet stores and everywhere online. This article, though, is for those owners who want to add a personal touch to their pet’s habitat by building a new living space from scratch.

We will go through a list of ten Do-It-Yourself ideas that will make your little fuzzy friend feel safer and more comfortable in its own cage. This list covers different options, from the cheapest and most simple and easy to assemble alternatives, to the high-end ‘mansions’ of rodent enclosures. No matter your budget or space restrictions, you will find something on this list that will upgrade your guinea pig’s habitat.


#1 The Simple And Affordable Guinea Pig Run

If you are a novice when it comes to DIY or you don’t have that much of a budget to work with, this might be the solution for you. This very basic, wooden frame can also be used as an exercise enclosure for your cavy to run around in your backyard in safe conditions.

With a total cost of around $20, you can build this pen in almost no time. In terms of materials, all you will need is a few wooden frames, some wire netting with square holes, and a bunch of bolts and screws. If you want to be extra careful with the safety of your pet, you can also build a roof to this enclosure.


#2 The Kiddie Swimming Pool Guinea Pig Cage

Another cost-effective and extremely easy to set up alternative to the commercially available guinea pig cages is the kiddie swimming pool. Perhaps its biggest advantage is the possibility of moving it around with ease. It is also a very convenient option to clean up.

A small pool with a diameter of about 3.5ft should be more than enough to host two guinea pigs. The main thing you will have to pay attention to though, is the height of the sides of the pool. It is helpful to set up a tall mesh wire all around the enclosure so that your piglets won’t jump out.



#3 The C&C Guinea Pig Cage

The go-to option for most DIY guinea pig cages, the Cubes and Coroplast cage (commonly known as the C&C cage) is a very affordable and easy to build option.

All the materials you will need for this cage are storage cube grids, corrugated plastic (also known as coroplast) and a box cutter.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this model is its versatility and the numerous possibilities of adapting the shape of the cage to your space restrictions.


#4 The PVC Pipe Cage

Although it might not be the easiest to assemble for DIY novices, this guinea pig cage is one of the most sturdy and resistant models that you can make. Similar to the C&C cage, you can also adapt the shape and size of the PVC cage to your and your little friend’s needs.

The PVC pipes will provide the frame of this cage, while its sides and roof will be built out of green-coated metal hardware. You can place this cage either directly on the floor or on a four-wheeled platform for easier transportation and cleaning.  


#5 The L-Shaped Wooden Guinea Pig Cage

This DIY living enclosure is for owners who do not have too much space in their home but still want to offer their little pet as much comfort as possible. The L-shaped guinea pig cage is a great option when placed in the corner of your house, as it maximizes the available space.


#6 Plastic Glass Sides Cage

Slightly easier to build than the L-shaped guinea pig cage, this enclosure can be ready to host your pet in as little as six hours. An added advantage of this model is the see-through wall thanks to the plastic glass sides.  

What you will need to build this enclosure are OSB plates for the base, a pond liner, timber ponds and plastic glass for the sides.


#7 The Dresser Turned Guinea Pig Cage

Possibly the cheapest alternative for a new cage for your guinea pig is to repurpose an old dresser into a cavy enclosure. You will have to replace the drawers with bathroom or kitchen vinyl flooring squares, which will then be connected between them with flexible storm drainpipe.

To finish it all off, you will replace the doors of the dresser with a small gate made out of cage wire.



#8 Easy To Clean Guinea Pig Cage

A much more serious DIY project than other options, the easy to clean guinea pig wooden cage is a great option not just for your pets, but also for yourself. By building a special trap door in the floor of the cage, cleaning larger enclosures such as this one takes much less time and effort.

You can also leave enough space under the trap door to fit a trash bucket – that way the waste goes directly into the bin.


#9 The Guinea Pig Outdoor Hutch

The ‘grand hotel’ of guinea pig enclosures, this project can be constructed on a budget of roughly $70 in approximately 5 days.

Apart from the large cage made out of plywood and mesh wire, you can also make a running pen for your cavy to exercise in front of the hutch.  


#10 The Coffee Table Guinea Pig Enclosure

A massive guinea pig house built using five Ikea tables, this project is clearly for the more advanced DIY-ers.

Thanks to dim lighting that you can use to decorate the pet’s house, this enclosure will provide not just a very large area for your guinea pigs to live in, but also a stylish option for your living room. You could also fit your multimedia system on top of this cage.  




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